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Would you want 3D on Gaia?

Yes 0.49676584734799 49.7% [ 768 ]
No 0.35705045278137 35.7% [ 552 ]
Don't care, just give me gold 0.14618369987063 14.6% [ 226 ]
Total Votes:[ 1546 ]
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This demo was created earlier this year with Unity engine and was running in a web browser.


Disclaimer: this is only a tech demo to illustrate the possibility of a 3D game/virtual space on Gaia. We are not converting zOMG! into 3D. The requirements for creating a 3D version of zOMG at this point would be impossible with the current size of the team.
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              Holy s**t.
              That's awesome.

              I thought it was a joke when I clicked it...

              Perhaps just some areas could be in 3-D, instead of the whole game?
              'Cause that's too cool not to be used at all.
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Wow O.O I hope you guys get more people to create something like that large scale one day
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It would be awesome if it could happen a some point down the line just because it's so cool. It looks really great.

It would be a shame if it was never used at all so hopefully there comes a time when the team is big enough to handle an endeavor like that. XD
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WOW! eek ....The 3-d zomg game looks wierd xD. question ( rolleyes
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Looks great!
That's very nice, though I think the world map is a little too big for a character that size.

This kind of remind me of ragnarok online, where they had a 3d world with 2d characters.

Though at the same time, I can't see this happening any time soon, mainly because a game like ragnarok isn't a browser game and I kind of lag in zOMG as it is... gonk
kickass yo 4laugh
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I can leave without the 3D(I think its kind of creepy) but is it possible to implement the rotation and zoom function in the game?
edit: I guess we can already zoom in but it's not that while done
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Win. :3 Just win.
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Holy cats, I'll take the 2D version D:

Oh, did you by any change take it sufficiently far as to be able to show what combat would look like?
oow 0w0
that would be good in some ways, like getting rid of those damned arrows >__>
but if you were looking for eggs, for example, those cherry blossoms would be-- very annoying, to say the least.
but it still looks AMAZING.
good job =D

oow =D
i also like how yuu can jump down from a giant cliff o_O and magically be in zen gardens~
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Hot Nerd


It's very pretty. i really do hate 3d though. even 3d movies. thanks for making zOMG the way it is heart
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2d is better than 3-d in browser game..But in real life movies 3-d pwned 2d xD...

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