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zOMG! Bug Fixes?

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Mantises! 0.021787709497207 2.2% [ 39 ]
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lC I R fl
*lC I R fl
* I am unable to change my rings, The 8 rings you are able to use I am not able to change them and I've tried a lot but it still won't let me
* I wanna switch my Divinity ring without having to salvage it. My quest would be much easier with Rock Armor.
* I can't stay with these 8 rings for my life haha I wanna use Coyote Spirit to D:

I know how to fix that. Right click on zOMG! while ingame and hit settings. Next go to Local Storage and set it to unlimted. if im wrong then i think its to clear you cache and cookies.
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*Username- Dreamer Of perfection

* Describe the bug you want fixed - what exactly is going wrong.- Unable to complete quest Rin and Lin .. The Gauntlet quest : High atop the cliffs above the ruins, you must find the idol of Chaloc, touch it, and then survive the Rain Spirit's Gauntlet . After finishing it.. Im unable to get to the next step which is Return to Rin now that you have survived the Gauntlet to find out what you must next do to appease the Spirits. ..

* Please describe how this bug negatively impacts the zOMG! player experience or impacts your ability to enjoy/play the game.- Im unable to get the recipe and unable to get new.. desired rings.. The most important thing is I cant proceed through the main story sad

* Let us know how long this bug has been affecting your game- since 2011
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recently I have not been able to finish loading zOMG,it always gets stuck somewhere loading

I have the same problem. I posted here about it as well.
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I demand one more thing.A giant waffle creature that you can ride B[
Apple Blossom19
Chief Sankofa

Are we allowed to post screen shots of our problems, sorry but I did not noticed an option for such.
A few people have, so as far as I know, you are allowed to cat_wink

Thank you.
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Username: Valfarre

Bug to Be Fixed: Orb Collection

Impact: Sometimes when I defeat monsters and get orbs, it doesn't show that
i got them. If I look through my inventory on Gaia (not on zOMG), it will say
that I did receive them. In order for the orbs to show, I have to wait until
zOMG recognizes that I have logged off that previous server and switch to a
different one. It's not very motivating to play when you have to log out and
back in in order to use an item you earned

How Long: This has been happening since i first started playing (maybe a few
months). However, this doesn't occur every single time I play.

-Chief Sankofa

Bug to Be Fixed:
-Aiding the Twins
-Cheri's Sister
-Scanning the Burrows
-Through the Star Portal!
-Candy's Boa
-Merit in the Eyes of the Spirits
-The Stone Coatl

-Everyone of the following quests are glitching.
I have complete them all, but it will no longer allow me to finish the
final step and collect the reward. I can no longer continue questing because
of this problem.

How Long:
-Aiding the Twins:May 18, 2009
-Cheri's Sister:Mar 24, 2010
-MTVHills:Jun 11, 2011
-Scanning the Burrows:Sep 23, 2011
-Through the Star Portal!:Sep 23, 2011
-Candy's Boa:Jun 29, 2012
-Merit in the Eyes of the Spirits:Feb 24, 2011
-The Stone Coatl:Jul 18, 2012

(Here is a screen shot)
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Madame Lilly
*Username : Madame Lilly
* Describe the bug you want fixed - what exactly is going wrong. - I collected the notes for the 7 songs for Maestro and didn't receive the Re-composer badge. I click on Maestro and he needs more notes. The quest is gone and no badge.
* Please describe how this bug negatively impacts the zOMG! player experience or impacts your ability to enjoy/play the game. - I can't get the badge.
* Let us know how long this bug has been affecting your game.: - Over a year.

I have exactly the same problem.
The orbs glitch. When playing the orbs counter displays that I have zero orbs, even when the game says I have just earned some.
It is irritating. When I'm trying to level up, I can't see how many more orbs I need.
A long time, maybe even a year. It gets my siblings' accounts, too.
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-orb count gose beserk
-stuck on quests (elizibeth)
-sometimes chat box is not pressent
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How about opening Akea and it being a non-cash entry?
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User Image

Donno if someone mentioned this, but I'd like something done about the Wish Tree quest. I've had it for awhile and still can't finish it, for whatever reason it's not working for me.

User Image
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1. Username: Mustang-Sama90
2. inside the sawmill keeps glitching when i'm halfway through the round, it keeps glitching and making me stuck on top of the walls
3. it keeps making me having to refresh the game every 5 secs
4. 3 days ago
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How about opening Akea and it being a non-cash entry?
Wrong place - bug fix thread, they're not doing *any* new content. Maintenance mode, this is maintenance time. It's in the OP.

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