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85k to bring me 10,000,000 twigs.
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Pls. just ignore this post if you don't like it. I'm just trying out some ways to make money and apparently this one doesn't work.
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Timid Bunny

I pay 1k for quest or 5k for boss fight, i will send a trade with my payment afterwards. blaugh
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Magic Pumpkin

Deal! I give you 5k if you kill Kam for me on your own and if you fail I want my 5k back, if you succeed I want all rewards.
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Shameless Tycoon

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I'm not agreeing with the whole idea of this thread or anything, but I just want to point out that I've SEEN shouts over and over in places like Saw Mill and Gold Beach asking for help with non-PS and non-SMEB/SMOB-related quests and everybody ******** ignores them.

Don't act like higher-level players are such saints who will help anybody out, no matter how n00bly. Sometimes it IS hard to find a crew for Old Aqueduct or Otami Ruins or Duneslam because everyone on the frickin' server is just on to do DMS or gold-farming instances.

Marshall's Little Helpers is always a viable option, though. And they DO help people for free.
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You can tip me for every quest lol
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Greedy Smoker

gaia_angelleft 1 mill for 1k vampire blood + blood dropletsxx gaia_angelright
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rofl Another Mercenary thread has made my day. I shall grant you a "like". emotion_awesome
Omg. Can you keel kamilia for me? I give you 10k for it, but you gotta gimme the essence I needz. K.

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