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What percent of Gaia cash do you spend, that you other wise wouldn't spend, thanks to Zomg.

Only what I spend on Power Ups 0.10112359550562 10.1% [ 18 ]
Nothing, I can't aford GC 0.10112359550562 10.1% [ 18 ]
About half the items I Buy are so I look good in Zomg 0.16292134831461 16.3% [ 29 ]
I buy I am poses to reduce lag in game. 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
I wouldn't spend one GC on this site if not for Zomg! 0.26966292134831 27.0% [ 48 ]
I buy a lot of Power Ups and Zomg Items with Gold. Does that count? 0.056179775280899 5.6% [ 10 ]
I'm a poll whore and I don't care about this thread. ^.^ 0.13483146067416 13.5% [ 24 ]
All of my GC and Gold go to Zomg! Even the Gold I earn by playing it goes to buy power ups! 0.067415730337079 6.7% [ 12 ]
Can't Pick just one option they are all so good! 0.10674157303371 10.7% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 178 ]
This poll closed on March 28, 2012.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Moonlight Hunter

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The Sands of Time Blow....

I've been seeing threads of people asking this, or saying this, and people saying that Gaia gets a lot of Money spent on their site indirectly from Zomg. So I thought I would put a thread with a poll up in it so we could see some actually numbers. Even though this won't likely be the real numbers for all of Zomg, it should at least be a fun thread right?

My Story:

I first joined Gaia back in 2004. Back then the only thing you could do is post in the Forums or in the Guilds. That and take place in the really fun site events. There were also only three ways to make gold. Post in threads, Buy Monthly Collectables to sell, Or play the Market Place. So most people didn't care about gold earning, we would hang out and chat with one another, and when we got the gold we'd buy an item we liked. As time pasted however the Guilds I liked all died and I couldn't find a new home on Gaia, at the same time all the flash games and the Gaia Cash was added to the site and the guilds as a whole had pretty much died. I left Gaia, for what I thought was for good. At one point sometime in 2007 I was board and logged into Gaia too see Zeta (Zomg in Beta form.) Just being released, Only people who were site donators could play at first due to it being in beta, I actually bought an MC to become a donator so I could try it out. I loved it. It was fun, and it made me want to come back to my favorite site again.

I don't know how much Revenue I personally gave to this site since then, but I know it's a lot, and I know that if not for Zomg, Gaia wouldn't of gotten any of it from me. I assume the Devs and Admin staff realize this is true for many of us who love Zomg. However I also realize short of doing a site wide survey to actually get the numbers. they have no way to know how much Zomg really brings to the site and they can't count this revenue as part of Zomg's revenue. I understand this and am perfectly fine with it. It won't change the fact that if Zomg was gone I wouldn't likely ever come back or spend money on gaia, but I'm not going to be upset about not having everything I do count as supporting Zomg.

That is my personal Opinion about this "mess" we're apparently in.

Now onto this thread itself. Feel free to tell your own stories. But more importantly let us know if Zomg is the only reason you spend GC or Gold on anything in gaia, or if it's only part of the reason your here. I'm sure people would love to hear from you so don't be shy about it. ^.^

....Greeting the Demonic Prince.
Mademoiselle Kit's avatar

Questionable Genius

Probably not. I'm so dissatisfied with this site these days as a whole, that without zomg, I'd probably leave.

I'm considering leaving anyway once I get my angelic pendant, as I will have completed my dream avi and have nothing really to quest for. neutral
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I joined about the year 2009-2010.
I wanted to play something online that was free, browser-base, and be able to customize the look of your character.
While looking at browser games at mmohut.com, I saw Zomg, curious I checked it out.
That's when I came across Gaia Online, a social site
I browse thru it all, I heart everything about it.
When I first played Zomg, it felt pretty good about it, easy to learn, original gameplay (to an extent)
and very funny enemies. blaugh
However, I felt quite naked when I played it for the first time in zomg, so I wanted to raise as much $$$ as I can to buy clothes for my avi. That was quite the tedious process but worth it!
Looking back, those were the days~
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  • Treasure Hunter 100
Nope. If it weren't for ZOMG, I would have been long gone. Puzzles, word bump, and pinball got boring after a while. And Towns was boring too. ZOMG has been the only thing keeping me interested with Gaia.

With ZOMG being shelved, I'm thinking once I get attuned/see/kill Kamila(if I ever have the time), I may leave after- haven't decided yet, as I still have lots of badges I want to get too.
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Original Sex Symbol

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User ImageLove, Gimme love, gimme love, I don't need it...User Image

❥✖[I'm not sure if I would stay or leave. I love gaia, I've been a regular for quite some time now. I just don't know what I would do. My life of the CB and endless town stupidity before zOMG seems so pointless now. I wouldn't want to go back to that. I hope with all my heart that zOMG can continue.]❥✖

User ImageBut I'll take what I want from your Heart and I'll keep it..User Image
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Moonlight Survivor

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No. Short and simple. emotion_donotwant

This place has great people,I have liberty to talk in here(unlike getting banned just by saying 'naked' on Neopets (oh god I'll never forget how I lost my side account)),and the items are kick a**....But it's still bullcrap without the game. I'd probably get bored of the site in a few weeks and leave it to rot like in Global Pokédex Plus,because it had nothing else than bragging rights to get.

As I said somewhere else,.I've been pretty much a Gaian as much as zOMG! is around in Open Beta. Indigo was made by zOMG!,through zOMG! and *for* zOMG!(until I decided to make an OC out of her).

And I'm not leaving until Bloodlust Kamila goes down or the game dies. When that happens,well... This site will have little time before its demise, probably. This place has no charm aside from the forum. And nowadays,with GC and gold and all the greediness... Not even the forum is good anymore,I'm better off at the insanity of Neopets and its Twilight filters.
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Tenacious Glitch

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Wish there was an option for other zOMG! items besides powerups because I love my summons.
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Codebreaking Raider

Without zOMG Gaia would be pretty boring for me, since I'm not the must-have-all-the-shiny-items or gambling type. I'd probably not spend much time here. There are other sites that would attract me more then.
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Back forever ago when I was still new-ish on Gaia I wasn't too into zOMG, since well I didn't know many people. Then I didn't play much altogether after one point, then my friend invited me to come play with her and her friends. After that I met with them and became good friends with them, and after I kept making more and more good worth while friends. They showed me the better places to play at to help me buy nice things and I slowly started getting better at it, even when we weren't making gold I still had fun talking and hanging around in different places on zOMG. From doing multiple PS runs for gold, or trying to turn all three switches at the right time in smeb. It was always pretty fun to do except for me dealing with disconnecting a lot, problems with my own connection not the site. And I probably wouldn't be where I am not on Gaia if not for zOMG, and all the good friends I made.
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I will be leaving after the zOMG! debacle has been completely pushed under the rug.
It brought to light a disconnect between Gaia HQ and Gaia Staff. Their business plan is also not sustainable.

Without zOMG!, I would have left after about a year and a half of not much happening. Being part of Gaia meant embracing the canon. zOMG! was about tying the mythology together.
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As Timbalake once said 'Dead and gone'
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Apocalyptic Slayer

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And "Cry me a river."
Poyudi Hytori
I've been seeing threads of people asking this, or saying this, and people saying that Gaia gets a lot of Money spent on their site indirectly from Zomg. So I thought I would put a thread with a poll up in it so we could see some actually numbers. Even though this won't likely be the real numbers for all of Zomg, it should at least be a fun thread right?

Considering that you're polling the z!Forum, your numbers are going to be biased useless. Just thought I'd point that out. Also, I don't see what's "fun" about another thread for people to start bitching in.
Would you still be on Gaia if not for Zomg?

No way. I am here to play an MMORPG, not to act as a "dress up doll", which is apparently what everything else is all about.

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