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yeah, i have to agree XD
but they can never be stopped -___-

I've said this before in another thread, but I'll say it again: people on Gaia... complain. And, complain. And... complain.

New layout? Complaining. New 2 gold avatar items for newbies? Complaining. New design? Complaining. Glitches and site errors? You guessed it - complaining.

Even this thread is no exception. It's a thread complaining about people who are complaining.

lets face it, you cant change people or the world
making a petition makes EVERYONE complain because it makes the admins slaves to do their orders XD
yes its cool for some gaians but it STRESSES them admins sad

and yeah, everytime you tell someone to shut their trap, dont be judgemental, they dont listen

they just make it worse :I

For me, some of the complaints just seem silly.
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domokun I only complain because I cant play it.

Why should the percent of players who get chronically kicked out of the game servers be excluded from all the cool new content??

This is madness!

Sorreh. I had to. >.>

and iom not complaining about the complainers im stating a fact =D
I have connection problems on both my computers, too. The server just kicks me off for no apparent reason. I don't know how to fix it or what to do about it, but I'm just saying it isn't just, like 3 people that have this problem.

Again, not trying to start anything, just saying it's agitating.

On to the topic of the thread. Gaians, as a rule, tend to complain. A LOT. Yes, they need to chill. There. I have contributed, so you must accept my post. XD Okay fine, don't. *sticks nose in the air* ;P
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I like the thought of rings & what not...
but honestly?
I can see an evil NPC that looks like me. I just look like an Evil guy for some reason to me.

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