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Would you pay Gaia Cash to unsoulbind your rings?

heck ya! 0.13163716814159 13.2% [ 119 ]
no way, you crazy? 0.76438053097345 76.4% [ 691 ]
just gimme gold! 0.10398230088496 10.4% [ 94 ]
Total Votes:[ 904 ]
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If we were to allow you to unsoulbind your rings for a fee, would you do it? Keep in mind that this fee would be balanced to reflect the marketplace value of the rings.

So what do you guys think?
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More cash shop fluff? No thanks.

It would be unfair for people who have worked for their rings. Also, more elitism.
Not really... I'd prefer new zOMG cash shop items instead.
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I wouldn't, but I'd have no problem if other users did so.
Please no. I'm poor and that would kill the MP.
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Seeing as how the market prices are inflated, I would not. Make it about 100 G Cash and I would though. That seems like a reasonable price but the more the valuable the ring, the pricier it should be.
No thanks. I don't need a bunch of nooby cash shoppers buying up CL 10 rings and messing with SS.

I like that you have to play the game before you get to the harder stuff.
No. I prefer new rings or Powerups.
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with the current rings at hand I wouldn't necessarily want to use this feature, but if super rare rings were created, I could see how useful it would be.. Instead of being a fee, it would be interesting to be a power-up, fees sound abit negative
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Why do that? I have to say no! what the point! Every one is going to get the rings for free any why right! so whats the point of selling em with a G fee if it's going to be used and locked again?

I find it pointless!
Oh god NO!!

Making it so people can buy their way through the game is not a good idea. We already have enough 10.0's who have no clue what they're doing and still carrying seven attack rings and Diagnose at SS. We sure don't need any more of them! gonk

And anyways, I have better ways to earn gold than selling rings - all of my GC goes towards EIs.
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Slippery Slope. Besides, that would undermine the integrity of the developers by being called sell-outs and going back on their words as flat-out liars. Though...that seems consistent with the rest of the site. It will also make me cry. 600 rings and 0 cash. Frustration? I think so.

As for MP value of rings...
User Image

The cash price will have to lower as the value of the rings drop over time.

Can you say Can of Worms? I thought unsoulbinding rings is game-breaking?

Is this a prelude to the 6 new rings? You better give ring granting quests for those instead.

I do appreciate you asking the users [ JK ]. That shows sensitivity and concern on your side.
Dun do it JK! D: You guys made a promise and you have to stick to it. Besides, buying your way through the game is a cowards way out.
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What are you guys trying to do? crying No! NO! NO! You guys said that rings would never ever be unsoulbound. IT would mess everything up! For shame! Go to your rooms and think about what you are thinking about doing! scream
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I think it is clear he is looking for options! talking to us is a good idea!

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