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Hey everyone,

Over the past months, there have been unfortunate cases where players have failed to receive recipe rewards after defeating the End Boss.

While I'm unable to give an estimates on when the situation will be resolved, I am happy to say that the zOMG! team is working to address this issue!

In the meantime, I'd like to create a list of users who are missing one or more of the recipe reward. As a reminder, a player can receive the following recipes from defeating the End Boss:

  • Recipe: Crystal Fluff Plushie [17828]
  • Recipe: Mechlab Bot [17818]
  • Recipe: Null Fluff Plushie [17834]
  • Recipe: Sinister Scarf [17860]

Please use the following template when making your report:


== FAQ ==

  1. Q: Does the existence of this thread mean that it's finally 'safe' for me to get my EB reward recipes?
    A: I have defeated the End Boss and received all the recipes several times during the past couple of months. Because of this I can say that the system works for a specific set of conditions, however I am unable to make any guarantees on whether you personally will receive the recipe rewards. The reason for this is because it's impossible for me to ascertain whether you meet these ideal conditions.

  2. Q: I know I'm missing an End Boss reward recipe, but I forgot which one it is!
    A: Post anyway even if you're unsure about this. Highly trained anteaters will throughly check your account to determine which recipes you're missing and whether you're eligible to receive them.

  3. Q: What do you mean by "eligible to receive them"?
    A: If you post saying that you're missing a particular recipe then we'll check to see that you have defeated End Boss enough times to legitimately earn that recipe.

  4. Q: What if I purchased a missing recipe from the Marketplace or received it from a friend?
    A: That's fine - post here anyway and the anteaters will check your account in the order received.

  5. Q: Why anteaters?
    A: Outside help had to be brought in due to the potential scope of this issue. After pooling our lunch money we quickly realized that we'd have to come up with a creative solution. Thankfully, the San Francisco City Zoo was all too happy to assist us by letting us hire their team of anteaters who, as we found out, are very friendly and surprisingly good at verifying account data.
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Good to know the issue is in the process of getting resolved.
LOL. Anteaters. Clevar.

*directs people I know are missing recipes in here*
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Shy Streaker

USER_NAME: Jane Fallen Angel

MISSING_RECIPE_NAMES: Sinister Scarf, Mechlab bot recipe.

Thank you Kuzuan, I hope you figure this out. Ask me if you have any questions/need help. O_O;; Don't eat me, anteater. I'm not an ant emo

I have my thread if you want to look at it.
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** I've only ever made it through the final boss once and it glitched on me, sent everyone else in my crew to the bar and left me in the boss chamber. No badge and no recipe. sad
Oh wow! Thanks. A little more attention than my poor thread is definitely welcome.


Mechlab Bot and Sinister Scarf

Thanks again.
*directs people I know are missing recipes in here*

Thank you!

If anyone here has friends who they know are missing End Boss reward recipe then please send them a link to this thread so they can make a post.
USER_NAME: Sky_rider19

b]USER_NAME: Acme demolition

MISSING_RECIPE_NAMES: Crystal Fluff Plushie, Mechlab bot, and sinister scarf.recipes.

I admit that I had given up hope of receiving these recipes. So, is that light at the end of the tunnel or is it a freight train?
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I'll be linking a few people to this thread! Thanks Kuzuan, keep up the great work.
I know it was a tough decision to make.. Lunch, or anteaters.. we all appreciate it!
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I posted this thread in the clan I'm in. :3

I'm so glad that the anteaters are on this! They're good at finding bugs. <3
Thanks Kuzuan!

I'll be linking this to both my guild and clan too. C:
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USER_NAME: Nya_nya_kitty_kitty

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You may want to make this a sticky until the numbers have dwindled a little bit

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