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my one wonder i have had is that when you play will the armors of the game protect you and will the wepons and pets do damage for you?
i got a sword and a scyth
a G bot
a spirit falcon
and a mochie
and fish but idk if fish woud be a good wepon sweatdrop lol
sweatdrop i just think they woud do alot more damage
and help when i have them equipted
like +2 damage for each pet and +5-+10 damage for wepons
and the older the wepon and armore the better they shoud be
thanks gaia admins know ur listening ^^
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From what i've heard, the weapons on the avatars will have no affect on the battle system at all.
no armor, no weapons, no pets
really, for those of us who worked hard to get our weapons and donated to gaia to get them, i think we should be able to use them. the noobs can raise their money and buy their own weapons just like the rest of us had too.
We should be aloud to use our weapons! I'm mean, they look cool to have, but it'd be better if we could use them. I like the idea of having monsters to fight, but I want to fight other people, now that, will be awesome.
That would be Interesting. *suggestion* Perhaps since the entire game as it seems seem to revolve around the idea of battle rings. If so, then somehow connect a battle ring feature with the weapons. It is said that the rings will have different effects. If so, then say for example, in addition to the force field, combine the force field ring with the mythrill armor to create an even stronger one. They did say that there are "upgrades" to the rings. Perhaps that is being suggested?

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