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I don't get annoyed by it because I understand the reasons why people do it. It's faster and easier to invite and then ask if they want to do whatever; it also helps to avoid advertising that you're recrewting so that you don't get bombarded by requests from people you just don't want to crew. And a lot of people choose to untick themselves from the crew panel to avoid random invites from people they don't know, not to avoid getting recrewted altogether, so it's pretty normal behavior atm. That's just the world we live in now.

I find it incredibly rude and annoying to keep getting invites after I've declined, though.
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Then take your name off recrewt list.

It only bugs me when the same person tries to crew me several times and I deny it every time, especially during forum raids/etc.
I mostly wouldn't mind, since I'm usually a loner in the game anyways :F
New friends! :33
And I need to join a crew to play the missions too.
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Maybe I'm in the minority, but isn't it easier to ask in Crew chat if someone wants to play? You know, as opposed to Shout which is annoying and embarrassing, or Talk which might get lost in the chatter.

Plus people tend to have stupid names that I don't want to type out just to ask a directed question. If you don't want to play, just decline.
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Eh yes!! Especially when I'm in a different area and not on the same screen! You know what happens too when I'm leader and it's difficult to fill a full crew of 6? Some people in my crew will ask me to look at the recrewt list, as if to ask me to just randomly invite someone! O_o?!! That's so impolite! =_=!
      Sometimes there are people on a different layer who are looking for a crew for the exact thing you’re doing but are unable to see your advertisements. What do you do, whisper them and ask them if they want to join? Don’t ask them at all? For all the people who don’t want to be crewed, there are just as many who do. I’ve had plenty of randoms thank me for inviting them to my crew even if I didn’t ask them before I invited.

      This method of crewing people has been around for as long as the recrewt list has existed (which as far as I can remember it’s always been there). Yes, it can result in some lulzy situations. I know I’ve randomly been invited to a crew while waiting for an invite from a friend’s crew and then the one I accepted turned out to be the wrong crew. There was also once in VG where someone randomly invited me to his crew while I was gnome/flamingo farming alone only to start shouting, “Get over heeerrreeeee!” once me and a bunch of other people had accepted (he was over by the Sand Trap Fluffs). And then the random crews with no defined goal where everyone is in a different area, oh god. XD

      I just decline random invites/take myself off recrewt list when I’m not interested in being crewed, or just politely apologize and quickly leave when there’s been a mistake. I don’t think there’s anything rude about it.
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Though courtesy is appreciated, you're all still technically using each other for your own individual benefit.
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I hate it when someone randomly crews me, especially when I'm not even asking for one or in a different area. I think it's pretty impolite.

Eh yes!! Especially when I'm in a different area and not on the same screen! You know what happens too when I'm leader and it's difficult to fill a full crew of 6? Some people in my crew will ask me to look at the recrewt list, as if to ask me to just randomly invite someone! O_o?!! That's so impolite! =_=!

Uh, the recrewt list is there for a reason. If they didn't want random invites then they could just take their name off the list.
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You have for this rant topic what I know but more important is "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

Really guys? It's so hard to just decline?

Once there was someone who kept spamming me with invitations, then yes, THAT'S A LOT...well...RUDE but just once?

Sometimes When I'm loading and someone try to add me so I will load into crew (kind of) and I don't see problem with that. Or If I want to play and someone add me a then ask like "Do you wanna reg ym?" And I will say yes, or no and I will leave.

It's not like I lost precious time of my life with that. Complain when someone needs your help? No offense I don't wanna sounds racist or something but I think this is just "western things" because when someone try to add me and I don't wanna play I'm the one who will apologize for decline that offer and I don't really care if they asked me or sent invitation first.

Really I think you are the one who isn't really nice, making a rant topic about how much people bother you with something that stupid like invitation.

And I'm pretty sure that when you have time for complaining and rant you have time 2 sec to click on decline and move on.
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I have no problem with random recruitment. There is a decline button there for a reason, if you don't like it. Also an uncheck box in the recrewt panel. The only thing I don't like is if they assume that I know what the crew is for, and don't ask me if I want to do such and such type of run.
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Honestly, I don't mind. =3 I'm new on Gaia, but being asked is nice, too. X3 It's almost like a friend request, which I look into before seriously cementing a choice to friend or crew them or not, but I find that looking at other people's levels and then comparing them to mine. . . it's pretty fun!! xd Adds incentive to get better and be more friendlier~!! whee 3nodding

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If the crew looks good, I stay. If they're CL7 and just random invites I ditch. Not every random invite sucks tho!
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Personally, I accept, I check the crew's stats, and 95% of the time, I leave telling them I don't want to do whatever they're doing.

Lol, this was of course about 8 months ago.

I really should get back on zOMG... eh, maybe not.
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Simple solutions to resolve this matter :
1. Uncheck your username from the recruiting panel
2. Use the ignore feature
3. Start a crew with your friends simply to negate any undesired crew invites
4. Decline the invitation

Unless I am repeatedly spammed with invites, I don't find it rude in the slightest.
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I rarely get invited into a crew as I keep my crew bit unchecked. It's not exactly hard is it? And when I want to join a crew, I don't like asking so I ask if anybody has any spare places in a crew and wala.
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that s**t pisses me off if I'm ring or orb farmign in vg or anywhere but gold beach..however, I prefer it if I'm smobbing or smebbing. It makes life easier and me not sounding like a nub announcing I am looking for a smob crew. ><

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