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Do you like the cake?

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No 0.014179608372721 1.4% [ 21 ]
It's a lie! 0.21269412559082 21.3% [ 315 ]
Why you no send me some? 0.24172856178258 24.2% [ 358 ]
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Barton Sweetheart

I am not taking any more avatars for the cake, there was a deadline which has been and gone.

The users that are on there got back to me and asked to be on there as per the rules of this thread.

Please do not ask to be put on the cake the answer is no

Hello, if you wish to see the original 1st post then just scroll downwards.
The cake photo's are on the 3rd post and we have links and photo's of other peoples yummy cakes and goodies.

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Barton Sweetheart

Original First post:
Hi, if you came here from Pan's links just to say I'm not taking any more avatars, I'm really sorry about that.

User Image

In light of ZOMG's 3rd birthday, to celebrate I am making an extra special cake for the occasion. For my cake will be a real life cake with YOU yes YOU on it if you want to!

It's a very simply thing , you post you want to be on the cake and post the avatar you want on the cake in your post, you along with others will be placed on the cake, a photo will be taken and posted on here for the 27th October.

So, it's easy you post your avatar and say you want to be on the cake.

Closing date will be 24th October 8.00am GMT / Midnight PST
Remember You MUST post your avatar in your post by the 25th to get on the cake! I will not add you to the list unless you do so!

NO More Avatars Please I have to get on with the building and decorating now.
Please feel free to stay around and chat.

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Barton Sweetheart

Zealand_Aquarius's avatar

Barton Sweetheart

People On the Cake:
1. Zealand_Aquarius
2. EliteDanneh
3. w.o.l.f.i
4. ~.Lady_Aji.~.
5. zothaq
6. moranokii
7. Sir Lunar
8. Zzyli
9. Jud4y
10. Alexa_SugarDragon
11. Asphixia86
12. martin04
13. 011100000110100101100101X
14. MiIiyah
15. Berryfarmer
16. Izumi Motou
17. white_exile16
18. Miyaka Hana
19. teacup mouse
20. Silk Kanishk
21. Leaellyna
22. sailoranimecode
23. incitedbysilence
24. Rainbow Inta
25. Yuki531
26. ryry Kenny_McCormick ryry
27. Mademoiselle Kit
28. Maron_Aikimoto_san12
29. Hikari Tokoyami
30. Black Witch of Ra
31. Noryoku Kiyama
32. tehyler
33. Cirnol64
34. Prizzly
35. swimfan120
36. DrQuint
37. Beenz
38. Ouran_Blue
39. Pilfer von Durem
40. Tarot Rune
41. Kousagi Jaganshi
42. Sgt-Monkeyz
43. Sentimental Nostalgia
44. yiyiafiqa
45. vampiroz
46. NyxWasHere
47. Gamefreak41495
48. Angel Essayez
49. Toast Ninja
50. S-Blacky
51. soandso2008
52. Mika Aiko-chan
53. GuinAoiichi
54. RhapsodicApple
55. 8-Bit Revolution
56. Red Kutai
57. xXx_chinnie_xXx
58. RafiCat
59. II_Kisame_II
60. Sparkles Cutie247
61. Trespassers W
62. doomdragon8
63. Phoenixfire Lune Soleil
64. Mzyeee
65. jonjon21428
67. Sephira Yamishi
68. purplexeyed
69. baby_kitty_258
70. scullylam
71. Honeyass
72. Barasch Deluxe
73. Mavdoc
74. [ JK ]
75. Panagrammic
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Barton Sweetheart


What flavour is the cake?

Plain sponge for the base, the higher area is a battenberg cake sitting on top of the base.

How did you do the avatars?

I printed them out on card, then cut them out by using a craft knife. Then I stuck cocktail sticks to the back of them before placing them on the cake.

How long did it take?

Around 6 hours over 3 days, the most time consuming was setting the avatars out on paint for printing.

Why? Are you nuts?

I felt it was a fun and odd thing to do, I've met some wonderfully nice and kind people on here though playing zOMG this was my thank you to them as much as the Development Team who made zOMG.

[Can I be on the cake?

Sorry no, I'm not able to do any more this year.

Can I have some cake

It'll go off before it reaches you! Best buy or make some cake if you want it.
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Barton Sweetheart

Other Cake links and photos from other people!

May I also say please thank Betsey-chan, it was her AWESOME cupcakes that I saw around in site feedback that gave me this idea to do this, if you see her around Gaia do say thank you to her as well. In case your wondering here is a photo of her cake!

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Barton Sweetheart

Zealand_Aquarius's avatar

Barton Sweetheart


moranokii for the lovely banner!

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Star Catcher

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I am so down with this, so down that even Michael Jackson can't get down this hard.

User Image
Another Birthday cake! heart
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Valiant Trainer

Safe to post? (lol the captcha says "get out" )

I want to be on the cake! :3
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and have me as a labcat avi, with a lazer coming out of my mouth and me screamin "IM FIRIN MAH LAZAAAH!"
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

I want to be on the cake. yum_cupcake

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I want to be on the cake!

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