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Hey all, with the forthcoming expansion areas in zOMG!, we're excited to announce that we'll also be adding new recipes and loot items in the game. Most of these items will be rare items which will require lots of time, luck and effort to craft. There will be varying degree of rarity when it comes to these items. The most rare items being labeled "Epics."

With these rare items, we'll also be introducing a new crafting system. This system will require charge orbs as one of the key component. So hang onto those extra orbs, you'll need them.

Some rare items will even require a whole zOMG! items like the fluff plushies as part of the ingredient. On top of that, we'll also be adding "fail rates" to the most rarest of items (we'll explain more later).

So you see where we're going with this, it's not going to be easy crafting these items. However, the reward for a successful craft is going to be well worth it, since some of these items will be so rare that it'll rival the "halo" in terms of rarity.

To give you a small taste of things to come, the following concepts are from the rare pirate themed set which will be released in the future along with new areas.

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User Image

User Image
User Image

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Wicked ;D
Edit: First<33 First time ever to be first~


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But life is still wonderful, so rejoice.

OMG. /dies
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VERY NICE YAY! The Swords Remind me of Hack a Little For Some Reason, Very Nice Though Now we Have a Point For These Excess Amount of Orbs razz
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gonk heart

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>:] can't wait

Question: Cash shop? Yes?
Awesome. biggrin
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*-* Yes please!

[[This is the first time I've ever been on the front page of an important topic ^_^]]
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I can haz? o3o
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Nice. It's about time.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!! So are these rare loot and recipe items available now or do we have to wait for the expansion?
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User Image The Way of the Sword User Image

Pirate theme? Does this give us clues as to what area is coming next? *coughBOARDWALKcough*

Halo rare? Pleasenotbetheswordspleasenotbetheswoooooooooords. gonk

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