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CL 12, did Bloodlust runs and smeb. I still have nobody to thank (forever alone). But still play regardless. emotion_8c
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He left Gaia ages and ages ago, and we never talked directly much ( I doubt he even remembers that I exist xD ) but he definitely made a difference for me with zOMG: GamesTesterJan

Think what you will about him, but he created the largest zOMG Clan this game has ever seen. z!Elite was the first clan I ever joined, and even though I'm no longer a part of it I met many of my current, closest online friends through it.

Also wrathflare and babbah24 . My first ever *proper* zOMG comrades and friends, who sadly no longer play on this website. Together we formed the Bertz. emotion_dowant I really need to message them on FB now that I think about it.

Other then those 3 I have a huge list of people who have had an effect on my time here but I'd be here all day if I were to name them. sweatdrop

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Miyaka Hana
Ai x Luna

When he was a ghost, he used to help me level up. crying

Eat Love Pray

She was very helpful in the beginning of DMS for me. c:

Miyaka Hana

Haven't been friends for too long, but she deff has been helpful in keeping me alive.
emotion_dowant emotion_hug

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Ai x Luna

When he was a ghost, he used to help me level up. crying

Omg those were the good ol' days~
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Yuuna-Kiri heart
She doesn't play much anymore due to college, but she helped
me defeat a lot of bosses back when I was just starting zomg.
Actually, when I first starting Zomg, it was just me and her.
Two man team, ********.

Also, these people:
lF lR lE lE Z lE
Spotless-_- Sunshine
Silk kanishk
Samurai XIII
x_s o y m i l k
Broken Bell, even though we aren't really friends anymore,
she got me attuned a long time ago.
Accio Alice
Cocaine Pandas
Ruike Raka
ecchi owl
Cremiia- Long time ago in Zomg, we kicked a**, a lot of a**
Nikko Roseus
Valz Uchiha- Idk where you went, but thanks
Smurf village
Ryuka Akane

and a lot of other people.

//sees how it is
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Too many people here make coming back to the game time and again possible, but it would've never happened had I not met 9goats and Maz over a year ago. We started out as people just doing the coli and MLH was born as a result which brought me all my lovely friends. I would've quit on zOMG! a long time ago had I not met them and had they not reintroduced zOMG! to me as an MMO.
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"and left"

when did i leave u >8C
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i started zomg off on my own. i didnt even crew with anyone till dms (i did dms first, then smeb/smob).

i dont remember who was in my first DMS crew, but ccatman got me my first and only BL kill emotion_kirakira and the omnitrix king got me tuna <3 those two made the biggest difference for me.

both of those were the only smooth GR/Kam runs ive been on since then, and this was like, 6 months ago :'<
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Abelard Kaufmann
CL 12, did Bloodlust runs and smeb. I still have nobody to thank (forever alone). But still play regardless. emotion_8c

As long as you can spell and know what the fudge our doing ill crew with you. emotion_dowant
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"and left"

when did i leave u >8C
o A o;;;
LOLOLOL I MEANT TO SAY: "and left an everlasting impression" LMAOOOO I totally forgot to put that on.
/derp :'D
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Pinque Von Fluffendorken
Mad-Monkey88 because he was epic and funny in ways I cannot even describe. I miss him so! (Most of you probably won't remember him because that was years ago!) Also Mazelle because despite her nappy braid phase, she too is epic and funny. But don't tell her I said that, I will deny...deny...DENY! xd

^ this chick and 9goats are the two that come to mind.

Also jonjon because he is the boss NPC.
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Ai x Luna


She's just so fun to play with. ;u;

Omg Luna, I love you and I love those random crews you make. They get addictingly fun ;U;
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Ai x Luna


She's just so fun to play with. ;u;

Omg Luna, I love you and I love those random crews you make. They get addictingly fun ;U;

LOLOL Omg I need to do another one soon.
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gataka is the only user I distinctly remember posting in my first thread in the z!F - from there, he linked me to other suggestion threads, and it was from that very first experience that I decided the z!F was a place worth spending some time in. At the time I'm sure it seemed rather trivial - to both of us - but I can say with some confidence that if it weren't for his actually engaging me in that thread, I likely wouldn't have bothered coming back.

I won't claim to know Val exceptionally well - certainly not as well as I'd like - but if I had to name one person whom I simply admired more than anyone else in the z!F, it would be him. The thread that gataka linked me to in my first excursion here was one of Val's, and ever since then he's served as a sort of personification of the reasons I started spending time here in the first place. It's obviously a shame not to see him around anymore, and I suspect my fascination with suggestion threads today stems from his influence on me way back when, indirect as it may be.

Sensual Soul
If gataka and Val can take credit for getting me here in the first place, then due credit must go to Sen for keeping me here; between her own raw brand of creativity and her undeniable, positively infectious passion for the game, becoming friends with Sen is almost certainly what kept my focus undivided upon zOMG! for so long. She was a remarkable person, and another that I'm sad to have seen go; and sadder still when I think that I'm probably at least partially to blame.

Memory Haunts You
I'm not sure how to talk about Mem without taking away from what I've said about the others; I think so highly of her that it hardly seems fair. Nonetheless, Mem is arguably the reason that I am still here in the z!F every single day. She is quite simply one of the most wonderful people I've ever met - online or off - and I love her dearly; as any of our many 'children' will surely attest.

Ren Orenji Doragon
Sensual Soul - ALL the [awesome, inspirational] ideas!
Red Kutai - ALL the ideas longwinded tripe!

Fixed that for you... 3nodding

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