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Well, actually, just Paper and Scissors, because we already have Rock Armor.

Let me explain myself:

In game, we have these emotes, Rock, Paper and Scissors (to play rock-paper-scissors).

User Image····················User Image····················User Image

And we already have a ring (buff) that uses one of the emotes as its RR1 animation.

User Image

What if we also had 2 more rings that used Paper (debuff/crowd control?) and Scissors (attack) animations?

(And I'd love suggestions, too).

Ring: Paper Blindfold
Plaster your foes' faces with paper to blind them, making them attack their own allies for a short amount of time.
Higher Rage Ranks increase the area and animated affected, making the battle look more like a bloodfest.

Target: Animated only
Range: Medium
Stamina Cost: 8
Cooldown: 15 Seconds

RR1 -> Confusion (15s)
[Note: Confusion is just like when P3s attack Tiny Terrors, or animated at Gold Beach during the mini-event]
(White paper sheet animation, just like the emote, that sticks in front of the animated)

RR2 -> Confusion (15s) + AoE
(Different paper sheet, and angrier)

RR3 -> Confusion (15s) + AoE
(Different paper sheet, and angrier)

RR4 -> Confusion (15s) + AoE
(Different paper sheet, and angrier)

Ring: Scissors Cut
You don't run with scissors, but you can totally throw them at others!
This pair of scissors gnaws on your foes, dealing some damage, and giving nasty cuts that make them bleed.
Higher Rage Ranks increase the area and animated affected, spreading damage like a bad case of chicken pox.

Range: Medium
Stamina Cost: 6
Cooldown: 4 Seconds

RR1 -> 60-100 Damage (80 Damage) + 2*20 DoT
(Animated scissors, just like the emote, that bite the foe)

RR2 -> 80-120 Damage (100 Damage) + 3*20 DoT + AoE
(The scissors poke each foe affected)

RR3 -> 100-140 Damage (120 Damage) + 4*20 DoT + AoE
(Two pair of scissors perform an X-Strike on each foe affected)

RR4 -> 120-180 Damage (150 Damage) + 5*20 DoT + AoE
(A lot of scissors think they are a school of piranhas on each foe affected)

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Mega Hoarder

cute idea, and I especially like the scissors! biggrin
I do like these! Even though the description of Scissors Cut makes it sound like Hot Foot, just with another animation (sounds cooler too).
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Unforgiving Gaian

Good presentation!
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Scissors would be fun to watch xD
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Man-Hungry Smoker

This is a great idea!
I'd be using those scissors all day long. whee
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heres a bump for you.

and yes, I do like the idea 8D
Nice ideas.

Scissors to me suggest something essentially melee, though. Perhaps something like Slash - maybe with a faster, less effective effect (so a sort of MantiSlash in effect).

Or maybe something which does good AoE damage (AoE only with rage, perhaps), but at the cost of footspeed, because you're being careful not to run with them? Or just does damage to you if you do move for a short while after using it? Or you toss the scissors to the animated, and it improves their ability to do damage - you're giving them a new weapon, afterall - but also dishes damage out to them (maybe only when they move, so the more you move around and force them to move, the better it is for you, so there's some combined strategy)? Or maybe it's an attack which just sometimes can cut you back?

Paper... papercuts. Maybe a weak armor (maybe an armor pool one with just a really small armor pool, so a short lived Rock Armor) that also can give nearby animated damage over time from the papercuts?
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Romantic Fairy

Wow, you actually put thought into this O.O
I remember talking about it with you 3nodding
I wish these rings really would be made, so awesome! Especially the scissors.
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I like the idea!
It should be nice to see them in-game
Atrash the Squidmonger
Paper... papercuts.

Yeah, I thought that, but I think scissors work better than paper as weapons.

And we already have too many armors in game.

If Scissors had a good AoE or DoT damage, it would be too powerful.

Like jzmajor said, it's like Hot Foot; maybe it could have more AoE than Hot Foot, but make less damage.

But yeah, reversing the effects (making Paper the attack ring, and Scissors another thing) could also work.

Wow, you actually put thought into this O.O

Yeah, you were there pirate

I remembered to make this thread again when I was Fishing.

Atrash the Squidmonger
Paper... papercuts.

Yeah, I thought that, but I think scissors work better than paper as weapons.

Yeah, though it's mostly that paper alone is sort of hard to utilize as any category of ring effect without going too arbitrary (just doing something like "Shurikens... made from paper" or "paper... that's reflective" wink or derivating from the emote too much (such as something themed off of origami - either just in general [like a buff which distracts animated with your mad origami skills] or something focused on a specific thing [Chinese finger traps, paper cranes, paper airplanes, paper boats]).

Hmm, paper is a medium of creativity and imagination. What about a sort of rage-Fitness, a ring which is jack-of-all-trades (to a much greater degree than Fitness, as I'll explain), but masters none of them. It's useful for a lot of things, but isn't as good as having the full thing, as well as requiring rage. Each rage rank would be a different effect.
Just as possible examples
rr1 would be the emote-esque animation, just holding a paper into the air as a very short lived shield (armor pool [not like Turtle - short lived because of small armor pool, not duration, and with a shorter cooldown, but it's not trying to be the ultimate complete shield either])
rr2 would fold it into an origami sword, doing some kind of damage (probably melee), and maybe a substantial debuff as well (from the papercuts)
rr3 would fold into a... maybe a paper rose, providing a short duration health regeneration buff (basically for the effect of self healing, but without gaining the aggro from healing itself)
rr4 would fold around the [dazed] target into the shape of a Gaian, giving a low level revive of sorts.
There's obviously better possible uses of it (crane and paper airplane among others are really common things which might fit in somewhere, and other mechanical effects could also be figured out as best), but this was just as an example.

If Scissors had a good AoE or DoT damage, it would be too powerful.

Well, for the ideas I was throwing out, Scissors would be melee - more like an alternative to Slash, either with something better to begin with (but needing rage to get a smaller and less effective AoE than Slash has), being the faster-but-weaker version (sort of like Mantis vs. Hack).

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