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if anyone would like to do the deadmans shadow Please feel free to message me ^^
zomg is close down for repair i hope it comes back just found out today
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To be honest i think they might open zOMG back cause Gaia already knows how much we love zOMG and they know if they take it down theyll loose alot of players
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Lol i feel the same in a way
Anyone know how long zOMG will be down for?
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I hope when they fix it I'll finally be able to play it at home again... it wasn't working with my mac before TT___TT
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I got back on here just to show a friend how fun Zomg! is and its down I was heartbroken I hope the things I read about it staying down indefinitely are just rumors. I was set on having more adventures on here.
I've been playing on Gaia Online on and off with different accounts for almost 9 years now (Goddamn I feel old), back in the olden days where if you wanted cash you had to kicked trees in the town square and catch bugs, for entertainment you had water balloon fights in the fountain, and before you could even own a house. I remember getting excited over the car races and updates to the "towns" apps, allowing us to screw around pointlessly even more, and allowing us to organize 30 person watergun fights in the pool. And to be completely honest, even with all the memories I have with this website, since zOMG!'s release, it's been the single reason why I continue to return to this website time and time again, and continue to buy gaia cash when I play again to support it's development. You guys have created something truely remarkable, and I'd love to see the continued success and development of zOMG! once it returns (hopefully it does). Until that time, if it comes, I will continue to check back in. Best of luck everybody!
last 7 years crying i started playing gaia.. then this game went in and got addicted biggrin now i want to enjoy it again and it feels like gaia is an RPG back the days because of this game. now damn.... its like this crying i hope it coomes bacl
i hope that too
i really liked zOMG!

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