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Powder's RAKE pad!~

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Sept 12: Removed outdated self defib idea. Thanks again for listening devs!!!!

Sept 11: Added a bit to Ch2 vs orbs discussion

Sept 8: Ch2 vs orbs discussion and zomg analytical perspectives added!

Sept 5: RR Mouseover added as modified from older and no longer relevant entries. Thanks for listening dev team!
** News updates Histroy. **
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In this thread I'm going to discuss ideas and suggestions I have that I would like to see incorporated into the game. My points will be open for discussion and I encourage that. I made this thread because I'm always thinking of in depth ideas that I want to suggest or discuss but making multiple threads to maintain the points would lose the value of overall discussion. I encourage you to find flaws so that my ideas may continue to hold real value in game. Feel free to make your own suggestions as well. I'm very open minded
FAQ.let this serve as a disclaimer; this thread is a notepad for ideas I think of and like. I don't care If you don't like it. Thanks!


How is this thread different than other suggestion threads?

The suggestions made here are focused on things that effect the current game. They are not personal desires, but are made and focused as advancements.

Can I suggest my own ideas?

Of course. But expect an open discussion.

Can I suggest anything?

Do not make suggestion such as "I want to see a new rake monster," "new RAKE ring plz," or "We want a RAKE tree." Not that we don't love a good rake, but these kinds of suggestions are not improvements but are instead biased self desires. Examples of personal desires are requests for specific animated, new areas, new items, new rings, or new ring sets. Anything similar to these do not belong here. Please consider that before suggesting.

I want to suggest ideas for PVP.

This is not the place for that. Please make suggestions based on things you want to see improved. See above question for details.

The Devs have better things to do.

Thanks, Sherlock, but this is not a demands thread. It's a thread to discuss and improve ideas that we would like to see incorporated into the game. They would be nice, but are not required.

I made a suggestion, why isn't it on the first page?

All suggestions are up for discussion. If your idea seems too closed minded or appears to deter from the overall intention of the current game, you're going to have prove your mindset better sometimes. I will, however, respond to everyone who takes the time to post.
Do you know what you're seeing here...

Game Adjustments.
This section is for suggestions based on slight adjustments to pre-existing play such as monster difficulty and attack fixes, and effects on players.

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Buff Cooldown halved.
If you are dazed; the cooldown for your rings should be halved from the remaining cooldown time. For example, in a normal and current scenario, getting dazed after using RR4 meat means you have to wait about 10 minutes before you can use it again. The improvement would mean only waiting 5. This only applies if you have been dazed. Fully removing the cooldown is a bad idea as it currently stands as a small penalty and encourages players to not get dazed.

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Animated go back tab.
Tabbing (~ key) between animated is not specific enough. Sometimes you just want to make sure you hit every animated once within a short time without manually clicking on them. If we had directional tabbing this would improve game play. This could be done by an additional key function; the "~" key could still be used without change and separate keys, "9" and "0" for example, could be used rotationally with one going forward and one going back. The apparent tendency of the current "~" key is generally based on how close an animated is and if u were fighting it last.

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Player tabbing.
We have the ability to tab between animated, why can't we tab between players? The only thing similar is assigning keys to crew members, however, that's limited to the 5 members of your crew, and depends on remembering which person is assigned to which key. I'd like to use a key similar to (~) to select between all player on my screen/room.

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Crew hot key order.
It's very frustrating to have crew members assigned to hot keys and to not know who they assign to. As a correction, they should be assigned in the order they appear on the crew panel. To further specify, a number could appear next to the players name indicating their hot key .

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Hide Ghi abilities from crew panel.
When you look at the crew panel, there's a spam of icons for everyone's permanent Ghi abilities. Players should be have an option to hide them from view. This makes it much easier to see the buffs on yourself and and your crew and also allows you to compress it to take up minimal space.

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Alignment Reset.
Sometimes we get a little retarded and close a bar we don't know how to open or expand the play screen beyond our monitors capacity. Maybe to an experienced player it's no big, but to a newbie, it's hella frustrating. A simple reset button in the menu would be very helpful.

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Ring Pack Organizer.
It's very annoying to go through your rings if you don't salvage everything, and the window is small and cramped. It would be nice if we could expand the window, search for rings by name, and organize by CL. It would also be nice if you could specify that new ring drops start being added at X line so that we may move rings around more easily without the concern of new ring overflow.

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Crew member rings view.
There should be an option to make a crew mates equipped rings visible without having to click on their info. This would best fit in the crew panel and should appear similar to buffs and Ghi abilities. Additionally, we should have the option to hide it from view to conserve space

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Visible Non-crew buffs.
Sometimes we want to share some crew buffs with people we aren't crewed with. Why waste an RR4 on someone who already has the buff on them? Perhaps this should be displayed as an additional line when you pull up their character info.

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Buff Duration Check.
It's very annoying when using buffs to not know how much time is left before it wears off. It would be useful to mouseover the buff icon in the crew panel and the time would appear. For example, it would be ideal if mousing over the icon for meat we would see "4:37 / 10:00 min."

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Demotion Option.** User ImagenewUser Image
Sometimes, a crew leader is FAIL. When a crew needs someone to do the job right, that's the guy that's AFK, dying, and totally otherwise distracted. A crew should have the ability to vote a member out. The initial voter could be temporarily anonymous in that a popup would occur for all crew members minus the leader asking members to vote out the leader with a 'yes' or 'no' option. The leader may only be kicked if all members agreed and the option to demote the leader could only be used once in a crew per crew leader. In other words, each member can send a vote to demote the leader only once unless the leader changes and it could not be spammable. The person who first sent the vote out to the crew is the person that would become the leader. This should not be a majority vote because this could cause further disruptions and argument among the members who disagree. Finally, voting out a leader does not kick them from crew automatically.

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RR Mouseover.** User ImagenewUser Image
It would be useful to know which RR was applied. This would ideally be found by mousing over the buff icon in the crew panel.

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Game Additions.
This section is focused on ideas that are added onto the game but do not change the current game. These ideas are purely fun and meant to improve user enjoyment.

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Hide and go seek.
Many of you already participate in these games and they are generally friends only because we must trust that the seeker does not cheat. If you have never played before; you use obstacles like rocks or trees to hide behind and the seeker scours the map hoovering their mouse over various areas until they can detect you and then call you out. When everyone has been found, the game is over. In incorporating this into the game; it would encourage more user interaction and would function as follows; Users playing would enlist at a designated area in each zone. When all users are ready to start playing, and a seeker has been determined the game should start a timer for all enlisted players to hide and would freeze the seeker onto the start screen or base until the timer for everyone to hide is up. The seeker would still be use their PDA, however no dots would be visible to them. They should also lose the ability to see speech bubbles which would enable all players to have conversations without risking their hiding spots. All players are semi locked into their zone of play. This means should they wish to exit onto another area of the map or into the null, a pop up should come up warning them that doing so will delist them from the game. And finally, the seeker would not see gears when mousing over areas such as the null or NPCs nor be able to see arrows to new maps. This would in a sense deactivate cheating spots where a users could take advantage of the fact that they cannot be clicked on due to an overlap. Similarly, should they wish to see these again they need only to delist themselves from the game.
All in all this is very complicated. The thing I would like to see most is for a recrewt option to a hide and seek panel, the seekers loss of dots on the PDA and the inability to see speech bubbles during play. All other suggestions above were meant to describe an ideal scenario.
This is also different from a mini games suggestion in that it encourages participation among all active people in a zone instead of limiting it to people we're already friends with.

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Holding hands.
For this a user would select another user and similarly to inviting them to a crew, they would send them the option to hold hands. This would allow their hands to be linked so that they could walk together. Leaving the map would deactivate this in order to maintain freedom for players who are.... rather unaware of things. Similarly to recrewt, a player can opt to never receive holding hands invites.

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This function allows a user to turn off their friends ability to see their dot on the map. This prevents friends from layer hopping to them when sometimes we just want to fight animated or sit on the map quietly and alone. This does not make them invisible on screen, nor does it grant them their own layer or instance.

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Quick Text.
Similar to the emote panel, we could open a panel where we put speed messages. This is similar to quick text on a cell phone or an option in the game tf2 where u put out an emote that states your status. You would preset text that says things like "Thanks," "Gather for divinity," "wait let's rest." The commands should be limited to talk and crew chats in order to prevent spam abuse for people who live for "DEFIB!1" These Quick texts can be assigned to a key function on order to speedily shout for help as needed.
Ideally, In order to maintain compression and function, the Quick text setup should be defaulted as a speech bubble with a number in it and appear similarly to the emotes panel. an expand option would allow the user to see the full text in a column. double clicking each line would allow the user to edit the pretext.
Alternatively the quicktext should be preset commands in order to prevent abusive spam. However, limiting this to talk and crew chat should prevent that form of abuse.

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If you've never played tag in the game before this is how it works; you run around and click on fellow users. you tag them by casting a buff ring on them. The problem is it's limited to a crew or the trust of the player to say they've not been buffed. It would be functional if similar to the hide and seek suggestion, users could enlist in a designated location. A players list would appear that lists all involved members. The "it" person should only need to click on a player once to tag them and the tagged person is then it. This also involves incorporating the zOMG community to interact together instead of confining the game to a small group of friends.

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Future Advances.
This section is meant to suggest things that players want which would improve their game experience.

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More challenging animated.
When the new mini games were first released; the lawnsharks were three super hard bosses. They were insanely challenging and required lots of participation. in general the timer would end with the last shark at 50% health, 20 noobs and newbs sitting at the null who have been waiting for the 20 minutes to end so that they could continue gameplay, and screens of dazed participants. Most buffs were useless and the terror could chew through RR4 rock armor meat turtle combo. It was awesome, but considerably too hard to a zone where new players start. In nerfing them, they are now entirely fair, but those who worked really hard on strategy are immensely disappointed. Given I do miss them pre-nerf, but it was much needed. The fight was a real challenge and overall very enjoyable. I didn't have to spend 3 hours to fight him (unless you're silly and camped out) and the fight doesn't last 2 hours (EB comparision); it's a 20 minutes max battle. When the sharks were defeated it was because there were several experienced suppressed players going at it. Crew or not, there was a great battle to be had and it was so much fun. In discussing that, I should like to point out that the lawnsharks were in a sense more exciting than the pre-suppression Landshark. Now don;t go slamming me for that, you have to admit that three super hard bosses that chew half your health in a single blow is pretty high up there. My point is that the fight was refreshing. This suggestion is for something similar to the original lawnsharks in an area CL6+ where users can actively participate. Qixter said nerfing landshark enabled a better gameplay for those in the area at the correct CL, but the enjoyment of landshark was similar to the lawnsharks in that they are super strong, not scaled, and not based on an instanced.

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Rare Recipes.
one of the things that makes new events in a game popular aside from badges are the new items that go along with it. But in a sense these are not considered rare but instead limited edition. A rare recipe is a permanent way to involve an increase in desire to be active in an area. Of course, the desire to have the rare recipe. Beyond the profit of selling it to the MP, gaia has a huge focus on items. Some people play zOMG purely for such rare recipes. Therefor by instilling more rare recipes it would encourage a higher playing volume overall.

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Chapter 2 vs Orbs.** User ImagenewUser Image

While it has been indicated that the devs are addressing this, I shall leave this input until Ch 2 appears. It had been a past thread discussion where users proposed that should chapter two arise with CL 20 rings several users would have more than enough orbs to be CL 20 as soon as it starts. And while I'm sure the developer do not intend to allow that, I'm unsure as to what methods they plot. In the mean time i present the former suggestion that orbs to become CL 20 should be a different kind of orb than used to become CL 10. Further, users suggested the possibility of using their current orbs and to convert them to orbs useful for CL 20 Ch2 rings. However this suggestion overlooks that some users would still have a huge advantage and this discourages gaming at an equal pace to all players. I might suggest a small cap on this. While orbs could be converted at an expensive rate, this should be limited based on time therefor preventing users from accelerating thought the game unstrategically. In response to players with excess orbs and nothing to do with them, perhaps selling them back for a small amount of gold. 2-10g per orb seemed the most reasonable suggestion. Additionally, the idea that purple orbs could be used towards Ch 2 recipes is an excellent idea.

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zOMG analytical perspectives.
** User ImagenewUser Image

There's been some clear changes in the game since October08 when it was released and it's caused a huge variance in the way people play the game. People used shout for SSF on a regular basis and in general finding a crew was not an issue. So what slowly happened was people were making lots and lots of friends and for the zOMgOriginals it's not an issue to ever crew with people because they can just ask their friends. Landshark was CL capped and while i can understand the reasoning, it is still harmful to game because it's one huge reason for people to not want to hang around the game anymore. The beach served as an in between zone for players to meet. This, however, is damaging to gaming overall because there aren't enough new players pouring into the game like before and it also creates generation separations. Previously people would shout on the beach to join SSF or SS which meant to do shallow seas for orbs and stop at or around sealab. These days there's only SS/EB crews which usually fail as EB crews because they either all die or all leave before even leaving SS to sea ledge. This also encourages soloing, because it's frustrating to always be in fail crews. But the question is, what now. Certainly mini events encouraged group involvement but it happened that people generally were not mixing with new players. Clearly the new SS and instanced challenge levels has created a greater demand for crews in general, but their lack of ability to be organized is highly discouraging. This is in fact an open discussion with little room for clear answers. I'll add and adjust as needed.

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Game Improvements.
This will discuss small level fixes that would improve current battle situations. Suggestions are based on specific fights and encounters, and scenarios..

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Starter ring Bound.
It seems every now and then a player gets excited and salvages a ring in their confusion. It often happens to be their only ring. As a consequence, players should be unable to salvage all of their rings. More specifically, they should never have less than one attack ring at any given time.

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Quest chain.
It's a common thing; we see CL 2's in Otami asking for a walk around the blood tree. It's not even the issue of 'n00bs in too high CL areas'; it's a matter of maintaining a plot line for the game. A CL 2 should not be picking up the blood tree quest when they haven't even started quests on the ranch. They won't know what Blade is talking about and they'll just think it's 'ok' because they were able to pick up the Quest. Admittingly, some quests break and forcing every quest to be done in order may be a problem. However, a small but reasonable TCL cap forces users to actually play a little before going on to the next place. So maybe the CL5 can pick up the blood tree quest because they've been upgrading more than 8 rings, but they're a lot better along in the game to understand they've skipping ahead a bit. Not to mention it gives the n00bs one less reason to be begging for help in places they're not ready to be in and deals with those who buy their rings off the MP.

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Server change notice.
Every time the servers are changed, there should be a notification. Ideally, there should be red text "Server cycling in 10 minutes."

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Enter hive option.
Although it's often something laughable, it can be rather disrupting when you "G" (go command) an animated and accidentally walk over the portal and into warp into the hive. Perhaps, and likely this was the intention, but alternatively, instead of immediately being warped, a pop-up would come up requesting you to decide to enter the hive or not. Incidentally, this too would still cause a slight disruption game play in that the player must click yes or no to enter and would still encourage users to walk around the portal instead.

User ImageUser Image

Scenario Servers.
Nothing is worse than fighting endboss, or being in the hive on wave 148 only to find that the servers have been cycled and you cannot get back. As a solution, endboss and hive should be on separate servers. In other words, entering the scenario should load you into the designated server. Given this does not account for all around server crashes, but the overall result should be much more effective and ease some very stressed hardcore players who suffered these server change losses.

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Server place holder.
When the servers a cycled, and players are in the hive or endboss, they should still be able to rejoin that server for an additional amount of time. Since these scenarios are the most dependent on lengthy playing times, only the players who are in these encounters should be able to re-enter the old server, for a predetermined amount of time before the server officially closes.

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Cash Shop.
This section is devoted to things we would would pay to use to curve gameplay similar to powerups, double orbs, and etc.

User ImageUser Image

Rage bonus.
Using this would give you full rage. Cooldown should be well considered. based on buff and attack ring cooldown.

User ImageUser Image

Double Rage bonus.
The effects would make you gain rage twice as easily as normal. For each single tick you received normally, you would receive two ticks while the Double Rage bonus is active which would maintain active participation among its users in order to gain rage while the Double Rage bonus is active. In short, if you are not fighting while it is in use, your rage would not increase at all.

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Ring Improvement.
This is for discussing adjustments to current game rings.

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awaiting new updates!
Debating ideas.
Suggested ideas that are still being discussed and are not fully presentable will be arranged here.

User ImageUser Image

Sometimes during a fight it's quite difficult to select yourself. Even a slight lag while pressing down the space bar could cause you to get dazed because you couldn't select yourself to heal fast enough. It would be very convenient if when using bandage it would automatically be applied to yourself even when an animated is targeted. Basically, so long as we haven't targeted another player, we should not have to select ourselves to use bandage.

User ImageUser Image

Power up change.
what about a power-up that keeps stamina at full for 1-minute with a three-minute cooldown?

User ImageUser Image

More text options.
text options, to make the game more friendly to users:
Shows What drops what, the answer is the same.
the command is simple...
/drop Gnome
And you'll have as a result:
>Village Green Gnome drops:

Or if you want to know who drops what you put:
/drop Cloth
And you'll have as result:
>Bassken Lake Flying Giftbox
>Other stuff etc.

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Do you know what you're seeing here...

all below posts are reserved for future ideas. Consider it room to grow. /instert skype flower emote
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credits: User Image
Do you know what you're seeing here...

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Do you know what you're seeing here...

old NewS.

Aug 20: Added a demotion option~~

Aug 8: updated "Animated go back tab".

July 31: added Shuriken discussion.

July 28: added Taunt discussion.

July 24: Added: Buff Duration Check, Server change notice, Enter hive option, Scenario Servers, and Server hold. Also added new section for open ideas.

July 13: KKD Shewolf Papasaw and Farming. added~! New section for Ring suggestions added!

July 11: Day two! Changes were made all day yesterday, so it would be a good idea to flip through things once more. I'll start some graphics today!~
Added: Ring Pack Organizer., Visible Non-crew buffs., Crew member rings view., Quest chain., RR4 override.

July 10: OPEN! I've still got some ideas to add, but this is good to go. I'll also edit with pretty graphics later. Discuss away!~[/quote

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