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Pie's Guide to Sets and Builds
This guide is currently undergoing heavy revisions. Pardon the mess!

During my time adventuring through the world of Gaia in zOMG, I became fascinated with the different sets available and how drastically they could change a character's strength and abilities. I started figuring out which sets paired together well and how to use them.

With this guide, I hope to help everyone figure out how to use the sets to their advantage and play the kind of character they want to play.

Some important pointers before we begin:

Do not limit yourself to the builds outlined here! There are a number of generally good all-around builds that are not listed here - this tends to look for specific builds for different situations and styles. Besides that, everyone may find that there are tweaks and adjustments they want to make to certain builds to better suit their own needs. Keep your mind open and find strategies that work for you.

On the same note, don't limit yourself to one single build. Different rings are going to be more useful in some situations in others, so have some different rings on standby in case your current build is getting you eaten alive.

In particular, it's a good idea to have different rings ready for solo training versus crews: crews are an essential part of the game, and the best way to progress, and with the right people they are way more fun than grinding by yourself. On top of that, they are completely necessary for both reaching and fighting the final boss - anyone who suggests otherwise is lying. There exists no build that has proven itself physically able to accomplish that alone. Besides that, they're also great for farming, given you can get more loot for less work with a full, good crew.

However, if you want to do some regular training when no one else is around, you should be ready to do so freely, and not have to worry about flagging down some people to help. Trust me, if you are constantly ask friends who are further than you in the game to come and help you out, you're going to get on their nerves. Besides that, soloing is a good way to get in badges, sidequests, farming at the hours when there's almost no one on the servers, and above all practice with new rings to make sure that when you do join with a crew, you'll have the strength to pull your weight and go far in your quests. In fact, I find that because you have to do more solo than in a crew, soloing is a better way to earn your G'hi boosts than crew questing.

So, despite what people are saying, the secret to good training and questing is really not a matter of being in a crew versus playing solo - it's doing both.


Different builds are going to work better for different people.
There is no one "best" build for everyone.

Crewing is good for farming and quest progression.
Solo training is good for trying new builds and and earning G'hi boosts.
Both are important, so be ready to do both and to change your rings accordingly.

Think about your CL, your abilities, and what you're doing with your rings.
The key to success is to think about what build is going to help you more in which situation!

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The Individual Sets

Slash, Shark Attack, Quicksand, Keen Aye
Boosts Persistent Armor

This is definitely as much an offensive set now as it was before. The only difference is, with the addition of Quicksand, it's now more flexible and fantastic for strategic fighting!

Keen Aye still helps you offensively the way it did before, but it now allows you to give that same boost to crewmates. Meanwhile, you can lock crowds down in one spot with Quicksand and thin them out with Slash, keep them at a distance with Quicksand while you eat 'em up with Shark Attack, or even use Quicksand to pause the battle long enough for you to take a quick breather for Stamina.

Even the new boost is an improvement! I mean, don't get me wrong, the Speed boost was great for getting to the front lines of the fight quickly. But Armor is the best. Armor was the reason I fell in love with the Chef set back when this game first came out. This boost is sure to help you fight on through rough spots... or at least, live long enough to Quicksand 'em all and make your tactical retreat.

Mantis, Shuriken, Ghost, Divinity
Boosts Accuracy and Dodge


Hack, Knife Sharpen, Meat, Pot Lid
Boosts Dodge

This was my favorite set before. It is still my favorite set, even if it is not quite so bufftastic as it once was.

Meat is a supremely useful buff. Pot Lid is a useful buff. The Dodge boost is a useful buff. I mourn the loss of Teflon Spray, but really, between these three, if you're taking considerable damage, you're doing something wrong.

The difference now is that the Chef actually has attacks now! Knife Sharpen and Hack are both useful, if not the best attacks: Hack will skewer a nearby enemy, and Knife Sharpen will hit enemies a considerable distance away and debuff them. Useful! But you have to be careful with these, because they can be pretty costly in terms of stamina, especially if you're using Chef in a Support build. Save them for when you need them; if you have other attacks, spam those instead. If you don't, then I'm going to assume your build is one for Healing and Support in a crew, so you might want to stay out of the action and hold back on attacking unless you absolutely need to.

Either way, the buff aspects of this set are definitely worth looking into. It's not quite so tough defensively as it once was, meaning I'd hesitate building your character around it, but it's a good set to have on in addition to your favorite set or four favorite rings, just to make you tougher and more meaty than the average Gaian. Great for both offensive and support builds.

Bandage, Diagnose, Adrenaline, Defibrillate
Boosts Footspeed

Ah, Medic. A terrible set for solo play, a fantastic set for crews.

Bandage is probably the single most commonly used ring for soloers, given that it's the best at healing yourself. It is, however, also useful for a crew's healer, even if Wish is better at healing others. Why? Because sometimes, a healer needs to spam every heal they can fit on their little Gaian fingers, especially when they're taking damage, too.

Diagnose and Defibrillate are rings I would reserve only for crews. Diagnose is good at keeping a crew alive, but not very good at keeping one person alive. And while it can be nice to Defibrillate the Dazed Gaians you come across while soloing... call me selfish, but your own survival should come before courtesy. But, on the other hand, Defibrillate is a vital ring in crews, especially (and obviously) for the healer.

Adrenaline is, truthfully, not the most useful ring for a devoted Medic. But it has its uses. It's not heavy in terms of stamina, which means an idle Medic can use it to attack and debuff the enemies without worrying about using up their stamina before the crew needs those heals. And it's got a bit of range, which helps keep the Medic to the back lines.

The speed boost is actually extremely useful for a good Medic. When the going gets tough, the Divinity runs out, the Medic starts running out of stamina and the crew starts really feeling the hurt? The Medic can start running, drawing the enemies away from the party! If you get good at running in battle, you can dodge enemy attacks for long enough to heal yourself and build up your stamina, and then heal up your crewmates. In the Halloween portals, it allowed some of my crews to beat rooms that otherwise would have wiped out the whole crew. Nice!

Space Trooper
Guns, Guns, Guns, My Density, Improbability Sphere, Duct Tape
Boosts Accuracy


Fire Rain, Iron Will, Scaredy Cat, Teflon Spray
Boosts Health Regeneration


Hunter's Bow, Solar Rays, Healing Halo, Wish
Boosts Luck

Oh, Divinity, you were too awesome to be kept in this set. Although I'd love to know what Divinity has to do with Ninjas. But taking a look at this set after the readjustments... I think there is hardly any argument that this is still one amazing support set.

First off, Wish is currently considered the best healing rings for crews, and with good reason! It's a fast, low-cost, high-heal ring that only has the drawback of being a ring you can't use on yourself. And if you use it with rage ranks, it heals people around your target as well. Very awesome. On the other hand, no one else seems to like it, but I've finally started to warm up to Healing Halo for crew healing as well. The regen is pretty small, yes, but it is definitely there, even when you're standing. And when you have a full crew with this regen at RR4, it will cut down your break times and it can help out your crew healer quite a bit.

As for the attacks? Hunter's Bow is still simultaneously the most useless and useful attack in this game. It is horrendously weak, almost embarrassingly so, but the stamina cost is low to match. And that range is just plain gorgeous. It is a great ring for building enemy aggro and pulling them away from the rest of the group. There's also the occasional situation where you and your enemy will be cut off from each other, and no attack but Hunter's Bow will reach them, meaning if you are patient you can kill them slowly while they are helpless to retaliate. It's such devious fun, you'll wonder why it was put in the Angel set and not the Demon set. Meanwhile, Solar Rays makes it so this set can actually be used without being deprived of attacks. It's a fairly good attack, and the fact that it's ranged means that it can be used in conjunction with Hunter's Bow to keep a distance between you and the enemy. It's especially fun to use this one at RR4 and put your enemy to sleep!

Now, the Luck bonus makes this a unique set, since it's the only one that grants a bonus that won't aid you in battle. But do I even have to say why everyone loves the Luck bonus? More Luck means more rewards! Even if this set is not your style, you should consider keeping one in reserve for farming.

Hot Foot, Heavy Water Balloon, Gumshoe, Fleet Feet
Boots Maximum Health


Dervish, Hornet's Nest, Rock Armor, Coyote Spirit
Boosts Stamina Regeneration


Bump, Taunt, Turtle, Fitness
Boosts Debuff Resistance


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Standard Builds

Anything Good
Recommended: Hack, Slash, Dervish, Divinity, Defibrillate, Diagnose, any buffs...

The most common type of build will fall into this category. Generally good attacks, generally good buffs, generally good heals. All good rings, no unique focus.

I won't lie: there is nothing wrong with a Generalist build, and there are people who can get from the Village Greens to the Otami Ruins and beyond with just one good Generalist set, not even switching for solo training or crews.

However, while this build is arguably the best since it is good for all situations, this guide does not focus on different variations of the Generalist build much at all. There's nothing with the Generalist build that needs explanation. It's a very intuitive build, especially if you picked out the good rings early and decided it worked well enough to stick with it. And many of the best players I know use Generalist more often than not.

The drawback to the Generalist build grows more apparent in the later levels, when you compare them side to side with specialists like an Angel, or a Medic, or a Pirate, or a Chef. Specialists don't have all the best rings, but they are crazy good at what they do. They start getting assigned more specific jobs in groups, and become focal points of strategies. On the other hand, the Generalist is... just, um, generally helping. And while they're not bad to have around, unless they are an invaluable player in other regards, a Generalist can be a dime a dozen. If they are a lower CL, aren't willing to try new rings and aren't pulling their weight in the crew? They're worthless.

Does this mean you should avoid Generalist? Not at all, especially if you're working solo. But the more you and your crew diversify, the more you can find ways to focus on different areas and learn to support each other. Some people will move to the front lines and attack more, some will move to the back and heal more, and you'll have all your bases covered in terms of buffs. And by doing this, rather than having a flock of good players, you'll have a real team.

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One-Set Builds
This section has not yet been updated to reflect the new sets.

Hibachi Chef
Chef and Area Attacks
Recommended: Dervish, Fire Rain, Heavy Water Balloon, Fitness

Zeek Slider
I don't like mobs, but at the same time I like to hit as many enemies and cause as much damage with as little effort as possible. sweatdrop So this is great when Soloing and I find myself in the middle of an Aggro because I killed a buddy. It also helps in Crew settings because, in theory, I can "buff and bump" allies and baddies, which has always been a difficult thing to do in ANY kind of RPG setting.

If anything, I'd like to think that this set is great for a Habachi Cook. Those guys love to cook and show off for a large group of people, and the Habachi Chefs I've had in the past just love to play pranks on me (hence Water Balloon).

Angelic and Ranged Attacks
Recommended: Shuriken, Guns, Shark Attack, Solar Rays, possibly a support ring like Ghost for better dodge or Fitness for more luck

Doing this I pretty much was at full rage after attacking a monster that conned green to me. Which meant I just did a RR4 Shark Attack to the next monster and if it didn't kill them it almost did. :3

The con is that you go through your Stamina really fast, but you do have divinity so it's not as bad if you keep divinity up.

Shuriken, Guns and Hunter's Bow all have really quick cool downs, which is why it builds the rage so fast.

It's also a great set for Sand Fluffs since they use Quicksand on you. Since all your attacks are ranged it pretty much means you can still hit them even if you are stuck out of close attack range.
keito melfina
I use all the long-range moves and throw them all at the opponent like scattering debris (Hunter's Bow included)!

I can find more loot with this as well.

Speed Racer
Pirate and Speed Buffs
Recommended: Coyote Spirit, Fleet Feet, Fitness

Theoretical build that I just wanted to write down before I forgot. Speed is moderately useful - good for dodging and escaping, but not the most critical stat of the game. But after playing with the stacking of Coyote and Fleet Feet, and realizing how much more I enjoy playing with my Pirate set than without, I couldn't help but think about stacking that stat to the heavens. Whee!

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Two-Set Builds
This section has not yet been updated to reflect the new sets.

Pirate Ninja

All right! All right! I think everyone has pointed out to me by now that this is an awesome offensive set - and it is! Pirate and Ninja are possibly the two best melee sets in the game, and with all the attacks provided and Keen Aye, there would be no limit to your attacks except your own stamina. As for defense, you have the Pirate's Speed, the Ninja's Dodge, and Ghost all working together to get you out when you're in over your head.

Exhausted by all the punny suggestions I've been getting for this, I looked up the Japanese word for a Pirate.

Captain Cook
Pirate Chef

This is my favorite set for soloing. It is basically being a knight in shining armor... except you're a pirate and that shining armor is cooking utensils. The offensive strength of the Pirate matched with the defensive strength of the Chef is a perfect way to become a one-person tank.

Pirate Medic

I've been hearing a lot of people using this one, because the Pirate and Medic sets are both good sets... however, in my experience, I found these a difficult match to use, and encountered a major conflict of interests. A Pirate is a very good offensive set, best in the front lines and doing tank work. A Medic, however, is a very good support set, and unless it's matched with defensive buffs like those of Pacifist, it's risky to put them in the action. Besides that, it takes a lot of juggling between targeting the enemies and targeting allies to make the most of both sets. However, it is fairly flexible, so if you think you can keep up with this double-duty with no support, then there's no harm in trying it. Otherwise, if you're really interested in being an offensive healer, I'd recommend Ninja - it's weaker than Pirate, but allows you to back off from the front lines and offers some good defense - or a set with long-range attacks like Space Trooper.

Space Pirate
Pirate Space Trooper

You know, a lot of the obvious Space Trooper build names are just the regular builds IN SPAAACE. But there are Space Pirates in some anime or another I think so I'll let it pass this time.

Hermes the Swift
It can be considered and alternative to the Captain Cook Set. This one is a big stamina burner, but provides more attack options with all the attack rings.

Pro's: Versatile attacks: GGGuns for spamming, Shark for when the times call for heavy hitting, Solar Rays for long distances, Hack (need i say anymore?), Slash for AoE, Turtle for Defense. Better for the "tank" of the party.

Con's: No healing rings, it may be a versatile attack set but it's still a big stamina burner.

Davy Jones
Pirate Demon

He was the devil long before Pirates of the Caribbean got to him, yarr.

Hermes the Swift
Another good offensive pirate set. The Demon set boost provides a little bit of help to all the stamina draining attacks.

Pro's: Offensive like the Space pirate set, but this one includes DoT rings and the legendary laggy AoE ring Fire Rain. Scaredy Cat has always been one of my favorite rings simply because it not only helps even the odds for a bit or when you need to regain stamina, but it's fun to watch them run and cower at the opposite side of the screen.

Con's: Keen Eye and Iron will are useless (at least that's my opinion about those rings). The Demon Set stam boost isn't really that great in terms of slowing down the process when attacking with all those high class rings.

Pirate Angel

Name suggested by Silver Spryte. I need more names like this - simple, easy to remember, well-researched and fitting. Plus, well, I like these birds.

Hermes the Swift
Somewhat the Jack of all trades Pirate. Versatile by himself or in a crew of any sizes. Pirate on offensive, Angel to support himself.

Pro's: With the Angel set, now the Pirate user can support himself in battle (although Healing Halo is no Bandage or Diagnose). Divinity ftw! Since the Angel set effects anyone this makes him perfect for being able to use those rings in a crew. Hunters bow can be used to lure then use Hack and Shark Attack up close.

Con's: Healing Halo is still a DoT type of ring, so even if you use it, it's best used for when you resting before/after a battle since it isn't quick recovery like Diagnose or Bandage.

Pirate Prankster

Hermes the Swift
An "ok" Supporting offensive build. Prankster and Pirate don't really mix all to well in battle. I really don't recommend this set too much.

Pro's: It's allows the user to be a Support offensive member in a crew, while still being able to use the rings while solo-ing.

Con's: Once again, no healing rings. Prankster and Pirate is a poor mix, because #1 Prankster rings don't last all too long #2 Pirate set requires more concentration to spam the rings with all your might so you don't really have much time to pay attention to the Prankster Rings.

Pirate Shaman

Hermes the Swift
The "better" pirate support offensive build in this case. Shaman Rings are actually more useful to the pirate set then the prankster set.

Pro's: The Shaman Build is quite useful as apposed to the Prankster build. Coyote Spirit to boost your speed further. Hornet's Nest to replace Heavy Water Balloon as a AoE lure. Rock armor to provide defensive boosts in a party. Quicksand to hold down enemies and safely throw hornets and sharks from a safe distance or to root them down so you can get past them without being chased (for the moment). Pirate set itself to help defend yourself

Con's: No healing rings. Rock armor is useless when your by yourself. Fleet Feet would have been a better speed boost choice (but that would go against the Shamen set so w/e) since Coyote Spirit Speed boost=the exact same as the pirate set bonus.

Pirate Athlete

Hermes the Swift
Not much of a supporter at all but like all pirates this set knows how to make a quick getaway.

Pro's: Fitness for all around boosts (especially weight so you can stand your ground which is important to the pirate sword dueling ways), especially stamina. Fleet Feet for the ultimate speed boost (next to the speed racer set). Taunt to help in parties or to just be a regular pirate and give some Tiny Terror Witch Doctors "The Bird". Bump to give a few Sea Sprouts "some a dat1!!1!11" and then get sea slapped by them.

Con's: The athlete set isn't quite that useful, it seems best for only living out your pirate fantasy's, so there a much better sets out there for the pirate, especially if a One-set Pirate build.

Iron Chef
Ninja Chef

This is actually at this point only a theoretical set, since I have yet to try it out. However, between Ninja's epic dodge level and Chef's epic armor level, with both having buffs to boost both even further, this may be the most untouchable build in the entire game.

Doctor McNinja
Ninja Medic

Names rarely get as suiting as this. From what I've heard, this is a useful set, too, and a real lifesaver for crewmates. Ninja offers a lot of offensive and defensive strength, and Medic provides the essential healing power that keeps people up. I always worry about matching Medic with an offensive set, since my experience with Pirate and Medic showed me that trying to be a main attacker and a main healer can really tear your focus apart. I would say this one probably has a better run of it than its Pirate counterpart, however, because the Ninja should be able to distance itself from the action better and, when it is on the front lines, survive long enough to shoot off heals that keep it and crewmates alive.

Ninja Space Trooper

Ninja Demon

Ninja Angel

Ninja Prankster

Ninja Shaman

Ninja Athlete

Chef Medic

A.K.A. Medichef or Fist of the Pacific. This is currently the only possible two-set build with no attacks. Besides this, it may very well be the most critical member of an endgame crew at this point.

This was the set I used to help take on the final boss with the first crew to beat it. It is a completely useless set for soloing, because as the name suggests, it has no attacks. The Pacifist is there as total crew support. They need one eye on the screen (just to see where everyone is) and the other on the crew panel, ready to hand out the heals and buffs and defibs as they're needed. On the plus side, it's also very good for self-buffing with the Chef set, so you don't have to worry as much about protecting yourself while you're keeping the party alive.

Chef Space Trooper

Chef Demon

Chef Angel

Cream Pie
Chef Prankster

Have I mentioned I love some of these build names? This one made me laugh a lot harder than it should have.

I am using a combination of prankster and chef and I love it!!! it is a very buff debuff set I know, but tell ya what, you don't need much attack with the combination. I figured that I would give you some feedback on that since I saw that it was an unnamed set on your list. I figured I would try it and tell you what, I am pleasently surprised. I have been using a general build before this, so I think I have a new set!

Chef Shaman

Okay, this name is mostly just dark humor, I am accepting other suggestions.

Chef Athlete

This theoretical build was suggested by Naitomare. Its bonuses are for exactly what the name says - Chef boosts Defense and Athlete boosts Health, plus Fitness is a good all-around boost and Chef provides Meat and Teflon Spray, making this build soak up a lot of damage easily. And this will be your main purpose - with Fleet Feet, you can dash into combat first and take the aggros, as well as speed up your allies and boost their attacking power with Knife Sharpen. Unfortunately, you'll only have one attack, Bump, so soloing is slow at best and overwhelming at worst. This build is better for crews.

Bonus DEF from the chef set+Bonus HP from the athlete set. Additionally, the Fitness ring buffs the users stats by how many charge orbs are pumped into it, and it gets the great self-support buffs, Meat and Teflon Spray. Using all that, it becomes a great support build. Buff others with Fleet Feet and Knife Sharpen, and use Taunt to get the enemies attacking you, letting your teammates do the damage. Due to all the aforementioned stat bonuses and self-buffs, you should be relatively unharmed. Bump sounds like an awesome ring (I never got to use it during the zETA), that can knock monsters away from the fragile members of your team.

You only have one attack. A nice attack, but only one, nonetheless, which will limit how you can get rid of enemies. Whilst being a support character, you can't heal others, and you don't have a healing ring yourself (I see meat as a buff, instead of a heal) Also, since I can't play yet, this is nearly all theory.

By Naitomare smile

It's a build I just thought of, feel free to use it. I might be using it myself, infact...

Medic Space Trooper

Bad Medicine
Medic Demon

I am not actually very witty, but I keep trying anyway.

Guardian Angel
Medic Angel

I've heard a lot of good things about this build. It has all healing rings, save for Meat, and also has Divinity and Adrenaline to boost, so I'm sure this is an outstanding support build. Good luck soloing with just Hunter's Bow. Can it be done? With all those heals, definitely. But it'd take forever.

Medic Prankster

Medicine Man
Medic Shaman

This set would allow you to have your healing skills, but also have some attack skills. The support skills aren't the greatest (not as good as Chef), but Quicksand can help in a crew also and being able to attack means that the healer can go out on his own.

Medic Athlete

The name might be self-explanitory. This is a build that is very much based around Health. Defensively, it only has Fitness and Fleet Feet for itself, and Adrenaline for others. And offensively, it only has Bump, But it can take a considerable amount of hits still, due to a higher Health value and a lot of Heals to replenish that. Plus, that Fleet Feet allows them to run into a dangerous situation for a quick save with a Defibrillate.

Space Trooper Demon

Galaxy Angel
Space Trooper Angel

A theoretical set named by GFSummoner. I really like the sound of this one - it works the Angel and Ranged combo into a double set. And it has a very large amount of buffs. This would probably be my build of choice if I could bring any to the Hive.

Space Trooper Prankster

Space Trooper Shaman

Space Trooper Athlete

Semi-theoretical build - I've been trying out Athlete with some of these rings, and while I've been too distracted by certain other things to try out the whole build, I think these two work together nicely. Besides the boosts, Fitness and My Density keep you buffed and weighted to throw a mean punch in combat - and with Bump, Solar Rays and Guns Guns Guns, you've got more than just a punch you can throw! The drawback is that you have no heals. However, this can still be an effective solo set if you're paying attention. As soon as things are getting too rough to handle, you can use Turtle and Fleet Feet to get out of the fray with a fast, safe retreat. Head to a safe spot, rest, and then head back into the action!

Demon Angel

Heh. I haven't tried this set myself or considered its possibilities, but I figure that these two sets deserve a cool name when their powers combine, and after some thought, this is what I came up with. Arch means higher - like Archangel, Archdemon... and now, Archgaian. Also called a Fallen Angel by some.

Demon Prankster

Name suggested by Mendacii.

Hermes the Swift
Similar to the Athlete Prankster, this set in as equally good for supporters. Only this set gives more freedom to the user to attack. Prankster set itself has always been a good combo maker. Athlete Prankster was more of a defensive support set, Demon Prankster is more of an offensive set (explained later Pro's and Con's).

Pro's: The offensive supporter's set, which can actually do well in soloing. Hot Foot and Fire Rain to attack and the Prankster set to back up. *Hint: This is the offensive set for reasons because (i figured out this combo myself) you can totally pair up the Gumshoe, Scardy Cat and Hot Foot. #1 Hot Foot em #2 Scaredy Cat them once they get close #3 Gumshoe em before they can get away #4 Hotfoot em too. This method causes them to A: Take DoT, B: Run away from you, C: Return back to you slowly, D: Take DoT while they're running away from you.* This is set also great for holding off enemies.

Cons: Demon Set bonus=a substitute for the Fitness stam bonus. Iron Will is pretty much a useless Ring period. While i said this set is better for solo-ing (and it is) it's still all DoT so you better have a lot of patience if you are solo-ing with it.

Demon Shaman

Demon Athlete

Angel Prankster

Name suggested by Mendacii - ... I'm actually really not fond of this one, because Sprites, Fairies, and the like are very much not Angels. But to be honest, I can't think of anything better. sweatdrop

Angel Shaman

Angel Athlete

Okay, my love for puns is showing up here. First I thought of calling this Hermes, after the swift-footed Greek God of athletes. But Hermes is called Mercury in Roman mythology, and the element Mercury is also called Quicksilver, which fits very well with this theoretical set: The Angelic bonus plus the Fitness ring boots the luck of this build well beyond other sets and should give very substantial drops. It's got a series of generally good buffs, a close-range and a long-range attack, and with Taunt and Fleet Feet you can help your friends get away from enemies in a pinch. I'm not sure how this would do for soloing, but I'm sure it'd be a great build for crew training.

Prankster Shaman

Frat Boy
Prankster Athlete

Hermes the Swift
It's pretty nice in terms of stat boosts, Accuracy & Dodge (given by both set bonuses), Weight, Luck etc, but lacks in attack strength with only one attack ring (i consider Heavy Water balloon to be a luring ring, not combat ring). I recommend this being better as a Supporter ring set.

Pro's: Lots of bonuses, Prankster rings are excellent in a party to help hold on monsters and to buy your teammates time (the entire prankster set and taunt from athlete) and draw them to you. Fleet feet for traveling and quick escapes.

Con's: Only one attack ring, Bump is an ok ring and all, but this is a poor choice of rings for solo-ing. And if your solo-ing with this set it's more for when your bored and wanna have fun. No healing rings.

Overzealous Track Coach
Shaman Athlete

With this build you can inspire other players to go for the gold medal and run their fastest (Coyote Spirit + Fleet Feet). You can also put them through some minor endurance training on occasion (Rock Armor). Those that you coach know better than to slack off, because you're always ready to toss a Hornet's Nest at their head if you so much as think they're going to slip up (which can also come in handy against the Animated). Leading by example, you're in top physical form yourself (Fitness). So much so, that went you attack your foes you can knock them back with your powerful Bump. Even with all that power, you still feel you need an extra edge, and that's why you looked up how to make Quicksand on HowStuffWorks.com. And with that extra edge, you feel confident enough to challenge any foe that stands between you and the Gold (Taunt)

You believe running trains your body and mind, and some how this actually worked increasing you Health and Willpower slightly (Athlete and Shaman buffs).

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That's really helpful.
But... Keen Aye boosts accuracy, not attack. sweatdrop
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Great guide, Pie. heart
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Bloodthirsty Rogue

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Great guide! Thank you for your time in making this one ^^

*reads* Since ninja set looks less awesome now with the downgrade of dervish, I might go for Pirate Chef or full-support Medic Chef if I ever find a great permanent crew. *sigh*
This is awesome.
Good job Pie. <3
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I have the Ninja and Demonic set, ninja increases accuracy not dodge
I got both demonic/angelic sets I will give you some feedback on the bonus soon~

Demonic set:

Hot Foot: Average damage meant for those hit and run tactics.

Fire Rain: A very nice aoe with average damage, however rage animation can lag you and your crew at full rage for now.

Iron Will: ...I have yet to find this ring useful...other than use it to build a tiny portion of my rage bar by using it on others... Good for ruins/ sand <3 but lol I don't think anyone will waste energy on something that a target will apply on your every few seconds...hmm might come really handy on pvp....woo thats thinking way too ahead~

Scaredy Cat: ...misses often but scares offs the target far away for a nice period of time as long as nobody else constantly hits it while it runs away.

Boosts Stamina Regeneration: ...you will only feel this regeneration if you sit down as your stamina will fill up decently fast ._. too bad it's doesn't help during combat since Fire Rain and Hot food drain your dry often. I though 10 was above average....>_>

Without Set

Stamina recovery:
Sitting: 8 8 8 8
Standing: 2 2 2 2

With Set

Stamina recovery
Sitting: 10 10 10 10
Standing: 3 2 3 2

Angelic Set:
Healing Halo & Divine: Both are nice support rings. With a slow cooldown~ and they do help build up rage...about this much if both are used:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Wish: ._. average healing with a nice cooldown but cannot use it on yourself.
Hunter's Bow: Low...pathetic damage but range is awesome. The footstep slowdown is noticeable after a lot of hits ._. or a few Rage hits on a mini boss like the zOMG
Boosts Luck: ............>_> guess I must be unlucky........
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I got both demonic/angelic sets I will give you some feedback on the bonus soon~

The demonic's bonus is really useful espically if you are using 2+ rings at once

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