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Help me think up a better title for this project. I'm not very creative.

I can think up a name 0.11851851851852 11.9% [ 16 ]
I got nuttin' 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 45 ]
Sarah Palin fan club is the only acceptable name 0.54814814814815 54.8% [ 74 ]
Total Votes:[ 135 ]
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I am the only one in Upstate NY) :
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I want to join! I just did the map thingy, just waiting for the admin to accept it. Just thought of posting so you guys know I'm interested whee
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Map is now up to date. We sure have a lot of people for a game with people complaining they can't find people.
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From Florida smile
Submitted a marker! Woot!
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3 more people approved. Map is up to date.

There are plenty of people mapped near you MsGigi and you should be able to start doing DMS quests if you so wish.
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I love this idea, it will help out a lot XD.
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i added my mark. i dont know if it got submitted thou, since it disapeared from the map somehow =w=
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This is super cool!
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Usaki Tsukino
i added my mark. i dont know if it got submitted thou, since it disapeared from the map somehow =w=

That is because a mark needs my permission before it gets added to the map. I do this because every other forum map project I have seen has gone poorly without some admin providing oversight.

Anyways map is up to date. We have 123 people on the map now.
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o such a fanclub Sarah Palin
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o mai
That name change.

So it's official now?
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