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I can understand not wanting to give an unfair advantage to older users or interfere with a user's wish to dress in a certain way, but how about rather than certain items making a user stronger or giving them better defense, simply applying certain elemental or similar attributes? Actual strength and defense could be developed through time spent in Battle and via rings, but let's say there were categories such as Light, Dark, Earth, Water, or Robotic, that could give users with certain items slight differences in ability to fight varying monsters? Just a thought.
that would be good, captain planet is made from rings by the way...yeah...didn't know that...?...yeah...well...it's true...yeah...
well you have a point
im really i sold an arm and a leg to get my swords so atleast let me use them
life is cruel...... sweatdrop
that would be good, captain planet is made from rings by the way...yeah...didn't know that...?...yeah...well...it's true...yeah...

bah this joke is not even funny, and you're osting this everywhere...geez
get some lessons on humor.

Your point could be used, but seriously making the stats for every freaking item in gaia? That's madnes for real, just forgive about that, if you want to be proud of your equips there is the avatar arena, the GBS would be based on other aspect instead of the avatar looking.
As Iceketch mentioned, making stats for every single item would be very time consuming, and it would also provoke the idea of forcing users to wear certain items:

4) Existing Weapons and Battle: Battle will *not* utilize existing avatar weapons in combat. Why? Because many folks have elaborate avatar looks already and we do not want those people to feel forced to wear armor and wield weapons. The ring system is designed for incredible player flexibility in the field (giving you the ability to change SKILLS based on which rings you are wearing), while also allowing you to keep your personal avatar look while playing the game.

Granted, I'm a big fan of maximizing and minimizing my stats to further improve myself for games, but I'm not willing to give up a spiffy looking avatar just for that point. Also, given on some of the feedback mentioned my Qixter in a few other threads, he's already mentioned the ability to max/min your stats without sacrificing the way you look thanks to the Ring System. Because of this, you can retain your avatar's look without being forced to change to other items in order to benefit from their innate stats.

Why have ninja stats if you can't look like a ninja while doing so?
ehe thanks for coming enlighting us Airez and
(and for mispelling my name like everyone does xD damn isketch.com i know it's his fault razz )

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