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zOMG will miss you [ JK ] and we hope that you will be asked to come back to help work on it again. There are so many bugs and areas that still need to be fixed and developed.

Really, I want to know about those robots attacking durem is from the guard guarding the gate to the city in bassken lake as well as the airshark that was saying that "this is for sam". I was always hoping that would be "part two" for zomg but I guess that will just have to be a dream.

Thanks for all the fun in zomg! 3nodding
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from system pranks to running crews.
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you sure have made zomg a lot of fun and you will be missed.

best of luck to you and liz.
come back and hang out with the community!

So best of luck to you and your upcoming wedding and good luck with finding another job.
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*hugs* Glad you were here. You brightened the site with your presence as no one else could have.
Good luck in the future.
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It's a sad day to see such a brilliant artistic mind leaving. I hope you can find another place you can call 'home' smile
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Although I've only been here for four years, I can hardly recall what Gaia was like when I first joined. I feel like the changes made were for the better, but they erased Gaia's history...the memories associated with the older Gaia are a few of my best.
However, I almost felt as if Gaia grew with me...I doubt I can even simulate what how I acted four years ago. It's almost like watching a live thing grow up -- you still sometimes find yourself in reminiscence, thinking about what used to be like, but at the same time, you're anxious to see how it would evolve.

Alas, it's inevitable that everything has to end someday. Though I hope Gaia lasts longer than their actions say, we oughta live in the moment, no? It's still here; we're still here, and it's not like the former staff are dead, yanno. Might as well make the best of it.
As for you epic former employees, I wish the best of luck in the future. It's hardly adequate to say the cuts were a "disappointment," but I'm glad you'll be there for other people to meet. You guys are unforgettable, and I'm sure others will feel the same.
Thank you for your time and efforts on Gaiaonline.
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Thank you for allowing me to beta some games with you, and to team up with you in some games as well. Everything has been a honor.

This is a decision that I cant fathom in any sense at all.

I really hope you will keep us updated with your new ventures and projects so we can continue to support you in your new paths.
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I shall miss you good Sir, had a lot of fun at the meets, and the events you've created, zOMG pretty much dominated my main gaming focus for 4 years, I thank you because I got to meet a lot of very good people and make great friends heart

I wish you happiness no matter what the future brings~
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Congrats on your wedding, though! 4laugh I wish you two much happiness for the rest of your lives! emotion_kirakira heart
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Lots of hugs for JK. You're a great friend and I wish nothing but the best for you. Stay in touch!

I'll never forget the good times we've had here. Trick or Treating on my dial-up connection when zOMG was brand new, all the testing, the Zurg event, the zOMG meetups...I don't think we will ever be able to top all that without you here. Hopefully you can start up something else just as epic when you land somewhere.
Thanks very much for all the encouragement and support, and the games. User Image

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Thank you JK. I got the chance to meet and play with you, at least once. You're brilliant and I am grateful for your dedication to Gaia.

Congratulations on the wedding!

We'll all miss you so.
~ Alice
I'm sorry to hear about what happened, but I want to say something, like most people here have already done.

Thanks a whole bunch with the creation and maintenance of the game. It was a whole lot of fun when I started, and I really enjoyed playing with everyone. I remember the fun days of trying to figure out the controls, screwing up pretty badly and trying to figure out every rings' effects. Things have changed quite a bit since starting, which made it kind of entertaining lecturing some newbies who had no idea what I was talking about. My favorite times however would have to be the End Boss moments, as well as the holiday hunts. I missed out on a few items, but the experience with the other events made me miss it much less. Having members that had a few rings I didn't have helped as well. ^_^ After going through a bit of a sleep schedule change, I finally was able to find out when you were on, as well as a few others. I enjoyed all the insane events you put up, from landshark hoards to halloween rape festivals (sorry for the language, but there isn't a word that can accurately describe it for me). Due to some personal difficulties, I couldn't get online as much, but I still remember the good ole' times.

To sum up, playing zOMG was really fun for me, and I'm sad to see you go. I hope you find another occupation where you can have as much fun as you did with us, or as much as I had with you and everyone else
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Many memories made with you that I haven't forgotten JK (You might not remember me because of name change. xD). Thank you for everything and good luck with your future. emotion_hug
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I never talked to you or got to know you in the time i've been here, but thank you for everything you've done for the site!
I wish you luck in wherever you go next, and congratulations on the wedding!
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I never had the chance to talk to you--but I am grateful for all you have done,
I've had great memories with zOMG! along with bad, but that's the way it goes.

Thanks JK, and good luck with whatever comes your way.
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Goodluck [ JK ], We miss you emotion_hug
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Who will crush us with dev spawns now? And have cool brackets in their username?
Have a great trip abroad, but come back...

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