Ren Orenji Doragon
Wow, you actually got it? That's quite impressive!!
Er, not to be a complete newbie, but out of curiosity--where might one find Robofish? I haven't heard of them yet; probably because I'm too low-level uwu;;
Heh, yeah. It's been so long that I don't remember getting it... XD Might have been back before the nerf to the Village Greens area.. when those things didn't get 1hko'd by Solar Rays even. =w=;;

Anyway, yes. Robofish are in a later area of the game. :3 They appear after you go through the Shallow Sea and exit through the tunnel at the end of the Undersea Ledge. ( CL8.0+ area -- don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ^-^ Just please remember to level up your buffs as well! :3 ) The problem with these guys is that there's only 14 per instance ( like Dead Man's Pass: you can go in, kill everything, come out, go back in and it'll all be back! ) and some people don't even go as far as the Robofish, so there's that factor too. xP Then there's the problem of having a good enough crew to get that far... Robofish can definitely be a headache. XD

I hope that helped. :3 Apologies if I got a bit carried away. XD Good luck, and happy zOMGing!