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Hey would you guys like to see concept art for another boss before or after the chapter it will be featured in?

Before is always better!

Just need to finish coloring the third form then. razz
It's why the next chapter has been delayed, sometimes when I think of an enemy I have to draw what it looks like and it just halts me on the writing until I can get the picture out of my head.
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Magical Girl


Just need to finish coloring the third form then. razz
It's why the next chapter has been delayed, sometimes when I think of an enemy I have to draw what it looks like and it just halts me on the writing until I can get the picture out of my head.

That's good, makes you motivated to draw. I get art blocks where I just can't draw whatever it is I'm supposed to sweatdrop
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Is this going to be that three part boss you were telling me about on IMs? I thought it sounded pretty cool. How soon till the pics come up?
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Winged Abomination

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Sam the Fairy Queen
Is this going to be that three part boss you were telling me about on IMs? I thought it sounded pretty cool. How soon till the pics come up?

Just got to scan and upload them. Scanner is being a pain. And yes it is that one I was telling you about.
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Sam the Fairy Queen
Is this going to be that three part boss you were telling me about on IMs? I thought it sounded pretty cool. How soon till the pics come up?

Just got to scan and upload them. Scanner is being a pain. And yes it is that one I was telling you about.

Smack it? Might make it work. Works on my printer when I need it to.
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Introducing some concept art for an upcoming boss in the story. I modeled it after a butterfly in it's life stages, and gave the adult form a stinger. This fire breathing monstrosity is going to be a terror to fight. Again forgive my humble art skills, I tried my hand at backgrounds with this one.

Caterkiller the first form
User Image

Magmapod the second form
User Image

Lavafly the final form
User Image
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Okay guys I know we've heard some bad news recently. But we've got to keep our hopes up. This chapter is dedicated to everyone who needs a positive story to cheer them up. I hope it helps you guys out. And due to its length this chapter is broken into two posts.

Chapter 14: Buried Alive

“Take the shot son. Just squeeze the trigger.” Henry heard his father’s voice echoing in his head as he began walking through the empty castle. According to John there was a tunnel somewhere in the castle walls to the Durem Mines.

“We made the plot for chapter two revolve around the ‘deadman’ of DMP and DMS and how he plays into Labtech X’s bid for domination.” John moved some rocks from in front of another door, “The deadman was experimenting with infusing Ghi energy into various things and making his own animated army. Labtech X took those notes. The various enemies and bosses were supposed to be his experiments and this castle was his old laboratory. He had an escape tunnel to Durem somewhere around here that miners stumbled upon.”

“So how do all the other areas play into this?” Kerri asked as she helped clear more rocks from the door.

“He had labs everywhere. Each of the bosses were his test subjects; Each of which were infused with massive amounts of Ghi energy. It is hard to see through the blowing sand in the wastes but there are collection apparatuses like in the Sealab Compound. The deadman turned the once lush and green Phazian Fields into what they are by draining the energy from them.” John continued on.

“So what happened to his labs? Why is this one in ruins?” Penelope asked.

“Labtech X pillaged them and burned them to the ground. At some point players would find the deadman alive and enslaved by Labtech X.”

“John who was the deadman?” Jeremy interrupted.

“The joke when we were creating the story was that the deadman was Qixter. We used him as a placeholder in all the designs for the deadman. Personally, I wanted to name him Wayne Pennyworth.” Mikey came to life at John’s remark.

“Batman fan? I prefer Marvel and Spider-Man myself.” Henry ventured ahead through the door as he heard their voices. His thoughts were beginning to drift back to his childhood.

“But we decided to name him Todd, as a more appropriate mad scientist name.”


“He’s too big for me. Dad I’m going to lose him!” Henry was six years old and on a camping trip with his dad.

“Well if you keep trying to hurry like that, you are.” His dad walked down from their campsite to the rock they were fishing off. “Slow and steady Henry, fishing is all about patience. Ease up a little.”

“Argh. Come on!” Henry’s face turned red as he continued reeling in the fish.

“Slow and steady Henry.”

“But he’ll get away.”

“And if you try to rush and break the line he’ll get away.”

“Alright, I’ll try.”


Henry’s footsteps echoed as he walked into a large chamber. “Guys, I found something. It looks a lot like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.” There were all sorts of tools and equipment ranging from scalpels to some kind of sharpened tuning fork with a glowing purple orb halfway down its length.

“I don’t even want to know what that is for.” Miles mumbled. The Anari caught up quickly as Henry heard the others enter the room.

“Awful lot of tech and tools here.” Hoshi said as she picked up a clamp looked it over a few seconds before setting it back down.

“And dusty too, this place looks abandoned for a few years.” Sisko blew some dust off a table causing Deanna to sneeze as it tickled her nose.

“There should be a trap door around…” John was walking around the room stopping every few steps to stomp the ground. He stopped as his foot hit something hollow. “Here.” He said as he bent down to open the door. There was a blast of hot air as it creaked open, the stone floor around the hole created glowed an inviting orange like a hearth on a frigid winter day.

“So that’s Durem Mines down there?” Mikey looked down the open door as John simply nodded.

“I am sorry humans but we cannot accompany you into the mines.” McCoy stepped forward, he and Mikey exchanged a look and Mikey nodded.

“Cannot or will not?” Henry growled.

“A little of both actually. Being creatures that fly we prefer the open air to cramped mines, but there are other reasons for our choice.” McCoy shot back.

“Henry, they don’t need to elaborate. We can trust them, and we need to trust them on this.” Mikey put himself between Henry and McCoy as they exchanged glares.

“I find trusting them hard after what we learned about them and The Phantom. How do we know they aren’t just running to him to sell us out?” Henry’s voice had risen so everyone else could hear.

“Henry- ” Mikey began.

“No, no, I’d be a little suspicious too were I in his shoes.” Hoshi began as she approached Henry and McCoy, “What McCoy so kindly left out was that we Anari are also elementally charged creatures whose life force is tied to our powers. That is why we are each guardians of our element. But think boy, we… you are preparing to go somewhere underground and full of lava, heat and the like. Lava melts ice, rock and metal and burns plants. Even if we did go with you Deanna, Archer, Sisko and Miles would be risking grave injury.” She made a faint clicking sound as she closed her mouth.

“I… I didn’t think about that.” Henry stood back shocked.

“McCoy and I have been talking it over, the Anari will take the above ground route and meet us at the Durem end of the tunnels. We are not going to risk a third of our team in the mines.” Mikey said dryly.

“See you guys on the other side.” Penelope hugged Archer and Miles.

“Safe trip alright.” Kerri hugged Deanna.

“And a safe trip to you as well humans. All sorts of nasties call those tunnels home.” Sisko said as he hovered out one of the windows in the lab.

“Keep an eye on her please.” Deanna pointed to Kerri and Mikey nodded. Kerri was dropping through the trap door and was oblivious to the exchange. One by one the humans dropped through the door into the glowing tunnels below, but Henry’s mind was occupied by other memories.


“Dad why do we have to shoot the deer? I like when they roam through the yard.” Henry was twelve and on a hunting trip with his father.

“Son, it’s a rite of passage. Until you’ve killed something you aren’t really grown up. When I was your age my dad took my hunting, and his father did the same for him before that. Now look over there, that’s a beauty.” Henry’s dad scratched his stubble on his chin as he pointed Henry towards a buck that was chewing on pine needles barely 100 feet away. “Remember to put the shot in his heart son we want a nice clean trophy.”

Henry peered down the sight of the rifle he held. He was shaking as he pointed it at the deer’s chest. “Dad, I don’t know if I can do it. Dad?” Henry stood there his elbows and knees were jumping in the chilly forest air.

“He’s a nice eight pointer son. Take the shot son. Just squeeze the trigger.” Henry’s memories suddenly jumped ahead four years.


“Son there are two things about women you got to remember.” His dad began as he gulped the foam from the top of his beer can.

“And what’s that pops?” Henry shook his long black hair back.

“One, they are always going to hurt you, so have a backup plan. That can be another woman, an escape, a prepared breakup, just a plan b.” He took another gulp from his beer.

“And what’s the other thing?” Henry eagerly waited his father’s words. To him they were gold.

“Two, they don’t like guys with hair longer than their own, so cut that mop off your head.” His dad finished the can he was drinking, belched, crushed the empty can, and pulled out another from the pack. “Now where’s dinner?”

“It’s still cooking in the oven. I got home late.” Henry braced himself as his dad rose from his lounge chair.

“Why were you late? And an hour to boot?” His father’s voice had become a growl as he raised his arm.

“It’s not my fault. The Delaney sisters needed help with their pottery and the teacher asked me to stay after and help them on the wheel.” Henry cringed with anticipation.

“Delaney sisters? Oh those twins you’re always talking about being ‘hot,’ I see. That a boy, you’re starting to think just like your old man.” His dad rubbed Henry’s head and sat back down. He pulled out a third beer as Henry slinked back into the kitchen.


“Henry see anything?” Kerri and the rest of the crew had caught up to Henry as he scouted ahead. The mines had been nothing but hot, dusty, cramped tunnels dimly lit by lanterns left by mining teams some time ago.

“Nothing yet, but there is a large opening ahead.” Henry called back. He stepped into a massive cavern as he looked around he thought it had to be at least the size of a football stadium in Texas. From the tunnel they had come down there was a narrow walkway suspended in the air by mining cables. Below was a 300 foot drop into a pit of orange red magma. On the other side of the walkway was a large round pillar, it was flat enough so that they could walk around on top of it once there. There were numerous tunnels all connecting to different pillars much like the one ahead, at various heights and each of the pillars was interconnected by a system of stairs down the sides of taller ones leading to more walkways across to shorter ones. The entire cavern was lit by the brightness of the magma below. There was something that caught his eye on the ground ahead. As he looked down it was words burned into the rock.

“Guys I think you should see this.” Henry waited for everyone to catch up as he pointed at the writing.


“Well that’s a comforting thought. At least we know we weren’t the first team to get this far.” Mikey managed a smile.

“Why just him? What about the rest of the crew?” Kerri touched the burned stone. “This has been here a while.”

“I think I know why.” Jeremy pointed at some burned splotches on the ground. The pillar began to shudder as the whole room began to shake. A plume of lava shot up from the depths below.

“Crowd around the message! Now!” Mikey and the crew pressed against the stone face where the note was etched. Molten rock rained from the sky and burned the entire platform except for where the message was etched. As the lava cooled everyone stood back up and looked around.

“I guess that explains why just them. I hope there wasn’t anything too painful.” Penelope looked at the different pathways they could take.

Henry strode to the nearest opening and blew some dirt off of some symbols carved into the wall. “How about this one?” He dusted off the symbols to some language completely unfamiliar to him.

User Image

“Any idea what it says?” Penelope scratched her head staring at the circular characters.

“I’ve not seen this script used since late 2010. It was from an old toy line I used to play with, I think I still remember some of it.” Mikey stared at the stone writing as he scribbled something underneath it.

Henry wandered a little ways down the tunnel and found a weathered looking book. He began flipping through the pages as he walked back with it. “Check it out.” He handed the book to Jeremy.

“It’s someone’s journal, but from the looks of it, it’s been here a while. And there are pages missing. I think I can read the last entry. How’s that translation coming Mikey?” Jeremy brushed some dirt off the pages.

“On…Koro Highwa…D…rem…Mines Sect…6…Tun…1A. That’s as much as is legible enough that I can translate, I think it’s some kind of joke native to the writing and then a label for the tunnel. Let’s hear that journal, maybe we could make use of any of the information in it.” Mikey pocketed the chalk he had been scribbling with.

Jeremy cleared his throat as he began reading, “Last will and testament of Brooklyn Rage Mage… Those Gemeralds are savage beasts, they have finally taken my wife Val. We fought them as long as we could but the second she dazed, I lost sight of her. They buried her in their glittering forms and she was gone. I ran, I couldn’t stomach the fight any longer. I’ve been alone in the tunnels nearly two days now, the scratching of their bodies against the stone still haunts me. I am unable to sleep. Chasing him here was a mistake, we should not have come here. If someone should happen upon this please tell everyone I am sorry. I tried my best but it wasn’t good enough. I’ll continue on as far as I can go alone but without my crewmates I doubt I’ll get very far. Their scratching is getting closer, maybe I can take some with me on the ledge. They are coming and I am alone…” Jeremy stopped reading. He had a look of horror in his eyes.

“I remember Mage, he became the villain of the z!F when they originally released Deadman’s Shadow. He wasn’t a shadow of the villain people made him out to be. He just got the bad end of a twisted high school drama popularity contest.” Henry shook his head in disbelief.

“I remember that. I can’t imagine much that would shake someone who went through all that, and still refused to give up helping people. But something down here did. Makes me nervous about going on.” Kerri shivered despite the heat of the mines.

“We’ve only got two options, go forward or go back. We made these mines to be a labyrinth, if we can find tunnel seven though, it’s a straight shot out and to Durem.” John looked down the shaft ahead.

“Keep your eyes open then. Hopefully, we’ll find tunnel seven before whatever these Gemeralds are find us.” The tunnel walls glowed orange, lit by the occasional torch. Gemstones embedded in the walls twinkled in the dim light casting eerily colored glows on the path ahead.


“Fire ants are a most interesting pest Henry. See individually they can be squashed and forgotten. But when you find one, there’s a whole hill of them. And fire ants, once you kill one, come after you with the whole nest. They’re strength is not in individual attacks but the swarm. Fortunately, we have bug bombs for these suckers. Just watch.” Henry was eight as he watched in awe. His father pulled a pin out of a gray cylinder and set it under a glass dome he put over an anthill in their yard. The cylinder emitted a gray gas that quickly filled up the dome.

“Wow dad, that’s so awesome! Someday I want to be just like you.” Henry’s father smiled at the comment as he lit his cigar and took a few puffs.

“Oh really now? You want to be the number one exterminator in all of Salida? Good luck, for now though let’s see what your mom fixed for dinner. Come on inside we go.” His father and him went inside. Henry inhaled deeply as the odor of sauerkraut greeted his nostrils. His mom smiled her usual thin smile as she brushed her raven hair away from her face. She and dad had been fighting again, Henry could see the faint darkened ring around her eye from the night before.

“Yum, mom’s world famous brats and kraut!” Henry quickly washed his hands and sat at the table. At his father’s seat was a can of beer already opened


“I said, do you see anything ahead Henry?” Henry snapped back to reality as Mikey called again.

“A large room, there are some chests in it though. Might be worth opening.” Henry called back. The crew gathered around the first of three chests as Henry opened it. Six rings fluttered out and went to each of the crew members as well as substantial sums of Shadow Orbs.

“Echo Ring? Isn’t that the one you said causes the user to create echoes of themself each with 100 HP, Mikey? I think you mentioned the number of echoes is based on the rage rank used.” Kerri asked. Mikey simply nodded as they went to the next chest. As it creaked open there was another set of rings and more Shadow Orbs.

“N00b Tube Ring?” Penelope asked in wonder.

“Launch an RPG at your foes, but be careful the splash damage on this ring can also hurt you and your friends if you stand too close. Damage and aoe increase with rage.” John chimed in, “I liked testing that one, and suiciding with it.”

They opened the third chest only to receive recipes, “Epic Recipe: Combat Surgeon Ring?”

“Ahh that one. It requires charge level 10, Diagnose, Defibrillate, Bandage, Adrenaline, and Wish, as well as 10k Charge Orbs and 1k Shadow Orbs, in order to craft it. But once made the ring allows you at the cost of 500 HP and 50 Stamina to fully restore one crewmate to full health and stamina as well as give them a major willpower boost and remove debuffs and crowd control effects on them. We added the crafting ability in game if you’re in a Null Chamber.” Mikey held up a hand to silence John as they heard scratching against the stone floor. Something was coming down the tunnel ahead, a lot of somethings.

As the crew stood at the ready a diamond on two small legs came walking around the corner, followed by a ruby and a sapphire. “AWWWW they’re so cute! A girl’s best friend.” Penelope was disarmed at their appearance and ran to the nearest jewel.

“Penelope no!” Henry stopped her as the diamond shot a thin white beam of light at her. He dragged her back just in time and it only singed her hair. Mikey and Jeremy shot back at the jewels but their rings seemed to have no effect. The jewels glowed as they absorbed the lancer shots, then shot their own beams at Mikey and Jeremy. Their arms burned as they were hit by the beams.

"These must be the Gemeralds the journal warned about."

"What do we do?"

"Running seems appropriate, nothing we have fazes them." The crew backed away from the Gemeralds, all of the lancer shots had yielded the same reaction.

“Our only options are shoving past them or going back. I vote we shove past them.” Henry hacked one of the emerald colored ones, but only scratches appeared on its smooth surface. John used hot foot on one and to everyone’s amazement it began to melt.

“Heat and flame is their weakness. Like any rocks they can be melted.” Penelope’s amulet glowed as her lancer became a flamethrower, melting several Gemeralds in their path.

“We’re still outnumbered. Only three of us have the necessary rings and there are at least 50 of them. Just keep them cleared and let’s keep moving, now lead on Penelope.” Penelope charged ahead shooting occasional flames. Mikey had grossly underestimated the number of Gemeralds, she counted at least 150 as they emerged from one tunnel onto another walkway to a platform.

“Cut the cables quick!” Following John’s impromptu plan the walkway collapsed and fell into the orange-red magma below, creating a gap between the Gemeralds and the crew. “It won’t take them long to find another way around we need to keep moving.”
“Guys I found a few more pages from the journal and this tunnel ahead has another bit of funny characters, though these are different.” Mikey looked at the characters Jeremy had pointed out before shaking his head. Jeremy tilted his head before he handed the pages to Kerri. “I know this one.”

User Image

Kerri cleared her throat as she began reading the journal. “They have taken Sephy. It’s just me and Val now. These Gemeralds are merciless and without honor. Omni is gone. They took Sushi and Verda. It’s just us now. We have tried almost everything, but most of our attacks work. We think we may have something with flame based rings like Fire Rain, Hot Foot, Magma Shooter, and Burning Crusade. The problem is too few of us have those rings to fight their horde. Too many they overwhelm us. I can hear them, they are coming. They’re in the walls. We have to find Tunnel 7…”

“Okay I got it, the best translation I can make is written below it.” Jeremy’s handwriting was a series of scribbles underneath the symbols but it was legible.

“True strength co… om… pow… wisdom… d… courage. Tunnel 6F.”

“So we press on. I don’t hear anything ahead.” Henry moved to the head of the group as they went down the tunnel.


“Henry dude that was off the hook.”

“Where did you come up with that speech?”

“You guys don’t listen to Coldplay? Man I got to teach you both before we go off to CSU.” Henry put his arms around James and Peter as they walked back to his car. Their robes fluttered in the breeze as they held their caps. “I’ll meet you guys at Hailey’s party later. Okay, just got to swing by and change and pick up Susie.”

“You’re still with that chick Henry?” James said.

“What is that six weeks? Time to dump that girl.” Peter joked.

“What do you guys mean?” Henry laughed he opened his car door.

“Six weeks man, that’s your longest relationship in well since you were 14.” Peter joked.

Henry drove back home from school the 30 minutes on the road gave him time to think a few things over. He opened the front door of the house and the smell of alcohol was overwhelming. “Where were you?” Henry barely ducked as an empty bottle soared over his head.

“I had graduation dad. You were supposed to be there, but you didn’t show up. I told you a month ago the time and place, and you still missed it.” Henry felt warm tears well up in his eyes.

“Yeah well it wasssn’t on the calendar. Get out of that dress and in the kitchen and make me dinner.” His father’s voice was slurred as he slammed his fist into the armrest on his chair.

“No dad. I’m going out to a party with some friends. You’re on your own.” Henry had changed and had walked down from his room.

“Henry you walk out that door you aren’t coming back.” His dad shouted. Henry ran back up to a room, grabbed a box from the bottom of his closet and ran back downstairs.

“Fine! I’m going to be more than you ever were dad. I know why mom left now. I’m going to succeed.” Henry slammed the door shut and tossed his box into the trunk of his car. The tires screeched as he drove off.


“It’s strangely quiet.” Jeremy caught up as they stood in a large domed chamber. There were pickaxes lining the perimeter and there were all sort of large vehicles around the room. As they moved into the middle of the room the pickaxes sprung to life and formed a ring around the crew.

“Pic-Axis these Ghi animated literally fling themselves at their enemies hoping to get their point across. The sharp pointed end is used in their pointed jab, while the blunted end is used in the broad slash attack.” Kerri remembered the log entry before Jeremy could quote it.

“Have at them guys.” Mikey shouted as a Pic-Axis flew over his head.

“Dig in grunts.” One of the axes said as their ring began closing in. Henry found himself dueling a Pic-Axis with his hack ring. As Penelope shot one with her lancer the metal head flew off from the wooden handle. John managed to deflect two off of himself as the wooden flats struck his arms.

“We need to pull back, we’re outnumbered and taking some damage.” Henry and John dragged Jeremy back as they retreated to the tunnel. Mikey took up the rear making sure everyone got back to the tunnel before he fell.

“Maybe these mines were a bad idea. We seem to be finding ourselves outmatched and outnumbered.” Mikey stood in the tunnel as he was struck by four Pic-Axis. Mikey flew back from the force of the impact.

“Get him back. Mikey, you alright?” Mikey’s health was dangerously low. But the tunnel was bottlenecking the flow of Pic-Axis. Henry counted no more than 15 remaining as they kept coming three at a time.

“Good job guys.” Mikey got back up after he’d been patched up with some bandages and wishes. The defeated Pic-Axis littered the ground, as they returned to the domed chamber.

“Is it just me or have some of these vehicles moved?” John remarked at some of the mining vehicles around the room.

“Yeah, they seem to be blocking to other exit now” Penelope raised an eyebrow. The two excavators suddenly sprung to life as their crane like arms stretched out to smack Penelope.

“Look out.” Henry lunged and knocked Penelope over as the jagged bucket dug into the ground next to them. The diesel engines on the five vehicles revved to life as their headlights bathed the dome in an eerie green-yellow glow.

“The Dig Team, an animated gang composed of two X-Cavators, two Truckors, and a Bul-doser. These creatures really know how scoop, shove, and carry their point home.” Jeremy ducked as the excavator arm swung overhead.

“Red X-Cavator, now!” Mikey directed everyone to attack the nearest member of the Dig Team. Their hack and slashes seemed to bounce off of the metal monster’s body. As they got backed up to the wall the X-Cavator broke down in a smoking heap. They had to leap aside as one of the Truckors smashed through the wreckage and into the wall.

“Sir, yes sir.” Henry said as Mikey nodded, he’d come to understand it as I have a plan, cover me while I do it. Henry, hacked one of the tires on the Truckor, Jeremy went after the other tires with his own attacks. Penelope and Kerri were attacking the clawed arm while John and Mikey drew away the rest of the Dig Team.

“Hey Bul-doser I’ve seen a tractor with more getup than you what gives?” John taunted the yellow monstrous bulldozer. Its headlights shrank to slits as it started chasing John across the room.

“Horsepower? All I see is snails here. I thought you guys were animated not lazy lounging things like us naturals. Catch me if you can!” Mikey stuck his tongue out and razzed the other Truckor and X-Cavator. As he ran one direction he saw John coming from the other direction with the Bul-doser right behind him.

“Ready?” John shouted to Mikey. Mikey smiled and nodded.

“Now.” He and John turned and ran in another direction as they reached each other. The Dig Team members chasing them were unable to stop or slow down as they collided with one another. “Not too smart are they?” Mikey smiled and patted John’s back.

“Not the brightest bulbs in the box.” John smiled back.

“Another one down.” Henry, Penelope, Kerri and Jeremy ran over to John and Mikey as the Truckor they were menacing exploded. “I don’t think it’s over yet.” There were sounds of a muffled engine and metal grinding on metal as the Bul-doser erupted from the pile of wreckage John and Mikey made. Their lancer shots bounced harmlessly off of the reflective surface of the plow on the front of the hulking form, save for Penelope’s lone flamethrower-like shot. The crew narrowly avoided its rush as it plowed by them.

“So what’s the plan now?”

“Is there ever a coherent plan we take on these big guys?”

“Our leader does seem to be fond of the attack it and hope for the best ideas.”

“Not to disappoint but this particular animated still has a driver’s seat, treads, a massive plow, and an engine. Each of those presents a vulnerability we can bank on. Henry try getting to the driver’s seat and stopping him there, Kerri and John try to disable the engine, Jeremy you and I got the treads, Penelope your Fire Amulet makes you the only one that can hurt that plow. Any questions?” Mikey said in a rush, the Bul-doser had begun turning around and getting ready for another pass.

“So a targeted ‘attack it and hope for the best’?” Jeremy laughed.

“You could say that. Now go guys.” Mikey’s empty finger glowed as Quicksand appeared under the Bul-doser. “I doubt that will hold him too long.”

Mikey was correct the quicksand only held for ten seconds before it freed itself from the attack. The engine had begun to click as the arrows Kerri lodged in it continued to linger. Jeremy and Mikey clung to the yellow sides of the beast as they jabbed and burned the treads. Penelope ran and repositioned herself to keep her flamethrower focused on the plow. Henry was stuck halfway up its body somewhere as it kept bucking trying to throw him off.


“But momma where are you going? Why do you have a suitcase. Why can’t I come too? Henry was 9 it was the night before his 10th birthday and his mom clutched a suitcase in one hand as she went down the stairs. “Momma?”

His mom knelt beside him her soft voice filled his ears like music. She tried to smile but her eye was still purple from earlier. “I’m sorry Henry. I can’t stay here anymore. It’s not you I promise…” She began.

“Claire where’s my beer? You know I need my beer.” He could hear his father yelling from downstairs.

“Get your own damn beer Richard!” His mom yelled. Henry clutched tightly to his yellow stuffed dinosaur Frank. “Henry, promise me no matter what you’ll always be as sweet and kind as you are.”

“Momma?” Henry could feel tears welling up in his eyes.

“Promise me Henry. Please, don’t become like your father.” His mother ran to the door and left it open as she went to the car.

“CLAIRE! CLAIRE you come back here!” His father yelled. He was met with the sound of the car screeching as it pulled out of the driveway.

“Momma don’t go. Don’t leave me!” Henry ran out the door. Tears streamed from his eyes as he ran down the sidewalk chasing the car as his mom drove away. “Momma!” He dropped Frank as he tried his best to keep up, but his legs ached and his eyes stung from all the tears. He slipped on a lingering patch of ice on the sidewalk as his mom’s car disappeared into the night. He laid there face down on the sidewalk as he felt the tears gushing from his eyes. There were footsteps behind him as he finally got up. He was face to face with his father, tears still streaming down his face.

“No son of mine cries.” His father slapped him across the face, “Now go home and get to bed.”


“She left me. What’s stopping them from leaving me once I’m not needed.”

“Don’t know dude, whatever you’ve got it’s like catnip for the ladies.” James chuckled.

“I wish I could get them like you do.” Peter groaned. Henry was 16 and they were talking about his most recent breakup with a girl named Stacey.

“Ehh we all know Karen is much hotter than Stacey, I traded up.” Henry smirked.


“Ahhhh!” Henry felt electricity jolting him as he entered the small cabin for the driver’s seat. It was more painful than any other animated’ attack he’d ever had to endure. He turned the keys dangling in the ignition as the massive Bul-doser slowed to a stop. Still being jolted he managed to wreck the control panel and ignition before he fell out of the cabin. He felt the world going dark on him.

“Henry!” Mikey managed to catch his falling crewmate as he was falling. But the inertia of a falling Henry dragged Mikey off of the tread.

“Tear it to pieces team!” John led the attack as the engine of the Bul-doser turned red hot and melted.

“Henry, don’t you dare leave me alone with this bunch. We need you, I need you.” He was rapidly bandaging Henry while everyone else tore Bul-doser apart. “Besides I need your sage advice on a few things.” Mikey added in a whisper.

Henry grumbled as he got up, “Did we get him?” He sat up, but he flinched from the soreness he felt.

“Yeah we got him, thanks to you.” There was a noticeable thud as four tunnels entrances slid open. Each had a different writing text at the entrance. As he glanced from left to right Mikey made note of the symbols.

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

“More riddles and translating?” Penelope rubbed her hand against the second tunnel’s entrance.

“And another journal!” Kerri picked up the worn pages of another entry. “Wait a minute I know this writing.” She stared at the writing resembling footprints. She handed the journal to Mikey as she took the chalk from his hand.

“Sushi and Verda are gone. They fought bravely but fell. The Gemerald nest is down these tunnels, we awoke them by stumbling onto it. They hide from the heat. Any other energy based attack seems to just empower them. There’s one big one a Quantum Gemerald that seems to act as a queen of their nest. Omni sacrificed himself to seal the tunnels so that their flow could be slowed down. My team is falling and it’s my fault for leading them here. We should have taken the overland route to Thenedrana, chasing The Phantom here was a mistake. I only hope they’ll find a team that can survive and stop him.” Mikey stopped reading.

“That does it. It’s not just our fight anymore. We have to do this, for Mage and his crew. For anyone else they sent before us.” Henry looked at the writing of one of the tunnels.

User Image

“Chalk. These ones are from an old TV show I used to watch with my mom. I learned the languages as a bit of mother-son bonding.” As he turned away to write he stifled a few tears.

“Today is a go…d…y to…die…Tunnel 5D.” Henry eyed the next one, it was from the same show.

User Image

“Resistance…fut… Tunnel 4C”

“Hey wait I remember this one from a video game I used to play.” Penelope took the chalk from Henry.

User Image

“Death bef…dishon… Fo… the… Great Journey. Tunnel 3A.”

“How about your translation Kerri?” Jeremy asked. Kerri flung the chalk back to Mikey.
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And here's the second piece I had the break it into:

User Image

“A single raindrop raises the sea. Tunnel 2B.”

“Alright guys, we have four choices, and we know at least one of these tunnels leads to the Gemerald nest. Only flame based attacks seem to hurt them. We need a plan, John has Hot Foot, Penelope and I both have Fire Rain, I also have data from Meteor Storm and Lava Shooter rings.” Mikey began sketching a plan on the stone.

“So why didn’t you use them?” Henry asked indignantly.

“They’re both dangerous to use in cramped quarters. They cause splash damage which damages both allies and enemies. In a cramped area that means it’s guaranteed to hurt us.” John piped up.

“Oh, never mind then. So what’s the plan you’re working on then?” Henry looked at Mikey’s sketch.

“John can duct tape them all down if we can get them all into a small area. Then you all can retreat a safe distance while I unleash a combination Fire Rain, Meteor Storm and Lava Shooter attack. The problem is going to be getting them together. I hope you guys remember how to kite. We’re all going to kite them to John, once they get to him he’ll tape them down, then I’ll unleash the massive attack.” He closed his eyes as he stood back up. “Any objections?”

“You’re forgetting something about Meteor Storm Mikey, something which might raise some objections to us allowing you to use it. The more damage it does the more recoil you receive.” John spoke up.

“That’s why I’m counting on all of you to keep an eye on me. Let’s take 2B” Mikey said flatly. Everyone followed quietly as they marched down the tunnel. Barely 300 feet and the tunnel opened into another domed chamber. The light in the chamber was blinding at first. It was bouncing off of the crystal walls. On the other side of the chamber they could see another tunnel entrance. As their footsteps echoed on the crystal floor both the tunnel behind them and the tunnel across the chamber closed.

“Guys?” Jeremy began, but before anyone could answer the sound of rocks hitting the crystal floor echoed. A hole in the ceiling, and Gemeralds were pouring through. As they looked around they could see holes in the wall they were coming through as well.

“You guys know the plan, let’s do it.” Everyone ran in different directions. John made for the middle of the chamber while Mikey and Henry took the outer edges of the room. Jeremy, Kerri and Penenlope went different directions around the interior.

“100…125…150…I uhh lost count.” The massive wall of Gemeralds was fast approaching him as he charged his duct tape. “This many Gemeralds is going to overwhelm him with the recoil.” The ground around him became shimmering silver as every single Gemerald was ensnared.

“Right next piece.” Mikey charged into the middle of the room as a web burned itself into the ground around him. “Hope this works.” The room changed from bright white to crimson red.

“Meteor Storm, crafted from 10,000 charge orbs, 5,000 Shadow Orbs, a CL 10 Hot Foot, a CL 10 Fire Rain, a CL 10 Dervish, and a CL 10 Rock Armor. It unleashes the primal earth shattering power of meteors in a brilliant fiery blaze. It cost 100 stamina to use and has a hell of a long recharge time. It inflicts massive damage to everything within an aoe radius determined by the rage, but the user takes 5% of any damage done as a recoil. And with over 200 Gemeralds even 5% recoil is going to daze him. Spam the heals!” John remarked as massive melting rocks flew from thin air towards the mass of Gemeralds. As the smoke cleared Mikey lay on the ground surrounded by the melted remains of the Gemeralds.

“Did I…Did I get them?” Mikey gasped. He flashed red indicating his health was dangerously low.

“My children! What have you done to my children?!” The voice seemed to echo from all around. The ground shook as a giant Gemerald standing at least 20 feet tall burst through the ground.

“I’m guessing that’s the Quantum Gemerald? Mikey get out of there!” Henry shouted. “Great how do we stop this thing?” Jeremy and Kerri grabbed Mikey by the arms and dragged him back. “Wait a minute, there’s an organic brain inside it, we need to stop that brain.” The green body of the Quantum Gemerald shimmered as it fired a laser at Jeremy and Kerri. As the smoke cleared the ground around them was cracked and they were just as beat up as Mikey.

“Henry?” Penelope shouted back.

“Penelope, John melt a path through its body to that brain.” Henry barked. Mikey managed to stand back up and gave a thumbs up to Henry. He pointed his empty ring at the Quantum Gemerald as it let loose a stream of lava. The combined power of the flamethrower, lava shooter and hot foot were melting its body. “My turn.” Henry charged at the Quantum Gemerald as the last of the glassy body melted away. His blade plunged into the squishy brain letting out a squeal as it deflated and collapsed.

“I’m guessing that was Lava Shooter?” Jeremy and Kerri managed to sit up.

“Well I guess that solves the Gemerald woes we were having. Huh?” The sound of the tunnels sliding open again surprised him.

Once everyone was ready to move again they went up the tunnel on the other side of the chamber. After 300 feet of walking they found themselves back in the dome where they fought the Dig Team. “Tunnel 3A, guess we try one of the next ones.” Mikey read the translated text.

“How about 5D?” Henry suggested. They began trekking down the tunnel.

“Is it me or does this tunnel seem to be going uphill and getting warmer.” Kerri remarked.

“I was wondering if anyone else was noticing the hissing sounds.” Penelope remarked.

“John did you guys program Creepers for the mines?”

“To be honest, I don’t remember. Though, I do remember programming Magma Fluffs. Those cute orange-red fluffs with brown rocky growths and black eyes, watch out for their heat breath attacks.” John remarked. The tunnel they were in ended in a small domed room. There were small pools of lava on either side of the room, and three more chests at the other side of the room. As they stepped out of the tunnel the hissing became much louder.

“Huh, I thought that hissing was just Mikey being a creep, but look.” Next to each chest were tall mottled green animated.

“It just had to be Creepers. You guys didn’t even mask pulling them from Minecraft.” Just as he finished talking six Magma Fluffs emerged from the lava pools.

“Looks like we have to fight to those chests.” Mikey readied himself.

“Allow me.” Kerri hit the fluffs with a heavy water balloon. The fluffs cooled into rock and disintegrated from the follow up lancer shots. Kerri took advantage of the distance and shot each of the Creepers with her hunter’s bow. She casually flipped the chests open spewing out tons of Shadow Orbs.

“Guess we go back down and try 4C.” Henry led the team back down the tunnel to the Dig Team room. They immediately turned and went down tunnel 4C. As they walked down the narrow tunnel the temperature rose dramatically and they seemed to be going downhill. Just when it felt as if it couldn’t be any longer the tunnel opened into a massive cavern glowing in the orange light of the magma.

“Look up there!” Mikey pointed up a ways and they could see clearly the platforms they had been on earlier with the walkways. “Guess this is ground level.” There were floating chunks of rock that formed flat walkways and platforms on the very surface of the magma.

“Up ahead there’s a gate!” There was a massive iron door in front of a walkway to the largest platform in the lake of magma.

“Why do I feel we’re going to have to fight another boss enemy?” Kerri whined.

“Well most video games do have the boss battle locked behind some kind of doorway. Huh?” Jeremy knelt down and picked up some dusty paper from the ground. “More of Mage’s journal.”

“Caterkiller. That’s the boss’ name if I remember Swarf and Qix’s chatter about it correctly, a massive fire breathing, silk spitting caterpillar that stands at least 20 feet tall.” John said as his gaze stayed on the iron doors.

“I Brooklyn Rage Mage do solemnly swear to provide as much help to the future as I can if my team cannot find The Phantom. We chased him from Durem proper into the mines. As he fled we engaged his ‘pet’ Caterkiller and won. Unfortunately, the fight slowed us down and we lost him. We know there is a tunnel hidden somewhere here labeled 8-Omega that is a direct pathway to his lair, wherever that is. We’re going to seek that out. We made our last preparations at the null chamber and have now embarked. I leave this initial marker just in case some terrible fate should befall my crew in this mine. In this highly compressed data device are detailed battle tactics for each of the bosses my crew has encountered in chapter 2. We hope nobody else has to use these but Val is worried about some scratching sounds she heard and a small jewel enemy barely the size of a fluff. It was immune to all but our heat based attacks.” As Jeremy finished reading Henry picked up a USB flash drive that had been sitting next to the pages.

“No way to access the data on this right now. And looks like we have company.” While Jeremy had been reading aloud an army of Creepers and Magma Fluffs had emerged to stand in their path to the iron doors.

“As if 50 of those guys could stop us?” There wasn’t much of a fight as Mikey and Kerri doused the fluffs with heavy water balloons and the Creepers were peppered with ranged lancer shots. They all panted as they reached the iron gates, which also some strange symbols etched on them.

User Image

“And the gods carried us away in their chariots of fire. Tunnel 7E.” Mikey read the symbols confidently like he was fluent in the language. “Looks like our way out is on the other side of the fight with Caterkiller.” The doors split open as he was talking. As they crossed the walkway onto the stone island the gates slammed shut and the walkway disintegrated back into the magma. “Where is he?” There was no Caterkiller in sight.

“Listen.” As everyone fell quiet they could hear a scratching in the ground below them.

“Ayyyiee!” A giant red worm burst through the ground. It had several black spines along its back and rows of razor sharp teeth in its mouth, to add to the worries it had several golden brown conical legs. It breathed fire as it did a loop around the platform.

“Let’s do this.” Penelope and Henry charged forward to fight the hulking Caterkiller. To their dismay the legs turned out to be appendages it could shoot, each packed an explosive charge.

“Ready Jeremy?”

“Mhm.” John and Jeremy charged forward. The worm turned its attention to then is it fired silk from its mouth. “Ahh it burns.” The strands rooted them to the ground as it began burning them with acid.

“We’re up Mikey.”

“Stay behind me until I give a signal, then go for the mouth with some water.” Mikey charged ahead of Kerri he projected a turtle effect around both of them as Caterkiller breathed flames on them. Once they were in close Mikey stopped, “Now Kerri.” She fired a giant heavy water balloon into the gaping maw of the monstrous caterpillar. It belched out black smoke as it had to release Jeremy and John from the acid silk. Henry and Penelope were just getting up from the explosive surprises as Mikey fired his lancer into the mouth of the beast.

“Crrrriyaa!” It stumbled back from the sting of the attack before hissing loudly.



“Sssss.” As if to answer Creepers began emerging from the magma and began to meander towards the crew.

“Henry, Penelope, you’re on Creeper control. Kerri keep pelting it with water, it can’t breathe too much fire that way. John, Jeremy stay in close so it can’t use those exploding legs without hurting itself.” Each member carried out their assignments. Mikey flung his blade every time it tried to catch someone in its silk. The plan was working, every time it went to breathe fire all it could do was belch thick black smoke, whenever it tried firing one of its legs the resulting explosion scratched up Caterkiller’s own flesh, with Mikey’s lancer and hacks it catching someone in its silk didn’t last long enough to hurt much.

The creature’s eyes narrowed and it backed away as it lost a third of its health. The Creepers stopped emerging from the lava and Caterkiller fired its black spines into the ceiling of the chamber. As it whined again it fired its silk straight up but instead of hitting anyone the silk arced back down and began to envelope Caterkiller.

“What’s it doing?” Henry backed away from it.

“If I had to guess I’d say it was metamorphosing.” Kerri answered.

“Magmapod, a beaten and worn Caterkiller has encased itself in a layer of rock hard silk as it prepares for its next assault. This rocky exterior is nigh on impenetrable especially when combined with the red laser eye.” John spouted out. The massive stone pod cracked close to the top as a slit opened. All that was visible through the slit was a single red eye which seemed to go back and forth. As Henry stepped close the eye stopped moving and fired a beam at him.

“Guess we can’t charge into this guy. Ranged rings then?” Henry stepped back and the laser stopped.

“its rock hard so melee attacks will probably be useless even if we do get in close. Most of our ranged rings have a longer range than the laser. I agree Henry. Just pound it with range.” As their attacks struck the rocky exterior the eye moved back and forth in its slit.

“We got company.” Penelope pointed out the Magma Fluffs that had begun spawning. Mikey pointed at Kerri and they both left the firing line to deal with the fluffs.

“You know this reminds me of the fights we had before meeting the Anari.” Kerri doused a pack of seven fluffs just as they started exhaling.

“Guys something’s happening.” The Magma Fluffs seemed scared and retreated back into the lake of lava. Mikey turned and examined the Magmapod. There were cracks all across its body. The single red eye faded to black as the creature’s health dropped to a third.

“It’s metamorphosing again. Get down!” It was too late as he shouted the rocky chunks of Magmapod’s shell exploded. The rocks went every direction, as he coughed and the dust cleared Mikey could not see Henry. Where Henry had been standing previously was a large pile of rocks. “Henry!” The only response he received was a clicking and buzzing sound as a shadow passed overhead. The area suddenly lit up as it was bathed in orange and yellow flames.

“Well this fight just got harder. That’s Lavafly, Caterkiller’s final form. Its compound eyes give it unparalleled vision as it soars overhead belching fire and more silk. Its wings contain a hazardous dust, and mind the stinger. If we could bring it to the ground the fight would be a lot easier, it’s not nearly as mobile or fast when its wings are clipped.” John looked up in awe as the massive black bodied, orange winged butterfly flew overhead.

“You guys heard him, clip those wings.” Each of the lancer shots missed as Lavafly effortlessly rolled and glided around them. Three fireballs from the sky greeted them as Lavafly shot back. The fireballs caused cracks to appear in the island they stood on. “He’s going to try and melt us in the lava. We need to try and trap him so that he can’t avoid our attacks.”

“What I wouldn’t give for a giant bug catching net right about now.” Jeremy exclaimed.

“A net?.... Jeremy that’s brilliant!” Mikey remarked.

“It is?” He looked at Mikey perplexed.

“Our lancers form coherent strands of energy. If we cross those at the right pattern we can form a net with our lancers and trap that bug.” Mikey explained.

“What about Henry?”

“I don’t know Penelope. But we’ve got to keep trying.” Mikey fired his ring, as everyone followed suit they positioned themselves around the island to create a net from the beams. As they swept their net across the cavern they managed to hit Lavafly. The then pulled as best they could and dragged the massive bug to the ground. The checker pattern of their beams was burned into the massive wings as it crashed into the ground. It looked angry as it stood up on its short legs. Instead of shooting fireballs it began using a flamethrower attack.

“Wahh!” Kerri flung herself to the ground as her butt caught fire from the attack. Jeremy was rolling on the ground from how much he was in pain.

All my friends are out there fighting and probably dying and I’m stuck in here. I’ve got to get out I’ve got to fight. Henry couldn’t move in the rocky prison. He could only look out the tiny slit and watch as Lavafly pummeled his friends. He watched in horror as Mikey and Penelope became encased in silk. John was pinned to the ground from several stingers stuck through his clothing.

“Henry you are strong and kind, never forget that.”

“Take the shot son.” The voices of his parents echoed in his head as Henry tensed up.

“I MUST GET OUT! Hrmmm.” He used a burst shot from his lancer and the rock prison flew apart. It’s hard to tell the emotions of a giant bug but Lavafly turned surprised to see Henry rejoin the fight. “That’s right ugly. Did you forget about little old me?”

“Henry, look out… Mikey gasped.

“I’m done playing games. No more running.” Henry was surrounded by an aura of blue flames as his rings began glowing brilliantly. “I can control my power now.” The aura seemed to calm to just a glow. As Henry snapped his fingers a flame appeared in his hand, “Ghi Burst!” He charged at Lavafly and was able to dodge its attacks. His hack left deep gashes across the rock hard body of the Lavafly and his bump shattered its stinger. As it tried to take off and fly away Henry grabbed onto one of the strands of silk still hanging from its mouth.

“Not getting away from me that easily.” He climbed up the strand like it was a rope in gym class. He made it painful for Lavafly as he broke each leg he passed on his way up. “Hello gorgeous.” He said as he reached Lavafly’s mouth. “Let’s see how you like this.” He fired three bursts from his lancer down the throat before cutting apart one of the eyes. The behemoth swerved back and forth before crashing into the island of stone. The force of the impact, left deep cracks. As he stood back up Henry’s healing from wish shattered the silk prisons around Mikey and Penelope, disintegrated the stingers holding John and quenched the flames Kerri and Jeremy were feeling.

“Henry, that was incredible.” Mikey braced him as his Ghi Burst wore off.

“I just, I just didn’t want any of you to get hurt anymore. And I suddenly felt powerful enough to do it.” Henry leaned on Mikey.

“Whatever works, you seemed able to control it. That’s something I haven’t figured out how to do yet. But I think we need to move.” The island they were on began breaking apart from all the cracking. The fragment Lavafly’s corpse was on tipped up and began sinking into the lava. As the body fell into the lava something glowing and blue shot out and made straight for Henry. “Take it. I think it chose you.”

Henry held out his hands as the amulet slowly fell into them. There was more rumbling as chunks of rock began falling from the ceiling. “Those spines it launched as Caterkiller are exploding and bringing the whole place down.” As they ran to the other side of the island and began running down the other floating walkway entire chunks of the island disappeared under bubbling lava. The rumbling continued as the lava began to swallow up the walkway.

“Move fast!” They were soon running uphill in a tunnel. It began to glow as lava began rising into the tunnel.

“Mikey lead them on, I got an idea.” Henry clutched the amulet as he fired his lancer into the lava. As the beam erupted it turned into a pulse of water. The magma rapidly cooled and hardened into rock. The tunnel they were in twisted and turned and only a few seconds later the rumbling resumed. The tunnel behind them was starting to break up and collapse into the rising lava. Henry stopped and cooled the lava again but even as he turned to rejoin the team the lava already began melting through the rock.

“I see light ahead.” Kerri called back. Both Henry and Mikey had taken up the rear trying to slow down the lava and Kerri lead the pack.

“Go into the light hurry.” John called back. As they ran they found another domed chamber with another large iron gate.

“How are we going to get through that. It’s welded shut.” The ground behind Henry and Mikey turned red as the lava began bubbling up into the domed chamber.

“Henry, you and Kerri keep the lava back. Penelope, you and me are on getting that door open. John and Jeremy help where you can.” Henry and Kerri began dousing the lava while Mikey and Penelope opened up on the door with a flamethrower and lava shooter. Jeremy couldn’t tell which was brighter the glowing metal on the door or the glowing rock that was lava. John used his duct tape on the ceiling to keep large rock chunks from raining down on them.

“Going to be really close.” The rocks began crashing through the tape and Henry and Kerri both ran out of stamina. Jeremy slammed into the door as Mikey and Penelope stopped. The daylight was absolutely blinding and everyone barely got out as rocks buried the mine entrance.

“Everyone okay?” Mikey coughed as everyone groaned their acknowledgement.

“Ah there you are. We got worried when it took you a week to traverse the mines.” McCoy was standing on the road to Durem.

“We were down there a week? I felt like it was just a day at most, we didn’t even eat or sleep.”

“That explains the exhaustion.”

“Either way, let’s get you into Durem, cleaned up, and something to eat. We’ve arranged for all that.” McCoy led the humans into Durem.


“So they defeated both Frosti and Caterkiller. And they’ve found three of the six amulets. There better be some good news in there Kamila or I am going to begin handing out punishments.” The Phantom clenched the armrests on his throne.

“There is some my lord. The traitor KJ has been traced to Durem. We are preparing to launch an attack. She will not escape.” Kamila knelt before walking out of the throne room.

“Excellent.” He formed a pyramid with his fingers, “Fool me once dear KJ shame on you, fool me twice and steal half my army and I will destroy you.”
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emotion_kirakira Another awesome chapter.
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Environmental Unity
emotion_kirakira Another awesome chapter.

Totally agreed!
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Environmental Unity

Thanks you two. My main goal was to develop Henry's character from the stereotype womanizer to a deep character. I was also hoping it would cheer people up.
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That was the best one yet. I'm totally serious. @.@ And it's not even because I was mentioned. The way you did it was epic, to say the least.
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Just glad everyone is liking it. Already plotting and storyboarding ideas for the next chapter.

How do you guys feel about citywide battle scenes?
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your doing an amazing job, an its great how you occasionally throw in some of the members from the community, kinda feel bad for mage being killed off but lest he didnt go psycho evil an join the phantom

either way man keep up the work -mew
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anguls kushinoda
your doing an amazing job, an its great how you occasionally throw in some of the members from the community, kinda feel bad for mage being killed off but lest he didnt go psycho evil an join the phantom

either way man keep up the work -mew

I never mentioned his ultimate fate in this chapter. That's something for later in the story. razz
Glad you're enjoying it.

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