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The zothaq

In the good old days of movies.

Lol, irk? XD

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The zothaq


Yeah I really never watch movies anymore. oUo
Back when I actually watched them often~ xD
I don't ever write about my dms crews, whether they're amazing or horrid experiences. But I just feel like it today.
Today on Bug I was threatened by our cl 10.8 leader to either aggro her newly formed crew or be kicked out of it. I don't have too much a problem with aggroing in general, but the manner of getting me to aggro was repulsive to me. Nonetheless, I agreed to aggro them, reluctantly, might I add.
So it was an okay start, we got through the entrance just fine. After a room or so this cl 11.8 was bragging to me about all these things, implying that he could mess up my aggro/tank better than me, yatta yatta. I can't remember all the things he said, but he was acting like my little 11 year-old brother(Despite him being exactly twice my brother's age..).
I don't want to go into too much detail, but a couple rooms after continuous bickering, leader decided she wanted to die, null, and kick someone from our crew so she could invite her friend instead. Her friend left so she revived instead of nulling, and I reminded the crew members to rebuff her fragile self. xD
Someone started complaining to me and I asked if they had a problem with me reminding them to rebuff. Leader and cl 11.8 both said yes, the others were perfectly fine with being reminded. So as I was walking into the next room, leader threatened me that I cannot say anything other than "In". I got offended and felt completely unappreciated by the people who forced me to unwillingly aggro as well as put me into such a bad mood, I named my buffs and apologized to the other members of the crew whom were the only reason why I stayed in that crew for so long, and left the crew.
I found out that cl 11.8 actually couldn't tank very well, and half the crew left. I just wish that the zOMG community would return to the one I used to know, where so many people helped each other out.

TL;DR, I know I know. I just wanted to vent it out for once to the forums.
And I've been informed that this really only applies to the YM community. Excuse me for not further specifying that up until this point.
I added it to the Title, sorry about that. ~
I gotta agree,
in an inferior sense, no one wants to take off their meats and bandies :/

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