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No, lots of friendly players, but the zOMG population has shrunk considerably since Gaia refuses to update it, so what you're left with is what seems like a higher-than-usual douchebag number.

And yeah, claiming an area for farming has always been a problem in this game. You're never going to get rid of those guys.

Just don't take them seriously, and you'll meet nice people with whom you can friend and play with on a regular basis.
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Awe it's ok. Not everyone is a jerk. If trolling or anything against the TOS gets really bad and starts hurting you, there is always the nice report feature in game. Just copy and paste the chat. Using taunt and luring a bunch of animated to daze those players cussing would be tempting for me. xd Don't worry, there are still a ton of nice players out there, it just takes time and some searching to find them. I joined both Gaiaonline and zOMG! at the same time two years ago, so I'm still learning new things myself. I have my own quote now "Forever a noob" for myself. I would gladly like to friend you. So funny how people take a casual game so seriously.
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Oh, those player.
I see them.
I go there all CL:12 like and and steal the kills if they're rude in telling me to not do so.
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Thanks for all the kind words! As you've already accepted, I suppose you know that I've already sent you a friend request.

I'm starting to get the sneaking suspicion that a lot of the friendly, nice people are either hanging around the final stages of zOMG, or they're hiding out in the forums because they've more or less run out of things to do at the moment.
Yeah, most of the nice people I know are around those levels xD But I'm sure that's because of where I am. There are still some really good people in other areas, but it might be harder to find since they're usually solo-ers
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Try playing with friends first or make some new ones in the forum , wanna be friends eh ?
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Hello! I hope minor discussion is okay here. I don't often haunt these parts and today is my first day playing zOMG.

I started playing today so I could potentially gather up lots of fun little alchemy items ( something else I'm also new to ), and I figured it would be a fun and easy way to get to know people as well.

Well.. I was wrong. emotion_donotwant

If I happened to wander into an area with a group of people that did nothing but kill fluffs or garlics, I would have my window spammed to death with messages of "MY KILLS BTCH", "THIS IS OUR SPOT", "GTFO", and so on. And ******** me if I didn't bother to accept a random crew request - I'd get even more insults like "dumb b***h", "f**", and so on.

Granted, I understand these are just words and it's not a huge deal but.. Seriously? Is this what some people tried so hard to save? I haunt the GCD regularly so I remember seeing efforts to rescue zOMG and plenty of discussion about it.. But if this is the best zOMG has to offer, I don't understand what the fuss was about. The gameplay is good, the community that I've seen so far has been miserable..

I haven't moved passed Bill's Ranch yet because leveling by myself has been decently boring/difficult, is there any point that it gets better for a solo player? emotion_8c

sadly this was starting to happen around 2011 anyways. so.. yeah.. sad way it turned out. Then again, i hear that it's no longer being worked on by gaia. so.. guess those who just use it to farm for gold/sellable items won.

you may randomly find good crews. but so rare these days.
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That sucks giant overflowing sacks of donkey s**t that you had to go through that. Believe you me the game only recently got quite that bad.

I mostly ghost around in what was once the "final" area of the game-where all the 10.0+ CLs hang out; Gold Beach. Thanks to Deadman's Shadow requiring a 10.0 CL, "noobs" have been on a rise over in GB(Gold Beach). These noobs get themselves to 10.0 CL by repeating the mini-area known as the Saw Mill over in Bass'ken Lake in order to orb and ring farm. But usually in the process they neglect to get the information they desperately need. Information like what rings to use and how buffs, AoEs, ranged, and knock-back rings work. And because the Saw Mill(referred to in its entirety as "Papa Saw" ) is usually a disordered affair, they usually react very negatively to orders as they move above and beyond that area.

So for those of us frequenting GB, it's become a habit to ask if people have all their buffs at 10.0, or even at all.

I myself have had a long-term itch to bring together a guild or team to help people such as yourself, but have settled for volunteering at the following: QuestBusters. Usually when I do anything, like farm, or face-off against any of the boss-level animated, if I notice someone struggling, I start rattling off tips. I rarely ever neglect this habit, but if I'm trying to nerf(a term meaning to earn the maximum amount of gold you can from the game in a 24-hour period) I may ask them to PM me with questions, regardless of whether or not I lead the crew. I am really good at teaching people, and aside from spending a few hours of my day to earn large sums of gold at GB and its related areas, I'm free anytime to hang out with you or answer questions.

If you're curious about strategies or slang terms or ring sets; really anything, feel free to PM me.
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If youd like, in about 45 minutes I'm available to play for a good 6 hours. I can help you level and such then :3

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