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ah a poll, your opinion please?

keyboard mothertrucker :D 0.20512820512821 20.5% [ 8 ]
mouse, mouse yes =] 0.17948717948718 17.9% [ 7 ]
both of them :) 0.61538461538462 61.5% [ 24 ]
Total Votes:[ 39 ]
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My battlename will be o0b3r_butt3rf1y!

Definitly mouse! Mostly mouse though.
Here's a pic (if it shows...):

User Image
I Hope it comes out real soon it sound interessting!
And i think our battle name would be the same as our Gaia name
but thats just my opinion.
Pixelated Carmie's avatar

Sparkly Shopper

aww i hope its both biggrin
tehehe and im back XD
using mouse all the way?

hunnay please x)
More then likely it will be like towns/rally/theater where you can click or use the keyboard to move..
But then again they could surprise us with some out of the way twist.

† Aztios †

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