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zOMG! Bug Fixes?

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Hello zOMGers!

I wanted to post today to open a discussion with you all about the possibility of our working on some more bug fixes for zOMG! Before we start any such fixes, however, I wanted to hear from you all on this topic, and get a sense for which bugs you would most like to see fixed. As regular zOMG! players, you'd have the most insight into which issues are the most problematic for players.

Feel free to post your zOMG! bug fix suggestions in this thread by Wednesday, November 14, 2012. In order to make things easier for me to understand, I'd also request that you format your bug fix suggestion posts in the following format:
* Describe the bug you want fixed - what exactly is going wrong.
* Please describe how this bug negatively impacts the zOMG! player experience or impacts your ability to enjoy/play the game.
* Let us know how long this bug has been affecting your game.

gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareleft Posting Rules & Guidelines gaia_nitemareright gaia_nitemareright

Before we begin, there are a few things about this project that I do want to state up front so we are all on the same page:

1) With the resources we will have available to work on these bug fixes for zOMG!, we most likely will not be able to complete all your bug fix suggestions at this time. I just wanted to be crystal clear about this upfront to avoid confusion and upset if we are unable to fix some of the issues suggested in this thread.

2) We'll try our best to fix as many bugs as possible, but we will prioritize the fix requests based on how many people the fix will impact, and how easy/difficult the issue is to fix. For example, if we can fix 10 bugs fairly easily that will benefit 10,000 users or we can fix one larger bug with difficulty which only affects 15 people, we will go with fixing the 10 fairly easy bugs.

3) I don't have an estimated time of completion on when you can expect the fixes to be made - I am not even going to hazard a guess on this! First I want your feedback, then we have to see what is feasible to do, etc. Consider this an ongoing project for now and I'll update you as I get more information.

4) Please make sure to have your bug fix suggestions posted in this thread by end of day (11:59 pm PST) on Wednesday, November 14, 2012. That is a week to think about what issues you want to see fixed! Suggestions posted AFTER this time will be put on a list for possible future bug fixes, but will not be included in this initial project.

5) As mentioned above, we need you to be very clear about the bug you think should be fixed. Make sure to include all relevant information in your post so we can easily try and identify the issue. Posts that contain vague or non-informative requests will not be considered.

6) This is an attempt to fix current bugs affecting zOMG! and player experience. This is NOT a thread to debate other zOMG! issues such as feature requests, dislike of the game being in maintenance mode, etc. Posts on these topics will be moderated as necessary. Please stick to the topic at hand biggrin

7) You may post more than one suggestion for a bug fix you'd like to see, but please do not keep re-posting the same suggestion multiple times. This just makes it difficult for me to process all the requests.

8 ) We will add to these rules as needed, so please check back often for the most up-to-date info!

Hope this is all clear, and you are excited about this project! Looking forward to your feedback biggrin
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~~ Thread Updates & Announcements ~~

As we get more information or need to update you on the status of any fixes, we'll post that info here so it is easy to see biggrin

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I'm currently rather happy with zOMG! - I finally got past that Cheri's Twin quest after 2+ years of glitching. 3nodding User Image
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4laugh 4laugh
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<3 and great poll options. biggrin
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Finally! I was beginning to lose hope. 3nodding

O.G. Gaian

the game often sticks on the home loading page, if this could be fixed it would be awesome.
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yaay biggrin
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* Gnome General cannot be completed on normal difficulty, owing to lack of spawned waves of minions. This is a universal issue (it applies to all accounts). 6 waves of gnomes spawn, but after that, there is no further spawns & you are unable to hit the general.
* This is an issue because Gnome General is the first instance that most players hit & having it not work for them without having to use workarounds (like another difficulty) is disheartening & confusing.
* Gnome General has had various difficulties glitched intermittently for about the last 6 months?

Edit: Adding another issue
*DMS has an issue where if there is someone alone in a sub instance (e.g. Green Maze), and they disconnect, that area is reset even though there may be people in other parts of the instance (e.g. Yellow Maze). It's got something to do with the set up of the instancing, but to the best of my knowledge, this does not happen in Shallow seas, so it may be fixable?
*This is an issue for everyone who wants to progress in DMS (i.e. do attunement or Kamila runs) because hours of hard work can potentially be erased by one person's failed connection to the server or Flash overload.
*This has been an existing issue since DMS was released.

Also- thanks Sisky! heart
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* Crew panel: CL glitching and possibly the rage info for rings as well
* When im crewing with others, im never sure of their exact cl because of this glitch, it makes it so that when you look at another member's cl it does not reflect their current c. Also at times the same thing happens with ring rage. This bug just makes us waste out time figuring out if other players are that the preferred lvl for the maximum amount of loot in the game.
*its been a while now, i noticed it around the time dms began, although it couldve possibly of had been longer.

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