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The purpose of this thread is to post and compile suggestions about the zOMG! (Gaia Battle System)The main idea is to have fun, discuss the ideas and suggestion and help the developers to make this game the best for this community.

Please continue reading to learn more about zOMG! and the guidelines for this thread, so that we can discuss the features we'd like to see implimented without having to deal with repeat questions or posts which violate the rules.

Please note that any suggestions made in this thread may or may not be implimented in the MMO. Complaining will not help your case either.

Introduction / About zOMG and Thread Etiquette / How To Suggest / Links / Compilation of Suggestions / Thread History.

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            1] Keep the suggestion short and coherent.
            2] Bugs and Glitchs don't belong here. Visit this forum in that case.
            3] USE THE FORM. Please. Helps me to be more organized and detect faster the suggestions.
            4] I choose what to put up and whatnot. Priority: Original Things and pictures above the rest.
            5] I will put here things that are totally new. Not fixing or tweaking. For that kind of subjects It's better to make a thread on this forum. (The involve a quick solution)


            1] Are already in game.
            2] Doesn't add to zOMG nothing. Keep the spirit of the game when you suggest.
            3] It's a rip-off. (Or a counterpart that acts in the same way >_> No offense, but there is only 40 rings now. I suggest to wait to see counterparts and first add some original and useful rings instead of remakes)
            4] No Form smile

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This MMO takes the full-fledged, millions-strong community of Gaia Online and brings their fictional home to life in the form of a huge virtual world to be explored and enjoyed.

The game is centered not just on fighting but there is a HUGE focus on social features. You can defeat the animated (The monsters of zOMG!) or just enjoy the enviroment, listen the wonderful music and join your friends into an amazing adventure. Fun, Action, Epicness and all that jazz combined to make this game the perfect one for this community.

zOMG works with rings instead of the normal weaponery of all MMOs. This give Gaians freedom to wear what they want and a fresh focus compared to others.

It's free and It doesn't require download. For further information check the threads below.

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1] There is some things that you can't suggest to change, like the Rings system, the name and gold-gain system for example, as they've already been integrated into the game as its' core features.
2] Common sense. Please. You will probably see some things that you don't like, but try to be objective to suggest things and always remember that this thread is about HELPING the developers, not to insult them.
3] READ. It's useful and helps you to fully understand the topics of a discussion, so that others won't become agitated with you. So following that logic, please be sure to completly read somebody's suggestion before posting comments or criticism
4] This is a place to suggest enhancements, features, and ideas to help make the user experience in Gaia better. All ideas and opinions about zOMG! are welcome here. Express your ideas and opinions in a civil manner, respecting each other's opinions. We can't all agree with each other. Keep your arguments civilized and within the TOS and Forum Guidelines. Any trolls will be reported.
5] Be sure to use the form provided below to submit your ideas, so they they can easily be found later on if needed.
Suggestions are divided on:
>Items and Quests
>Other Suggestions.
Read the next post to understand what is exactly each classification.
6] Stick around for a while after you made your suggestions. Other people might want to reply to it, or ask for more details. It's a shame if you miss that.
7] Do not PM me to suggest anything. You will enter to my ignore list in no time.
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Note: If the suggestions is too long and has a long text wall I'll not put it. Space issues.
The Form

Pictures and Examples

[size=18][b][align=right]The Form[/align][/b][/size]
[size=9][color=brown][b]Area:[/b][/color] WRITE HERE
[color=brown][b]Summary:[/b][/color] WRITE HERE
[color=brown][b]Explanation:[/b][/color] WRITE HERE
[color=brown][b]Pictures and Examples[/b][/color]WRITE HERE[/size]

What's what, exactly?

AREA Each suggestion belongs to one of these areas, so please read them before you post, because you MUST complete this part with one of these tittles, otherwise I will ignore your post. (If you don't know where, just ask to users on this thread)
◕Rings If you'd like to imagine a new ring, or modify an exisiting one, use this form. You may also use this form to describe a ring's Rage Ranks or sound effects.
◕Monsters Do you have a unique idea for a monster, or would like to change the ones you've already encountered? Use this form. Sounds, animation, artificial intelligence, aggression and reactions all enter here too.
◕Items and Quests Do you have any suggestions which involve new craftable items being created? Or maybe you have a great idea for a new quest? Enter your designs, colors, posses (for items) and Stories, functions and feedback about current Quests and any other related ideas here.
◕Features PvP? Monster Possesion? Battle Pets? Or maybe something new? All the ideas you have about features and how to make them enter here. This includes their functions and how they work.
◕Other Suggestions Do you want to suggest something that isn't classified on the other areas? (Contest or Forum related, or anything you can come up with as long it's related to zOMG!) This is the right choice for you.

SUMMARY Write between two (2) or three (3) lines about your idea, keeping them short and precise. While this this is optional, keep in mind that developers doesn't have too much time to read ALL the ideas in this thread, so a short and interesting report may be just what catches their eye.

EXPLANATION The full version of your idea. Here you explain with lights and fireworks everything that you have on your mind, including all those ideas that will help this game.

PICTURES AND EXAMPLES Any edits? Any references? This could be useful in making your point clearer. To save space, only post the links to the pictures. If you host them on a website like photobucket, please refrain from deleteing them after you post.

Any question about what and where to post? I'm your friend, ask for help on this thread
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zOMG! Official MMO Microsite With ALL the basics.

The Atlas Provides Map and NPC information, Chokin's way of keeping you from getting lost. <3
Guide to your Rings/Sets Always good to check while you're playing.
Guide to your zOMG Advetnures Need some help for a quest?
zOMG! Dictation! Learn how to zspeak!
Clans FAQ Learn what a clan is, how you should make one and suggestions on which one you should join.
NPC Script Thread All the text you missed because you were hurry.
Funniest Things People Say on zOMG. Contribute there with your LOL moments!
The Memories An archive of Epic, Epic Fail, and WTF moments of users. You can tell here what happened to you this day! (On zOMG! of course)
I've a Bad Feeling about This Some phrases sounds familiar, huh? Check the references of zOMG to see if you were right!

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More here. Blame Gaia for not letting more characters in one post.

Area: Rings
Summary: Will Ring: Upon getting dazed, this passive ring would give health/buffs to crew-members and/or other users on-screen. It would be like 'inheriting' health from the dazed user.
Explanation: Surely I'm not the only one who has gotten caught in an "I'm dazed and all my crew-members are just about to die" moment, right? Well, what if there was a ring that gave a bonus for getting dazed? It would be a passive ring, and once the user wearing it gets dazed, the ring would activate itself and give all crew-members (or just anyone on-screen) some health, or maybe a buff. Increased CL could increase the amount of health inherited, and Rage wouldn't matter because it would be passive.
Okay, I know what you're thinking - "This ring sounds too awesome! What are the disadvantages of such a ring?" Well, for starters, it's a ring slot you'd have to give up. It would be completely useless for soloing, and it could have little to no stat increases (assuming rings give stat increases? At least that's what I thought.) Also, to prevent 'getting killed constantly to revive the crew', the ring could have a very slow reload time after being activated.
Some alternate names could be - Last Will Ring / Testament Ring / Inheritance Ring / Life Insurance Ring.
I'll stop before it gets too complicated. sweatdrop
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Redimus Prime XI
Area: Rings
Summary: You explode.
Explanation: You know you're going to die anyway. So do it with a bang!
Pictures and ExamplesFor example you've decided the gnome general is a douche and needs to be taught a lesson.
You walk up to him doing as much damage as you can with traditional attacks, but unfortunately you have no hope of smacking the shovel handed, shirtless, wonder down using conventional means.
Solution? An hero in style.
Sure yer dazed and its going to take forever to regenerate all that stamina, but you dealt a deathblow to that pointy headed ceramic c**t.

Area: Rings
Summary: Animated Rings: All (or maybe a select few) animated have their own ring, which summons them into battle when used.
Explanation: This could be used as an alternate 'pets' system. Each or some animated would have their own summon ring as a rare drop. The user who equips this ring would be able to summon the animated as an attack, after targeting an enemy. Some animated could have healing/buff rings instead of attack rings.
Examples of rings could be a Gnome squadron, an exploding Cherry Fluff, a debuffing Garlic, and many more.
This could also open up a 'Tamer' type ringset, and the set ability could be that monsters don't attack the user without provocation.
Pictures and ExamplesUser Image

Area: Rings and Ring Set
Summary: n00b set
Explanation: Contains the rings Ch@7 Sp33k, Beg, Spam, and "Help Me!" Completion of the set will grant you an increased amount and percentage of gold from enemies.
Ch@7 Sp33k
Summary: Temporarily stop enemy movement in the immediate area.
Explanation:1f u tlk lyk th1s 17 w1ll 7@k3 71m3 2 undrs7@nd u. @ny @n1m@73d n 7h3 @r3@ h@v3 2 s70p + 7h1nk 2 undrs7@nd wh@7 u r s@y1ng. Translation: If you talk like this it will take time to understand you. Any animated in the area have to stop and think to understand what you are saying.
Summary: Attack an enemy and receive health
Explanation:Widen those eyes and quiver that lip, and the animated are you ro give you some health. And if that doesn't work, then just keep nagging them, they'll give in soon enough.
Summary: Multiple weak attacks on all surrounding enemies. (Similar to Dervish)
Explanation:Spam can finally be used to fight for the forces of good! You think you hate it? The Animated hate it even more. This many attacks from one ring should be illegal!
"Help Me!"
Summary: Temporary boost in all stats, like Fitness, but will wear off.
Explanation:You have asked for help in the proper way, and help you shall receive. As a reward for following the rules, all stats will get a temporary boost.
Pictures and ExamplesNone

Area: Rings and Ring Set
Summary: Hero Set
Explanation: Contains the rings Excalibur, Victory Pose, Monologue, and Last Stand (or Final Attack, i couldn't decide which was better...). Completion of the set will grant you double attack power when your health is low.
Summary: Swing a sword and decrease enemy defense if you hit them.
Explanation: This powerful sword is a bit too powerful for most to use at full strength, but if you at least manage to hit your enemy you will lower its defense.
Victory Pose
Summary: Increase G`hi energy, can increase it when alone and when not in Barton.
Explanation: No battle is complete without a victory pose! This is your chance to show off your awesome skills to the world. In fact, this move grabs so much attention that your G`hi goes up even if you're not in a crew. And don't worry about all those people who stare at you like you're some kind of freak. They're just jealous that they don't have a cool victory pose like yours.
Summary: Increase the Willpower of nearby Gaians.
Explanation: Okay, it's your moment, your time to shine. Time for you to say why you are good and your enemies are bad, to give your reasons for killing so many, and to justify killing even more. Even if you had to shorten it to only a few seconds long, your audience get the gist of it. They are inspired to keep fighting with increased willpower.
Last Stand/Final Attack (which name do you like better?)
Summary: Ultimate attack that drains your energy and health.
Explanation:This is the ultimate move, and should only be used as a last resort. You are putting your life energy into one final strike. If this fails, you will be left vulnerable and you will surely die. You channel all of your Stamina and as much Health as possible into your ring and send it out in a birst of energy against your enemy. If you succeed, then you will barely be able to stay conscious, but at least you won. If you didn't win...well...your sacrifice may help another to finish off your enemy.
Pictures and ExamplesNone

Area: Rings and Ring Set
Summary: Admin Set
Explanation: Contains the rings Banhammer, Advice, TOS, and Mystery. Completion of the set will grant you an increased recharge speed of rings by 1.5x
Summary: Large hammer attack with 1% chance of instant death.
Explanation: Swing your large hammer of justice against those who do not follow the rules. In rare cases, you can immediately ban the offender.
Summary: Increase the luck of an ally.
Explanation: Helping someone in need is always a good thing to do. They sure are lucky to have you around. In fact, you just increased their luck.
Summary: Long-range attack with indefinite time span. (Similar to Hot Foot)
Explanation: Your enemy reads the TOS and realizes how bad they have been. Their health decreases as they find more violations of the rules. You've gotta love karma.
Summary: Random ring effect.
Explanation:There are many mysteries in the world of Gaia, and this is just another one to add to the list. Locked inside this ring is the power of all others, and no matter how much power or responsibility you have, you will never be able to fully understand this mystery. A random ring's effect will be chosen, although effects can vary depending on if you are targeting an enemy, and ally, or yourself.
Pictures and ExamplesNone

Area: Rings and Ring Set
Summary: Villain Set
Explanation: Contains the rings Evil Laugh, Revenge, Doomsday Device, and Insanity. Completion of the set will cause enemies to hate you twice as much as they normally would after you attack them.
Evil Laugh
Summary: Increase your attack and defense but decrease accuracy of nearby players.
Explanation: When you feel the need to gloat and to show how evil you are, this is the ring for you. Your gloating will give you confidence in battle, increasing your attack and defense. Your laugh also seems to unnerve anybody nearby, distracting them and lowering their accuracy. Let me hear a "Mwu-ha-ha-ha!"
Summary: Inflict a percentage of damage received from an enemy back on the enemy.
Explanation: Sweet, sweet revenge! You have been hurt, and now you're mad. Relieve your anger by dealing a percentage of the damage you received back at the enemy that inflicted it! The higher the percentage of damage you deal, the more that your rage will dissipate.
Doomsday Device
Summary: Attach a bomb to an enemy that will go off after a set amount of time, inflicting damage on it and all enemies around it.
Explanation: Attach a small but powerful bomb to your opponent, with the time limit set to exactly 5 seconds. Once the time is up, the bomb will go off. A small but powerful explosion will damage your enemy and any of its comrades in the immediate area.
Summary: Allows you to use attack rings while kneeling and increases attack while kneeling.
Explanation:You're crazy. You have to be to try this. To even think of attacking enemies while you are kneeling is so out there that no sane person would even think of doing it. And to think that you actually get an attack boost while you kneel...it's just plain crazy. And even though you would have to be really crazy to try it, you can now use attack rings while kneeling.

Cardinal the Great
Area: Rings
Summary: Smooth Jazz Countdown Ring
Explanation: PAoE- Sound-related damage is sent out in a circle around the player
Basic: Musical notes fly out in all directions
LVL2: "'Round Midnight-" More musical notes fly out in all directions
LVL3: "Maiden Voyage-" Even more musical notes! Enemies are stunned for 3 seconds.
LVL4: "Opus One-" The ULTIMATE jazz piece. Thousands of musical notes fly out. Enemies are thrust away from the player and are stunned for 2 seconds.
Pictures and ExamplesNo pictures.

Area: Feature/Ring
Summary: Genetic Ring(tranform)
This feature is about being able to become a monster. I didn't see any MMO which lets you become a monster. How you will transform and all is through a ring.
Function: These rings aren't used to attack. Instead they are used to transform yourself into monsters. When in a monster form, you can talk with other monsters of that species you became.

How to become a monster, you must first studie the species. This ability comes with the ring. It is a channeling spell. Once you lock on a monster, you start studying it after you clicked the study button. After you're finished, you ring will permanently hold the genetics of the monster.
Chance: You didn't really think that you could just capture any monster by just having the ring and do the channeling spell? Sometimes, the ring will break in the middle of the channeling spell. There are two factor that determine if it will break or not: Science Lvl and Popularity.
Science Lvl: This factor is increased with more monsters studied. Each time you succesfully study a monster, your Science lvl increases and you have more chance to get the next one.
Popularity: Some monsters are more popular then others, the more "cool" it is, the more its had to get.

After you ave recorded a monster, the ring is unable to study another monster so be careful because these rings cannot be bought, they are dropped.
You can only tranform into the recorded monster in town. (In town, your username will appear above you even in monster form - Outside, you will have the name of the monster)AND CAN BE ATTACKED BY ANY PLAYER. Although you will not be dazzed by non-targeting ring ability.
Ex: An ability which releases a flaming blast from you in a 360 radius.(Will not kill you becuase it doesnt target you specifically)
Ex: An ability which does a slash to a specific target.(Will kill you)
Ex: An ability which does AoE in which you are targeted as the center.(Will kill you)

Although there is a way to see if the monster is a player; to go check its stats. It will show a username right next to the monster name.
This will make some player think before wandering in a monser form.
Whats the point of just looking like a monster?
Well, you don't only have the ability to walk as a monster with this ring, you can talk with the same species! When you talk, you can;
- Play mini-games with them like tic-tac-toe or do a small race with them.
- Get info on the species. Its likes and dislikes(non-useful info, its just for fun)
- Socialize with them

Also, the more you socialize with them the more you species meter goes up. The meter fills up VERY slowly and can take a VERY VERY long time to fill up(I would put atleast 500 hours of talking and playing with the monster. The best of all of this: If you have a high enough socialization with them, each time you talk with them, theres is a change that they give you an item. (not a luxury, although it could go high enough)
There is also another factor, intelligence.
Some of the monsters in a species are smarter than other, if you do not have a equal or higher intelligence compared to them, they will not talk to you.
You increase intelligence with the charge power of the ring.

Why should this ring be intergrated:
I think this could make a exciting new market cycle. It would be that some users ar Genetic Ring masters. These players mostly do some monster studying to keep getting better. Because of this, players will record monsters in rings and sell them for currency and so on for the economy. Also, if a newbie will want to become a creature, he might go seek out the help of a master studier to get a monster for them.
At the beggining of the planet, two powers collided for dominance; Gaia and Evil.
Gaia, Mother of Earth, had several sons. Each son had amazing power.
To help the Gaian race, every son placed their power into a ring. Now with the arrisal of a new evil, every ring created was needed. Within these rings, one of the was the Genetic Ring, created by the son Deoxirious, with the power to manipulate the very genes of someone. Gaians used this ability to take advantage of the beings which they could not of communicated with. The ring became an importante weapon to gaia.

+ Can become a monster
+ Can talk with other of the same race
+ Can be interactive and have games
+ Can sometimes get items without killing the monster
+ Creates a Economy loop
+ Doesn't use stamina
+ Its just plain fun!
- Need the rage bar full to activa
- Can only be activated in towns
- Can be attacked by ay player outside of towns
- Ring can break when trying to "capture"
Pictures and Examples:Image

Doct0r Phil
Area: Offensive Ring
Summary:"Smite Of Mjolnir" is a ring based on thors mjolnir,the hammer which could charge electricity,this ring should be ultra rare and dropped only from the highest bosses due to its enormous power.
Explanation: the rings summons gigantic hammer to crush everything around,it takes 2 minutes to recharge it and the more rage charged in it the more smites it will cause,the attack damaged multiple enemies due to energy waves released from every smite.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Area: Rings
Summary: Double or Nothing Ring - A passive ring. Doubles the power of all rings (both offensive and support), but also doubles your chance of missing.
Explanation: Not really much else to say. It probably wouldn't have an animation, but if it did, it could be a flipping coin. Also, to avoid any confusion, the ring would halve your hit rate, not take 50% off. So if you had a low hit rate anyway, you would still have at least some chance of hitting.
Pictures and Examples not really appropriate here

It's kinda dependent on hit/miss rates, and I don't know if they exist in zOMG. If not, it could just make you miss half of the time.
I like the idea of a whole set based on chance, if there isn't one already. Perhaps... Gambler?
I'll fill out a form for that too. xd
If a class like this exists already, just ignore this next part.

Sexc Hippo Hop
Area: Defensive Ring AoE
Summary: Wall 'o Text
Explanation: The use of this ring summons a powerful wall of text magically teleported from a post in Gaia's Forums which protects you from damage for a period of time. Advanced levels of the ring allow for longer protection and the shielding of two allies.
(If the TL;DR monster is put in the game this ring's power is negated when in the presence of it.)
(Is acquired through the quest below.)
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Doct0r Phil
Area: Ring Effect
Summary: A super ring effect activated by using pirate class set.
Explanation: Once rage is fully charged and you posses a pirate ring set ,which have to be equipped of course.
By charging the maximum rage you perform the atk which summons humongous shark which strikes everything on its way dealing great dmg and leaving foes stunned if not dead.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Bolto The Mage
Area: Rings
Summary: This is a whole ring set, not just one ring, about weather based attacks.
Lightning Ring: Summons a bolt of lightning to strike your opponents, having a slight chance of stunning them. As the RageRank gets higher the attack does more damage. Charge Orbs increase the chance of stunning enemies.
Sunny Ring: has a 25% chance of removing any de-buffs on you and any allies and keep you from getting Dubuffed for 3-5 seconds. Add 25% every Ragerank, and charge orbs increase the amount of time you remain unvulnerable to De-buff's.
Rainy Ring: Forms a raining cloud that will slowly restore your health with kneeling for about 30 seconds. Every Ragerank increases the size of the cloud and it's time. Charge orbs make HP recovery happen more frequently.
Mist Ring: Increases your Dodge stat for about 10 seconds. Ragerank increases the amount of time, charge orbs increase the amount of stat increase.

Summary:A Ring that pops out a random thing that hurts the enemy.
Explanation:Its a fairly weak ring that pops out 10 Random Things (1 at a time of course) Each of time you use the Ring a Random Thing will pop out of the ring and attack the enemy acording wht pops out.
Here is my idea
Clock bird-1 damage
Hand Bonk- 2 damage
Dog- 2-3 damage
Ghost- 4 damage
Lion- 6 damage
Shark- 8 damage
Tyranasaurus- 9 damage
Pictures and Examples: None

Summary: Ring
Suggestion: A close-combat ring, with a "Risk = Reward" effect... (name: Royal Rush)
Explanations: As soon as you active the ring, you'll rush forward (straight forward, at a set distance) and smash into the enemy. Does high damage, but the user takes quite a lot of recoil damage (still less than the damage dealt to the enemy though). The nifty thing about this ring is it's side effect. Once (or if) the attack connects, the damaged enemy has an increased chance of dropping more loot for you to pick up.
More charge orbs = more damage to the enemy dealt (+more recoil damage though :{) . no. of charge orbs can also (slightly) effect the additonal loot the target could drop (when hit by the attack, and this effect). Hope this is isn't too confusing...
Picture and Examples:

Summary:Sleight of Hand Ring - Distract your enemies by chucking cards at their faces with blinding speed! Great for magicians!
Explanation:Luck based damage. Cards have Spades, Hearts, Diamonds or Clubs symbol on them. You throw 2 or more cards, matching cards make for more damage. Two different types of matching cards (eg, 2 spades, 3 clubs) make two different attacks. It's all explained in the picture.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Ebb n Flow Man
Area: Rings
Summary: Ring: Internut Cookies
Explanation: When a player makes a successful dodge, a cookie drops on their head as a reward and they gain a small amount of life. Works as an activated buff, which you can only target other players. With each Rage Rank the amount of time it lasts will increase, and the cooldown for the ring will be somewhat long.
Pictures and Examples Player A casts Internut Cookies on Player B at Rage Rank 3. For three minutes, any time Player B makes a dodge a cookie drops on his head giving him 5 points of life each time. After 30 seconds Player A can cast it again on another player.

Area: Rings
Summary: Scalding Coffee Ring - At times, you may find that you need stamina more than health. Using this ring deals damage to yourself, but fills your stamina and gives you 'stamina frenzy'.
Explanation: 'Stamina frenzy' (renameable xd ) would be a buff that gives you a limited time to use rings without using up your stamina - sort of like infinite ammo. While it seems like an overpowered buff, you would be damaging yourself when you use it, so it balances out.
It would be a self-target ring only, for obvious reasons (at least until PvP is introduced)
Using a higher Rage Rank would increase the duration of the effect, but would also increase the amount of damage the ring does to you. So, normally, the 'stam frenzy' wouldn't last long (maybe only half a minute or less).
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Black Witch of Ra
Area: Ring
Summary: Basically scan an Animated, kill it, and summon it as an ally when you use the ring again. You can't use the same ring to scan a different Animated. . . . Unless that Animated got killed by someone or something else.
1 : Find the Animated you want to scan.
2 : Use the ring to scan it. You can only scan it with a full rage bar.
3 : When the scan meter is complete, you may now attack the Animated.
4 : Kill the Animated you have scanned.
5 - 8 : Wait a day in Gaia time to actually use the Animated against other Animated for a limited amount of time.
9 : Beware of other players.
10 : They can target your Animated Ally.
A : They can kill it and you have to find another Animated to load the ring with.
B : Time runs out, your ally is called back to the spirit world and you have to wait to summon your Animated again.
These rings should be a rare drop or a quest given ring to prevent floods of OMG Rings or Coatl Rings. Also, as CL increases, so does the amount of time your buddy gets to wander around Gaia with you. As a special, certain Animated can "evolve" as CL increases. For example: You get an OMG at CL 1, at CL 5 you find yourself with an OMFG and at CL 10 you've got a OMGWTF tailing you like a personal bodyguard.
Pictures and ExamplesUser Image

Kumo no Kage
Area: Ring
Summary: Battery Ring or Energy Bar Ring(it's a buff)
Explanation: it's a ring that can only be used on your allies (just one mind you) and like it's name it would recharge the target's stamina by a bit in exchange for yours. quite handy in crews that are fighting ridiculously fast recovering monsters.
Pictures and Examples User Image(i'm sorry it's in paint and crappy)
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User Image

Area: Monsters
Summary: Monster Arena
Explanation: In the MONSTER ARENA its possible to fight animates which you had fought withpreviously. Since it shouldn't be too easy, only monster which the player has a badge of he/she can fight. Also the type of badge enables more options such as, where the 1st animate badge (kill 50) enables only one monster, the second (kill 500) enables the option to fight two monsters at the same time, the third (kill 5000) enables to fight 3 animates at the same time. This certainly would assit in farming, when it comes to special items. To make it difficult, its solo effort, so no crew... This will make ZOMG more interesting for those solo players.
Boss monsters im not sure about... can you get badges for beating them over and over?

Doct0r Phil
Area: Boss Monster
Summary: Harpwnage or Harpwnage Dragon is a fishing gear gone bad...the other way....
Explanation: Harpwnage is Logans attempt to make a guard dog out of null crystals and fishing gear to help him fend off animated,the problem is that he put too much juice in that thing and it went bad,now you must dispatch it.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Doct0r Phil
Area: Monster
Summary: It is a simple design of the OMFG.takes from some parts of the OMG monster
Explanation: OMFGNOWAI is the name of this monster,it is a boss,the design shows some stitches in it because it uses a rag voodoo doll body as a host,it has a wide range aoe,it expands it arms,combines together and grows the spikes on its fist to make a mauler which hits the earth and gives high dmg to everyone around/
Pictures and Examples
User Image

btw,sorry for bad grammar.

Area: Monster
Summary: plain ole afk monster with 2 forms
Explanation: The name is the A-Effin-K Monster when it is calm its heat on its chest glows pink but when startled its heart breaks and it glows black and its ready to attack they throw razor sharp hearts at your and belly flops you when defeated she explodes into hearts
Pictures and Examples
User Image

ray mineo
Area: Monsters
Summary: A dragon with two heads. one white, one dark.
Explanation: RYINYANG (ryu - yin yang) is (I'm hoping) going to be a quest boss. it flies around the world and appears randomly in dungeon type areas.
Pictures and Examples I swear I need to do more concept drawings crying

Doct0r Phil
Area: Non Offensive Monster
Summary:TL'DR based monster,has passive and non offensive form,once hit he changes into his battle form,which i will probably add later since my tablet is screwed.
Explanation:The Hats of gaia became alive!!
Tl'DR unlike other animated just wants to live in piece,because he just doesnt care"TL;DR lol".
but the pesky people keep bothering him so he has no choice but fight back.
dont be fooled by its appearance,it transforms into fearsome warrior.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Doct0r Phil
Area: The 2nd Offensive and boss form of TL;DR monster.
Summary: The concept is that when the TL;DR dies it brakes the seal of "evil" animated ,wraps himself and forms into a knight like monster with high atk,def and hp.
Explanation: this knight form has basic attack for really close distance,causing really great damage,
and an aoe for a really long distance causing multiple damage to MANY surrounding objects.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Cube B
Area: Monsters
Summary: Googolfunplex: Terror of the Shopping Mall.
Explanation: The boss for a theoretical mall area.
Link to post!
Pictures and Examples

Doct0r Phil
Area: Monster Boss
Summary: an animated bammi hat,which developed high intellect and proclaimed itself as a king!
it discovered power in the dark crystals which appears to be the source of power for the animated.Bammi King uses them to increase his own power......
Explanation: Bammi King,is a small and only a little bit bigger then gramster BUT,when he swings his staff and hits the ground he opens a portal which gives a humongous animated which he created a range of attack,it is a powerful aoe.
when he dies,his staff releases the humongous animated known as Chopper.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Doct0r Phil
Area:Monster Boss
Summary: Chopper is huge animated Omnomnom hat,being half stuck in the portal because of his masters defeat,he came to avenge his death....
Explanation:Chopper basically has only 1 atk ,he charges an energy surrounding him "which takes away some of the hp of the people who have to fight him in close combat" and fires it in every angle while spinning his head "which dmgs everything around"
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Doct0r Phil
Area: Boss Monster
Summary: Lord Damascus,an animated armor set which thinks it is actually the real Damascus warrior.
Explanation: There is not much of things to talk about him,his skill is to drain energy from everything which surrounds him,including his enemies.
he swings the swords which hits the earth causing aoe.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Sexc Hippo Hop
Summary: Angry Bush/Rock/Tree
Explanation: They are basically a few trees and bushes and rocks you find in Towns except they are alive and angry at all the shaking Gaians have done to them in the past. They remain relatively unharmful, until you shake them of course.
Pictures and ExamplesN/A

Area: Monster
Summary: It's Called the "Tel-Seviv" Named after the Hebrew Word for Old and Part of the Hebrew Word for dreidel
Explanation: It Weilds a Watch Like Wheel which have inscriptions like a dreidel If the Pointer Lands on Gimel (ג) It will recieve +50% Attack Power.
If the pointer Lands on He (ה) It Will Recieve +25% Attack and Defense.
if the pointer lands on Shin (ש) It Will Lose -50% Defense.
and If the Pointer lands on Nun (נ) No Stats will Cange on it.
After Spinning the watch/wheel, it will fight with it's claws. Stat Effects Will Last 30 Seconds and it Spins the Watch/wheel every 2 Minutes.
Pictures and ExamplesImage

Area: Monsters
Summary: This monster is a little monster called a Ca-coy-nay Spirit. It strangly remsembles a feather coat. It has no arms, no feet, the poor thing basically flys if not floats. The thing is connnected to a chain and box, which it uses to hit people who travel to close.
Explanation: The Ca-coy-nay Spirit uses its chain to swing the box, aiming at the head of its ememies. Ouch.
Ca-coy-nay is a term that means raven in Athabascan, they're not in tradition to write things down, so this is how you pronounce it, which is just as good, if not better.
Pictures and Examples:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Doct0r Phil
Area: Monster
Summary: Mr Snowman is a rag puppet with some animated omg pieces sewed to it which gives it power to move.
Explanation: Mr Snowman is evil.he has 1 powerful aoe attack which freezes on spot and slows down if barely hit.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Area: Monster
Summary: Grandmaw
Explanation: Formed from an old cooking apron, it thinks it's the grandma of anything it sees, and as such, begins scolding without end. With its "Don't Talk Back" skill, it can negate defensive support effects. It can also petrify characters with its ranting.
Pictures and ExamplesNone yet. Still working on the concept. If anyone would like to help, they can PM me. I'll be honest, I'm not the most talented person artistically.
well...hmm...it could be larger than the actual item, yes. also, perhaps it could open up to the "blooming" form when it fires off?

Area: Monsters
Summary: Dark Magical Girls
Darks Magical Girl- Throws dark pink hearts at you
Dark Magical Blue- Throws sharp Icicles at you
Dark Magical Purple- Poisons you with an arrow
Dark Magical Green- Enwraps you in sharp rose vines
Each of the dark magical girls bases are black
Pictures and ExamplesN/A

Summary:You've heard of Gnome General, OMGWTF, Mother Fluff, etc. Don't you want more? That have to do more with the monsters in that area?
Explanation: The Gnome General... why doesn't he have a trace of Flamingo or Mushroom Cannon...OMGWTF why doesn't he/she/it have any laceback snake in it or even any Clutches?
Well we should have bosses that'll represent every monster in the area and not just for those special places for EVERYWHERE I've already made up 4 (because I still have to do Battle of the Three Bridges to do Bass'ken) these are:
Gnome King (Gnomes, Pink Flamingos, Mushroom Cannons)
Rural Mutant (Alarmskeeters, Garlics, Air Fluffs)
OMGWTFBBQ (OMGs, OMFG (barely), Clutches (barely), Purse (barely), Laceback Snakes)
Katsumi (Posessed) (Kokeshi Dolls (resemblance of Katsumi), Taiko Drum, Ghost Lantern)
Of course they'll all be optional because adding those to what we already have would be challenging so this is more of a farming and training addition
Pictures and Examples

Summary:An animated called Banhammer.
Explanation:The Banhammer animated would look like a large hammer. I'm not going to go to indepth on it. It would, of course, attack by swinging at you. I'm leaving it open so Gaia could change it around however if they want to use it.
Pictures and ExamplesComing as soon as I get it done.

keito melfina
Area: Monsters: Extra Boss!!! (White haired Admin with glasses)
Summary: You fight (Boss called Nimda, for spoiler reasons and because real name would make people go O___O) as an extra boss right after [Final Boss]. Go talk to her in Aekea (if there is no road block) for a challenge!
Explanation: "Nimda" is a very tough boss, with strong attacks that can get you and your crew destroyed!!! She has fast running speed, and can even jump back quickly to dodge attacks!!! But, if you successfully hit her, she will somtimes stay still for 3 seconds, after that, improvise your next move!!! She announces what attack she'll make with local chat(quotations show what she says before attack).
Pictures and ExamplesList of her Attacks and effects:
1) Reported "You have violated a Gaian, report sent!" - occasionally when you attack her, she sends out bats to swarm around you, knocking you back and attacking continuosly! Gives small damage though, but does 10x hits!
2) Spam Tornado "Take this!" - A typhoon of letters/characters on the keyboard spam strike all enemies of "Nimda" around her, with moderate damage and moderate range! 5x hits!
3) Ban Hammer "Mwahahahaha! This is the end for you!" - a large mythrill hammer gathers energy around the top and slams to the earth, causing a massive shockwave with extreme range (AoE is the entire screen, except the sides)! Uses this move when HP is down to 10% and a one time use only!!! Tips for dodging: this move doesn't reach the sides of the screen, so run quickly as you can before it's too late! Good thing: technique does not kill you! It reduces HP down to 1HP, and that's all. Be careful after the attack...
4) Status Bot "Time to heat things up!" - "Nimda" surges with dark energy and has a stat increase of Power and Defense by 20%, but reduces Speed and Dodge by 10%.
5) Data Wipe "Cancelling Status...", "Processing...", "Status Boost Removal Complete!" - "Nimda" does an awful trick, she wipes out your crew's stat boosts (not pertaining to Fitness or G'hi)! Yes, I mean all of them!!! But she rarely uses this move and needs casting time, so if you can attack her fast enough, you just might break her concentration and cancel the attack!

Area: Monsters
Summary: Metro gnomes, inspired by this comic. Like the gnomes from the Village Greens, only with a better fashion sense. They may look pretty, but they can kill you with style. lol
Explanation: Sporting a top hat and a suit and vest instead of the village outfits of their garden cousins. Perhaps they could carry a cane for a melee attack, and have a distance attack (a scarf, perhaps) that pulls you into melee range.
Pictures and Examples: Best I was able to find is this (and another screen cap).

Area: Monsters
Summary:Bill Ranch. Animated: Straw ogre
Explanation:Straw ogre is a amount of straw that can avoid melee rings such as mantis, hack, etc. it always is around cows.
Pictures and ExamplesLink

keito melfina
Area: Monsters
Summary: Animated: Fake Chests. I don't like Chest Stealers or people who constantly complain of Chest Stealers, so this whole "Living Chest" idea might work... The Fake Chest has the same power as the 3 Storms from the Gauntlet, so no special drops such as orbs for killing it.
Explanation: I've heard of people complain that low/high CLs or people that rush in to attack the Gaurdians steal all the hard work of zOMGers. Why not have Chests come to life and attack lower levels/stealers??? If a person's CL is lower/way higher (in the purple zone) than the Guardians' CL, the Chest comes to life and gnaws the person to death. Or if a person who comes in and does not put any effort on attacking the Guardians (makes less than 20% damage) or is not recognized by the Guardians as the "first person to get there", the Chest comes to life.
Pictures and ExamplesExample:
1) You are waiting for Guardians to spawn.
2) A low/high CL comes in and tries to take your Chest right after you kill the Guardians, then the Fake Chest comes to life and strikes the person down, then goes back to normal!
2) A person at the same CL rushes in and attacks the Guardians, killing them and then tries to grab the chest, Fake Chest comes to life and kills him/her, since th Guardians notice only the first person attacking them who is at the right CL and is still considered alive, and those who intervene shall perish.
Only way to prevent this is Recrewt, which helps encourage others to share.

Haya Plum
Summary: Hairball fluff (Optional name: Kitty fluff)
Explanation: A cute little kitty fluff made from pieces of lint and hair of the animal kind.
Found near houses and grass filled lawns, this adorable little fluff will blink it's bright orange eyes and mew when it see's a gaian. Soon rushing up to the gaian to snuggle by rubbing it's head on the gaian's legs and flick it's banded tail -taking away health points in the process.
If your nice to it, maybe it will cough up some hair or a recipe you can use.
Pictures and Examples: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y87/silvercrown/tiger-fluff.gif
Ungoliath's avatar

Distinct Warlord

User Image

keito melfina
Area: Quests
Summary: Colisseum Mania (Arenas)
Explanation: The Areans in Gaia's zOMG could be used to host battles of strength and courage. Players may either be in crews or go solo (G'hi will not be a factor, players must show thier true power.
Pictures and Examples There will be 9 rounds of battle, based on all areas of Gaia (from Village Greens Gnome General to Lab Tech's Final Boss. Objective is to beat all the rounds. You will first fight all the monsters that regularly spawn in an area BUT slightly stonger monsters will have less spawns(Example form Village Greens: 3x Lawn Gnomes, 3x Count Coriers, 2x Majors Adamants/Majors etc., etc., etc.)and if you kill at least all 3 of a particular Animated species (Red Hatted Gnomes), the higher level Animated (Yellow Hatted Gnomes) will take place. When you defeat all the Animated in that area, you will then face all Bosses one-on-one (unless you have a crew) related to the area (Zen Gardens Example: Kokeshi Doll Nexus, then Taiko Drum Nexus, then Lantern Nexus, and finally Kat's Doll).
CL for this shall be 9-10 and the regular spawns will be of somewhat equal level (blue/green), slightly stronger Animated species will be yellow, and Bosses will be Red.

There is something similar in this thread, but both suggestion can be used together to make a good combo. Read on Features PvP post

Area: Items and Quests
Summary: Drops for recipes that make Aquarium or House item.
Explanation: Adding recipe drops for zOMG based Aquarium or House items. For Aquariums for example those background decorations like corals, clam shells or the dead seahorse. For houses maybe some fluff themed furniture.
So that other areas of Gaia would also get enhanced by zOMG and not only our Avatars.

Area: Quests
Summary: Protect an NPC
Explanation: You are given an NPC and you must protect them, by healing, buffing and repelling monsters, as they run through an area infested with animated. All the monsters would target the NPC and you wouldn't be able to move on until all of them are defeated. If either the NPC or you become dazed, you're teleported back to the beginning. Maybe give the support players a chance to shine?

Imp WithARocket
Area: Items and Quests
Summary: Patrol Gaia! (or somthing like that)
Explanation: This should be a repeateable quest that will be a long patrol of the gaian world where you start in the village greens and have to kill 10 of one monster from each area. So say 10 of each lawn gnomes, garlic sprouts, lanturns, wolf pups, anchor bugs, preda-pups, and Tiny Terros. the enemies chosen from each area could be picked randomly.

Area: Items and Quests/Other Suggestions
Summary: Christmas Event
Explanation: Santa Claus has a serious problem: his toys and lumps of coal are becoming Animated! He needs your help to turn the Animated back to normal before he can deliver them to the citizens of Gaia. To thank you for your help, Santa could give out recipes for Christmas-related items or the items themselves. The quest should be like the Re-Composing quest, able to be done multiple times for the reward (it IS a limited-time event quest, after all...) The items could be things like Reindeer antlers, Santa's Coat, Lump of Coal pet, and pet Nutcracker.

Rosey Riku
Area: Items and Quests
Summary: An OMGWTF hat. A hat based off of the OMGWTF monster.
Explanation: It would look like the OMGWTF monster is on your head. ^-^ One pose would have it up (shown below), one pose would have it down over your eyes. From the front, the tail is up, but seen from the back, the tail *could* poke into the back (like in the comic XD ).
Pictures and Examples:OMGWTF Hat Pic

Area: Items
Summary: OMG/OMFG items. OMFG doesn't get enough love.
Explanation: The other day I went into Deadman's Pass with a friend to attempt the OMGWTF. At any rate, I saw an OMFG while in there, and I instantly fell in love with it. There should be craftable OMFG items in my opinion, and I made some up.
OMFG Wing Clip: a small black wing with a skull on it. Pins to hair. Does not enable flight.
OMFG Plushie: a large, floppy plushie in the shape of an OMFG. Thankfully, this one won't bite your arm off. Yet.
OMG Patch: a skull-shaped patch that goes over the heart. Preferably over your clothes.
OMG Belt: a leather belt with a skull-shaped buckle. Show off your victory by using your enemy's skin to keep your pants up!
OMG Garter: a thigh ornament with a skull decoration. Just because you're a fighter doesn't mean you CAN'T be a lover.
OMG Tattoo: show off your victory by tattooing your enemy to yourself!

Pictures and Examples:OMG/OMFG items (Made by myself)

Area: Items
Summary: New colors for Kokeshi's kimono.
Explanation: The Kokeshi Kimono items is very beautiful, and I think there should be versions of it for Collectible (yellow) and Katsumi's kokeshi (silver and black).
Pictures and Examples

Ebb n Flow Man
Area: Items and Quests
Summary: Dating Sim Quest!
Explanation: Take an NPC on a date to a carnival. Win mini-games to get your date to reveal details about themselves. Gain their trust by remembering what they've told you. Try to collect a Smooch Item from all the NPCs, and maybe get a special private message. Or if dating a computer doesn't float your boat, take a friend to the carnival and win each other romantic themed prizes.
Pictures and Examples Because NPCs have different personalities, to make them open up, you might have to react differently to a certain situation at the carnival. Like a dog that wanders into the carnival, then you get a list of options of what to do the dog. Depending on what you do, your date will appreciate you more or less.

Cube B
Area: Items!
Summary: Useful Items
Explanation: Some useful items for zOMG, possibly sold for Gaia Cash, though other means of release are fine too. They're meant to be used in a pinch, or when you don't have the proper ring.
Pictures and Examples
Smelling Salts: A useful item that lets you "rez" a dazed friend.
Skip-A-Beat Pacemaker: Let's you cast "Diffibulate" on yourself. Limited number of charges. (Use more charges for more power!)
Null Crystal: Let's you open a portal to (or rather from) the Null Chamber for your party members. Limited use.
Spiritual Lubricant: Available under "Items that sound vaguely sexual". Unseals any rings Sealed due to dazing or debuffs. (Does not work if rings are disabled for events, etc)
Stink Bomb: AoE Rez effect for party members.
Eau du Apathy: Monsters ignore you for a few minutes. (Useful for Goof)
Eau du Hate: Monster aggro is focused on you for a few minutes.
Lucky Grunny's Foot:Increase the chance of getting a rare drop from a monster! Limited use (It grows a new body and hops away...)
Lucky Prabbit's Foot: A more powerful version of the Lucky Grunny's foot.
Lucky Hermes's Foot: Longer lasting version of the Lucky Grunny's foot
LightNRGY Bomb:AoE heal for party members.
DarkNRGY Bomb:AoE Damage. May cause a Debuff on the user and party members in range.
DrunkNRGY Bomb:Really only good for eventual PVP. Does an interface screw on everyone in range.
Mask of IllusionA Non Consumable! (OMG). When used (it doesn't have to be worn necessarily, though you can wear it) members of certain factions see you as one of their own. This one is also one that would preferably be free, or a quest reward. XD
Charge Amplifier Increase the amount of charge orbs you receive for a short time.

Cube B
Area: Quests
Summary: Timey Wimey
Explanation: A strange man (Known as "Doc" to the various GIB agents around the area) has been hanging around the Old Aqueduct near an old Phone Booth. (NOT A POLICE BOX). He's always accompanied by his "companion" Rosa (Who looks suspiciously like Rosalie.) He claims to be a Time Traveler from another world, and is helping GIB deal with Alien Threats to Gaia. If you can earn his trust, he'll make you an honorary "Companion" as well.
It seems that, for some strange reason, the Doc and Rosa are following you, even when you're on another planet. He always has some quest for you, and can even give you a ride back to Gaia, no matter how far away from Home you are.
If you manage to complete a few of his quests, he'll give you the "Companion" badge. Complete all of his quests, and you'll get the "Lord of Time" badge.
Rosa also has a quest arc, though it's not area specific, and can be done anywhere the Doctor and Rosa appear. You see, SPOILER:Rosa is an alternate universe version of Rosalie Gambino. She was taken to our universe by Doc in a sort of complex incident...
Rosa's Quest is a long drawn out story quest. Not all of the quests in Rosa's arc are given out by Rosa herself. Some are given out by other characters like Ian, Louie, Gino, or Gambino himself.
Pictures and Examples

T h e D a r k S i d e X
Summary: Cash Shop item
Suggestion: An Scroll that has a limited time of use (15 days once activated) which teleports you to a Certain dungeon
Explanations: A scroll that sends you to a certain dungeon once you've first used it the 15 day timer will count down When you die you will be transported back to the nearest town of from where you came
Picture and Examples:We all know what scrolls look like so whats the point

(And another XD)!!
Summary: Item
Suggestion: A Samwich
Explanations: A Samwich that can teleport you back to the nearest town
Picture and Examples:none

Area: Quests
Summary: Pet Eggs
Explanation: When you get to the ranch the rancher will tell you that the animated have stolen his eggs and send you on a long quest to get them back. the animated around there will then get a high egg loot drop and you have to kill a certain amount and get a set amount of eggs. after that you go back to the rancher and hand them to him and then he'll tell you bout the leader of the egg thieves. you go to where he tells you to fight the quest boss, a giant egg beater/teradactal thing (i think i spelled that wrong...) after you beat it you get the egg carton and a mysterious egg. go back to the rancher and hell tell you that its a ganimal egg (gaia animal haha) and that you can raise it and help you fight by using some kinda thing that lets the rings fight. he then gives you a ring to summon your pet to help you fight which i explained in a different one, however if you didnt hatch your egg yet you only summon the egg which does nothing. after this all of the boss monsters have a very rare drop rate of eggs and you can carry them in your egg carton (you can only have a set # of eggs). you can then care for the egg like the aquarium to let it hatch, the better you do the better your pet.
Pictures and Examples

Area: Quests
Summary: Town protection/Become a town guard
Explanation: The animated launch an attack on the towns. Leon (and other NPC's depending on the town) ask you to help them defend the town. If you agree you will be given a special town related item that will be auto equiped on your avi to show your a guard and then you are sent to a special town map. on this map you and everyone else have to fight along npcs to drive off the animated. the better you do the more points and better rewards you get, if they get into town though you'll get a message from one of the npcs of that town saying that they took care of it or something however your points go down. after its over the item that was given to you to show your a guard is auto-unequiped and your sent back to the main town. there you get a reward depending on your score and you also get to keep the item for that town. this gives players players the chance to play against each other without actual PvP untill thats ready.
(this can also be like the usuall town vs town battles, the one with the highest overall score wins. how often this quest is available varies. could be once a month, available anytime, or only event days)
Pictures and ExamplesNone

Area: Item (Tide Pool Tail)
Summary: What is that?! It looks like a mushed up mutant fish...well thats exactly what it is! It arose from a tide pool in the lovely Golden Beach just for you. This slimming tail is full of life and glamor. But back to the first question...what the heck is that thing?
Explanation: This is a tail that can be equipted to your avatar. After some heavy questing in Gold's Beach you can find the recipe for the Tide Pool Tale. After gathering the right amounts of loot you can craft this lovely tail.
Pictures and Examples
User Image

Area: Quests
Summary: Get Anniedroid and Beat Box to hang out. Location; Barton Town.
Explanation: Anniedroid and Beat Box are both really strange people who think they're robots. Seeing that, an NPC suggests that you get them to talk to each other. You'd probably have to run around town a bit, but I think it would be amusing.
Pictures and Examples None to speak of.

Area: Quests
Summary: scavenger Steve's challenge
Explanation: I got this idea from those quests asking you get a certain number of one item. I think that this person I shall dub "Scavenger Steve" should be in every stage of zOMG. He will be wandering around the null chamber entrence in each area walking around with a magnifying glass. Each area he would challenge the strong to find a certain item in a certain number from some creature. The item would only be obtainable after you start the challenge as well. After this you hunt the creature until you get enough of the item and give it to Steve. He would thank you and give you a reward. I would want this to be really hard and have a good reward. This would be an optional thing that is always open to you in every zone and can only be done once. So even a person with 8 level 5 rings could go back to the village greens challenge.
Pictures and Examples$

Area: Items
Summary: The Blue Surfboard
Explanation: By the Gold Beach Bonfire there is one surfer whose board is not available through a recipe. I absolutely LOVE her blue surfboard and was wondering if you could create a recipe for it. I mean why not make all boards pictured available biggrin .
Pictures and Examples: ...not yet but working on it

Area: Items
Summary:Kokeshi Wigs
Collectible Kokeshi wig
Kokeshi Wig
Kats Doll Wig
Explanation: Look like an adorable doll with these wigs ;D
Pictures and ExamplesN/A

Area: Items
Summary: A zOMG Forum badge for the avi to wear
Explanation: Just like the other forums have badges, we need one too! [/size

Cube B
Summary: Gallery of Memory (Revamp)
Explanation: This is a heavily tweaked version of the original Gallery of Memory idea. The idea of Paradox Battles (Fights against NPCs from older plotlines) is cool, but I wouldn't be surprised if Vlad just came out of his Coffin and showed up as a boss. (NO ONE EVER DIES. THEY JUST GET DAZED!)
The new Gallery of Memory is a special area unlocked by clearing the Shallow Sea instance. (I.E. Beating the Chapter Boss). It is a large room, similar in appearance to the Null Chamber. (In fact, you can even change and charge rings here, if you desire). But instead of Transit Crystals, the Gallery is full of Crystal Statues. Each statue represents a Boss you have defeated previously. It's very similar to the Data Rematch system from Kingdom Hearts. To enter a Memory Battle, have a crew leader touch a Statue and accept the challenge. Your crew will be teleported to the Arena area. (The Arena Area is two squares wide. One map holds the escape crystal, and the other is where the battle takes place)
You fight special Animated called "Memories". Memories are much more powerful than the original forms, and may have new abilities and Debuffs.
They are denoted by the words "Memory Of" placed before their names. (For example, "Memory of She Wolf" or "Memory of Duneslam".)
Defeating each enemy rewards you with orbs, gold, crystals, and a special boss themed recipe for you.
Pictures and Examples
Upon entering the Gallery, you are greeted by an NPC who explains the Gallery and how it works. You are then directed to select a crystal for the rematch you want to face. Let's assume you chose the Memory of OMGWTF. You are transported to the Arena map. Since the OMGWTF is preceded by a Rush, you have to face a group of Buffed OMFGs before the Memory of OMGWTF appears.
The Memory of OMGWTF has much more HP, and much higher stats. In addition, it's more prone to randomly switching attackers, making tanking difficult. It may also have some new attacks, like Dervish. Once the beast finally falls, you will receive your reward, a large amount of orbs, some Null Fragments, and a recipe for an OMGWTF hat.
In fact, for fun, here are a list of recipes that might drop from memory battles.
Lawn Gnome General: Lawn Gnome General Figurine (Comes with Beard, Shovel Daggers, Tattoo, and Figurine)
OMGWTF: OMGWTF Hat. (With OMG Plushies!)
Kat's Kokeshi Doll: Kat's Kokeshi Doll (Comes with the doll, and recolored Komonos and fans in Collectable and Kat's Doll)
Nexus Bridges: Kin's Mask.
Mother Fluff: Fluff Hat.
She Wolf: She Wolf Plushie (Same as Outlaw Wolf Plushie, pose wise)
Mama Saw and Papa Saw: Scar of the Master (Edmund Scar!)
Duneslam: Sand Castle
Preda Pup Commander: Preda Plushie
Stone Coatl: Spirit Guardian (Coatl Plush)
Landshark: Sharksword? (...Okay, I've got nothing on this one. XD
Chapter Boss: *HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOILER* Labtech Uniform. (Includes X's Labcoat, 123's Bandage, High Tech Diving Gear, and a Sea Cycle
...I have no idea how hard a BUFFED Landshark would be. O_O

Area: Quest
Summary: New Otami Ruins Quest
Explanation: In the Otami Ruins, we are given the power to "breathe
water as if it were air" by the Otami Spirit of water, Chaloc. But there is another Spirit: Huitzotl,
spirit of air and stone. After we prove our strength by surviving the tests of the great serpent
Huitzotl, we could "walk on air as if it were ground". This could be used in future expansions to
cross a mighty chasm or other large gap in order to progress in the story-line. I don't know what
endeavors Huitzotl will want us to endure, but they should be harder than Chaloc's Gauntlet and Throne Room.

Area: Suggested Quests to accompany the new Ring System change.
Step 1: Speak with [a widely accessible NPC] to accept the quest.
Step 2: Retrieve [an arbitrary number] of [uncommon quest elements] that drops from Lawn Gnome General, OMFG, Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll, Papa Saw, Duneslam, and Predator Commander.
Step 3: Now that you've found [that arbitrary number] of [uncommon quest elements], head back to [the widely accessible NPC] for your reward.
Notes: This quest is repeatable.
Special Rewards: [Bag of Sharing]
"Totems Quests" Advanced!
Step 1: Speak with [the widely accessible NPC] to accept the quest.
Step 2: Destroy enough [Farmable Animated] in Village Greens to attain [a significant number] of [a common loot drop].
Repeat with Bill's Ranch, Zen Gardens, Bass'ken Lake, Gold Beach and Old Aqueduct.
Step 8: Now that [the widely accessible NPC] is content with seeing you sweat, return to him/her and receive your reward.
Notes: This quest is repeatable.
Special Rewards: [Bag of Sharing]
[Bag of Sharing]: Somehow allows you to unlock [an appropriate number] of rings for trade, an in game effect or otherwise.
Explanation: The point is to encourage endgamers to quest, farm, and boss hunt with lower leveled newbies. Prices of rings stay relatively high because it takes work to make them tradable as well as the fact that less rings are available for trade because it takes work.

Area: Items
Summary: Stone Coatl Plushie
Explanation: We have many plushies in zOMG, but none of coolmonsters yet. The Stone Coatl Plushie could be held in a few poses: dragging on the
ground, held up to your chest, dangling from your outstretched arms, right besides you, or even
wrapped around you. There could also be a pose in which you wear the beautiful headdress that the Coatl wears.

Kaitan Guo
Area: Quests / Badges
Summary: Badges obtained for killing area bosses!
Explanation: You know, it's a darn good feeling when you first defeat the Gnome General or the Stone Coatl, but what do we have to show for it? A ring at the end of the chain, some orbs, maybe null fragments and a possible recipe or two? How about some badges to say "Hey! I kicked -insertbosshere-'s a** to the curb and back!" Maybe a badge for defeating Landshark too, while you're at it. I KNOW that's an achievement that screencaps don't often do justice for. XD
Pictures and ExamplesAfter dicking around in Photoshop...
User Image User Image User Image User Image
I shall dub them, Stone Coatl Crusher, She Wolf Skinner, Land Shark Slayer, and OMGWTFBBQ. Hahahahaha.
Chyeah, fail. XD It's just for concept's sake and stuff.

Area: Items and Quests
Summary: An underwater map and quest chain based on March 2007 Monthly Collectible, the Aquatica.
Explanation: The MC for March 2007 (Aquatica) mentions Gaia's "undersea kingdom of friendly merfolk and not so friendly shark-men." I think a quest chain about this would be lovely. It could be about how the animated appearing underwater and your character going down into the sea and helping these people, um...merpeople out. Or maybe about a rivalry between the shark-people and merpeople? It would be really cool to tie in the monthly collectible to the story line. And this quest chain would add a very unique map to Gaia. An underwater area with fish...and stuff. xD
Pictures and ExamplesAquatica (Read Text)

Area: Quests
Summary:Where's Peter?
Explanation: Find Peter for Jerry.Peter is always getting lost. Help find him* for rewards from Jerry. He could be anywhere but luckily you can find him wearing his new favorite outfit. (He could be wearing the spirited 2k8 hat with a striped shirt and pants.) Kind of like Where's Waldo? I loved completing Where's Waldo books. It would be awesome to have a quest like that in ZOMG. * Perhaps the areas where he appears could depend on your TCL. It would make the quest continue to be challenging and fun.

Area: Items
Summary: Boiling Point
Explanation: As long as this particular power up remains active, the player's rage bar will always remain full until the power up's effect is gone. After the effect is gone the Rage bar will work normally. It's cooldown and duration effect is the same as Divinity and Healing Halo before the two rings had their effect buffed and cooldown period lengthened.
Pictures and Examples

Sorry, don't have one at the moment.

keito melfina
Area: Quests
Summary: Call of Duty: Save Barton! A war shall take place within Barton. Those who enter Barton may partake in the war between Animated vs. Gaians
Explanation: I wish that we had a quest where all those who beat the End Boss can have a major challenge: fight in a war against the Animated (from Village Greens - Shallow Seas) within the walls of Barton, which could be EPIC! Animated from each area will spawn everywhere in Barton, so proceed with caution (at least 6 Animated per square, with different types on each area). Objective: kill all the Animated before every Gaian is defeated, so fight hard! Anyone who enters Barton can fight in the war, and you can choose to escort lower levels to the Gates for safety reasons... Each area will shift for every 5 minutes that pass by (so after 5 minutes of fighting Village Green Monsters, Bill's Ranch Animated will begin to spawn instead). Only those that have defeated the End Boss can activate this quest, after talking to Leon when he says "He recieved word that an uprising of Animated will take place in Barton". Quest starts once you enter Barton (doesn't matter from which Gate). So good luck!
Pictures and ExamplesI wish... There could be a counter on every Gaian that is alive/dead. Those who leave will reduce the #, but won't affect the alive/dead count.

Summary:Make Cheri's Twin and Sharktooth Knife with non-hand-held poses (i.e. Hip-mount[Knife] or backmounted[ax])
Explanation:With items such as Cheri's Twin (Lumberjack Ax) and the Sharktooth Knife, we're only allowed to hold them in our hands. To be honest, the knife looks a tad bulky in the hand, and the ax is rather cumbersome when it comes to having items with ground-positions around you. I propose that they be updated so that the knife has a hip-mounted pose (like the one for the Alien Ray Gun) and that the Ax have a back-mounted pose (such as the Shovel Blade and Ninja Sword).

Summary:Alien Armorskin Open-Face pose.
Explanation:Yes, I realize it has an open face already to it, but the only time you can see your avi's ACTUAL face is when it's in Open-Face Blades mode. I'd like them to fix the Open-face pose so that you can see your Avi's skin like in the Open-Face Blades pose, but minus the blades.
(Note: TekTek has it so that you can see your face without the blades, but when I equip it on here I can only see my eyes and hair, but no skin tone.)

Area: Items
Summary: Boiling Point
Explanation: As long as this particular power up remains active, the player's rage bar will always remain full until the power up's effect is gone. After the effect is gone the Rage bar will work normally. It's cooldown and duration effect is the same as Divinity and Healing Halo before the two rings had their effect buffed and cooldown period lengthened.

Area: Items and Quests
Summary: A rare item that allows you to teleport to any area you have already been to, including the Null Chamber.
Explanation: This item should be able to be used so many times before it breaks. I suggest 5 times. Should be one of the available items in the Gaia Cash Shop and/or Back Alley Bargains Shop, but also be a rare item drop on all monsters. The animation should be some sort of a vortex sucking your avatar in. Perhaps a black hole or a galaxy like animation.

Area: Items
Summary: Defib powerup
Explanation: A powerup available in the Back-alley bargains shop that would allow the user to defib themselves. This would be very useful, especially when trying to fight a boss by oneself, or now that groups make the bosses much much harder. I suspect that gaia could make quite a bit of money off of this, and it would really be a cool option to have for the players especially those of us who prefer to play alone!

Area: Items
Summary: An item that boost rage gain
Explanation: I've been thinking, what if I could rage more or faster. It would allow for more damage/heal/boosts. Especially when trying to solo a boss or trying to fight in an area where I may not have the proper CL for. Just rage my way in. Also would be helpful for crews. TADA! gaia comes out with another item (probably will be a gaiacash/random drop but alas at least it would be there) that boost the gain rate of rage.

Area: Items and Quests
Summary: Garlic shoes to go with garlic quest
Explanation: have The garlics drop a recipe for garlic shoes to go with the garlic dress recipe that you can get. A dress with out shoes is a lonely dress 3nodding

Haya Plum
Area: Items
Summary: OMG you have a big date tonight and nothing to wear!
Luckily for you, you have a pile of slain OMG at your disposal. You can make a dress out of them!
Explanation: Because there are not enough skull covered, grey & black, lacy dresses on Gaia!

The OMG Dress is a recipe item that can be found in Dead man's pass. To get the recipe you will have to go into Dead man's past solo and defeat 10 OMG monsters within 20 minutes. To stop over looting, you can only receive this loot once a week.
Pictures and Examples http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y87/silvercrown/OMG-dress.jpg
Ungoliath's avatar

Distinct Warlord

User Image

More here. Blame Gaia for not letting more characters in one post.

Area: Other Sugestions.
Summary: PvP in the Coliseum
Explanation: Well, I saw lots of people sugesting PvP, both here and at zOMG. Then, I was wondering: what about we give Barton -the Coliseum more specifically- some use, and create a PvP instance in there?
There could be an instanced-like place, in wich you enter a lobby (if you're in a crew, only your crewmates are visible here, just like any other instanced place). In this lobby there could be an NPC, wich you speak to, in order to pick one of folowing options:
1: Enter random 1-on-1 battle.
(you get in and the Coliseum randomly picks anyone else who enters this mode to challenge you)
2: Enter random 2-on-2 battle.
(same as before, but this time your crew enters the coliseum. fight only starts when all 4 persons from 2 crews are inside)
3: Enter 4-on4 battle.
(another crew based PvP, same rules as previous, only now are 2 crews with 4 persons each)
4: Challenge Player.
(here you can type down someone's name and challenge him/her to fight you. That person must be on any of Barton's screens in which coliseum can be seen, or inside Coliseum's lobby, and will receive a challenge message: if he/she accepts, then he/she goes into the arena with you and battle begins.)

Why fight?
Well, the PvP itself is pretty much atractive. But, to sweeten the pot, what about some prizes for the top 3 or top 10 people placed in the Coliseum ranks? This rank could be weekly or even monthly, with prizes varying from null fragments to exclusive recipes for Coliseum-based equipables.
The rank also could also have same categories as the modes: 1-on1 Rank, 2-on-2 Rank and Crew Rank (4-on-4). For the 1-on1 Rank only Random Battles would count, to prevent people from gaining free-frags.
Pictures and Examples Player John is a crew leader of a 4 players group. All of them are already inside the lobby. Since John is the crew leader, he is the one that must talk to the NPC to enter his crew into the arena.
Player Martha is the leader of another crew. They are also inside the Coliseum. She speaks to the NPC. Since there is at least 1 crew available to face hers at the arena, the NPC announces the next battle (this is visible to ANYONE inside ANY lobby at the Coliseum, as a Red Shout, exactly like when you complete a quest's step).
John's crew and Martha's crew are put into the arena. The announcer counts down... when the counter reaches 0... the battle will begin.

Area: Other Suggestions
Summary: Monthly Battle Rings.
Explanation: I was considering while waiting for my monthly collectible to open, about adding a third ZOMG Ring or ZOMG Grabbag as a montly collectible that is exclusive to that month much like there are now. It would make monthly collectibles THAT much more in demand and allow a constant flow of new weapons to ZOMG without the issue of cramming in too many or too few at once. That's not to say make new rings exclusive to those monthly collectibles but to suggest that anything extravagant that might not normally be used due to balance or being abnormal could be used here.
Pictures and ExamplesAn example would be if you were to keep with the theme of November's Collectible and add an 'Ancient Club' ring to the mix, or '11/08 Battle Bag' similar to the 'Jack'd Grab Bag' series.

Area: Other sugestions (game control)
Summary: Add new key bindings "Next allied player", "Next crew member", "Next allied injured player", "Next injured crew member", "Next allied injured player (lowest HP)", "Next injured crew member (lowest HP)", "Next dead player", "Next dead crew member", "Next enemy (lowest HP)", "Next enemy (highest/ full HP)", "Last targeted enemy", "Last targeted ally"

Atomic Phart
Area: Features
Summary: Descriptive Crew "Bulletin Board" (in game)
Explanation: An easier method of finding already formed crews looking for members or searching for people in need of a crew.
Pictures and Examples: No pictures, but I'll try to explain.
Basically, under the "Recrewt" button, instead of just listing a bunch of players, there's a board. On this board, I imagine a "Recrewting" tab, where already formed crews of two or more advertise how many people they're looking for and a small description written by the Crew Leader about what they're grouping up for. It'd be like this...
Crew Leader's Name | Crew Member Count (3/6) | Brief Description ("Gonna go kill the OMGWTF!" "orb hunting at lanterns", etc.).
Then there's another tab, "Looking for a Crew" (or something shorter XD), which let's single players post what they're looking for.

Area: Features
Summary: Auto-follow
Explanation: An auto-follow option to allow the players to follow the chosen leader automatically, thus preventing groups from getting split up or loosing each other.
Pictures and Examples If I group with Ian and Rufus and we choose Rufus to be the leader, then when Rufus went one way, Ian and I would automatically follow. When Rufus attacked a flamingo, we would be in the same room, but have to manually attack it as well.

Area: Other.
Summary: Leveling up Stamina.
Explanation: I strongly think there should be a way to 'level up' Stamina. As Health and Ring power increase, and the Animated get tougher, it takes more Stamina to prevent being Dazed, and all too soon 100 just can't keep up with the demand.
Pictures and Examples Health increases when a healing ring is upgraded, so maybe something similar could be applied to Stamina. For example, Stamina can increase when a defensive ring is upgraded.

Puc The Demon
Area: Features
Summary: Massive User Quests
Explanation:So, I was whispering a friend in another server on zOMG when I came up with an interesting idea. Since the servers are somewhat connected, would it be possible to make a quest where something is say... triggered by a few completely different sets of users working together from different servers.
Gaia is a community site. I think a larger quest that has to be figured out and completed by a broad group of people would be perfect to bring together the community.
If it was somehow set up so that upon activation it saved which server you activated it from, you could have different clues for users dependent on which server they chose. Meaning, of course, that if they went to another server it would show as active, but they wouldn't be able to finish until they returned to the correct server.
It would be perfect if it required at least a full crew sized group on three or more servers to complete. Like they all had to defeat certain animated within a certain time limit (one that would seem too short unless you were working with others) or perhaps something where they all had to be in a certain place at a certain time with a quest item and then users from every server involved got transferred to a separate mega boss server...

Area: Features
Summary: PDA Attachment. In-Game Bestiary (Animated Archive): A list of monsters you have fought, that shows there stats,drops, and number of kills you have gotten of them (Useful for Badges)
Explanation: The point of this would be to have a useful reference of monsters and there drops with out having to minimize the game to read one of the guide threads, even if there are some really nice ones out there.
Pictures and ExamplesMain Scroll Window:
User Image
If you Killed the monster:
User Image
Without Killing (Just Seeing):
User Image

Area: Other Suggestions
Summary: Regarding the main screen of the entire game. Seeing as how there are about 4 main screens, I'd suggest having them able to "stick" themselves whenever they are positioned somewhere else.
Explanation: The summary basically said the main point but I'll explain some more. When the main windows get moved, sometimes they are covered by other windows and then that window that was covered isn't able to be seen visually when playing the game.
Pictures and Examples:
Here's an example

Psychopathic Demon
Area: Features
Summary: Anipet and Evolution
Anipet: It's a special feature which lets you tame the Animated and makes it your pet, however you can only have one pet. When you will be able to get an Animated as a pet [or Anipet as I call it] it will go were ever you are, even in the Null Chamber, it will help you on the ways and will try to be out of your way. The Anipets can be dazed but not destroyed, once they're dazed you will have to wait for a while for them to heal and come back or just use the Defibrillate Ring on them. You can also feed them some food which will make them happier or sadder, you can check they're emotions, feelings, stats and powers by clicking them with your mouse button or just clicking a hot key. You can even make it go somewhere, attack something, stand down on a battle or use it powers. If you're far from your Anipet even when it's dazed it will still follow you at the same speed. IT WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE OR ON WHICH CURRENT STATE IT IS. You can tame the Animated by giving it some food when you make contact, even in battle. If it is the type of food it likes it will like you and start following you and instead it will help you, however it won't always listen to you until you make it stronger so that it will or just keep feeding it. You can also just dump it whenever you want to if you want a new one.
Evolution: When you get to the Null Chamber with your Anipet you can make it stronger by giving it loot from the exact species it is, like give the OMG an OMG Claw and it will become a little more stronger, loot's from other species won't work on it. If you want to give powers to your Anipet you can just give it a ring, like if you give it Bandage and command it using it power it will. If you give your Anipet orbs it will become MUCH STRONGER. Like 1 orb can fill level 1 Anipet 3 slots while 1 loot will just fill 1 slot.
Note: You can't tame Bosses or Mini-Bosses.
Pictures and Examples: None.

Area: Other Suggestions
Summary: Having the ability to have our player profile as a sigi option like the car and fishtank.
Explanation: Use as a signature option.
Pictures and ExamplesUser Image

Area: Features
Summary: Two-Hand Set
Explanation: It's like the regular hand sets, if you mix certain sets together you'll get an extra bonus. For example: If you use the Demon and Angel sets together you'll get the "Yin Yang" set which gives you the bonus of the first two plus another.
Pictures and ExamplesNone

Cube B
Area: Features
Summary: [NPC] Assist. A special computer controlled NPC that follows your Crew around in an instance and assists you.
Explanation: Let's use my "Gambino Funplex" and "Googolfunplex" Boss/Instance idea as a springboard.
Upon entering an instance, you may have a crew of about 3 people. You run into a security guard (Let's call him Harold), who has been trapped in the Animated portion of the mall. By speaking with him, he'll offer to follow you. Accept, and a new character will appear on the crew menu. This is the [NPC] Assistant. By clicking on a speech bubble on the NPC's icon, you can set it's AI. The AI is as follows:
Basic: Follows the crew around. Only attacks enemies the crew is currently fighting. Uses attack and support skills equally.
Support: Uses support skills the crew.
Attack: Like Basic, except the NPC focuses on attacking.
Self Preservation: The NPC will focus on making sure it doesn't die, and will follow the party closely. (Standard Setting for any escort missions)
Aggressive: The NPC will attack and fight creatures on it's own. The creatures may or may not aggro the party as a result.
You can also change these with commands like /basic /support /attack /preserve /aggro, etc.
NPC skills are locked (Though some may have additional skills unrelated to rings. For example, Harold could have a Tazer that he can use at anytime). NPCs also have health, rage, and exhaustion. If they are dazed, they act in the same manner. But if they are dazed too many times, then they quit the Crew and respawn at their start point. The NPC quits your party upon leaving the instance, dying too many times, or by having you ask them to quit.

Cube B
Area: Other, Areas.
Summary: Etcetera Town! City of Monsters!
Explanation: I designed this town for the MMO. It's an interesting place to explore, with an easily accessible social hub, and the obligatory dungeon at the bottom. It's also a tradition town accessible from the map. The town only has one Human NPC, the rest are various monsters from various mythologies, (and previous events). I even threw in a fun event idea!
Pictures and ExamplesJournal Link
Backup Deviant Art Link.

Bolto The Mage
Area: Features
Summary: Half Rings. Basically half of a ring. You have to find the other half of the ring for it to activate.
Explanation:Sometimes, certain monsters will drop half of a ring. In order to use this ring you will need to to find the other half of it. If you have two half rings, but they don't belong to the same ring, it won't connect. Obviously, a complete half ring would be better then most of the earlier rings, because of the work that you would have to go through to get one.
Pictures and ExamplesNone...

Melois Koro
Area: Features
Summary: Ring Glove
Explanation: Basically, it's a feature that let you to equip istantly a set of rings that you had previously customized, avoiding the pain of searching amongst all your rings. You could access to it talking to an npc that dwells in Null Chambers.

Lost Arche
Summary: Character Idea. Name: Mr. Tyrone Rexiforth Xander, or T.R.X. for short. He is the basic big-time mobster. He and his mafia are a rival family to the Dark Elves. They are prone to car chases, holiday-related massacres, and molotov cocktails. Do some dirty work for him to get on his good side, and he will reward you greatly. [this could expand into quests, items, ect.]
Explanation: T.R.X: "i don't needs an explanation. you gots that, flatfoot?"
Pictures and Examples[includes full body, minimized npc size, and crappy tektek versions DX]
User Image
[yes, i know the artwork is crap, i was rushing it DX]

Lost Arche
Summary: Character Idea. Name: Saphearia. She is your everyday, exotic dancing, goat carrying, rum-smuggling Gypsy. She happens to be an older, less talked-about, friend of Nico's. She is talented in the arts of potion brewing and jewelery making. I you run some errands for her, she will reward you with rings, amulets, and an assortment of other spiritualistic items.
Explanation:um... she doesn't have one ....? hehehe... ehhh -.-
Pictures and Examples[includes full body, minimized npc size, and crappy tektek versions DX]
User Image
[yes, i know the artwork is crap, i was rushing it DX]

Taurus Guardian
Area: Other
Summary: Futuristic underwater city called Cy-burg
Explanation: This city recoverd near the golden beach, and contains a lot of intellegent life forms.the city coverd with oxigen dome and there's a little animated problem too...

Area: Other/G'hi Ability
Summary: Null Fragment Magnetism, G'hi Ability
Explanation: A G'hi Ability that allows for "The Animated" to drop Null Fragments as a part of their normal drops.
Description: "G'hi energy permeates your body, increasing your magnetic field to pull in Null Fragments from the Enemy"
-Boost Examples +Minor Null Magnetism - Allows for Null Fragments to drop from 'The Animated' 1/10 of the time.
+Null Magnetism - Allows for Null Fragments to drop from 'The Animated' 1/7 of the time.
+Higher Null Magnetism - Allows for Null Fragments to drop from 'The Animated 1/4 of the time.
+Null Power Magnetism - Allows for Null Fragments to drop from 'The Animated' 1/2 of the time.
Pictures and ExamplesUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Distinct Warlord

User Image
User Image

          August, 12. Created! I reserved posts and I waited for the bless of the regulars and the all mighty Qixter. It was done on the same day biggrin Ungoliath is lazy and refuses to finish all the work in one day.
          August, 15 The first part is finished; the guidelines and all the long text that any user wont read except when it's already too late to bother other life form on this forum. [Makata] checked grammar, poor little thing. I love him. And a poll was added, because It fill the space that is on top of all.
          We have the logo now, made by me. Yes, it's not such a big deal but I wanted something close to zOMG! current logo.

          August, 16 The experiment seems to be alright. We have now a small flow of suggestions which is good. But I see now that soon I'll need a filter to either deny or accept a suggestion. To avoid any trouble now, I'll overlook that until its time.
          August, 17 We're Infamous now! N.O.W.A.R., the mule of the old Battle Suggestion Thread posted giving their condone for not even tell them about this thread. They're right, actually. I was rush. I just told Qixter about that thread, being an sticky, was outdated and He suggest to make a new one. And I did so, but It was my mistake for not posting on there on the first place. Shame on me. Do I care about? Not really xd

          August, 15 Lots of suggestions! And We got stick'ed yesterday. I expect to be for good and help to avoid un-needed bumpers. This will be hell once each are reach 50 suggestions xd
          August, 21 I like how things are like now. It's easy and quiet...for now. I'm thinking what I would do with this thread when zOMG launchs. There will be a pop-up of posting, users and OMG ITS AMAZING! posts. Should this become the safeplace for all the regs? Also I love using this history thing to remember my avis. My ego can't be bigger right now. 3nodding

          August, 28 Xessos donate to me the zOMG! Head Start Ticket. WOW. I'm really surprised, it's so nice of him. I guess I'm just lucky with people, I've tons of donations. Talking about that, I just put the list of donators here just in case I close my shop. Yes, I'm actually thinking on that...I'll finish first all my pending works.
          August, 31 666 Votes and a lot of suggestions! Sucess! I started to apply the Direct Ignore List to avoid the spam on the future...Or something. I'm getting lazy on updating my Gaia things >_> Damn college.

          Septemer, 8 Qixter announced that zOMG! wont launch on the 22 of this month as the target date was. I bet on Middle October. Knowing Q, maybe it will be for our shared birthday. (How lovely!)
          September, 9 Now we've more post than the other sticky! Maybe it's insignificant for you but I think it's important. The best part is that I didn't get mad or crazy with this...yet.
          September, 20 It's amazing how close we're of zOMG to the live site. I'm really looking foward to ti. October could be THE month? HUH? Today I've a pretty good mood. I've a lot of college work to do, but still. It's amazing how many avis I can make and bein unable to fill this thing xd

          September, 27 I wonder when Qixter and the devs will take some time to read this thread. I know they're fixing now A LOT OF STUFF to read this, so I wont bother them...now. September 22 passed and there is a lot of complains, as I expected. However, zOMG has benn on focus since Aquarium Cash Fiasco. It awaken a lot of bad feeling on most of the users, including me. I was first excited about it, but knowing now that they are only cash is...frustrating. What I really hate is the fact that there isn't any gold item and reaching them by ltery is just wrong. And going to the MP to have it is just lame, I want my GAME items with a price marked by the developers, not users. We just ******** up a lot of thing when we want.
          Septemeber, 29 Alarm Skeeters all over Gaia. Awsome! It's the first time they do some kind of plot connection and I think it works perfectly. The animated are reaching Gaia!
          Side note, the ??? sprite was leaked a while ago. It's so good to know the actual name and what It does...I love being a Beta Tester.

          Septemeber, 30 New testers. More than 50K. A lot of stupid questions and a lot of enthusiasm. It's good, bad and weird. I kind of miss the times when we were SCAS plus the First Wave of Testers. It was cool back then, because we started to know each other and for all of us was pretty much new. Lovely times. I can't speak more about this now, I'll edit this after launch or post it later.
          October, 1 We have reached the 50 pages! And I don't have space to ring suggestions, more than 50.000 characters passed. Damn. I'll just reserve FIVE pages to do this. Wow, a lot of work is coming here.
          New Testers: Most of them the most annoying n00bs ever. I mean...10 announcements made by them? And that was a minor thing. Gosh, I started to not posting on the zETA guild because of them.

          October, 15 Halloween is coming, with the promise of a better world...And the launch of zOMG? It's a probability. It sounds good, actually. And Gaia promised a really good Halloween this year. It will be my first one too. Today also it's the MC Day...YAY!
          And as a last note, I decided to put sopme entries on my journal, being the fact that we don't have that many spots according to Gaia (Just 50K of characters in one post ¬¬)
          October, 27 zOMG has started for all Head Start Ticket Holders. Thanks to Xessos I'm that lucky guy. So much love this game have 3nodding Anyway, it's amazing the quantity of new suggestions that don't firt too much the point of this thread, so I'm thinking to do some kind of Bug Report Thread.

          October, 31 More than one thousand post, two thousand voted and a lot of suggestions made. Happy Halloween! The first time I'm celebrating it and I'm enjoying it a lot. Tomorrow will be my Birthday!
          zOMG now can be played for players that have more than two years on Gaia. We're near of the official launch!
          Novermber, 7 Now the forum is full of life, with TONS of new and interesting users but in the same time with some...LOL questions. Well, it was expected. I can't believe the amount of users that moved from GCD to this place. Properly speaking, they moved to zOMG!

          Novermber, 9 Fetures reches more than 50K, so Journal Time. Almost 5K votes! I wanted to edit the poll, but I don't want to lose the sticky in the way >_>
          Novermber, 19 I've too many issue with space. I'll start to delete some suggestions, sadly. The ones I think they will be there for sure or the long text ones. This is a bad day, lag is awful and I loose my Taunt ring by a glitch >_>

          November, 28 It's amazing how wonderful the game is. Afecting my finals, but whatever xd It's more impressive the love and effort that Q and the developer team puts into it. I can't believe the quantity of fixes and twist that they make in order to make it fun for everybody. A work to admire, I must say.
          November, 30 Am I crazy or a mod un-stickyed me? I'm waiting for an answer, but nobody is actually online right now. I'll handle the issue this week, but I don't plan to bump this to get filled by n00bs and bumps. Let's pray to this not be the end of this thread which I actually LOVE.
          December, 30 Sveti Qixter, Saint Qixter, Santo Qixter. As you more like it. He resotred the balance and the force of this thread and now it's a sticky again. So...Shall I keep working? Too much work, so little time.


          January, 9 I re-started to work on this. I'm totally lost, I don't remember where I read the last time so I don't know where to start. Reading backwards, I guess >_>
          January, 28 We're REALLY close to 1.0, and that means two things for me: 1] Re-organize the suggestions, deleting the ones that are actually useless for the current game. And 2] Contact all the developers and be sure that they know about this thread. Hard work >_>
          February, 14 Valentine day and Gaia celebrates in a BIG way! Nicu showed up on the NPC choosen, he quickly became one of the favorites NPC around. Could be because he's such a brat? xd I just got a PM from pepper-tea, now I know she actually take a look to this thread..at least one bit. So I'll continue with the rest, little by little.
          April,1 April's Fool day, and zOMG celebrated it with the coming of a cool NPC, Cresento and his magical airship and the promise to visit Tlauixcalpantecuhtliopolis, a flying city. Even if it was only a joke, rumor spreads fast. And users start to dream about the time when they can reach a city like that. Maybe, just maybe, in the next chapters. This also means we're close to 1.0.
          April, 3 Qixter removes the sticky status from this thread, Ungolitah decided to quit and after that to make a new thread with new rules. A sad day for me, after all the work and effort on this place.

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ok..this thread turned out pretty good i wanna show an over exagerated animated i drew the other day...

OH by the way goliath the best avatar i think you had is the one that has that floating ball in his hand..and looks angelic..nice
oo an organized attempt at a suggestion thread. It should get interesting once the thread is finished.
Ungoliath's avatar

Distinct Warlord

WHERE I LAST LEFT: 217 to March 16, Monday 2009.

oo an organized attempt at a suggestion thread. It should get interesting once the thread is finished.

Thanks. I'm pretty much bitchy about organization and fashion, so I'll try to make this the best I can. However I'll need help picking some of the interesting suggestions. If they exist, of course xd
Ohh, mysterious
What are you planning ungoliath?
Ungoliath's avatar

Distinct Warlord

User Image

CioccoLatte draw me in this pic (I'm the one with Moon Hair) Isn't it AWSOME?

User Image

Chokin - GenTrigger -Redimus Prime - Qixter - Ungoliath - Kwame - Tessenjitsu - SykoCaster

Silenced Chaos made for me this thingie:
User Image

Looks pervert like me 3nodding

Undead Suitor draw my favorite avi too!
User Image

Looks SO awsome.

darksorceressmonoke [Nos with other nickname, fumiko uchiha] gave me an Enchanted Book! YAAAYS! And ALSO Inari beads Second Gen! And White Gentleman Gloves! Also gave me the Gogh Reed!
Isn't that too much? Man, I love this girl.


Redbud-Tree gave me a Picolitrosso Urn's! She's a lucky girl and I'm a lucky boy 3nodding Also gave me the October 2008 MC 3nodding

Ratri_Cat [Now Slick Southpaw] gave to me one Faunzy's Flute zOMFG!

demented_crow gave me an ANCIENT KATANA! He's is indeed demented! How much I love his crazyness! And a BLUE DYE SKIN! TOO MUCH!

Starrydance gave me a Gro-Gain! GROOOOAR!

Cashmere Cactus gifted to me a Bag Of Win 2 Thanks dev!

Your Asian Seme gave me a Bun-Bun Plushie!

ray mineo donate to me 11K to but the zOMG! Rumble Box!

Xessos give me the zOMG! Ticket Head Start! WOW! eek

My birthday bringed to me a Goldfish Scarf by twnpeeks and a Machine Mask by Radagast9! Thanks both!

Kain-Senpai has gifted to me a Fortune Egg! (10 of them...Like 10 box spent on me. WOW.)Love the item :3

Overlord Flonne has made the greatest Christmas Gift EVER! Copper Twopence.

Hell_Tutor played as Santa and gave me the Tyrant Scar.

Trampy McTramp played as well as Santa and gave me the Platinum Gray Pinstripe Pants! :3

Crimson Jazz deliver me a Wingding Shirt!

Teh Savior random gifted me a Sacred Leaf!!

Florentine random gifted me the Mad Scientist Rubber Boats!!

TINSTAAFL gifted me the Reve Ruille!


And Tiny5th plays too much to Soul Calibur IV.

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