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Hey guys. : )

I am absolutely in love with Fire Rain, and tend to use it along with Dervish and Slash and something else for my fighting rings.

However, while crewing for the Saw Mills I find that Dervish isn't a great choice (and just saw a post by somebody that it can be annoying to knock the enemies back while others are trying to fight them)

SO, are there rings like Fire Rain which work the same way? I tried Hornets Nest but it has to be aimed, I want one I can just click and it damage everything. :3

Thanks in advance guys!
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I think heavy waterballoon works that way too.
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To my knowledge, Fire Rain and Dervish are the only crowd control rings where you don't have to aim. However, Dervish's knockback effect isn't that good when doing sawmill mobs as you have noticed. Leave Hornet's nest behind to, because it has the possibility to scare enemies and you'll just have to wait for the enemy to loose that effect until you can clear the mob. I recommend Heavy Water Balloon or Hot Foot also for the sawmill runs. You have to aim with them, but they don't have any //troublesome// effects with them. Just use the Q key on your keyboard to quickly aim to the nearest enemy and use it. They work pretty well. I never bring Fire Rain with me just because it only works on whats absolutely //NEAR// you. I usually bring Hot Foot and Balloon nowadays because they don't have only a point-blank range.

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...ßut who will be the victor..?
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I bring all the AoE rings. emotion_awesome
Also, stop being lazy just because you can't aim with rings. emotion_donotwant
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Honestly, for instances like Papa Saw and Shallow Seas, I run the three Swords. Hack, Slash and Mantis work wonders, dealing heavy amounts of damage. I r4 Slash, then follow up with Hack and Mantis.
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I think its mainly fire ran and heavy water balloon that work like that, but you cant ignore direct combat and the amount of damage it causes.

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