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Who's your favorite alien?

E.T. 0.071166544387381 7.1% [ 97 ]
Superman 0.10564930300807 10.6% [ 144 ]
Marvin the Martian 0.085840058694057 8.6% [ 117 ]
Turanga Leela 0.04035216434336 4.0% [ 55 ]
Sorn 0.013206162876009 1.3% [ 18 ]
Doctor Who 0.28319882611886 28.3% [ 386 ]
Snooki 0.078503301540719 7.9% [ 107 ]
Spock 0.078503301540719 7.9% [ 107 ]
Yoda 0.17314746881878 17.3% [ 236 ]
new suggestions (please post) 0.070432868672047 7.0% [ 96 ]
Total Votes:[ 1363 ]
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Hatori Miharu
Psst, you should come SS with us right now. ;p

YESSS do it! you know you want to XD
Wooh! Sounds fun biggrin

I'll definately show, ermm, next friday though smile
Any hints on potential new minigames? Like maybe something the pirate crew may or may not be setting up behind the Boardwalk barricades?

Actually.. we're planning to add some in...
Just don't laugh when you play with us.. cos some of us aren't even CL10 yet. xP
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IRL Noob

So are you saying that you're not a cl10 yet? xp
i am with u all the way's avatar

O.G. Hunter

xD Aww, that's okay.

Off-topic, but has the arena winner's avis been put in yet? The PvP thing? I'm not sure if I should be changing my avi to the one I'm wearing just yet... ><;; Just in case you haven't put it in yet.
Oh I think it's fun to play with non-CL 10 people~
[ JK ]
Just don't laugh when you play with us.. cos some of us aren't even CL10 yet. xP


You guys are in control of the game. You guys should join crews and just randomly be CL 20 just to see your crew mates go lol, what?
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[ JK ]
Just don't laugh when you play with us.. cos some of us aren't even CL10 yet. xP
Don't worry, JK. We'll teach you some Protips to playing zOMG!
Although we shouldn't ever have to tell Swarf to use protection.
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How exciting. Speed Boss Runs with the devs!
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Maybe I'll play next friday if I know where... that way I can dust off some old rings and have fun with them, my mules got to have so much more fun lately.
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I haven't played with a Dev since... bron stole 3 eggs from me during the Easter Event. And yes I'm still bitter xp I'd love to roam the game with you though [ JK ] O:
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O.G. Hunter

Sheesh, Bron stole my eggs too. xD
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[ JK ]
The reason why we took down goofball was because it was just way too buggy. And for new players, it was a very confusing experience.

Ye, I know I keep saying this, but hopefully we can bring it back someday. Since one of the main goal of zOMG was to introduce bunch of mini-games within it.

I always hated Goof, always! I'm not going to miss it! Damn buggy, @^#^% game! Now if you added some puzzles, maybe a maze...Come on it would be fun getting lost in a maze and fighting monster and answering riddles to progress. << Bet the forum could come up with some really good maze ideas/ designs.

Anyways, nice to see the team playing with us and seeing what it's like. 3nodding Always thought that was a good way to gauge how things really are in game. I'll be there, but not on Sen. ninja Bet know one will no one will know it's me! cool
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I thought i've noticed the devs in game playing around more often.
wink I even took a picture with Kuzan.. lol

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