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Welcome to the (new) home of Marshall's Little Helpers!

We are a group of people who are here to help you- both if you have any specific quest needs, and also to help you to have fun in ZOMG. We're happy to help teach you how to do Shallow Seas, Deadman's Shadow, and also any of the other areas around ZOMG and we just love crewing for stuff. So ask! Marshall bites a little but the rest of us don't.

We also have a guild and a clan. Most of the action happens in here, but please feel free to join up if you want to even if the clan is mostly used for spamming emotes and 'Your Mom' jokes when clan chat is working.
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~ I want halp with a quest/area
Come in and pull up a comfy chair! Please post to say which area you would like help with, and when you would like help. There are people on at most times, but the bulk of our members live in US time-zones, so if you want help during the small hours of the morning US, it may take a little longer to get a crew together. We will try and reply to you and get a crew, but you may need to be patient!

Please make sure that you have rings at an appropriate level, and have sufficient time for the instance, including recruiting time (I would suggest at least 90 minutes for EB and 2 hours for DMS if you haven't been there before).

You may also want to have a look at a guide before you start. This link has links to guides in the Z!F, some are outdated, but they may still be useful

~I has a question
Go ahead and ask! We'd be happy to answer for you to the best of our abilities.

~I want to halp you guize!
Please do- anyone is welcome as long as they're patient and like to have fun. Keep an eye out for if people are starting a run, or ask to start one of your own!

~I want a Tuna sandwich
If you would like to get attuned, this is a serious undertaking which involves time and preparation from you. Miya's Magical Pony Ride does runs and tank training, and there are a few other people who do runs as well. If there's enough committed, interested people, we may be able to do occasional runs.
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I like to keep things pretty simple! Please make sure that you are following the Gaia Terms of Service and Z!F Forum rules when you post in the thread. Obviously from time-to-time, interpersonal conflicts occur, but if you are unable to resolve them in a timely and appropriate manner, Marshall may revoke your posting privileges until you are able to do so.

Chatter is welcome- we're here to have fun! Talk about raids, post screenies, organise events and crews. Did I mention have fun?
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If you would like to share something with the class, please let me know and I will endeavour to update it. If you are planning an event, or have hosted an event, or a contest, or a themed run, or you feel the need to share with the world that you made a Bloodbat- it can go here!

I use the non-American standard for dates- please don't panic.

1/11/12- Thread is open! MLH is back in business after a few months of hiatus (or hiding, or whatever you want to call it)

21/6/13- We go and take the fluff world by force over here

24/6/13- Sorry for being such a disorganised/absent leader. Stuff... may happen in the near future. Also, VK is interested in getting together for mini events in ZOMG in the month of July. She'd love to hear from you if you'd like to play.
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To be used for good and not evil (it's back again!). Please only use this for informing people of raids/movie nights/events, other things like that which are important for everyone to know about. For just regular recruiting, checking online people will suffice. If I find it being misused, I'll have to take the list down, but I hope it will be useful to you all.

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