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moveable avatars whocan fight with beast and such 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 2 ]
make weapons 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
create motorbikes 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 1 ]
create planes 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
more features with girlfriends and boyfriends 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 1 ]
create dj and musıc mixes 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 2 ]
create paying jobs and famous people 0.53846153846154 53.8% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 13 ]
This poll closed on November 18, 2007.
No longer accepting new votes.
exclaim rolleyes twisted evil cry razz emo mad wahmbulance lol dramallama cool what is this game war thing??
when is it coming!!!
plz anser
biggrin smile redface crying stare xd 3nodding blaugh gonk scream stressed sweatdrop heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart domokun xp whee wink sad surprised eek confused cheese_whine burning_eyes talk2hand pirate rofl 4laugh mrgreen neutral arrow idea
There is no set release date for this game. As for its description, I recommend that you read the stickies and info release website 'cause it's kind of hard to explain.
Every time someone asks when it's coming out Qixter delays it another day.

Hope you're proud of yourself.
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First of all, it's considered rude if you use too many emoticons at once.

Secondly, nobody knows when it's comming out, although there's speculation that it's comming out sometime next year before halloween.

And if you'd like to read up on the game, there's a stick at the top of the forum with a link to an informative website about the Gaia battle System.

Have fun. :3
those monthly items are pretty awsm
what to be in a clan join the Demon~soul clan today!!!

only thr fist few 100 people can join.....

for other information please contact me... etc..

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