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More so, why the hell do people keep crewing them?

Like, someone explain this to me because I dont get it. DMS offers no real gold (compared to other areas all DMS does is drain your gold and time), the act of leveling up in YM is tedious and the shorbs you get are virtually worthless to leveling up your rings if you haven't even got the proper ones at least CL10.

I don't know who keeps crewing CL10's with all the wrong rings and helping them level to CL10.1 but they should stop. Can someone at least console me and give at least one good reason why I shouldnt yell at them to piss off and PS.

My guess is to fill up the crew.
I noticed that some dms leaders don't realize until after they crew them and that when they're in dms, that the person doesn't have everything.
Athna Loveil
My guess is to fill up the crew.
I noticed that some dms leaders don't realize until after they crew them and that when they're in dms, that the person doesn't have everything.

I've noticed that too and accidents like that happen but the real irritating bit is when the leaders try to accommodate these people. They may not have all the right buffs and a low enough TC to tell that they obviously haven't got anything better (I mean, you can level up the right rings to Cl10 with a low TC but that requires knowing what rings are valuable and where they would come in handy which these people obviously don't know) and yet these leaders will waste time trying to swap buffs or fix ring sets instead of just kicking. and to be fair why the hell would anyone create a mule just to dms when they could just use their mains.

gosh. i really just need to let out some steam because this is really getting irritating. like, i'd leave crews when i see leaders doing this.
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this is exactly why I crew only with friends
angry jakob
this is exactly why I crew only with friends

I have no friends. emo
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Some people are just curious and eager and want to experience DMS before they're ready for it.
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I think most of the time it's a lack of awareness of what they'll need exactly.

And if you're recruiting, sometimes it can be tough just to fill a crew (especially if you're on at odd times) so it will take less time to work around someone's ringset a little than wait for a new person and send someone off with a flea in their ear. I've only ever turned people away from a crew (when I'm crewing randoms) if they don't have any buffs at all levelled up to 10.

If we want people to keep playing ZOMG (which is the best way to see continued maintenance and possibly if the planets align correctly some updates), it's surely in the best interest of the community to be accomodating & to help others.

If you really can't handle taking a few extra minutes to help out a newbie, either form regular friends crews or join CL 11+ 'speed runs'.

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative...
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Well, Actually, there is this crew that I was in with people who didn't have 'required' rings on CL 10.0

Funnily enough we got around. A CL 10.2 didn't have any meat and lacked hack with bunch of buffs, but we had a good tanker, so no need for meat there, and we worked around the buffs. instead of hack, he took slash.

Everything works, if a person just tries, I guess?
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As far as I'm concerned, only a handul of non-AOE attack rings and around half of the vital buffs should be required to be level 10 prior to DMS.
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For me, it depends. If the random YM crew is just forming, and the lower CL has at least two buffs, I can work around it. (And does not have certain AoE rings on gonk ). However, if the crew is already nearly full, buffs assigned, or if crew is already underway and someone leaves and we're recruiting, I'd rather just find someone who has all their buffs (or whatever buffs the crew is missing.)
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As long as they have meat, the three swords, fitness, and at least 2 buffs at 10 I'll take them in.
I had a crew that crewed a 10 with the SAD set on. (Seven Attacks and Diagnose)
It's getting to where if I crew with randoms, I have to have a friend in the crew. Or at least someone I've crewed with before that knows what they're doing.
DMS crews have gotten stupider.
They're 10.0. What do you expect? They have never been to DMS before, they don't know what's going on in there, and they don't know what rings they need. It's very common, actually.

Do you think a dog would know what 'sit' means the first time that you said it to them? That's a similair situation to a newbie's. If you don't help them out, then they aren't going to know anything.

I was in a crew with this person who was a total newbie to DMS. We just told him what rings to bring and what to do. TA-DA! He did perfectly fine.

Don't tell me that you haven't been that way before. Everyone was there at least once or twice before.

It's only because they are not experienced. If you are too busy to help newbies, then try speed or form with friends. 3nodding

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People are too trusting of who they crew and yeah i'm with you on this. it annoys the s**t out of me
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what rings do I need? I had them written down, but I lost the note.
Most noobs don't know what they need to DMS.
Just make your own crew.

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