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Welcome to The Newbie's Guide to zOMG. This guide is meant to be everything the current training is not. The two main goals here are to give newbies that are willing to read a chance to learn, and more experienced players that are tired of explaining stuff over and over again a link to drop that'll be "THIS answers that question."

There's a lot of (hopefully) useful information in this guide for new players. If you know something that you think should be added, or see something I've gotten wrong, then please post to mention it. Otherwise - on to the guide.
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Table Of Contents

--The Basics - Movement and Interaction
-Other players
--Using Your Rings
-Getting more rings
--The Null Chamber
-Getting Stronger
-Salvaging Rings
-Swapping Strength
-Changing Rings
-Fast Travel
--Crews and You
-Crew Etiquette
-Inviting people
-Advantages of Crewing
-Leaving your Crew
--Vital Stats
--Conning and The PDA
-Why you should care about con
-The PDA
-How to use them
-Changing Equipped Powerups
--General Tips
--The Plot
--Common Issues and Questions
--Useful Links

(This post soulbound, and therefore non-sellable)
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The Basics - Movement and Interaction

--- Movement---

Hopefully you know how to move already - if you've cleared the training sequence, you've figured it out. You may not know all the methods of movement available to you however. There are three in total.

1) Point and click! This one's easy, just move your mouse to somewhere on your screen and click. Your avatar will move to the location you clicked. To move off a screen, simply point at the edge of the screen you wish to move off of - when your cursor changes shape, click and you'll go.

User Image

To enter some areas, called Instances, you must use the point-and-click method. If you're on your own, or the leader of your Crew, you may need to select a difficulty for the area. If you had to select a difficulty, clicking again will let you in once it's been selected. (More information on crews later)

User Image

2) Keyboard control. Most of you should be familiar with your keyboard's arrow keys. If you don't want to use your mouse to move around, you can just use the regular left, right, up, and down buttons. When controlling yourself this way, simply walk through the edge of the screen to change locations. The WASD keys can also be used for this purpose - W for up, A for left, S for down, D for right.

You can not enter most instances with keyboard control, but you can change areas.

3) Stalker mode. If you have already targeted another player or an enemy, and wish to move straight to their location, pressing the G button will move you right to them. This saves time and can be a lot of fun if you're messing around. It's intended for use when you're fighting a large mob of enemies, and aren't exactly certain which one you have targeted - the G button will let you move into melee range of them despite the confusion.

Be aware that you can't follow a target off-screen like this - if your target leaves, you'll just keep moving.

--- Interaction ---

Sometimes you'll want to interact with your environment. There are chests to be opened, there are NPCs to be talked to, there are players to contact. The question then becomes - "how"?

Chests - before a chest can be opened, you'll need to defeat any animated found near the chest. Once this is done, one of two things will happen - either the chest will pop open on it's own, or you'll need to manually open it.

If it opens on it's own, everyone who fought the animated get their prize. Otherwise simply click on the chest to reap your reward. This reward is shared with your Crew if they are on-screen, so do be nice and wait for them. Be aware that you can't open a chest if you're at the wrong CL for the area you're in - more on CL's later.

User Image

NPCs - Interacting with an NPC is similarly simple. Simply move near the NPC and click on them. Be aware that you can-not talk to all NPCs - they should have a speech-bubble or similar indication over them if you can talk to them.

User Image
User Image

--- Other players ---

User Image

This is your chat-box, you can use it to talk to other players. Using the view button will allow you to limit the messages you receive to certain channels. Pressing enter or clicking in the text box will let you type your message. Pressing enter again will send your message to whatever 'channel' you are currently talking in. There are five channels.

1) Talk - this channel sends your message to everyone on the same screen. Talk text will appear white in the text area - people on the same screen will also see a speech bubble.
2) Shout - this channel sends your message to everyone in the same area. Shouted text will appear red in the text area - people on the same screen will also see a speech bubble.
3) Crew - this channel sends your message to people in your crew, no matter where in the game they are. Crew text appears blue in your chat box.
4) Clan - this channel sends your message to anyone in your clan, no matter what server they are on.....or at least, that's the idea. Unfortunately Clan chat is highly buggy, do not rely on it to work properly. When it does work, Clan chat appears gold in your chat box.
5) Whisper - used to send a message to one specific person, anywhere on GIM. If they're logged onto GIM, this can even contact people outside of the game!

You can change your channel semi-permanently from this drop down menu.

User Image

Alternately, if you want to send only one message to that channel, you can use a special chat command.

/t this message will be a Talk message
/s this message will be a Shout message
/c this message will be a Crew message
/cl this message will be a Clan message - if it works
/w Username This is a special command - it sends a whispered message to whichever username you put in, if they're on GIM. PLEASE NOTE - the username can't have spaces in it. Replace any spaces with a +, - or _
/r this message is special, it's a reply to whoever whispered you last.

You can also automatically answer a whisper by pressing backspace, so long as you haven't selected the chat field.

--- Soulbinding ---

Any ring that you received in the game is soulbound. Any ring that has been equipped in the game is soulbound. You can't sell it. You can't desoulbound it. Really. We swear.
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Using Your Rings

Your rings soulbind. You'll never sell them. We mean it. You'll see this message in here a lot, because people KEEP ASKING over a year after the fact.

Lets face it, you're not just here to talk to people. You want to kill some things while you're at it! To do that, you're going to need to use your Rings - and to do that, you're going to need to know how to target things. As such....

--- Targeting ---

Rings work three different ways. Some need to be targeted at an enemy to work. Some need to be targeted at an ally (or yourself!) to work. Some do not need to be targeted at all - if you use them, they work. In most cases, you need to know how to target.

The simplest way to target is to use that mouse - point at whoever you want to affect, and click on them. Bam. They're targeted. This works on friend and foe alike, but can be a bit annoying to do if you're in a hurry. There are some short-cuts you can use however.

For targeting your Crewmates, there's the Crew Panel. Simply click on their portrait in the Crew Panel, and if they're on screen you've selected them. That's a hell-of-a-lot faster.

User Image

If you need to target yourself, the spacebar will do it in one button press.

For targeting enemies, pressing the ~ or q button will allow you to cycle through all the enemies on screen. Normally it starts with enemies closest to you, but I have seen it go wonky sometimes - make sure to look at what's being targeted, lest you attack the wrong animated.

--- Rings ---

Now you have a target. Great. You need to actually do something to it though - and that's where your rings come in. You can wear up to 8 rings at a time, and every one of them does something different. You're going to have to learn what your rings do yourself, but generally speaking...

- Healing rings affect you and your allies. You'll need to target someone to use bandage or wish, diagnose is an AoE(Area of Effect) centered on you. Be aware that Wish only affects allies.

- Buff rings affect you and your allies. You need to target these in the current build, but most buffs will affect the entire crew of the person targeted (if they're all on-screen, that is).

- Attacks, debuffs, and crowd-control affect your enemies. Most of these rings require you to target an enemy to be used, although there are a couple which are simply an AoE around you.

- Passive rings are always active - if you've equipped them, they're working. Most of them provide a buff to several stats at no cost.

To activate a ring, either click on its picture or use the number button 'linked' to that slot - they go from 1 to 8 for rings from 1 to 8.

User Image

--- More bang for your buck - RAGE ---

You may have noticed the red-bar in the lower right part of your screen.

User Image

This is your RAGE meter, and you can use it to power-up your rings effects. The rage meter fills up as you use your rings, or as you get attacked. Every ring can be activated at a higher level of rage by holding down the button as you activate it - either the mouse button if you're clicking, or the number button if you're using that method. Just having the bar filled up doesn't do the trick, you need to hold your button to USE that filled up bar.

User Image

See? The dark red is how much you have. The lighter red is what it looks like when you're actually USING rage.

There's four rage levels. Rage Rank 1 is a ring that has no rage in it - the 'default' so to speak. The other rage ranks can be used by charging your rings to the following positions.

User Image
User Image
User Image

Use that rage wisely, it can make your life a lot easier - adding Rage to a ring can increase it's area of effect, add to it's damage, make it heal more, or even add special buffs/debuffs that it didn't have at lower levels. Experiment with rage, you won't regret it.

--- Getting more rings ---

You don't start off with every ring in the game. Don't sweat it - getting more rings is easy. Just play the game to gain more! Complete quests, some of them offer rings as rewards. Kill animated, sometimes they'll drop a random ring for you.

Sometimes when you get a new ring, it'll be a ? - see the Common Issues post lower down.

In the game's tutorial sequence you'll be given a Guns Guns Guns ring.
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The Null Chamber

The null chamber serves several purposes in zOMG. It's a fast travel system, it's where you can change your rings, it's where you can upgrade your rings, and it's your respawn point. I'm going to briefly go over each point now, starting with...

--- Getting Stronger ---

You can't beat the game if you remain at your starting strength. Fortunately, increasing your strength is a quick process. While you've been fighting the animated, you'll likely have collected some orbs - you can see how many orbs you have here.

User Image

In the null chamber, you can use these orbs to increase the CL - the "Charge Level" - of your rings, permanently making them stronger! The lowest level rings are CL 1.0, the strongest are CL 12. Upgrading a CL 1.x ring costs 1 orb, a CL 2.x costs 2 orbs, so on and so forth. To upgrade your rings, first open your ring inventory by clicking this button.

User Image

Then select a ring, and hit the UPGRADE button.

User Image

You're done! That ring just got stronger. Congrats. Please note that your CL is a weighted average of all eight of your rings. If you've got one CL10 ring and a bunch of CL1 rings, you're not going to be CL 10. It's better to keep your rings at around the same CL where you can, so that they're all roughly as strong as the others.

Please also note that to upgrade rings beyond CL10, regular orbs will not do - instead you'll need Shadow Orbs, which are found inside Dead Man's Shadow.

Be very careful not to SALVAGE your ring by accident, because...

--- Salvaging rings ---

Salvaging a ring permanently destroys it to get you more orbs. It's a good option to use on any extra rings you have, but make sure not to destroy any ring important to you, you will not be getting it back. The amount of orbs you get from a salvaged ring depends on it's CL - the higher the CL of the ring, the more orbs you get. You'll get a minimum of one orb from a salvaged ring.

--- Swapping Strength ---

Sometimes you'll get a new ring that you want to try out - but it's power is WAY below your other rings. Other times, you might get a pretty strong ring that you just plain don't want to use.

In these cases, you might want to SWAP the ring's CL. Just hit the swap button, drag both rings into the window that opens up, and hit swap! BAM! Your two rings will trade their CLs. You can only do it once every 24 hours though, and that's real world time...not Gaian time.

--- Changing Rings ---

If you've got more than eight rings, the null chamber is where you can swap them around. Just open your ring inventory, then click and drag. Changing your rings is as easy as that!

--- Fast-travel ---

As you travel through the world of zOMG you'll locate six null-crystals on the world map - one each in the Village Greens, Bill's Ranch, Zen Gardens, Bass'ken Lake, Old Aquaduct, and Gold Beach. Clicking on one of those crystals will take you to the null chamber, and attune you to that crystal.

User Image

You can exit the null chamber again by clicking one of the six floating crystals inside it - each exit crystal leads to one of the entry crystals, though you can not exit through a crystal that you've never entered through. If you've wound up in the null chamber without clicking on any of the entry crystals, don't panic! The Village Greens crystal is always active for you, you can leave the Null through it at any time. The Village Greens crystal is in the lower left.

User Image

--- Immortality ---

Sometimes, you're going to get Dazed. Everyone loses fights, so don't let it worry you. If you don't want to wait around for someone to bring you back to life (A Defibrillate ring lets them do this), then just click the awaken now button.

It is usually faster to awaken then to try and beg a defib, and it annoys other players in the area a lot less. (If you are bound and determined to be defibed, please remember to say where you are, and to ask nicely! You aren't entitled to have every player on the map help you, so be polite)

User Image

When you click the button you will be teleported instantly to the null, alive once again! Note that six of your eight rings will be LOCKED and unusable - these will become usable again over the next minute or two, don't worry.

User Image

Locked rings - the big gray lock - is not the same thing as Soulbound rings - the little yellow lock. Soulbinding doesn't prevent you from using your rings, it's only the big gray one you need to worry about.

The little yellow soulbinding lock only stops you from selling your rings on the market. No, there's no way to get rid of it. No, there's no way to get unsoulbound rings in-game anymore. Ask either of these questions, and the z!F regulars WILL shoot you...and your thread will be banished to the recycle bin.

--- Removing Soulbinding ---

Until a "remove soul" button is added for the null chamber, you can't. Soulbound rings are bound. To your SOUL. At least you can take them off your finger here?
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Crews And You

There's some things that one player on their own simply can't do on their own. When that happens, you're going to want to form a Crew. A crew can have up to six people in it, and there's some advantages to being in a crew (and some disadvantages as well). You're going to want to talk to people first to find out who's interested - once you've found someone, there's three ways to invite them to join you.

But before we get into inviting people...

--- Crew Etiquette ---

There's a few simple guidelines to follow when in a crew, or forming one.

1) Ask First. Random invitations annoy most people, and get ignored.

2) Talk to them. Your crew will work better, and be more fun if you don't just all silently run in six different directions.

3) Be nice. It's just a game. If someone mucks up and you wipe, don't freak out. Tell 'em what they did wrong, and if you have to kick them, but don't throw a b***h fit.

4) Keep the crew window open. It's the best way to keep track of other people's buffs, health, stamina, etc.

5) Wait for people. Folks get annoyed if you pop chests without them, and if you run ahead on your own they won't be impressed when they have to save you from death.

6) Stick Together. Nothing fails worse than a crew where all six members are in different areas. The point is to work as a team, so try and move as a team! The more split up you are, the less you can focus your abilities towards a common goal.

--- Inviting people ---

1) Click-click-click. If they're on the same screen as you, clicking on them to target them will bring up a little character-info box. You can invite them from this box, just by pressing the invite button.

User Image

2) ReCREWting. The game includes a Recrewt list that you can use to add people to your crew from the same area. The list is a bit glitchy however, it's usually better to use one of the other two methods to invite someone.

User Image

3) Use that command line!. If you type /invite Username into your chat-box, you can send an invitation to someone who's anywhere on the same server as you.

--- Advantages of Crewing ---

Well, the first and most obvious advantage is that you have six people working together, which makes almost everything easier. There's a few less-obvious advantages however.

1) Drops are shared. If anyone in your crew kills something, every crew-mate on the same screen has an equal chance to get loot from it. Killing stuff for fun and profit just got even more profitable, yay! Chest-loot is similarly shared this way.

2) G'hi up. You'll loose G'hi more slowly in a crew, and in a large enough Crew may even slowly gain G'hi. More on G'hi later.

3) Crew-chat. The crew channel can reach anywhere in the game - even if you're split up, you can keep in touch. If you've installed the optional voice-chatting software, it's your Crewmates that will hear you.

4) Shared instances. What'd be the point of teaming up if you still had to go face the tough areas alone? Your entire Crew can go into any instance with you, from the null chamber to the shallow seas.

5) The Crew Panel isn't to be underestimated. Keep this open - it shows you where people are, how much health and stamina they have, how much rage they have, and makes them easier to target. It's a highly valuable resource, especially if you want to play a supporting role in your party.

6) Accurate Mapping - your Crewmates show up on your area map as little red dots,
making it very easy indeed to keep track of where they are.

There is one downside to keep track of when Crewing.

Everything's Relative...to your CL that is. If someone in your Crew has a CL that's a lot higher than the CL for the area you're fighting in, no one is going to get rewarded for it. Similarly, when you go into an instance it'll scale in difficulty relative to the highest CL in the party. Try to keep at the same CL, it'll make your lives easier.

--- Leaving your crew ---

Everyone gets into bad crews sometimes, and everyone wants to leave them. Leaving your crew is easy, but a lot of people seem to miss the button. Open up your crew panel, hit the arrow next to your name, and hit "Leave". Bam, you're gone!

Be aware that leaving a crew inside an instance will usually result in you being kicked out of the instance. If the crew's leader leaves the crew, someone else will automatically be made the leader.

User Image

--- Crew ring drops... ---

...are still soulbound. And can't be sold. Ever. (Yes, this has become a running gag).
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Vital Stats

There's a few stats that you will need to keep track of as you play the game - your HP, your Stamina, and your G'hi. You can find them near the bottom of the screen.

User Image

--- HP ---

Your health is highly important. If you run out of this, you get dazed. Fortunately getting your health back is easy - either use a healing ring on yourself (Bandage or Diagnose), or just stand around and wait. Your health recovers slowly over time if you're not in combat. Kneeling will cause your health to regenerate slightly faster - beware, you will take extra damage while kneeling if you are attacked. You can kneel by pressing the K button, or clicking this icon.

User Image

--- Stamina ---

Your stamina is what allows you to use your rings. If this runs out, you'll be stuck without any special abilities. Stamina regenerates over time, and you can increase it's regeneration by kneeling, but you still need to be careful using it. There is no way to increase your maximum stamina, but you can increase your stamina regeneration rate somewhat with the right rings.

--- G'hi ---

Your G'hi isn't something you actively use, but it helps you none the less. G'hi powers a series of G'hi buffs that you earn simply by playing the game. These buffs make you luckier, more accurate, increase your health, etc. The more G'hi you have, the better these buffs work. To gain G'hi, simply hang out near a large number of people, or in Barton town. Being in a crew will help decrease the rate at which you loose G'hi - in a large enough crew you'll even start to gain it again!

--- CL ---

In addition to the above, you're going to want to keep an eye on your OCL. Your OCL is your Overall Charge Level - how strong you are. Your health and how much some rings can affect you are decided by this, as are your loot drop rates. You can suppress your CL at will from the menu, voluntarily weakening yourself to be at the right strength for an area. Suppressing is temporary, but you can only move your CL upwards again in the Null Chamber.

Your OCL is based on the CL of your rings.

User Image

IMPORTANT NOTE: Note that the numbers on the Change Level gauge do not tell you what Overall Charge Level you can be. Instead, they tell you what your individual ring CLs cannot be above. This means that the highest number is not the max OCL you can be, and that you will not necessarily be the exact CL that you set it to.

--- The soulbound lock ---

Indicates that your rings are bound to your soul. Thus, you are never going to sell them. Never-ever-ever.

User Image
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Conning and The PDA

Being able to do a lot of stuff in the game world is great, but sometimes you need more information. Conning and the PDA are both sources of information that should be mentioned. We'll start with Conning.

--- Conning ---

"Conning" is a way of determining something's strength roughly relative to yourself, and it's done by colour. Both players and animated will con relative to you. There's two places you can see the Conning information.

1) The target window. The color of your target's name is their Con against you.

User Image

2) Screen symbols. Sometimes, you'll see symbols as you near the edge of the screen. The colour of the symbol is a con for enemies (And crewmates!) near the edge of the next screen over, and the size of the symbol is their rough distance. The bigger the symbol, the nearer the edge they are. The brighter the symbol, the nearer the edge you are. Crewmates have a roundish symbol, while animated have a star-like one.

User Image

A con of Purple indicates that the enemy/player is much weaker than you. Purple animated won't start a fight with you, and you will get no loot from them. Purple animated will still attack you if you attack them, or gain hate by buffing/healing someone they are fighting.

A con of Blue indicates that the enemy/player is somewhat weaker than you. Blue animated have low drop rates, but you do still get stuff.

A con of green indicates that your strength is about the same. You get full drop rates here. You always con Green to yourself - your strength is about the same as your strength!

A con of Orange indicates that the target is stronger than you. Proceed with caution if they're an animated. You still get full drop rates though!

A con of red is something that should be out of your league. If the game's working right, this enemy will pulverize you. You get no loot even if you do manage to beat them, so they're not worth fighting save for the challenge.

--- Why you should care about con ---

Gold, loot, moolah, money, lucre, riches, stuff. You get the most of it when you're conning green to the enemies you are killing. This was mentioned above, but I'm saying it again to hammer the point home - You get the most drops if the enemies are conning Green to you. As far as I am aware, enemies will con green if you are within 0.5 CL of them.

If you're too strong or weak, neither you nor your crew get any gold, any loot, any orbs, any rings. So care about how stuff cons to you!

--- The PDA ---

User Image

See that Image? It's your PDA. This thing serves a lot of functions, so let's talk about them.

Right now, the PDA is displaying a local map - to get into this setting, press the world with a magnifying glass button. The local map displays your location (as a yellow dot), quest locations (A flag), daily chance locations (a pair of dice), the terrain (if you've explored it). If a friend is in the area, you can see them as a blue dot. If a crewmate is in the area, they appear as a red dot.

Friends can appear as either a dark blue dot, or a light blue dot. If they're light-blue, they're on a different layer of the world from you - clicking on their dot will warp you onto their layer.

The leftmost button, the open book, displays your currently open quests. It's useful to check out if you need to see what's left to be done.

The closed book shows your completed quests. Ah, the memories~

The full world shows a world map. This isn't quite to scale, but it lets you see where the areas are in relation to each other.

Both maps can be clicked on and dragged around. This turns off auto-center for the map (the glowing crosshairs) - clicking it again recenter the map on yourself.

--- A reminder ---

If someone asks about soulbinding, this is the standard response.

User Image
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Sometimes, you need or want a little edge. That little bit more than what the game itself will give you. That's when powerups become important.

Now, fair warning before we get into this - powerups are a cash shop item. They're part of what keeps the game running, and pays for what development gaia is putting into this. You can buy them at Back Alley Bargains, or you can try to find them on the Marketplace.

With that out of the way...

---How to use them---

User Image

See that second bar there, right above your rings? You can make it appear or disappear by tapping those arrows just to the left of both of them. That's your powerup tray. When you have the powerup tray open, just click on a powerup. BAM! You've used it.

Be aware that powerups have a limited number of charges. It's a fairly high number, but you will eventually run out if you use them often. Also, once you've used a powerup it will soulbind to you - no selling used goods!


...lets tell you what power ups exist! There's five main types of powerups to mention.

Supercharger User Image - These will give you a burst of Health and Stamina. One click and braaaZAP, instant charge up! There is something of a cool down time once used.

G'hi Amp User Image - Want your rings to be a bit more effective? This is the powerup to do it. Tapping the G'hi Amp will make all your rings better for quite a while.

Double Orb User Image - Truth in advertising, this doubles your orb gain. If you really want to raise your ring's CLs faster, this is how to do it.

Revive User Image - Taking the walk of shame back from the null chamber when you get dazed can really suck, and not everyone will have a friend around to defib them. That's where revive comes in. Using this powerup will bring you from dazed back to alive, and has an awesome animation to boot! Do be careful though - if there's animated around, you may die again very quickly.

Gold Potion User Image - If you really need to earn more gold per day, this is the way to do it.

--- Changing Equipped Powerups ---

So - you have more powerups than you can fit in your power up tray. It only has eight slots after all. Well that's no problem - you can change your powerups almost the same way as you change your rings...but you don't even need to be in the Null to do it! Aces, eh?

Just open up your inventory, and hit the "Powerups" tab. Then, drag and drop!

User Image

--- Pets ---

Pets are a special type of 'power up'. They don't do anything practical, game wise, but they look cute and follow you around. They can also be used as often as you like - unlike other power ups, your pet summon won't vanish after use.

Hey, they might not be a stat bonus - but gaia is all about dressing up, ain't it?

--- The unsoulbind ring powerup ---

...doesn't exist. Pay more attention.
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General Tips

We're out of hard-and-fast gameplay now, but there are a few more things you might want to know, and that I want to say.

1) Talk to people! This is a social game, you don't have to spend your whole time killing stuff. Some of the most fun I've had is just mucking around with people in a corner somewhere, being silly.

2) Learn to type. No, really, I mean it. This is the internet - people will judge you based on how you 'speak' here. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, but at least trying to use proper grammar and spelling will go a long ways towards making people more friendly towards you.

3) Balance your rings. SAD (Seven Attacks and Diagnose) builds tend to die - most players find that two or three attacks is the right amount, but you can use less or more as suits you.

4) You can tweak your options. In the game's menu, you can adjust almost everything the game does. Of particular interest are the abilities to change which keys are the hotkeys (including setting a few that don't have any default at all), and being able to reduce graphical quality to fight lag. In cases of extreme lag, try setting ring animations down to Crew Only, or perhaps even just you.

5) This isn't everything. There's a lot more to know then I've covered here. This is what I consider the basics. I'll link to a few other topics with more in depth/specific knowledge layer, but the game also has a fairly extensive help option in the menu. Consider browsing through it, you may learn a thing or two.

6) Have fun. That's what this game is about - fun. Don't let people get you down, everyone wants something different from a game. Just play the game your way and enjoy it.

7) Really, honestly, do NOT ask about soulbinding. We mean it. We're serious. Read the stickies.
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The Plot

--- Still viewable ---

Gaia itself has a running plot, which zOMG is a part of. You can catch up on Gaia's plot as a whole in the Manga Archive. The parts that are most important for zOMG are largely the early plot. You don't need to know about them to play the game, but you'll understand more about gaia in general if you do.

I'd recommend reading from #0 (The Rise of Gambino) through to #13 (Return of Gambino) to get the information relevant to zOMG, as well as #30 (zOMG!).

On top of that the game has an excellent introduction movie that you can still watch on the server-selection screen, upon game loading.

--- What you should, but can't, see ---

In previous versions of the game, you started the training sequence actually on-board the train. There, an NPC by the name of Frank would tell you a bit about what was going on, as well as give you your first ring. Doesn't seem so important? It is - but why won't make sense until late in the game.

Frank looked like this.

User Image

--- If you want the super in-depth version ---

Go Here. Zeek Slider has put together a much larger description than I have.

--- Your soul ---

Has nothing to do with the plot. It does have to do with why rings won't leave your inventory. They're bound to your soul, see?
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Common Issues and Questions

--- I can't hurt the gnome general! HAX! ---

Patience, patience. That boss starts off invincible - just keep killing the normal gnomes for a while. Once the general starts attacking you, then you can hurt him.

--- What's all this I hear about a gold limit? ---

In an attempt to fight inflation, after getting a certain amount of gold, you start to get less of it until the next day. You won't ever suddenly get NO gold, but it will drop significantly. For more info, go here

--- 999999 orbs? Where did those come from? Am I super powered? ---

Nah, it's a visual glitch. Don't worry about it too much - if you reload the game it should go away.

--- I ran out of ammo for my gun! ---

No you didn't. Your starting GunsGunsGuns ring doesn't have "ammo". It runs off of your stamina, just like every other ring. And just like every other ring, if you run out of Stamina you can't use it. Stop fighting for a bit (consider kneeling if you're in a safe area) and your Stamina will come back.

--- I'm STUCK in the WALL! ---

Something knocked you into a wall, and now you can't get out. Simply log out of the game - close it and wait at least five minutes. You should reappear somewhere where you can move when you log back in.

ALTERNATELY - try typing /stuck in as a chat command. I've been told that it'll take you to the null (or sometimes to Barton's north gate), though I haven't had a chance to see this in action myself.

--- My ring is a question mark! ---

This happens sometimes when you log in, and sometimes when you get a new ring. The game just didn't read your inventory properly. Change screens, and refresh the game (press f5, close the window, or hit enter after selecting the URL).


This one's rare, but can happen after you log into the game. Move somewhere else, and log out. Wait five minutes, log back in. It should have fixed itself.

--- An arrow key is stuck, I'm moving in one direction ---

Press the button for the direction you're moving. Let go. You should no longer be stuck moving that way. This tends to happen if you alt-tab out of the screen while holding a direction.

--- An NPC won't talk to me, even though I finished/want to start their quest! ---

There isn't an easy fix for this one. It might just be that your CL is too high - try suppressing. If that doesn't work, file a bug report. There's information on how to do so in the z!F stickies.

--- I just closed the window, and now I want to get on a new server but it won't let me! ---

You have to wait five minutes for the game to fully log you out of the server you were on. It takes time to forget that you existed, so to speak.

--- I accidentally made the screen big, and now I can't undo it! ---

Please see this or this thread. Both of them can help fix the problem.

--- MY CHATBOX IS GOOOONE! Halp plz. T__T ---

This thread should help you fix your problem.

--- Like, I wanna sell this ring 'cause it's worth a lot, but- ---

You'll need to take this one up with your diety of choice, it's a bug in reality. Specifically, this bug lies with supply and demand, as well as soulbinding.

User Image
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Some useful links

Hey, I said the information here wasn't everything. Here's some other places you may be interested in. If you have a thread you think I should add here, feel free to mention it.

First though - want to link to this thread? Starendo was kind enough to provide us with a banner that'd be great for that purpose!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.



z!F Guide to Guides and Resources - Run by Purple Pimp Crusader, this thread has....links to a ton of guides and resources. It's well organized though, ought to be easy to find whatever you're looking for.

Guides and Resources (If you want the gaia official link, this is it. IMO, the user run one does it better)


z!F's Guide to Rings and Ghi - sometimes, you want more than a description. If hard numbers are your thing, Valheita and company have been figuring out exactly how effective various rings are.


The zomg! Chatterbox - okay, I admit it, this one's purely personal. The z!CB is a guild that I'm the Vice Captain of, and is a hangout for zOMG players. It's not really "useful information", it's just a place I like and could include here. So sue me. >..>''


The soulbinding sticky. You should read it. Really.
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These people appear in screenshots, suggested new content, answered requests of "Oi! I need a moment's help to test something!", or even just pointed out where a spelling/grammar error was made. Thank you for taking a moment to help out. If I've forgotten your name, let me know and I'll put you in. 3nodding

Rayne Bloodstone
Blood Assassin 32
Sukaza Ghazi
My Bunny Bear
Jane Fallen Angel
Starendo - who was nice enough to do the thread banner and the small image for the link in, without even being asked to! o..o
Koichi Wing
Zeek Slider

Soulbinding, that which prevents you from ever selling your rings and which cannot be removed, gets a special mention for generating annoying topics for over a year.

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