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Lag spikes are back. c:
Cycle please?
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I'm getting 10 seconds of movement, then a minute of lag. not cool
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Yay! New servers. I can move now. biggrin
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Loyal Loiterer

Many thanks mysterious server cycler!
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Loyal Loiterer

Cycle time now? O:
Lag spikes aren't too bad yet, but I've gotten quite a few of them today.
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Loyal Loiterer

Cycle time? c:
Lag spikes are getting more and more frequent.
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Yes, please cycle them. Just gave up on an EB run because the spikes were making it impossible. ;__;
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Cycle time, lag is almost constant now. gonk
major cycle time now, i was so close to beating eb...
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I can't even do an event because it keeps stopping D:
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Yoru Kurosawa
Can't go back for it's too late...

Yoru would like to see a third server. That would spread the population over a wider area, and would actually help get rid of some of the lag.

To the dream world I escape...

The lag is being annoying, but I had to quote this from the front page.

British Roads Survey 2004; John Williams
"Traffic is a huge problem, cars everywhere and they all slow down, hence traffic jams cramming up the roads. The only problem to solve traffic jams is to build wider and longer roads with more lanes"
(it's a thesus in an english university (Gloucestershire I think).)

British Roads Survey 2004; John Williams

"...building more roads increases the space for traffic to occupy. Car manufacturers create more cars due to increased demand, thus the "long term" solution has turned into a traffic nightmare and only increased the amount of traffic. Traffic will not go if more space is created however raising the prices of cars will decrease the level of traffic...

It's goes on for a few chapters... anyway, what I'm trying to say, is this doesn't solve the problem, it doesn't even spread it out. Just because you have an extra lane on the road, doesn't mean you won't get a traffic jam, same as if you spread the servers out, it doesn't mean there won't be lag.

What can solve lag is by reducing the amount of packets that need to be sent and received, this cuts traffic by removing the amount of cars on the road. On the other hand, increasing your own bandwidth and storage space for their packages will also decrease the lag on the server because it won't need to send them off so often.
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DAMIT! get this ******** lag go away!! gonk scream scream

i cant berly move..
game is pretty much unplayable, new servers please!!!
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Loyal Loiterer

Please? D:
it's at it's worst now.

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