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Hello and welcome to the thread. You may be wondering exactly why I am making this thread and what it will mean for you. Personally as a zOMG addict I find it a bit lonely that there doesn't appear to be a thread devoted for simply hanging out. In this thread we can do exactly that meaning; come to chat about your zOMG adventures, get your answers questioned, find a crew, comment on the world of zOMG and more! In order to ensure the success of this thread please subscribe and check back regularly. I will be working on a verity of first posts including basic helps and tips. Please do not be confused by the age of my account I happen to have created this account specifically for zOMG and as a fresh start. Aside from that, this thread is for any and all zOMG players. If you are new and looking for pointers or old and looking for a break or merely a place meet others out of game this is the thread for you.

A Quick Note About Me.

As I mentioned this account was recently created but I am actually already skilled in the game so I should be able to run this thread smoothly. Once the game came out however I fell in love with it and learned a lot about it. I decided to restart after two years of not playing in order to recap and recollect how to play. This account also enables me to keep all of my zOMG friends in one list without a worry of running out of room. I remember the questions that I had before and I know what it's like to restart so anyone of any age feel free to join this thread. I also remember coming to this section and finding a simple hang out thread hard if possible to find.


1. Follow the Gaian TOS
2. This isn't a roleplay thread but if you feel the need or have one to share I can post a link here
3. Feel free to come and go as you like, being zOMG fans we will mostly likely wander away to the game xD it would be nice however to mention it before you do
4. Respect Others Please
5. Have fun
Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that zOMG is great for getting gold! How is this done?

Edit: Although it's the reason most people get into zOMG believe it or not most people end up liking the game for the game. In order to show support for the game itself I do not recommend playing for the sake of gold alone. It's a fun game and that should be reason enough to play. As a final note I do not support playing for gold alone but I will explain it anyway.

zOMG is a great way to get gold, with the right now how you can easily get 20k or (20,000) in less then a few hours. Although I encourage people to play it for fun if you goal is gold then most people prefer to crew for the Saw Mill. Now if you just started you probably are not sure what I'm talking about. That's because you have to quest and work towards getting into the actual area. If you beat the first area known as Village Greens do you remember going into the hut and fighting the General Mayhem? That setup is very similar to the Saw Mills. In order to get to Saw Mill you will have to get to the area Bass'ken Lake.

What is this rage bar? What do people mean by R4?

At the bottom of the screen is the red bar known as your rage bar. The rage bar is used for activating rings as a Rage Level 4. If a ring is activated with full rage you will see a different image then when the ring is simply activated. Not only is the graphic changed but the intensity of the affect of the ring is changed as well. It could be increased damage or better buff performance. It's highly recommended for using with buffs such as Healing Halo and Divinity. In order to use your rage, hold down the number key with the ring you want to activate. When the entire bar becomes fully highlighted release the number key and the ring will activate with full rage. Please note that sometimes a sliver of rage will be missing, make sure the entire bar is full before using your rage. One last note if you hold down a number key and find that the bar isn't full click the space bar which will select you and without lifting the already pressed number key press another key that has an attack. Then release the first key you held down and afterwords release the newly pressed key. This will make you attack yourself and sense you can't attack yourself or others on this game the attack won't do anything and it will save your rage.

Recap of that: 1 has Pot Lid and 5 has Hack You pressed and held 1 but see a sliver left for your rage. You then press the space bar (never release 1). After you see yourself as the target hold down 5. Release 1 and then release 5.

Buffs and Ringset?

I won't cover these in too much detail most of the information involving rings can be found on the game itself, especially under the help section which goes into detail of each ring set. I personally like to use ring sets for the added boost but while in a crew it can become complex to put it simply. Everyone would probably have the same ring set which would reduce the diversity of the crew and make questing harder. Buffs are the rings that add affects. Healing Halo increases the health recovered while Pot Lid increases defense and allows for reflecting etc. All of these things are explained on rings when you receive them.

More are Coming...
Community Resources

In this section are all resources that the community wishes to share. On this post can be roleplays, guides, user contests, or anything zOMG related of the sort.

Feel free to post or send pms of sources that should be shared. I would prefer other Gaia related links in order to make it usable by everyone but outside sources can be considered.

Thanks hahacaseyx_ for adding the following sources about Dead Man's Pass:
A complete guide to DMS ; How to excel in DMS ; Mini tanking guide for DMS

Please note that this thread is a community based thread. What this means is that the links posted are specifically for the sake of sharing information that the zOMG community wishes to share. In no way is this intended to be stealing created information or paid advertising. All of these links are zOMG related and are added simply because their information was helpful or loved enough that someone wished for it to be shared.

A special thank you to all of the creators who made these threads. Your contribute to the community is greatly loved and no doubt helpful in some way. Thank you once again for your brilliance you are what help make the zOMG community amazing.

None at this time
zOMG In The Gaian News

It's evident that from the first release of the game until this point that the amount of activity has severely dropped. From being gone for two years however I also notice the population of Gaia has also sadly gone down. People however have been constantly active on attempting to bring back life and I know that I am not the first to attempt it which that amoung other things I have devised an active campaign that will hopefully turn things around. The first and most important of this plan requires: Unity. Nothing can be achieved alone no matter how hard one may try but if everyone comes together and works for the same goal then I feel that we are chances would be higher. Below I have listed everything so far that I or another (they will be qouted) has decided. I will also edit a reserved post to keep track of Admin responses so that we will understand their points better and therefor a more appropriate solution.


We severely need to work out a sort of unity plan in which we all in some way support the goal in similar means. I can not stress enough how important it is that everyone as much as possible participate in this.

Strength in Numbers

We need more players to support the game which means we need to bring in fresh minds. Advertise the games, obtain a banner that will be added soon or even make your own. We need to advertise the game as much as possible. Signatures and profiles are two of the many ways to do this, if you have a fish tank and use it regularly make a zOMG themed one and add it to the signature with a short message that would share the fun of the game.

Welcome Everyone

Along with advertising we also have to work on our welcoming skills. I have heard of a thread devoted to helping others and I would love to find it so I can add it to this one. Other then that though we need to personally help. I will be advertising in my signature that if someone wishes to join I will personally help them if they PM me a request. Try things like this or add sources that do this already so that the new people of zOMG have a sure place to go for quick help.

Think of Unique Ideas

The next Ask The Admin thread I will actually participate in to give some ideas and hope for feedback. I don't have direct experience with the world of marketing but I do hope that the admins will help with that. If what they are saying is true and that they haven't forsaken the game then there is no reason that we can't help them think of effective ways to help bring back life to the game. Making a whole new area and plot would be extensive and I can see why they would lean away from this but perhaps a new inside minigame will be more possible.

(Working on...)

Idea Sharing

I am using my aquarium to help advertise the game with simple questions such as favorite creatures or rings.

Using the signature is great for fun images of zOMG or advertising helping and related threads.
Last Reserved

Feel Free to Post as I edit and,

Happy zOMGing Everyone! wink
Just a quick question, is the font size and color ok for everyone so far? I know that my computer see's it as fine but I also know that different computers see things differently. Leave a comment if you can and I will fix what needs to be fixed. heart
For now I am done editing, later I will probably add more when I get more material together. Feel free to post whenever you like. I am sure at this time the thread will move slowly but as more people join it will pick up and responses will come quicker.
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Uh, don't mean to be negative or anything, but there's already a huge, well-known, group that does this. Marshall's Little Helpers, or MLH for short. ^ ^; So if you want to hang out with people, maybe swing by there, we hang out all the time. c;
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Do we really need one? We can just hang out on zOMG! itself emotion_dowant
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Teddies Do NOT Hug Back
Do we really need one? We can just hang out on zOMG! itself emotion_dowant

People would b***h about it not having anything to do with zOMG! and how it should be in the CB instead. At least the OP was smart enough to make this thread zOMG! relevant. 3nodding
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Silk Kanishk
Teddies Do NOT Hug Back
Do we really need one? We can just hang out on zOMG! itself emotion_dowant

People would b***h about it not having anything to do with zOMG! and how it should be in the CB instead. At least the OP was smart enough to make this thread zOMG! relevant. 3nodding

Yeah, props to OP 3nodding

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