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Today we're revealing one of our new boss monsters in zOMG. Originally, we were planning to use this boss for the DMP area, but we've since moved him elsewhere due to the fact that that area will be designated for vampires.

Here are some concepts...

User Image

User Image

The design went through several iteration like most of our monster concepts. We also spend extra time and effort for bosses since they usually require more gameplay and visual FX.

Here's also a quick demo video (fyi, the sound FX aren't properly sync'd, but it'll be fixed once it's released)...


Most monsters require 1-2 weeks to finish, but bosses usually take up to 4 weeks to complete. We'll explain the zOMG animation pipeline later on. smile
First off, looks amazing~

Second, how much gold do we get every time it uses its range attacks... and for that matter, how much gold do we get for killing it?~ ;3

...An evil cash register... hmmm~
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Dangerous Werewolf

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OMG THis is cool is like just in TV video games heart heart heart
Valheita's avatar

Vicious Nerd

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Brings an all new meaning to evil corporate culture.
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Benevolent Healer

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Pretty cool, looks like a great boss for Aekea area.
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Looks great, kinda makes me think of Gambino lol surprised
Jeireine's avatar

Friendly Explorer

It's a cash register machine combined with a spider tarantula 8D
It spits out gold @w@ But makes a lot of noises XD
AWSOM! I Must Solo it! and Lets not forget about the place and the waves! I mean its not like we're just gonna fight the boss instantly right? razz BRAVO! Good Job! Keep up the Good Work!
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Gracious Hunter

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omg it is amazing o.O
I love it!
WICKED WNX's avatar

Kawaii Kitten

woot finally a new monster xd heart
Awesome! Can't wait to kill it.
Gtsluvr's avatar

Tiny Angel

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I really do want to play with it's buttons! Seems like the right fit for a gambino boss. 3nodding
J u i n c h i 's avatar

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I love him. >3<
I can't wait for new areas and bosses and shiz >: D

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