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Dreamer of Perfection
Prideful Sea
A fail is a fail that's part of life .
If you d/c because of a bad Internet connection that's part of life and technology.
So it's not really the person's fault.

Man I was talking bout people who actually left without d/c, I mean he/she is just left.... (clicking leave button or something like that.)

be completely sure of that, because I know sometimes they go to refresh and don't even get a lightning bolt before they poof from the crew! 'though sometimes people do just leave out of no where, Smeb/Smob can be full of babies

I just dont like the way that there is too much people leaving in EB whether with bolts or just leaving.
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What happened? surprised
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Pan Twardowski

I've seen Shallow Seas reset because someone left in Undersea Ledge. It's rare, but it happens.

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I had a crew like that recently- the person who couldnt' get back on the server had Div and some other important buff, so we got a replacement, but they had to solo all of Undersea Ledge because it reset. Owing to the lack of div, we hadn't finished yet. xd

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