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About this guide:

It is important for the reader to understand what is said in here is debatable, and we enjoy seeing other people's perspectives. we too like advice, and it is 100% okay to argue with our opinions.


1.Follow the ToS rules.
2.Don't steal, claim, take any images, or parts of the guide without a Moderator's Permission.
3.Don't quote parts of the guide.
4.No flaming.
5.No spamming. (bumping if guide is off first page is allowed)

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Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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Table of Contents
About the Mods
Hive Basics
Crew Manners
Pacing Your Crew
Higher Wave Tactics
Ring Sets
Classic Hive
Old AI Hive
Current Hive

NOTE: Anywhere it says "Saburoo" in this guide it is me, S 4 X, that was my old username (now the name of my mule)

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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Gender: Male
Hobbies: Playing zomg, biking, playing video games
Favorite thing on gaia/zomg: zOMG!/The Hive and Solo Shallow Seas
Highest wave in hive:
Around 230
I am awesome because... I have solod past Queen Lorlei in the Shallow Seas. I also love to help people out in zomg. I hang out in the zomg forums a lot, so you might see me around there a lot. Finally, I just play zomg a TON in general and have learned the game pretty well.
I can or cant recieve pms/comments asking for help in hive: I can receive comments, PMs are set to friends only, PLEASE do NOT add me to your friends without asking first... I will NOT add you if I do not know who the hell you are icon_biggrin.gif
Other: I generally nice as long as you are... if you are being an a** I'll be a complete b***h. I love comments and criticism but when you just say something that is mean and not helpful at all I'll just hit the nice Ignore button and be done with biggrin

Hobbies:I love skiing, reading, hanging out with my friends, and the beach
Favorite thing on gaia/zomg: SS/hive/bosses on hard
Highest wave in hive: 264 in classic hive
I am awesome because. . . . . Well i dont really know if im awesome, but im fun to hang out with, i like living on the edge, and enjoying the world presently.
I can or cant receive pms/comments asking for help in hive: I can receive pms, and i am willing to help if i am not busy. I can not receive profile comments however.
Other: I will not accept random friend requests either. I like to get to know people before i befriend you,and i will deny it. I do like making new friends, but i have to get to know you first.

Gender:pssh! j/k xD girly girl
Hobbies:playing zomg, GW, FF, etc
Favorite thing on gaia/zomg:SS, Hiving, overall farming
Highest wave in hive:219 on classic hive, 334 on the old ai hive
I am awesome because. . . . .just the way I am 3nodding
I can or cant recieve pms/comments asking for help in hive:it depends on my mood and how busy I am
Other:Hiving is a journey not a destination 4laugh

Username: Plumpgerty
Gender: IMA GURL
Hobbies: Gaia/internet/computer
Favorite thing on gaia/zomg: SS/Duneslapping NO MOAR HIVE >;O
Highest wave in hive: Wave 244 in classic hive and 316 in old ai hive
I am awesome because. . . . . Because I pwn you.
I can or cant recieve pms/comments asking for help in hive: Sometimes, but I prefer not being spammed by them

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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Written By Saburoo

Wait, what? Where is this "Hive"?
The "Hive World" or "Hive" is an instance, it's entrance can be found in Old Aqueduct. It is infinite and you must kill all of the enemies during the current wave to progress onto the next, if every member [in your crew inside the hive is dead, your crew loses and you need to then start over.

Me standing by the Hive.

The yellow dot is by the Hive.

Inside the Hive.

Oh no! I Lost!

Gaining access
To gain access into the hive you must complete the Concerned Citizen's missions (well, be on or finished "Through the Star Portal!" ). You can also go in if you are in a crew with at least one person who has access to the hive.

What is in there? Waves?
The hive is set up in rounds, basically 5 waves is a round. After one round is over it repeats itself. Random Assault, From the Flanks, Quadrant Attacks, Surrounded, and Walker Wave. Random Assault is very easy compared to the rest of the rounds, it is the first wave of each round and introduces the difficulty of the enemies for the round, it has random enemies. From the Flanks and Quadrant Attacks are medium hard. From the flanks the enemies come out in two waves. Quadrant Attacks has 4 swarms. Surrounded is known to have usually the most animated of the round, they all come out at once and it can be overwhelming. Walker Wave is only walkers and landstriders, walkers only at the earlier waves and you'll see more landstriders in these waves as you get higher and higher. Surrounded and Walker can be debatable on which is harder, since all the walkers and landstriders in the Walker Wave come out one at a time.

So basically here are the first 15 waves so you could understand this better:
Wave 1-Random Assault
Wave 2-From the Flanks
Wave 3-Quadrant Attacks
Wave 4-Surrounded
Wave 5-Walker Wave
Wave 6-Random Assault
Wave 7-From the Flanks
Wave 8-Quadrant Attacks
Wave 9-Surrounded
Wave 10-Walker Wave
Wave 11-Random Assault
Wave 12-From the Flanks
Wave 13-Quadrant Attacks
Wave 14-Surrounded
Wave 15-Walker Wave

Still have questions? Post them here and get them answered!

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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Written By Bo_bannan


The right CL for hive is CL 5.0+ You don't need to recrewt people with the same CL as you, but before you enter the hive, it's important to suppress to the lowest crew member's CL. The hive scales to the highest CL, therefore, it benefits everyone if you're all the same CL.
[Please Note: You can achieve just as high a wave with a group of cl 5's, as you can with a crew of cl 10's.]


Now that you have a crew, it is important to know how to stay alive. Each crew member will most likely carry one to three crew buffs. Close the PDA (to reduce lag), and put the crew panel in its place. During and before each wave, it is your job to make sure everyone has your buffs applied to them.

User Image
Below each crew member's name are the buffs they currently have on. Notice, you can see smaller icons of all the rings beneath my username. Observe, OMFG Taylor has no buffs on. Below each person's head-shot of their avatar, is their CL, and their Rage Ranks. You can see the Rage Rank of a buff you have on by hovernig over the buff. Above the buffs, are stamina and health levels.

To use your buff ring, either select yourself or a crew member and use the buff. Buffs are now aoe, meaning they hit multiple targets in their range. It is important to use full rage, but you can use it without rage while you collect it. There are a few rings that are self-rings, and are nto aoe. Such as meat and turtle - Those you have to apply to yourself.

While fighting, it helps if your whole crew focuses on one animated at a time. Try to kill Lightning bugs first. If you don't kill lightning bugs first, they will heal the other bugs. Thus, each wave will be longer and more time consuming, maybe even harder. It is helpful to bring a Crowd Control ring to hive, and make sure while you are fighting lightning bugs they don't heal each other! Next, be sure to kill Walkers. It is a controversial argument to kill Landstriders next after lightning bugs, but we have our reasons for not following that viewpoint. As Landstriders have a ridiculous amount of health, it drains most of your stamina to kill a single Landstrider, and while you are doing so, you still have the aggro from the Walkers in that wave. It is easier to kill three Walkers over one Landstrider, and doing so will reduce the number of things aggroing you. While killing Walkers, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to Duct Tape/Scaredy Cat/Quicksand Landstriders too, because they hit hard, and have a large knock back. After all the Walkers are dead, finish off the Landstriders. All you should have left in the hive is Shockroaches. Be sure to save one or two Shockroaches, then heal and buff up before the next wave.

User Image HP: 407
Description: The Shockroach, a common enemy to hive, comes out every wave, besides the walker wave. It is the easiest to kill, and hits the weakest. I recommend trying to kill these critters last, and going easy on the AoE.
Loot Drop:Charge Orb, Tentacle, Bio-electric Bladder
Recipes: Bug-Face Hugger, Alien Chest Burster

User Image HP: 1000
Description:Although lightning bugs look almost exactly like Shockroaches, in zomg they have little dark red spots. They hit stronger than a Shockroach, but rarely attack. Their main focus is to be the medic of all the other bugs. They are a real pain if you don't kill them first, and will suck up a lot of stamina.
Loot Drops: Charge Orb, Tentacle, Bio-electric Bladder
Recipes: Bug-Face Hugger, Alien Chest Burster

User ImageHP: About 1213
Description:Walkers will give you more of a challenge in the defensive area. They hit decently, and will take at least half your stamina to solo. Walkers have two attacks: Melee, and DoT. The Melee can be protected against using armor rings, but the DoT blocks all defenses.
Loot Drops: Charge Orb, Blue Pearl, Walker Leg Tip
Recipes: Blue Alien Tattoo, Alien Raygun, Alien Armorskin

User ImageHP: 4500
Description:Landstriders are deadly. They can take a whole crew to kill. They hit hard, and have way too much life. They too, have a Melee and DoT attack. You must have a divinity in your crew to kill one of these babies.
Loot Drops: Charge Orb, Blue Pearl, Walker Leg Tip
Recipes: Blue Alien Tattoo, Alien Raygun, Alien Armorskin

User ImageHP: 1275
Description:This roach may say, "Death to Ccatman," but that's only because their name is always "Death to (insert target's name here)" They will explode on you, and are impossible to outlive without meat, rock, or turtle. Deathroaches only appear in the higher waves, around wave 50-ish. Do not bother trying to attack it. Save your stamina, and run away from it, until it explodes.
Loot Drops: Unknown
Recipes: Unknown

[Please Note:The HP of bugs increase steadily as you survive farther and farther into hive, along with their attacks.]


After a long, gruesome battle, save a roach at the end of each wave. While the roach is safe, all dazed people should awaken, and walk back, while letting their rings unlock. (Defib is close to useless in hive, because if you defib mid-wave they will just die again. Not to mention it takes up a crucial spot in your Ring Set.) Even alive crew members should recover their health, stamina, and rebuff. With your whole crew's approval, you may kill the roach, and continue on your hiving journey.

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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Written By Snow_in_Sahara

Communication is the most important during hive. Because you’re going to be in the same room for hours and hours with the same people. Throw some jokes during the waves help people keep “awake and aware”. Let me categorize several of the crew manners as below:

1. Serious crew
When there is no one talking or very few conversations during the hiving. For me this group is kind of boring especially when you’re doing a marathon run.

2. Non cooperative crew
It is important to know “when, who and what” during hiving. A good crew is when they know, when, who and what kind of buff that the other crew member needs. Be nice to you crew and listen to you leader is one of the keys to a successful run. So they wont “accidentally” forget to buff you or all died by the time you got back from afk.

3. Fun crew
Hiving can be so boring and long when you’re not having fun during the waves. Jokes or teasing each other is very helpful to overcome the boreness.

If you can combine #2 and #3 you’re going to have a fun and an epic hive run! And also talking in crew chat helps to reduce the lag, unless if there’s a glitch then you can use the “talk” button. Closing other applications and a constant relogs help to reduce the lags.

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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Written By Saburoo

What is this section about?:

This section will cover how often/when to AFK (away from keyboard) to make sure most of your crew can stay there for the whole run. Pacing your crew really is only needed if you are very limited on time and/or are doing serious hiving (this can take HOURS and HOURS, so be prepared).

Wait, are you saying I can go AFK during a HIVE run? I thought it was non-stop!:

While as soon as you finish a wave after a certain length of time another begins; you can not kill the last enemy (preferably a roach) to be able to take a short (or long if you want) break! Usually at least one crew member should be at their computer at any time, to make sure the roach doesn't kill anyone. While saving a roach gives you time to heal health and regen stamina, it also wastes time. Therefore, don't do it too long or often.

Oh, I get it... But when should I save a roach?:

Some crews save one after every wave. While if you are just starting out I suggest you do this, but if most of your crew has 50-60 stamina and almost full/full health, you are prepared for the next round, and it is a low wave relative to what wave you can get to, go for it. Now ever once in a while someone has to pee, eat, or generally be AFK, now here is the trick. If you know you need to do something in the next hour, try to do it while they are AFK, that way the amount of time for AFK goes down and you save time.

A general rule is not to kill the last roach until your crew is ready. But if someone in your crew takes too long to get ready (this does NOT include buffs, you NEVER start when someone needs a buff, ESPECIALLY rock armor) then I would just send a diagnose or bandage their way and start.

You should never save a roach for more then 15 minutes at a time, and that is only VERY rarely that you go over 5 minutes, usually you save a roach for about 1 minute or less. If someone keeps on starting without the crew, give them a couple warnings. If they continue, kick them. You cannot have one member ruin the whole run because they won't wait for the crew.

I see! You know what, I don't think I'm going to save a roach at all! HA!:

As long as this is okay with your crew and you can keep up then this is fine. Some people refer to this as "speed hiving" and is generally done during record/high wave runs during low waves. These waves are relatively easy and they don't need to waste time resting between waves here, when they could use this time later.

We didn't go fast enough, one of our crew members has to go. Should we suicide?:

The hardest part of hiving is deciding if you should suicide if a member has to go. Currently it is not a big deal since they can snapshot the wave counter and get credit for when they were there. Before it was a bigger issue. Currently it is only for an issue of in-game record (which you see at the beginning of every run) and the orb reward. For better/older hivers this isn't so much of an issue because they don't care TOO much about orbs (although I have to admit it is very nice to get all of 'em). But for some people who aren't maxed out yet they may want the orbs, but your crew may want to go farther. This is really all up to you whether or not you'll suicide. Usually you should agree with your crew whether you'll suicide or continue on at the beginning of a run.

I still have questions! What should I do?:

Post them here, or private message a mod.

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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Written by ???

There are three badges that are earned in hive for surviving. In order to receive the badge, you have to be in hive when your crew dies, and awake in hive for at least half of the time.
User Image
Hive Refugee - Rewarded for completing 5 waves.
User Image
Hive Survivor - Rewarded for completing 20 waves.
User Image
Hive Conqueror- Rewarded for completing 50 waves.

The kill badges from hive are:

User Image
Shockroach Colony - Defeat 50 Shockroaches
User Image
Shockroach Swarm - Defeat 500 Shockroaches
User Image
Shockroach Infestation - Defeat 5000 Shockroaches

User Image
Alien Walker Limper - Defeat 50 Walkers
User Image
Alien Walker Crippler - Defeat 500 Walkers
User Image
Alien Walker Multilator - Defeat 5000 Walkers

However, landstriders do not count towards the walker badges. In addition, lightning bugs and deathroaches do not count towards the shockroach badge.

During the mini events you can get 2 additional badges from the hive area that takes place outside the star portal.
User Image
User Image

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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Written by Bo_bannan



Patience is essential. It is crucial for you and your crew to stay patient, especially when somebody isn't ready or afk. You may get away with not waiting at easier waves, but it can can mean life or death in hive.

If you have been waiting a long time for somebody to come back from afkness, (im talking fifteen minutes or more,) nicely, send them a pm or profile comment, stating you guys wanted to continue hive, and once he/she gets back they could have their spot back.

Spread Out

Although staying close may seem helpful for hive, you will be hit with more DoT attacks. DoT attacks are ranged, aoe. They only target one person, but anyone near them will also get hit. Even with spamming diagnose, (a horrible healing ring) it can not keep up with the damage lost. DoT hits 6 times!!! It increases its damage as you go farther along hive.


Sometimes, one person will take all the aggro on purpose. This is called tanking, The reason why is to make staying alive considerable easy for the rest. In addition, it helps kill lightning bugs. Just scaredy them off from the pack and kill them. When picking a tanker, they should be one of the best in the crew at staying alive. [Please Note: You cannot force somebody to tank. they have to be cooperative, so make it a group decision, not a leader's]

Crowd Control

As you reach higher waves, you will notice the steady increase in Lightening Bugs. Lightening Bugs are arguably the most dangerous enemies in the Hive because they have the ability to heal each other and other animated. The only way to kill them is to divide them up and attack them where they are out of reach of other Lightening Bugs.

While there are several methods of separating Lightening Bugs, one of the easiest ways is to use raged Scaredy Cat-- however, it can be difficult to stay in range of someone running around with a mob of Lightning Bugs, so it's often easiest for the person with aggro to cat. When the bugs separate and go to different areas of the hive, the other crew members should find a Lightening Bug and begin attacking it. Once the Cat wears off, all lightning bugs will return to the original person, and most likely regain health. Your crew must work quickly and be coordinated - killing a lightning bug before Cat wears off is harder than it sounds.

Another way is to use Quicksand on a mob of Lightening Bugs. Usually it misses one or two, and they can be dragged away and quickly killed before the Quicksand wears off. There are many other tricks to separating Lightening Bugs which I will not list here. With a little thinking, you should be able to figure out ways that work best for you. However you do it, remember to pay attention to what is aggroed at you. If you go and attempt to help another crew mate kill a Lightening Bug and inadvertently drag another Lightening Bug over to them, the Lightening Bugs will heal each other. This causes you to waste stamina attacking, and healing, as the Lightening Bugs will take much longer to heal.

With less priority, it is important to also scaredy cat or tape landstriders. It gives a free grace period where people take less damage and not worry as much about their health. If you can manage to scaredy or tape landstriders throughout all or most of the wave, it creates a much easier and successful run. When all other animated, (except shockroaches), are dead, focus on killing one landstrider, and continue to use your crowd control on the others.

Be considerate of people's crowd control. It is frivolous and wasteful to attack taped animated. For the most part, they are taped for a reason! On the other side of the spectrum, use taped/sanded/scared animated as a gift not a right. Take advantage of the break, by either regaining health/stamina, or attacking.


Having a full on buffer/healer is controversial. Therefore, I will explain the positives and negatives, then give my own opinion.
Focus on healing yourself less
Crew has more slots left for other rings besides buffs
Buffer/Healer can also focus on crowd control

More spawns in hive
Less people attacking, longer waves :/
Healers acquire tons of hate, die, and make in-between waves longer.

My personal opinion is this: All rings should be equally distributed. I think buffers and healers are fail in hive. If you are a buffer, it is hard to get rage to rage all your buffs. If you are a healer, you acquire tons of hate and make hive go by really slow. It is important to be well-rounded, and play each role, but not to the extreme.

Will be added tomorrow im tired
Will be edited tomorrow

With being down one fighter, you will most likely need some Ghi Boosts, and Superchargers. Ghi Boosts increase your rings' power by 50% Superchargers not only heal 1/3 of your life, but they also restore part of your stanima.


Distraction is the biggest result to crew deterioration. Although communication may seem helpful, talking/whispering midwave can be distracting, unless its about giving buffs, using crowd control, etc... It is essential to be social, but try to not talk as much midwave. In addition, the main site could make you forget about the battle in hive. However, some people are better at multitasking than others, and its up to you to make your best judgment.

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
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User Image
Written by Saburoo

Green means a ring is a great choice
Orange means a ring is an okay
Red means it is a bad choice and won't help you very much in the Hive

NOTE: All these ratings are to crew hiving, not solo.
OTHER NOTE: Please note that this section might be a bit biased and is strictly relating to how well the rings do in the Hive.

1 on 1: Good to use on one enemy at a time, not for mobs
AoE: Area of Effect, good to use on large mobs because they attack multiple enemies.
DoT: Damage over Time

Close Combat

Mantis: This ring is one of the best 1 on 1. It is simply excellent because of its low stamina cost and great Damage Per Second.

Slash: This ring has a 180 degree AoE, and it is the best AoE in the game IMO; it completely murders Dervish in Damage Per Second, but at the cost of having a much smaller AoE

Dervish: This ring has a 360 degree AoE, but it deals hardly any damage, it is a good replacement for slash if you have trouble hitting everything; it is a nice ring for hitting off all those Roaches.

Bump: This ring is yet another 1 on 1. This ring has some nice damage, but has knockback, which is terrible against Walkers and Striders as they use to their ranged DoT when they are not in close range of you; it’s not a very good ring for the Hive.

Hack: This is yet another 1 on 1, and this one is a very popular ring. It does a ton of damage but at the cost of a considerable amount of stamina and a lengthy cooldown. This ring is a good replacement for Mantis, or if you want to pack in some nice damage, you can use both! ^w^

Ranged Combat Attacks
Ranged is generally a fail strategy in the hive because of the Walker's acid spray. Range attacks usually have lower Damage Per Second and higher stamina costs compared to the close range rings, which make them a worse choice in comparison to the close combat rings. The Great, Okay, Bad rating (GOB) ratings in this section are only comparing the various ranged rings to the other ranged rings. A green ring in the ranged section is most likely a worse choice than a green ring in the close combat section.

Shuriken: This is a good ring; it has mid range; it's like a mid-range mantis

GunsGunsGuns: This is an okay ring, but Shuriken is generally a better choice.

Shark Attack: This ring is pretty much fail for the Hive; it is like a ranged Hack with knockback, but the damage it deals isn't worth the short range and the knockback is a BAD thing for the Hive; Shark Attack isn't worth it when you could bring hack instead.

Fire Rain: This ring is a DoT AoE, with some nice range. With decent damage and no knockback (which can be a good thing in some cases) this ring is a fair choice if you wanna have some fun dealing out AoE.

Hunter's Bow: This ring sucks, it deals very weak damage compared to the other ranged rings, and its incredible range is not needed in the relatively small Hive; this ring is just fail in comparison to so many other options for the Hive.

Solar Rays: Again, this is another ring with a ton of range, which is not needed in the relatively small Hive; the Damage Per Second is just not high enough to make this a decent attack option for the Hive, especially with the stamina cost.

Heavy Water Balloon: This ring isn't really needed for the Hive unless you want to make funny comments over VOIP, but the damage per second and stamina cost just don't compare with Dervish and Slash.

Hot Foot: This ring is great, I've recently fell in love with it. A steady DoT ranged while having a debuff and AoE with rage.

Hornet Nest: This ring is the sUx0rS; it doesn’t deal nearly enough damage, it has too high of a stamina cost, and it has no excellent effects; this ring is a very bad option for the Hive.

Crowd Control

Duct Tape: This ring is decent for taping walkers, landstriders, or lightning bugs while your crew is killing something else. You can also tape enemies between rounds if you happen to save something that deals more damage than then a roach. However, since the tape is broken when attacked, AoE can break it as well as direct attacks from crew mates; scaredy cat is a better option for the Hive.

Gumshoe: Why the hell would you even consider this ring in the hive? Walkers and landstriders have ranged DoT, so this is a basically useless ring.

Quicksand: This ring is epic with its ability to stop whole mobs of enemies in their tracks and its moderate range; this ring should be carried by at least one person in your crew.

Scaredy Cat: This ring is good; it is better than duct tape because it doesn't break upon contact and it also has an AoE effect if raged. This ring is a nice replacement for quicksand, but you'll have to use more rage on it; it’s great for scaring away landstriders, lightning bugs, walkers, etc.

Taunt: Again, why the hell would anyone waste a ring slot on this? It is pretty useless, and it’s just a waste of stamina; simply using diagnose would have better aggro effects.


Improbability Sphere: This ring provides some smexy defense as well as reflection. A general good choice; someone should be carrying this ring. The only issue is that its reflection can sometimes kill the last roach and start the next wave before the crew is ready.

Pot Lid: This ring offers defense as well as deflection. This ring and improbability sphere are both good armor choices for self and allies.

Rock Armor: This allies only ring provides a great amount of defense! This ring offers the second to best defense in the game. The only drawback is that it is allies only, but this just means that at least 2 people should bring it in a crew.

Turtle: This ring is basically a few seconds of invincibility, its fun to screw around with but it's stamina cost, regen time, and the time it takes to hold down for full rage makes it's usefulness somewhat limited.

Teflon: Very similar to Pot and Improb xd

Please note that although a large variety of rings are listed here, every person needs either Bandage or Diagnose.

Bandage: This ring provides the best self heal in the game. With a lower stamina cost then diagnose, more damage healed, and the option to use on yourself or allies, this ring pwnz. The only thing is that you gain the health over a period time, therefore if you are taking damage fast, you may not be able to regain the health fast enough to survive.

Defibrillate: This ring is okay, but it is generally a waste of space. It is very hard to defib in the middle of battle, due to the stamina cost, the knockback in the midst of a wave that makes it difficult to stay close enough to the dazed person to defib them, and the fact that the person being defibbed is likely to just die again due to their locked rings and lack of applied buffs. Between waves this ring is useless because the user can just awaken and walk back to the hive. So this ring is generally a wasted slot.

Diagnose: No. Just no. This ring is not meant for the hive. Good luck staying together with your crew when enemies have knockback, people die all over the place, and the walls hurt you. This ring has too much stamina cost, and not enough healing. Bandage is the way to go.

Divnity: This ring is a must have. With more stamina regeneration, you won't run out as fast, and you don't have to worry (as much) about stamina! Landstriders will destroy you with their high health if you don't bring this ring. Because the ring only lasts for about 2/3rds the recharge, it is suggested to bring 2 of them in your crew.

Healing Halo: This ring is actually good now, no joke. Srsly. With an amazing health regen rate its definitely worth your crew's slot. Its like a 15 minute miny bandage.

Meat: Personally, this is my favorite buff. Ever. This ring is a max health buff that adds a great deal more health to your max health at full rage (it also heals the health it buffs) with a recharge the length of its cooldown, this ring is the bomb. Srsly.

Wish:This ring provides the best heal in the game. With a low stamina cost and fast recharge, as well as an AoE at higher rage ranks, why would anyone not use this ring? Well, it's ally only. So you'll need to trust your crew and have 2 wishers to make it work effectively. You should never have wish be your only healing ring. Always carry Bandage or Diagnose.


Knife Sharpen: This ring does a bit of damage while debuffing the enemies’ accuracy so they will miss more. This ring has good range and is pretty good when coupled with some dodge buffs. The only problem is that this ring doesn't have a very good stamina cost or recharge, thereby making it not very important or useful.

Adrenaline: This ring debuffs an enemy’s dodge and does a bit of damage. This causes your attacks to hit more and deal more critical hits. This ring really is not worth it for the ring slot, stamina cost, and recharge. It is much better to just bring some accuracy buffs and be done with it.


Coyote Spirit: This helpful ring gives you a boost to foot speed. This can be really helpful if you find yourself alone in the hive with a ton of aggro and low stamina! This ring is self and allies.

Fitness: This ring is passive; just wear it and its active! It buffs Accuracy, Dodge, Willpower, Weight, Health Regeneration, Stamina Regeneration and Luck by a tiny bit each. This ring is just good if you have an extra slot and you feel that everything you need has been taken care of. However, an extra attack or heal is usually a better option. The big plus side is the passive part. 3nodding

Fleet Feet: This ring gives you a large boost to foot speed for a short amount of time (this ring has a larger recharge than its duration, like turtle). This ring would be okay except the stamina cost is really large and the time it is in effect doesn't change with rage anymore. This ring isn't worth the stamina and is a wasted slot. This ring’s effect is AoE around your avatar (like diagnose).

Ghost: This cool ring buffs yourself or an ally with dodge. This means you won't be hit as often, and monsters won't hit critical as often either!

Iron Will: This ring gives you or an ally more willpower, which increases the chance of you using Crowd Control successfully, as well as your ability to successfully avoid an enemy's Crowd Control! This ring is only very useful in the hive if you have people using Crowd Control (which you should be).

Keen Aye: Keen Aye is a very attractive ring, it can be used on yourself or allies, and it buffs accuracy. This makes it so you don't miss as often... and you hit more critical hits!

My Density: This ring is excellent in the hive. It offers a weight buff to yourself and allies, which is needed because the walls deal damage and the walkers and landstriders have knockback... as well as ranged DoT!

Which Rings to Rage?

Sab is late on updating this, but do to changes, you should now rage all buffs and use rage on AoE, One on One, CC, and healing when needed... (for attacking make sure and rage the ring that does the most damage)

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
User Image
Written By Bo_bannan

What is a Ring Set?
A ring set is a combination of certain rings worn on the same hand which give off a stats boost when worn.

User Image
The first four rings on the left-hand side are not a ring set. They are randomly chosen rings. The last four rings on the right-hand side are a ring set. All ring sets glow yellow when they are worn on the same hand!

Green is great
Orange is okay
Red is Bad

User Image
Pirate Set: (Shark Attack, Slash, Quicksand, Keen Aye)
Special Bonus: Persistent Armor
Role: With this set, your first priority is to buff everyone with Keen Aye. Quicksand Landstriders, Walkers, and Lightning Bugs when your crew is in need of health or stamina. Lastly attack.
Recommendation: This is a great set for hive. It consists of slash, one of the best attacks, and a decent middle ranged ring, (Two attacks will suffice), an awesome Crowd Control that will help you manage stamina and stay alive, and a needed buff in crews below 4. Keen Aye is still helpful in crews 4 and above
-Give Keen Aye with full rage to people with Crowd Control first priority, everyone else second priority, because Crowd Control often misses.
-Quicksand animated consecutively
Unhelpful Things:
-Both of these rings have a fast recharge, but make sure not to go through your stamina too fast.
-Quicksand also sucks up a large amount of stamina. Use it often when needed! If you're running low on stamina try using it with rage for a longer rest.

User Image
Ninja Set: (Shuriken, Mantis, Divinity, Ghost)
Special Bonus: Accuracy and Dodge
Role: With this set, you will be hit a lot less, and have less misses on outgoing attacks. You will need to be on top of your crew's buffs, and at the same time steadily attack.
Recommendation: This is a great set for hive. Ghost is very important because it adds a huge dodge increase, and can help avoid incoming attacks. Divinity is a must-have ring. It is impossible to get past your first Landstrider with out it. Divinity increases your stamina gained per second. Mantis is a great attack. It uses little stamina, and has a fast recharge. Shuriken is a decent ranged ring that too, uses little stamina with a fast recharge.
-Apply Ghost and Divinity in between waves
- Apply Ghost with full rage to each crew member
- Tell your crew to gather when applying Divinity. That way everyone will be within range, and only use it with full rage.
Unhelpful Things:
-Greedily using Divinity for yourself only. It is a crew and self buff

User Image
Medic Set: (Adrenaline, Bandage, Diagnose, Defibrillate)
Special Bonus: Foot-speed
Role: With this set, your main job is to be support for your team mates. When they have little health, heal them. When they are dead, Defibrillate them. Adrenaline is used on the animated to weaken their dodge.
Recommendation:This set is okay. Defibrillate is a useless ring in hive, because during combat if you Defibrillate a person they will most likely die again. If you want to heal your teammates, Bandage and Diagnose aren’t the best options when compared to wish. Adrenaline is a decent ring, but isn't a sufficient debuff, nor is it possible to test exactly how effective Adrenaline is.
-Heal one person with Bandage, heal a whole group with Diagnose
-Defibrillate teammates in between waves, unless you have a crew mass wipe out
-Full rage defib is much better than no rage defib
Unhelpful Things:
-Overusing adrenaline and draining your stamina is really bad

User Image
Chef Set: (Hack, Knife Sharpen, Pot Lid, Meat)
Special Bonus: Dodge
Role: This is a well-balanced set. You can attack, debuff, and support with this set. Buff your crew with Pot Lid, increase your health by using meat, debuff bugs with Knife Sharpen, then attack them with Hack.
Recommendation: This set is great! It offers dodge, a needed factor in hive. Hack is a strong fast recharging ring. Knife Sharpen lowers accuracy of animated, and theoretically increases misses of incoming attacks. Pot Lid is the second strongest armor ring, and doesn't require rage. Meat you need in higher waves to survive the explosion from death roaches.
-Rage your Meat
-Buff the whole crew with Pot Lid
Unhelpful Things:
-Dont bother going out of your way to rage Pot Lid

User Image
Space Trooper Set: (Guns, Guns, Guns, Duct Tape, Improbability Sphere, My Density)
Special Bonus: Accuracy
Role: With this set, you are mainly a supporter, but can attack occasionally. Attack the bugs with Guns Guns Guns, stop the Walkers from attacking with Duct Tape, repel attacks with Improbability Sphere, and stop knock back with My Density.
Recommendation: This is okay. However, Guns Guns Guns isn't the best ring for hive. Range is not really needed, and because its ranged its attack is weaker with higher stamina costs. Besides that flaw its a great set. Duct Tape is awesome for surviving and saving stamina. Improbability Sphere is also a great buff. My Density is great for stopping knock back, thereby allowing you to stay within close range of the Walkers/Landstriders to avoid the acid spray attack.
-Duct Tape Walkers, Landstriders, and Lightning Bugs away from your crew.
-Do not attack bugs that have Duct Tape on because it wears out the tape.
-When saving a roach at the end of each wave, make sure it has a considerably high amount of health, because it can attack you, and the attack can bounce back and hit the roach, causing a new wave to start.
- Only rage My Density, because you need a lot of weight to avoid being pushed around from Landstriders.
-If you are the only one in hive and your My Density expires, stay by a wall so you wont be hit by Acid Spray
Unhelpful Things:
(I cant think of any. I will add on later)

User Image
Demon Set: (Fire Rain, Scaredy Cat, Teflon Spray, Iron Will)
Special Bonus: Increased Health Regeneration
Role: Your main focus is to Iron Will people and yourself, then to Scaredy Cat away Walkers, Landstriders, and Lightning Bugs. Teflon Spray you and your crew for protection, and attack with Fire Rain.
Recommendation: This set is okay. Fire Rain takes up a lot of stamina, but doesn't have the strongest attack. Scaredy Cat is a good ring, but it can be hard to manage. Teflon Spray is a fairly weak armor buff. Iron Will is only needed on people with Crowd Control.
-Iron Will people who have a Crowd Control Ring with full rage. People who do not have a Crowd Control Ring only need RR1.
-If your crew and yourself feel overwhelmed, an occasional full rage Scaredy Cat will help things get back on track
Unhelpful Things:
-Don't Scaredy Cat Shockroaches. They aren't worth the stamina to Scaredy Cat.
-Do not use rage on Teflon. The rage is better off used on Scaredy Cat or Iron Will

User Image
Angel Set: (Solar Rays, Hunters Bow, Healing Halo, Wish)
Special Bonus: Luck
Role: This set is for people who want to both attack, and support. Attack the bugs with Solar Rays and Hunters Bow. Support your crew by buffing them with Healing Halo, and then healing them in battle with Wish.
Recommendation: This set is bad! Solar Rays and Hunters Bow are weak attacks. You don't need range in hive. Healing Halo does not sufficiently heal you. It could in no way, shape, or form replace a proper healing ring, and quite frankly is a waste of space. Wish is the only half decent ring in this set. It is the best healing ring for allies.
-Occasionally use Wish with rage, for an AoE healing effect.
Unhelpful Things:

User Image
Prankster Set: (Hot Foot, Heavy Water Balloon, Gumshoe, Fleet Feet)
Special Bonus: Increased Max Health
Role: This set takes the role of an Attacker/Crowd Controller. Attack the bugs with Hot Foot and Heavy Water Balloon. Heal and save when you use Gumshoe. Fleet Feet you and your crew to increase foot-speed and dodge.
Recommendation: This set is bad! Hot Foot and Heavy Water Balloon are both really weak attacks. Gumshoe is not a very effective crowd control ring in the hive. Fleet Feet is a decent buff because it adds dodge, but wears off fast.
-Full rage Fleet Feet right before the wave starts, because it has a longer duration, but wears off quickly
Unhelpful Things:

User Image
Shaman Set: (Dervish, Hornet Nest, Rock Armor, Coyote Spirit)
Special Bonus: Increased Stamina Regeneration
Role: With this set you are an attack/buffer. Attack with Dervish and Hornet's Nest. Protect your crew with Rock Armor, and dodge incoming attacks with Coyote Spirit and increase luck.
Recommendation: This set is bad. Dervish is a huge stamina eater. Hornets Nest causes too much lag if used. Rock Armor is the best ring in this set. It is also the best defensive ring statistically. Coyote Spirit is helpful, but not required. As a result, this set has one of the best rings for hive, but also some of the worst. They do not completely even out, and this is a bad set for hive.
-Full Rage all of your Rock Armors
-If you have extra rage, you can always reapply Rock Armor
Unhelpful Things:
-Hornet's Nest causes a lot of lag, because it causes animated to walk all over the place, and can also make it hard to attack. Therefore, try to not use it too frequently

User Image
Athlete Set: (Bump, Taunt, Turtle, Fitness)
Special Bonus: Debuff Resistance
Role: With this set, focus on attacking, and luring enemies towards you. Turtle and Fitness give you decent protection. Taunt will make animated stop taking your friends, and probably aggro you. Bump use to attack the bugs.
Recommendation: This set is okay. Bump is a strong, close ranged attack ring. Taunt is a close to useless ring, and barely works. Turtle is a great defensive ring, but wears off quickly. Fitness lightly increases most of your stats. These increases may not be noticed right away, because they do not make a huge difference in one particular area.
-Use Turtle with full rage
Unhelpful Things:
-Using Taunt too much, to the point where you have too much aggro, and will die is not very helpful

Ring Set Distribution:
It is not recommended to use two ring sets at once. It is helpful for a crew to either use needed custom rings, or mix around the ring sets. Each person should carry 2-3 attack rings, 3-4 crew buffs, 1-2 heals, 1-2 self buffs. The most recommended ring sets are Ninja Set, Pirate Set, and Chef Set. However, you can test out all of them and see which works best for you.

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
Saburoo's avatar

Desirable Sex Symbol

12,600 Points
  • 50 Wins 150
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Alchemy Level 4 100
User Image
Written By Bo_Bannan

This story is not realistic, it is only partially real, but i thought it would be humerous to add to this thread. This quote has been slightly modified, and if you wish to visit the real thread please click here
Vodka with Muffins

A long time ago, there was this lonely planet far out in space. Gaians, Animated, and even the Zurg had no idea it existed. This hidden exotic planet was inhabited by the original P3's. They lived an existence similar to our Mayans and Aztecs here on Earth. Except they were a LOT more advanced.
They had an ancient ritual of sending their best P3 warriors to fight a battle against the just-as-fierce bugs. Because the P3 warriors were powerful, they easily completed this ceremony with little to no casualties.
Then, one day, the bugs decided to rebel. Using evolved intelligence, the bugs made themselves faster, stronger, and smarter. Plus, they increased their OWN development rate so that a bug was born almost every five seconds.
The P3s were overwhelmed. Never before had they faced such a massive and powerful enemy. The new enemy was a combination of shocking Shockroaches, explosive Deathmines, the all-powerful Walker, and its close stronger relative the Landstrider.
The P3s fought bravely, but knew they couldn't hold out much longer. So, in a last ditch attempt to save their species, they built the Star Portal
The Star Portal led to a crossroad room. From that room, the P3s had access to all of the planets in the universe with life.
So the few remaining P3s gathered up their resources and fled for their lives to the nearest possible planet with life. That place was here, in Gaia.
_____________________________Part II_________________________________

The P3s tried to settle down. But their aggressive nature did not help the fact that they had now met another enemy. The Tiny Terrors were trying to conquer Old Aqueduct by that time and a long harsh battle started between the TTs and the P3s.
Plus we ourselves posed a threat to the P3s. We massacred them in the millions to accomplish the Concerned Citizens quest, and gain access to their technology and intelligence. When the P3s were about to uproot once again and face their chances with the bugs rather than the crazy s**t that goes on over here in Gaia, that's when the bugs decided to crash the party.
The bugs figured out how to work the Star Portal and claimed the crossroad room as their own Hive
You can imagine the P3's horror when one moment they are desperately trying to prevent their species from going extinct, and the next moment some old friends decide to come knocking. So ever since then, it has been an all-out rampaging war coming from FOUR DIFFERENT PARTIES! (Tiny Terrors vs. P3's vs. Bugs vs. Gaians)

The Bug's side
Phovos the Raptor

The bug watched from the shadows as its mates were killed by yet another Prairie Pup hunting party. Was that all they were useful for? Being killed and used as trophies?

The bug was sick of it. And this time, the bug decided to do something about it.

Noone had ever dared go to the being they recognised as Intelligent Evolution. Any Bug that had never came back. Or, at least, they didn't come back the same way they went in.

But this bug was a brave little bug, and decided to risk it anyway. The IE had given any past survivors amazing strength, and the ability to breed like parasites on a Prairie Pup's backside, so, if it survived, maybe the bug would end up the same. Yeah, the chances of dying were quite high...

Pushing the thoughts aside, the bug walked up to, and into the Intelligent Evolution... Then walked out again, its body flowing with electricity.

After disappearing to lay some eggs, the bug encouraged his buddies to enter, and soon enough, there were so many of them, in all different shapes and sizes, that they were overflowing their nests and were snacking on those P3s which had once been so strong.

Then one day the P3s disappeared.

A few unknown-planetary weeks later, a Walker found a large, purple disc embedded in the ground, and stepped on it, reappearing on another world....

As this infinite battle continued amongst the four species, three Gaians were thinking about strategy to win this endless war. Radiantdarkja, Tartarga, and II Viet_Fire II (Be fast like me bby) undergone a series of tests that could drive any man mad. Finally, they had concluded dodge was the best way to get far in hive. Therefore, they decided to bring along ninja set. They had broken wave 100, and stimulated the motivations of Gaians to destroy hive world. Not too long after, a crew had hit wave 139, also known as the barrier wave, due to its extreme difficulty to pass, and separates the great crews from the amazing crews. About 5-10 other crews had hit wave 139, tying the record but none had gone past it. Months and months had passed of training, and finally a crew passed wave 139. More and more crews slowly inched their way towards the upper 100’s. Out of the blue, a crew had made their way to wave 236. Soon after, a crew went to 244. After many unsuccessful trials from everyone, a crew managed to hit wave 264.
User Image
Wave 264 is the highest wave achieved in classic hive. And also a special thanks to Ccatman, who was in this crew for a big bulk of the time and had to go. However, I congratulate all crews who have made it to and passed wave 100+. That is an astonishing achievement.
Solo Hive Record:
User Image
(Click to see entire screenie) Congrats Gwapitong Baduday
I’m sure a lot of you are probably wondering what defines classic hive.

1. There were two different types of walkers: Melee and poison walkers, both having one attack. (if you dont know what these terms mean you can find them Here)
2. Waves were different. Surrounded waves were harder, also known as (rape wave), and walker waves weren’t nearly as challenging as they are currently.
3. There were only walkers and shockroaches in hive. There were no other types of animated.
4. There was no wave counter. If you wanted to know your wave one designated person had to do it manually and keep track.
Fun Fact: If you had died on a walker wave, there was a glitch that stated you had died 5 waves earlier than reality.

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
User Image
Written by Saburoo

After some time, they changed the Classic Hive into something we now call the "Old AI Hive". A few changes made the entire feel of the hive different from Classic. The main change was the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Walkers was updated. Before they hardly had much of an AI, but now they did. The name for this hive comes from the fact the AI was updated, but the name is entirely user created and in no way official. The reason why it is "Old AI" and not "Updated AI" or "The AI" hive, is because the current hive also has the same Artificial Intelligence.

This allowed gaians to get farther and farther, because of how much easier the hive was. Suddenly "Surrounded!" and "WALKERS!!!" waves weren't so deadly and not that hard to beat. This update made the ninja set not essential; with a rock armor one could easily get very far.

This hive still had no wave counters and used the red text that was in the Classic Hive. Waves did not have official names but most of the users called them by names that kind of just happened and many used or called them similar. The wave was and still is divided into rounds, five waves a round... The first Wave was mostly known as the easy wave, with easy spawns and the aliens came out slow, this marked the beginning of a new round. The second and third Waves were mostly just called normal or middle waves, there was nothing special about them, just monsters of average difficulty and number for the round. The fourth wave was the most feared, though not so much as in the Classic Hive. It was known as a few names, the most common was "Surrounded", as the red text went "Surrounded!" as the wave started. It was also called things like the epic wave, the hard wave, the rape wave, etc.

This hive, like the classic hive, was considered by many to be too repetitive. With only two enemies (Walkers and Roaches, or "Rachos" if you are PlumpGerty) things got boring fast for a lot of users. This time period was the easiest of all and had the highest records, with the easier to handle AI and no Landstriders, Lightning Bugs, or the almighty Deathroaches. The record for this Hive was: Wave 334
Servers cycled, and 3/6 crew members were booted. Credit also goes to, Snow_in_Sahara, Everlane who left high 200's, and Midnightal who left around wave 200

The solo hive record
Congrats Ccatman

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
Saburoo's avatar

Desirable Sex Symbol

12,600 Points
  • 50 Wins 150
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Alchemy Level 4 100
User Image

Written By Bo_bannan

After “Old AI” Hive became too easy, the Developers decided Hive needed a serious change. In doing so, they added new animated; the Landstrider, Deathroach, and Lightning Bug. In addition, there are newly added wave counters, and each wave has an official title. The Developers added longer breaks in between waves. After your whole crew dies, you and your crew inside the Hive will be transported outside near the Star Portal. The reward for venturing far into Hive has increased, however you only receive this reward if you are alive inside the Hive for at least half of the time.

Although this Hive seems all fun and cheery, there are some negatives too. The new Hive tends to lag people a lot, because of newly added graphics and features. There are longer breaks which can be helpful, but also time consuming. The newly added Animated help make Hive less repetitive, but can make things take a long time to kill.

In addition, to these Hive changes, all rings were more equally balanced. The ring balancing was not entirely to change Hive, instead the whole zOMG community, but incidentally did change the Hive. All Hivers had to rethink their strategies and builds. It is to this day, we can no longer call Ninja Set and Rock Armor our ticket to a high wave, but we shall not bare their names in shame, and remember them for what they use to be. Instead, a high wave now requires teamwork, strategy, and buffs.

The Hive Record: Wave 280
User Image

Cat, PlumpGerty, and Omfg Taylor... HOW do they spend 9 hours in the hive? T__T

Perhaps the world will never know

Solo Record:
Cat's Epic Solo
Congrats to Ccatman for the awesome solo! biggrin

Since we are obviously still in current Hive, you may still post screenies of your record beating the previous record in this thread, or Pm-ing Saburoo and Bo_bannan. For the screenie we ask that it shows the wave in the chat, and the crew. Good Luck beating the records!

Current Hive Archive of Notable Runs:
Wave 72*


Wave 87*

Wave 88

Wave 90

Wave 92

Wave 97

Wave 102

Wave 108

Wave 112?

Wave 113

Wave 117

Wave 123

Wave 125?

Wave 130

Wave 190*

NOTE: Some of these runs were done before somewhat of a difficulty update, but I'm too lazy to make another section...so * means pre updates and ? means I am not sure and will update it ASAP

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates
User Image

Thanks sooooo much everybody who is on this list! You have contributed a lot to the making of this guide. heart

Batman4815162342: For making all of the banners, signatures, and affiliate banners.
Ccatman: For the letting us use his screenie to wave 119
Coolazity1: For being a grammar nazi
Gwapitong Gaduday: For letting us use his screenie to wave 104
OMFG Taylor: For helping out in a screenie, and testing theories with
Phovos the Raptor: Providing majority of screenies for "badge" section, creating the bug's side section of classic hive
Plumpgerty: For being the hive grammar Nazi, and cropping a few screenies
TalonofDrangor: For helping Bo_bannan in a screenie, and cropping a few screenies, providing a screenie
Vodka with Muffins: For letting us use and slightly edit her story

Table of Contents - About the Mods - Hive - Hive Basics - Crew Manners - Pacing Your Crew - Badges - Higher Wave Tactics
Rings - Ring Sets - Classic Hive - Old AI Hive - Current Hive - Whitelist - Blacklist - Affiliates

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