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It wasn't even funny to me, cause I Stayed up 1 day reading s**t load of forums about why zOMG is at this point rinnow ect ect. Wasn't his fault. ._.'' And for all the ignorant people out there, just reading that is giving JK a bad reputation.

Like if you don't have anything nice to say, stfu. ESPECIALLY the server or whatever the hell that is saying it? Wow.
You know, one of the devs has to type that for it to say that, and it was probably JK that did it....
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Loads of humor there.

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I see the staff should be ashamed of themselves here stare
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Humor is in the eye of the beholder...

Meh. It would've been funnier if it were in Japanese or binary. Or both. xP
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XD That's really cute. Humor. We needs moar of d'is.
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The devs should be ashamed for having a bit of laugh?! wow...some people take this far too seriously...
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what has come to this community when no one has a sense of humor anymore?
Lol xD stop being so defensive, what are you, a fangirl? If you're worried about people taking it seriously then you can be rest assured that minority of dumbasses won't have a huge impact on the world in any way
The Devs are nowhere near as funny as they like to think emotion_awesome Give them the megaphone that is [System] and you get some pretty lame quips.

I'm more surprised that [System] has such ugly single quote escaping. Oh wait, I'm not really surprised cool

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