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What we are: A Clan
What we do: Support and advise eachother.
Who we are: The Lunar Advent

Our Goal: Not sure yet.

As of now, we don't know about the leveling system.
For now, I'd say you you should be on gaia at least once every two days.


Follow the Gaian ToS.
Literacy a must.
Please use proper grammar.
Spelling mistakes happen to the best of us.
No spamming this thread.
No advertising in this thread.
No romance in here.
Respect other Gaians.

Main Branch

Captain: Demon_XCII
Description- To lead and make overall descisions for the clan itself. Can over rule ANYTHING the Co-Captain says.

Description- Assist the Leader, and take over role when Leader is away. Can over rule anything the Head of the Council says. Can vote in suggestions made by the council, if so chooses at anytime.

Council Branch

Head of the Council:
Description- Leads the council. Only votes in matters come a tie. Presents matters to the council to be voted on.

Council Members

North Seat:
East Seat:
West Seat:
South Seat:

Description- Makes descisions within the clan. Presents final findings to the HotC. Should think matters through, and try to see all possible outcomes. No seat has superiority over another.

Lower Branch

General Members:
Description: Self-Explanatory
1: SkyParker

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