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When I think about it, I don't mind the use of fleet or turtle in reg ym, as long as they're treated as training wheels for ppl starting out tanking. o3o As long as they don't bring those rings for a misconception or when they have tanking down, I can live.
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lol I remember someone tried assigning fleet in a crew during the summer.
When lead asked who would assign, the person was like "I'LL DO IT"
*takes 5 minutes to write assignments*
Then they tried giving the tank 3 buffs, gave someone two rageables, and assigned fleet to another person.
And then I was like "uhhh... can I just assign?" and everyone was like "yes, plox"
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...What. Did I read that right? ;A; I haven't reg for a few days, and this happens?
Don't tell me ppl are bringing turtle now. ;n;

i did ; n ;

...for reg ym? ;A; Plz tell me you're at least tank and not dps. ;w;<3

I meant I saw a tank bring it. It was terrible ; n ; Tanks need to stop leeching
I bring bandy, diag, wish, meat, iron, sh/mantis, hack/fitness, and integ.

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