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This might sound a little far-fetched but I think it's a great idea; and that's to have a PvP (Player vs Player) arena where Gaians fight fellow Gaians for prizes, coin, and other cool items. Let it be a team game, where you need 2 or more people in each group (2v2, 3v3, 4v4 ect) duke it out. I think this idea might be far off but I think it's a good idea and thought I should let everyone else know. So is it possable?
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You have no idea how many people want this.

The Devs had originally announced plans for it to be implemented in due time, though with Qix's departure there's been a shadow thrown onto that.
I didn't know that... Heh, so what's going on?
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Only the devs know.

If it is going ahead, it's probably fairly far down the priority table.
My thought about PvP...
Would be very amazing to have because then I would be way to addicted and play PvP everyday (Just for fun not the prizes [But the prizes sound awesome too])
wow i would love thaat esspecially cause im 10.0 in zomg biggrin
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I remeber them talking about this in the closed beta. It would be nice if it was done
It'd be interesting to see a weekly event pvp thing.
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Yeah, we want pvp kinda badly. :<

Oh, time and resources, damn you!
I'm sure you guys have got great ideas biggrin

A weekly thing would be kind of cool. Friday night battles in a selected area. Lol, you guys could have the attacks against each other be caused by some animated with an effect known as rage.

All the animated does is enrage everyone and move around the map(like Buzz kill).

People "can" come together to attack him if they want, or they can just keep attacking each other.

If they kill him, the event ends for about 30 mins to an hour, then boom he pops up again. (Also if you kill him, you get some orbs or something)

Just a thought.
Well when I think about it, what do we or should we do after we reach 10.0? Start all over saying, "That was fun I wanna do it again?". PvP is an idea that's kinda like a reward for people who've gotten to the end/made it to 10.0. If they came up with other 'rewards' for people who've gotten that far, playing there game I'm sure the newbi's'll come stormin' in once they hear about how fun this game is. On top of that pro's'll be eatin' it up. Could you imagin the first place prize to the team who win's vs all the other teams? Everyone will be like, "MAN I GOTTA GET THAT, IT'S ON NOW!!" and stuff.
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I think that the one participating in the PvP match should wager orbs gold or items, and that pvp matches should be accessed by everyone, and the matches should be fair ,like 10.0 vs 10.0 or 6.3 vs6.3 etc ,and those are my thaughts on what PvP should have. biggrin
pvp would be AWESOME
exept there are countless flaws, there would have to be a whole new battle system and the
diagnoses ring would probaly have to be a bit more limited or the battles would last for like, 2 hours xd also the lag would probaly be outrAgeous. my mind diverts to finding a brick wall and banging my head on it with too much lag.

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