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wish we could use our cars to go to didfferent arioas or to go quicker (sometihng like riding a animal in some games or like fly for free(its old)were you can get a board to fly through air.note theres more wish you could use costumes as special abilities ex werewolf costume gives you a bonus at night time but thid will never happen gaia whants to be fair to its non donaters WICH IS A GOOD THING BECUASE OTHER ONLINE GAMES MAKE IT UNFAIR ex you got the most powerfal normal gold bought gun in a game and your facing a guy with a bazooka the size of yuor screen(its happend to me forget the game though i quit that day). no everybodys complaining about there weapons being usleass (realy most weapons look ugly on any avi ) can't we just let our weapons level up inf becuase if that happened monthy colectables would be like makeing some one level up your weapon(meaning some one could have a pimp staff and has pin plaing a year leveled it up its stronger than a n00b who just got a clib like mine
just to say this is all my post apinions put to gether
blaugh heart blaugh
sounds cool
My problem with that is that Mounts in MMO are generally rewards for hard work and dedication. Cars, on GAIA, are easily obtained by anyone that wants to get their hands on one. Now I believe cars could be used as a cheeky little major-map transporter (i.e. riding around the little icon from location to location), but for actual map running, I believe that you'd have to have some sort of level achieved and purchase a mount / vehicle once you obtain that level, or just do a few high level quests. A mount isn't that special when everyone has it. 3nodding

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