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ghosts should bump things they pass through them silly

Then how the ******** am I doing this s**t. gonk
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Excuse me, can i bring sugar rush instead of fitness?
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Remove "Speed" from the topic title; people will confuse it for YM Speeding/ Mobbing. (YM with no tank.)
Instead of making it sound like a style of how to DMS Reg, create a title that sounds like this is how everyone should generally play YM with a Tank.

Knife is not needed, especially in YM. Knife debuffs a monster's Accuracy. There is no point in knifing a monster that is far from the Tank to even attack. If Tank is 11.4+ in YM with common sense they should have no problem NOT getting overwehlmed by monster damage.
NO Knife with all Attackers with 4 attacks is more efficient than having a Knifer

Rather than Adrener switching out Bump for Adren; a passive should be swapped out.
Aggressive/ Pro Adrener: FF > Integ > Fit
Normal/ Nub Adrener: Integ > FF > Fit

II Verda II
: Meat - It is also important, that nobody apart from the tank, should bring Meat.
Since you all are going to be 11.4, your health would stand at 1400hp (Without Meat)
For someone who is 11.4, it is an exceptional amount of Health. It occasionally, at the worst, will drop almost by half.

The part in red should be removed. You make it sound like it is OK to bring Meat/ Heals to DMS Reg when you're under CL 11.4 and not the Tank. Like you said Tank should be the only one with Heals.
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Excuse me, can i bring sugar rush instead of fitness?

You can however if you are an attacker Fitness is the better choice.
SR adds WillPower, Dodge, an Speed which are all pretty useless to a attacker that doesn't get attacked.
While Fit adds Accuracy, Dodge, Willpower, Weight, Luck, HP Regeneration, Stamina Regeneration!
Accuracy is an attacker's best friend making them hit harder and more often.

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