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Mage Ragepunk

Compliment or insult?
Or is it a complimenting insult?
Or is it an insulting compliment?

If it’s a crew with randoms or people I do not crew with often I will ask if they prefer veggie or care if I bring meat. I know that if you can’t “trust” a crew that sometimes there’s no a point in crewing, but like someone else said if that didn’t happened I wouldn’t have met you. xD And if the leader says no meat then well, no meat it is. If the leader doesn’t care, I’ll bring it for the first round. If the crew works well and gets along enough for multiple YM rounds then I’ll drop meat. There’s really no need to argue about it. If I don’t like how the crew is being lead I can always leave or start my own crew.

Plus, you can meet so many wonderful people if you give them a chance. True, there are tons of people that are not pleasant to crew with, but well the friendships I made and keep making outweigh that. xD

I honestly have bad memory with mapping things, but I don’t understand why there is a need to map YM at all… I mean if someone wants to and is good at it, then alright. But I was in a crew where the leader had us wait so they could go back and map… just slowed us down.

I honestly don’t like taking less than 4 attacks unless needed. And yes, it is baffling when people don’t R4 adren. Granted I understand not everything can be R4 adrened just like that, but that ring should be used to its full potential. :U

Idr the last time I had bandy equipped outside of being solo or tanking.
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Mage Ragepunk
Prideful Sea
Mage Ragepunk

I'm pretty much going to Retire from DMS after the Scarf anyway, so yeah. ******** Speed.

Silly, Silly, Mage Rages

I already quit after making the Bat
Back at the end of the summer.

Im sure HoC is a great replacement for chu emotion_c8
I gotta finish my Scarf, though! Q_Q

HoC's nice, but I'll probably just go learn to Vend and do Alchemy BS like the rest of the cool kids.


GL dealing with people if yet gonna do Alchemy + Vending
Been there done that
People give Sea BS and a headache
/goes back to writing horrible poetry
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I always bring meat and bandy when speeding. They still take fast.
I have wish, 3 attacks, bandy and meat. It's always handy to me.
I used to go veggie and bring 2 passives instead of meat and bandy but eh.
People don't heal, and I don't like dying so I waste SCs;
Reason why I bring meat and bandy, I can tank the monsters if they're mobbing us.
And wait until they recover then we mob. No more SCs used.
If it's an NF, I just tank it and we mob it when the aggro is stolen.
But that's for me. Especially since I'm an aggrowhore.

And when I lead speed crews, which I almost never do because I'm lazy
I tell them to bring 3-4 attacks and wish. And I actually tell them to heal.

I've been in a lot of good random speed crews. And you can even veggie.
You just you need to find a good crew who would actually pay attention.
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Mage Ragepunk

I make you laugh.
God you make ME laugh.

If there's two people whom I can't get enough of seeing speak,
I'd have to put my money down on you and Silk. And even Curt.

I just don't know.
Or maybe some sick twisted pleasure of seeing people pushed to
the point of rage.
I can not deny how much it pleasure can be derived from another's
turmoil and demise.
That reaction people get to watching Fail videos and JACKASS.
We all have it.

I've been here since '03 and zOmg! from zeta.
Oh I was a goodie-two-shoes.
(Don't we all share this same story. Harr-harr.)



A good while ago I would of peacefully and rightfully responded
as a certain someone did here whom completely missed the point
of this topic.

7 Months ago when I came back from a bit of hiatus and leveled this
account to do good and be nice...

WTF was I thinking.
If I could time travel back I would of kicked myself from crew and said
good luck, nobody gives a actual s**t kid.

What's the problem here?
We fail to make connections within this site to the real world.

For example..

Like sex and getting pregnant, we can tell you not to do it,
we can educate you on it, we can develop measures, we can make laws,
we practice safe alternatives.

But what happens, people ******** up regardless.
You can't control people, and you can't control life.


inb4 People are going to complain about how nobody takes the time to
show and teach them better.

Guess what this is the same concept of children.
You raise them like s**t, they grow up to be s**t.

So do tell me, "these positive motive posters";

"Where are all these so called better taught players, hmm?"

If your doing good, shouldn't it show for it?

*Crickets chirp*

......yes. My answer exactly.

You can tell anyone anything, but will they do it?
Did someone forget free will here.

I swallowed my pride and my kindness.
(Lies I'm so damn nice. Those who have caught me know this.)
To become a douche.
I know spend my time playing stupid and dropping that PRO title.
Screw it.
Light all fires, through oil on it!
Make people angry.
I'm tired of trying to be the best.

I've done my time doing right.
Not much came from it.

We are not PROS we are goddamn VETERANS.
And just like irl war vets; you know why they complains so much,
because they ******** never how hard s**t was and what these
nubs take for granted. It's only natural for us to react in such a manner.

I guess all there is left for us to do is for all of us pros to step down
and go into hiding.

Now all that is left for us vets to do it waste time playing HOC, fishing, walking
around towns collecting trash and bugs and doing Alchemy.
Yep that's what you do when you retire.
We're like a bunch of old senior citizens that "ain't got time for this s**t."

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Derpy random speed Ym crews are how I learned to tank Ym with just bandy and wish and r4 SH (though lately I've started carrying meat, too) xd
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all i know is im not any of those. i havent played for a long time since im tired of all the crazy people that try to act like they know what they are doing and dont. sometimes it's best to give zomg a rest after playing dms speed or the crypt, etc. so many times. you go through a handful of shitty crews to make it to the top
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xd So funny yet so true. Or I hate when they tell you to amp then brb for 10 min each room. It's like might as well call it slow dms. Sadly I am having to bring meat more often lately since people can't heal. Problem is people are going from Papa Saw to DMS. I wish end boss was a requirement before entering DMS and Otami was a requirement before entering shallow seas. Current tutorial doesn't help new players out either with game play.
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xd So funny yet so true. Or I hate when they tell you to amp then brb for 10 min each room. It's like might as well call it slow dms. Sadly I am having to bring meat more often lately since people can't heal. Problem is people are going from Papa Saw to DMS. I wish end boss was a requirement before entering DMS and Otami was a requirement before entering shallow seas. Current tutorial doesn't help new players out either with game play.

>Be PSing
>Just joined crew
>"huh, looks like no one brought rock or halo...Oh wait...no one buffed div since we started..."
>Equip Div, rock
>buff Div r1
>Suddenly 57 R1 Divs go off at once
>ALT + F4
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I had most of those problems the other day with someone who was on my friend's list. .-. She fought me til the end and deleted me. She made everyone take wish, then told me she didn't expect everyone to use it. Why'd ja make 'em use it. She responded with "if you'd have meat, we wouldn't have this problem" though people with meat died as often as I did. ><"

I only really go if I'm invited by friends.
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Mage Ragepunk
>People MAP THE ******** YELLOW MAZE

I never understood the point of that.


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Mage Ragepunk
There's been a few Speed crews as of late that have driven me to anger. So far, I've noticed a common connection between them. For your viewing pleasure, I will post them here.

inb4 "There's already a rant thread, go rant there"
inb4 "Omg who the hell cares"
inb4 "Go rant in your journal"
inb4 "OP can't inb4"

>Everyone takes Wish, and doesn't heal
>People still take Meat, and cling to it like a baby's bottle
>People try to argue that they won't drop Bandage/Meat
>People MAP THE ******** YELLOW MAZE
>People try to take 1-2 attacks and think that that's okay for a Speed Crew
>People take 3 attacks but don't use rage at all
>People don't heal when a NF is killing their crewmates
>People can't seem to r4 Adren to save their lives
>People are split-mobbing instead of killing things together and burning rage
>People are mixing up Speed and Reg, by dropping the Tank, but being just as goddamn slow
>Modern Day Speed Crews are little more than Split Mobbing Crews, without Knife
>People are absolutely ******** retarded, and none of the actually good players even play
>People have no sense of tactics, or even a brain
>People get butthurt when not everyone takes Wish, and yet the ones who do still don't heal enough
>People imply that 6 Wishers will be enough

I've bolded the ones I take at least some exception to, with explanations as to why. In order:

1. Only people who think they're too good for a bit of insurance skip out on bringing Meat in speed these days, what with upper 10s being allowed into speed crews much more frequently as of late. It is always strongly recommended that you bring it even if you're CL 12, just in case things start looking pear-shaped for the whole crew. Veggie-speed is generally only recommended if almost everyone in the crew is around 11.4 at minimum.

2. Yes, mapping YM is still ******** useful, even in speed crews. You try playing spin-the-bottle at every room if you have to take the walk of shame back to the room from the null chamber, because nobody kept track of the rooms. I doubt you'll be singing the same tune after, oh, say, the third time or so in a fifteen-minute period.

3. I have seen a metric ton of good, or, at the very least, capable, players in about 99% of the speed crews I've joined lately. Most of them are good about healing as many other crew members as they can with Wish, and the ones who aren't so good on crew healing are still quite capable damage dealers. It's only the 1% who are a cause of headaches, and they can go eat s**t 'n die 's far as I'm concerned.

4. See three.

5. In speed, Wishing is serious business. It keeps the whole crew alive very reliably, and at a low stamina cost, at that. A crew made primarily of capable Wishers also takes very little unwanted heat, overall, because virtually nobody tops the hate lists for considerable periods of time, leading to aggro being much more evenly spread. One person bringing Bandage is fine, as long as everyone else keeps the aggro evenly balanced; two is pushing it, and allowing three or more Bandage-users into speed means something is very wrong with your playing strategy.

I Dazed more times than I'd care to mention in one particular crew because out of the three or maybe four people who brought Wish, only I and a friend of mine were using it at all. Like I said, that lead to a lot of heat being put upon the two of us that was completely unnecessary, by all accounts.
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Mage Ragepunk

For me, I find reg to be faster, and for all of those reasons, I dont do speed, every speed crew I get in, we wipe whenever we get an NF
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Mage Ragepunk

>People MAP THE ******** YELLOW MAZE

>People map the entrance
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