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Suggestion for new player options? Discussion/suggestions

It would seem that the new pretty Diagnose Ring animations are lagging me, a lot! Just like FireRain use to do. (Still lags but not as bad) I have this suggestion. Give us the option to turn off all ring animations. Kinda what adblock does but better, since it should not make other none related things vanish, like your avi. User Image I also suggest this option for the dialog. AIM really just sucks, but the dialog makes it lag to the point where you have to wait minutes to get caught up. So if we had options to lower or turn of these things I think it would give people a good way to reduce lag. (Thinking of people with older PC more then anything here)
It would be nice if we could turn off a lot of stuff.

I wouldn't mind having all monsters replaced with a white x on a black background rofl.
I agree, this would be great. The biggest problem with adblock for me (besides the invisible avi glitch) is the lack of sounds DX. If I could turn off the animation, but leave the sounds on, that would be amazing.
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Yeah, I've noticed too how much Diagnose lags, even on low detail.
Fire Rain didn't bug me too much because most people just used Dervish instead... but like everyone has Diagnose.
I hadn't had to use AdBlock before now... but now it's like necessary on EB/Hive D:

The dialogue idea is good too: you can disable the chat screen but it just pops up in a pretty laggy form anyway.

-general agreement-
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aww i like the idea
but diagnose is causing no lag for me o.O

but lag rain and heavy lag ballon are killing my firefox when i do a boss run crying

and hi soul plase add me on skype xD
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I would love it if the music and/or sounds could be turned off completely (if the volume is 0 it will still download and try to play the files). Same for ring animations & chat, I think that would fix most my lag issues.
I suppose taking off animations may improve performance. . . . .but doesn't that take away the "richness" of the game?

A lot of work went into the art and animation and sound. . . and aren't these the aspects that make the game interesting? Removing these aspects would be like reading the conductor's score in place of experiencing a live concert. . .or reading a script instead of attending the actual play. . .

As for the lag, I think a lot of things are still being optimized to make them less laggy. I'm sure lag won't be so great a problem once Version 1 rolls around.

(Just my $0.02.)
Yesss I hate that you can't fully close the chat pane. That would be useful.

Another suggestion...I wish the game would save your preferences so you don't have to redo them everytime.
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Well, although I seem to be one of the few person who doesn't get noticeable lag, but I would like to save the preferences of the music player so that every time I load zOMG, I don't hear the default music.
I agree with Connie- shutting down animations would be really weird for me. But, you're just suggesting an option to shut them down, so it wouldn't really affect me. biggrin Lag is the main issue though, I hope they find a way to get rid of it. xP
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An option to disable the min-C.L. barrier for boss instances would be nice.
That's a good idea. I have a reletively new HP laptop, and I lag terribly with some of the ring animations, I can't imagine on an older computer. Plus I use IE and I'm not sure what the equivalent to adblock is, if one even exists. So that option would be wonderful.

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Only problem with disabling ring animations would be that unless your constantly watching the crew window (or even if you were) wouldn't it be hard to tell what everyone is doing? Not trying to be a nay-sayer or anything it just would need some system of still indicating what is being done rather that just numbers flying all over the place x-x. I know it would at least make me really confused as to whats going on.
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Okay I am not going to quote everyone but here goes.
First off, thanks for your input. I'm not upset if you disagree, as long as it's done in a polite way I have never had a problem with that. 3nodding
The idea is not to take anything permanently out of the game that is why I suggested it just be an option. A choice. You see I have an older PC and one that was built for gaming and high demand programs, on the old one I lag to a stand still with some of the animations from the rings. I thing that I would choose to turn them off if I had the option. It's what adblock does. But with adblock you lose sound too and you avatar can become invisible as well as other peoples avatars. Now that is a pain. So, with the option to turn off or (maybe turn down? )the animations I would hope we would not have these side affects since it would be built into the game and not be an outside program.

I don't want to take away from the games charm but if you lag and can't play the game, that would most defiantly affect the enjoyment of the game, as it does for those with older or less powerful PC/Labtops. Given the choice most of us would do without the pretty extras. Nothing is ever perfect but if I can't go see the movie, I read the book. wink Not as good but still pretty awesome.

The concern over knowing what the crew is doing I understand, but you would still have sound and you should really know what rings your crew has, or I would think you would? And again, it could be just a turning down or lowering of the animations, ,making it less demand on the PC by making the animations lest flashy? I had no problems with the way Diagnose was before this last update, when more flashy animations was added. By the way, I like the animation it's really great to look at, but I could of done without it if it means less lag. *shrugs* I don't know how other feel, but that's how I feel about it.

And before everyone takes of my head; Yes, I know they are working on lag and are still optimized, and they are doing a great job of it too. This is just a suggestion, an idea that may help them and us. I don't know how much optimizing they can do that will help the older PC users, so I decided to suggest this.

Some kind or an indicator would be helpful I guess, if they do this, to let you know what rings are being used. I'm not sure what would work that wouldn't cause it's own lag. confused

Other ideas and suggestion are always welcomed.
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well i liked your idea soul, since everyone is complaining about the lag on zomg (especially if you end up in a full server and want to do ss)
i think players should get the possibility to decide themself, whether want to see the animations or not

but i understand that this is not number one on the dev's to do list since they are trying to rebalance everything and fix broken quests in the first way

i would like a kill counter so that i can see how many robofishies i have already slashed
it would motivate me more to hunt for badges if i knew how many kills are left

i would also love to have a badge for reaching wave 100 in hive in a crew and solo xp

(sorry for any typos i made, english is not my first language)

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