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Wow, exactly 2 months later...
Anyways, yeah. Back to work. smile Since I'll probably have lots of time on Wed. I'll go for a DMS run to look for things in the caves. razz

Gonna get back to this. owo that is if anyone still cares? ^ ^ ' But first off to see DMS...

Hi fellow reader.

As most of you may know [ JK ] has been teasing us with a bunch of story plot things such as why there are spirals in zOMG!, the shadow in Deadman's Shadow and the image of the purple thing in "space".

Since it was so much fun trying to find the trigger for the BBBoss I've decided to do some major detective work around zOMG! in order to find out more about it.

I wanted to do this ever since I realized that Zelda now has an official timeline (don't know when it happened) and Nintendo won't reveal it in hopes of people to find the clues in each game and make their timelines. I realized, well, I already played through all the games. I could try and solve it but Skyward Sword plans to bring tins of new info, so I'll wait. Hm, I wonder if there's some other game with secrets waiting to be discovered...

And that's the text flashback.

I will be posting here anything and everything I can work with; I'll try and make video to support my evidence, post pictures, write in my journal (or here) and solve multiple cases. I shall be the Logically Creative zOMG! Detective!
(Logical kinda like Prof. Layton and Creative because I want to be a VG artist so I put creativity into everything)

So have fun reading my stories (notice this is mostly just for fun) and as Summer goes on I'll try and be active here but I can't promise anything (not anymore. ._.)

Here is a small sample of what you can expect: Finding the BBBoss
Maybe it'll be even better. smile
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Current Cases:

Case File #001
Da Controversial Code
~On hold; Interrogating witness~

Case File #002
Swirling All Around Us
~On hold; Need time for investigation~

Case file 7? What case file 7? eek

Coming Soon:

Case File #003
The Glow of Power
Case File #004
Beneath the Murky Depths
Case File #005
Visitors Among Us?
Case File #006
Secrets of Otami
Case File #00?
The Unseen Enemy
Case File #0??
As the Shadow Awakes
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Video evidence:

*has a great idea for this*
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Written Evidence and Story:

Case 001:

Click to view


One of the letters I picked up (Sent by Barasch) was very peculiar indeed. I opened the envelope (pronounced Awn-vel-low-p) and what I saw stopped me dead in my tracks.

After I revived using a Defib ring, I looked once more. (This time I had to use Meat on me) Before my eyes was the picture of the Great Crater in none other than my favorite hiding spot in Otami.

As I looked for the 12th time at the Con. Image, I noticed the X seemed to be close to Otami as well; why, it may even be pointing at the crater itself! Why...yes of course, the Null planet may be signaling the one spot where the most energy is found. This reminded me of the Zurg when they too saw the massive energy leak from when Gino and Gambino diffused... So this "may" just confirm that the Zurg are involved. Of course, I can't really actually solve any mystery on zOMG! myself...what I need, are some answers.

And there's only one person that can give them.

Here be evidence that Ghi may just be the blue energy:
(When asked What color Ghi is)
User Image

To be continued...

Case 002:

In my previous case I noticed some weird spiral designs in the grass back in the Village Greens. As a detective, it is my duty to put black and white mascara on myself and narrate my experiences all while the Musician I hired plays the Saxophone in the background (He charges by the hour, free Shipping and handling, batteries not included, some assembly required).

But I guess I can also investigate the swirls. I mean, how hard can it be?

***THE BAD NEWS from a Detective In Training's Perspective***
**Note before you being: I may sound like I'm stating the obvious but sometimes people don't have th luxury of beong in my head, so I'll need to go over key points smile

I stole some data files on the furthest leads we have: (Thanks)
User Image

Now that I have some evidence on the matter, I can draw some reasoning;
1) Since JK was surprised it didn't happen, it's obviously beyond HIS control and that it will happen sometime now.
2) He can't discuss it at all. It's most likely that no-one is supposed to know about it; so far I'm leaning towards some action Gaia wants to do...
3) An announcement will be put up...there are 3 types though:
- Sitewide- If its this one, it's obviously not gonna be a Dev getting fired or else they wouldn't really need to announce it to the whole site- UNLESS zOMG! itself will be canceled ***
- z!Forum wide- Again, they don't announce devs leaving to the forum, just in meetings but they can announce z! related things that maybe won't affect others that much (People who don't play)
- Status/Dev Meet- So it won't be that big of a deal since JK would only be addressing some people
3.5) Now, since he said it's "pretty serious" expect a Site-wide announcement.
4) It seems like he'll want to "explain" what happened after it happens. Again. I'll get more into detail in a bit.

Now for my actual theories on what it could be:
1) A dev's leaving sad
-If it's pretty serious then zOMG! may be at it's end an thus all devs will have to leave
- Gaia may have seen people abusing the glitch and will fire a dev for this error
-If a dev left, JK would have said so like with all others
- If JK left, he wouldn't bother working on DMS or having made an announcement at all, plus he stated he will work on eh, I forgot...
Result: Rejected

2) zOMG! is at it's end!!!!
- Again, Gaia may be mad about the glitch
- Gaia decided to give up on zOMG! and shut it down
- Again, they wouldn't have bothered with a DMS announcement or even working on it
Result: Rejected

3) Gaia wants to add mods to zOMG! to prevent glitches being abused
- The bad news just happens to come up after the fiasco? Think about it...
- That's pretty bad for some people but then again this is weak evidence
- Lots of MMOS have it to prevent abusing, why not this one?
- Weak evidence
- Gaia doesn't care much for zOMG! anyway...but even so, they did make it a part of Alchemy
Result: Plausible

4) zOMG! will be affected in a negative way (Gold drops, play time limits)
- To prevent any more personal gain
- Again, this one I made up on the spot but it IS sort of vague and obvious...
Result: Ok, I'll just cross this one out. *dies of embarrassment*

5) I had more... O_O

So far:
- No Devs will leav
- zOMG! will not be cancled
- Adding mods is possible
- Anyone have a Defib ring?

Ok, guess I needed to practice my detective skittles. I was wrong and way off. Though, it still doesn't make much sense...??
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[ JK ] Hints

[ JK ]
Im not at liberty to discuss much further on this subject, but the spirals "does" mean something in zOMG! (hint: what is Gaia?) and is significant to the main plot line. 3nodding

Dead Man's Shadow:
User Image

Crystal Fluffs:
User Image

Wolfox444 asks: "is the null located in gaia, outerspace, or another dimension?"
User Image

Buccaneer Boardwalk/Port Gambino:
User Image

*Thanks to wolfox444 for providing the screenies.
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NPC & Gaian Quotes
~Up to Page 12 so far
*I'll be adding things to people's names as they add more info

Questions that JK Can't answer and some that I want answered.

1. Explain Null Crystals Fluffs.

2. Tell about UFO 07's whereabout's in zOMG! (I think 07 is Concerned Citizen -Wink-)

3. Triangles, The number 19, The swirls, And Rina Brainwashed?

4.Frank is VERY important in zOMG! Or known as Labtech 123 -Wink-

5. What would happen if a summon crystal comes into contact with a human?

6. Although the Null crystal planet in space is not the one we go to. If so how do we breathe? How does it produce oxygen?

anguls kushinoda

1) the p3s came through the star portal, but now it connects to hive world
2) the labtech in OA, frank an labtech 123 are theroized to be the same person based on their looks -mew

also if you note in the manga an story for zomg, the zurg first built the star portal, but the p3s came out, then it connected to hive world, so the idea of the null crystal in space being a hub to other 'star portals' has more merit in the sense of the crystals useing wave frequency to transmit energy an matter

Barasch Deluxe
The Theme of X's//

They keep cropping up everywhere--the pic, the null chamber, Labtech X.

I believe the X may be marking the Sealab Compound. Comparing the areas currently available in zOMG and the controversial pic, the X lies slightly North of the whirlpool.

My second theory is that the X may be the Fission Point. It's visible in The Gauntlet but your map doesn't extend to show where you are. It just shows you as being slightly North of where the map cuts off. If you do not know what I'm talking about, it's that crater on the left side, in the water.

Upon drowning, your yellow dot doesn't show on the main map so I cannot be sure of exact positioning.
More hostile Animated and some sub-like constructs, from which I've kept my distance, and the remnants of the Gambino Tower that fell when Gambino got shot. And...something else you'll have to see to believe.
I'm certain it's the source of the lights everyone's seeing on the surface of the water above.

Labtech 123
That fission event that attracted the Zurg detonated nearby...and when that occurred, it left a signature behind...a sort of *wound*...that's leaking energy into our world in way that has never before occurred.

We know: The rip is increasing. Using ghi in any form causes it to increase.

Helpful links:
zOMG's wiki It has up to date transcripts of the entire game. It also includes the Old Station scripts. I suggest searching "Frank." His page has some interesting information.
#4// Explains the importance of grunnies
#12//The Gambino Event(Fission Event)
#13//The Zurg notice
#30//zOMG! Doesn't explain much but it's directly related to the game so.. ^^;;
Frank makes an appearance at the end, too.

Some images explaining some of my own theories.
Crop Circle
Star Portal -- I think this may also tie in with OR, though I haven't had the opportunity to verify my suspicions (It only lights at nightfall).
The Gambino/Fission Event Crater
Even more triangles

Reviewing OA, I've come up with a theory that plays on yours about the "Null Planet."
In one of the quests, you step onto the Star Portal and are sucked into the Hive. Caruthers once said it was meant to get the pups back to their home planet. I believe this planet to be the Null Planet. I also think that the pups and bugs are somehow related to the Zurg. If you'll notice, the various pups have a little laser device on their left shoulders. Notice the shape--triangle.

Another theory just came to mind! I believe the Star Portal is infused with null crystal. It's more than just the colors. It's the function of it. The Star Portal is used to transport beings--much like the Null Chamber.

Perhaps the Null Planet is not a planet. Perhaps it's more like a meteor--a chunk of otherworldly rock/crystal. Perhaps the Zurg have chosen this crystal as a sort of power source--like a battery or a generator.
Or maybe, the Zurg created the null crystal themselves! Perhaps they extracted the energy from the crater and manipulated it to fit their own needs. The crater is the source of it all--the null crystals, G'hi, the animated, our stupid rings. Perhaps we're guinea pigs for a much larger operation.

But those are just my ponderings. ^^;;

I have no idea what the original purpose of the Warp Portal was. It never showed up in the manga or anything. If you'll notice, though, the WP has Zurg language on it. The SP does not. Hmm..

But the "crater" in otami Ruins to the left of the blood tree looks similar to Shallow Seas' entrance...So maybe thats where it starts?

Yeah, I kinda started doing that after I posted. xD But I got confused at how the robo cave connects (since it has no map). And I'm trying to remember what that cliff looks like.. > 3<

Well, you gotta talk to Rin and Lin. P:

Clicky for map

"What is Gaia" is such a loaded question.

The only thing I can think of is the wing symbol. It's the universal icon for this site. It has kind of a swirly design.

To add more confusion, here's some semi-relevant info about the Goddess, Gaia.

"Gaia is sometimes thought to embody the planets and the Earth, and sometimes thought to embody the entire universe."

The Gaia Hypothesis(According to Lovelock):; "The hypothesis proposes that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamic system that shapes the Earth's biosphere, and maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life."

My theory on the null ball floating in space, that others may or may not agree with:

Asteroid of null crashes into earth but while entering the atmosphere splits up into pieces and lands around the world of Gaia. Main part of the asteroid lands in the ocean, other 'fragments' (the Null Chamber entrances) are linked to this main part. o3o

After looking at the controversial image (which I must say is rather pretty :'D ), it strikes me that aside from the purple, there are blue sparkles surrounding and going to (from?) the Gaia planet. It might be that it's just something the artist added in to make it look nice, but I thought I should throw the observation in here just in case it helps support any theories etc. You may have already noticed it though. o3o;

One little question. In Bass Ken lake, when you enter via zen gardens you see a swirl on your map made out of water. Kay..the current goes to it. So...it's a lake? No, to small. It's a swirl. Where does the water go to?
Swirl...filled with water. That somehow is infinite.
I see importance.


Me and Lune decided to do a bit of snooping with the Gaia Map and zOMG map.Well We found that when you look at the crater in Otami Ruins,Its also on the world map on the top left corner.This must mean that the zOMG map "layers" the gaia map.

Also!This may or may not mean anything about the null but the gaia map also shows a bit of Old Aquaduct AND a warp portal when u hover on warp portal to the right.That warp portal represents the Hive.This must mean (Im almost certain) that the hive must be a connection to the Zurg.Im rlly tired right now so im prolly wrong xD

Also in addition to what I just said,I found a "maybe" secret area on the gaia map.Go to Bassken Lake then click right on the arrow.There lies G-CORP!!!!!!THAT MUST MEAN THAT...Irdk yet

So now to the swirls...JK said that they had something to do with the zurg along with the crop circle,Am i right?After reading the manga though,I found out they liked triangles....alot xP.So who would or why would they create swirls/crop circles?I tried to look really closely at each chapter or the zurg plot,looking for a place similar to Village Greens...No luck.

Well I think that the world of Gaia...is actually a person...And the Null represents another Titan...We mgith be getting TO into this gaiz...xD

I now believe UFO 09 is the reason behind there is a bunch of swirls!Also some findings that you may know-
~The Shallow Seas Entrance looks alot like the pic
~Its shaped like it too

I think the Null Crystal in Space is the same one we go to after getting KO'd . We just assumed it was on Gaia. Also it would explain why we can come back from the HIVE world after getting KO'd.....

I think that the lager crystal in space IS the one we go to. But we teleport to the inside of it . And on the inside there is an atmosphere. OR, while inside the null chamber we aren't really in a physical form but in an energy form. Which would explain the energy trails coming and going in that picture (and not needing to breathe in space). Those are probably Gaians comeing and going to the null chamber.

Return of Gambino

We come in...piece?

Death of Alien 9

The Santa Cow Incident (not sure this is relevant, but is fun :'D)

Return of 09

and with that, the Zurg left in peace....or so it goes B| *cue mission impossible music*

as for a definition Gaia = land, or more easily recognized...Earth (this was refferenced in some of the announcements...and the item "wrath of gaia" may also say something **)

though, since they use the wing, could be some connection to the sky as well...we do have sky ships that fly by the power of those magic trees, but this connects more the gods of Gaia rather than the Zurg and zomg...hmm

**looked it up, Gaia is earth goddess in greek mythology....we may more commonly know her as Mother Earth :3

i think that hint in particular has more to do with something bigger...maybe in relation to the Zurg queen's words...

II-Mystic Memories-II
BTW I noticed something interesting about one of the fluffs in Bassken a while back. When I was fighting in Bassken I killed a Mama fluff and went to an area across from the null chamber. She respawned and I remember her talking about "returning from the null void" or something like that.

The fluffs on earth are probably version of null fluffs just built for earth. The X was strange to me when I first saw it, I felt like a boss was gonna show up there once the zOMG devs added features to BB.

If the main null chamber is in space, where did the local null crystals come from? I mean, how did they get onto Gaia proper?

so maybe they're being placed deliberately. By whom, and for what purpose....

If, when we go into the null chamber, we are being transfered off planet, what would happen if the system should fail... trapped in the null chamber? If it's under someone's control, could they use the null system to hijack us?

Makes me think of some of the more scary sci fi theories regarding instant transportation.

well, if the null chamber, and the crystals are being controlled by some other "people" (or whatever) then they may have designed it so they can send us wherever they want... Then the question would be, why is it working so well for us? Did they put this system in place and then abandon it for some reason?

I'm just drawing on common sci fi themes, lol

My theory is that ultimately, we'll find another null chamber, and the center crystals will connect chamber to chamber.


I'm a long time sci fi reader. So, I just thought I'd mention some of the most common reasons aliens contact our planet:

Real estate: they just need/want the space for their population.

Slavery: they need workers.

Farming: they need space to raise food, or they want us to be their food source.

Power: to gain power in some sort of intergalactic strife.

Profit: sometimes they want to do business with us.

Fear: paranoid alien races destroy the potential threat before it gets strong.

Friendship: some may want to just be pals.

Philanthropy: if they want to aid us in becoming more advanced.

And of course, it could be any combination also. xd

So, just thought I'd throw that out there for non sci fi people. I wsn't around for the zurg invasion... so I have no idea if there was any indication of their motives. But I think it's something we need to know. 3nodding

It sounds like profit was just a bonus - they didn't arrive expressly for that reason. The even they were investigating though, could possibly be nm, I really should read the manga before speculating further.

Red Kutai

I know I'm late, but I just thought I'd try to contribute. The Zurg's reason for visiting Gaia was expressed fairly succinctly in the first line they spoke in the Manga: "WTH WAS THAT?!" whee

Judging from that, you might be able to add plain old curiosity to your list - they may have been investigating an unusual event, simply for the purpose of investigating something unusual. And judging by the fact that this very thread exists, it seems that that would be perfectly natural. wink

However, there is a curious line on the next page of that Manga ("Could it be?" ) that implies that they may think the 'unusual event' is something in particular that they're searching for - the details around that got rather lost once they finally arrived, here. sweatdrop Also, to be fair, 'Profit' was obviously involved, considering the importance of the Zurg/Red Bino energy drink industry. razz

Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Warp Portal attached to the Sentinel v. Overseer Hallowe'en Event, a few years back? It was an event I missed, so I don't recall their exact purpose, but I believe it appears in the background of this Manga (the middle panel, fourth page) and is referenced in this item.

Also, not every unknown symbol is necessarily Zurg. The language on the Warp Portal is most likely that of an ancient deific language, but there are likely countless other unknown languages (like whatever the people of Otami spoke) that have been used on Gaia over the ages. While it is perfectly reasonable to speculate a connection, that is not necessarily always the case...

Alright, I did a little more research - you got me on the Warp Portal, as it's rather older than I thought. Apparently (that is, according to another user in that thread) it was used when the Zurg left Gaia, despite the fact that the Manga clearly depicts otherwise. To be honest, though, I was around for that event and I don't even vaguely recall the Warp Portal coming into play; but it was obviously there for someone to have noticed it. sweatdrop

So, yes, I'll cede that Zurg text on a Zurg portal is probably a reasonable conclusion - and that, obviously, I was not sufficiently attentive to the Zurg storyline, while it was around... redface

Ren Orenji Doragon

I got a rather interesting comment on one of my pieces of artwork the other day... and it made me think, "What if this... controversial image we have here... what if this purple crystal form did, in fact, lead to another dimension? An alternate universe, even?"

When I look at this controversial image, I see some kind of power being drained or absorbed by each... shape... in the art. These shapes might be feeding off of each other's energies. I have no clue what these "energies" might be, but I thought it would be something to point out. :3

Just food for thought. >w<

Edit: Another thought that just crossed my mind: I don't know who all was around for the Halloween '09 event, but those purple portals you see in the Coliseum now? When you clicked on one in the Halloween 2009 event, it would "pull you through space" as well. 0: Sure, it pulled you from your current location to the newly named Dead Man's Shadow, but exactly how did you get there? All I remember was the loading screen... a seemingly endless glowing purple tunnel. o3o ( A color similar to the lights in Otami at night, if I remember correctly. )

Sanctuary Desu
So where is the null chamber located? Is it that floating rock out in space or is it the main chunk located in the sealab? The satellite crystals scattered about the world seem to be able to transfer matter instantaneously, and the message "A Powerful Force Moves You Through Space" appears every time you null. Does this refer to outer space "space" or simply "space" as in 'physical distances'?

I believe that might be the null chamber in the pic, and the purple streams connecting it and the planet are gaians warping through this central hub.

HERE is a rather obsolete, but nonetheless interesting article pertaining to zOMG! The gaia wiki is largely useless, being that Gaia itself is a forum-based community so it's easy for us to compile our own information.

The article suggests that the animated are indeed frightened of the null chamber and the crystals (would it "nullify" them, so to speak?) and suggests some theories as to the nature of the animated. Namely, why some of them are indifferent to you, why some attack, and why some actually help you on your quest.

No suggestions are offered as to the location of the main null chamber, although I'm slowly beginning to lean towards the theory that it is in fact somewhere on the planet Gaia. The possibility of an off-planet site still makes sense to me, given the interplanetary nature of some of the non-animated enemies, but it remains to be seen.

Here's a cap of the null chamber itself, with the transport crystals organized around a central hub. And the null crystals on gaia are directly linked to one of the surrounding crystals. Perhaps the null chamber was at one point a whole unit? Perhaps half of it was broken off and scattered to the planet, with the linked crystals spread apart. Because we don't really DO anything with the large middle crystal, we only interact with the paired crystal for where we want to go.

The crystals are obviously some sort of energy/matter transport device, but are they fabricated or naturally occurring?

I really need to stop thinking about this, everything just leads to more questions. O_O

Also note the bizarre texture on the bottom side of the platform, and in the upper left corner. Is that play from the light underwater? Or some sort of alien formation?

Good stuff! The animated are probably formed from Ghi energy, and most likely return to and spawn from the Null crystals or Null chamber itself. This would explain why they are so afraid of it, AND why zomgers never really "die", they only "daze". In theory, you could only die with no HP, no Ghi, no Rings (to focus the Ghi), and even then I'm not sure.

Spirals and triangles, it's all layers on top of layers.

And the star portal seems to operate in the same manner as the null crystals, right down the purplish-pinkish glow. This might be stating the obvious, but perhaps the Zurg have already mastered the refinement and manipulation of the null matter?

If so, they've managed to process an entire null chamber down to the two linking crystals and form it into a platform, probably useful for transporting things much larger than humanoids.

Although it might be just as effective an invasion plan to just fire down a few null crystals, and let the newly animated things wipe out the inhabiting species. Then just go down and re-absorb the ghi to negate the animated.

And the Zurg definitely seem to communicate via basic symbols (although the same could be said for us, really). It's well-documented that they like, or at least acknowledge, triangles, and it's not too much of a leap to say that spirals are probably meaningful to them to.

The P3's are able to fight animated w/o the use of rings, which makes me think that their world was subject to a devastating Zurg invasion, as ours was and might be again. They'd be useful allies, if we weren't already at war with one another.

The recent null glitch also begs another question: Why can we only attune from the satellite crystals, not the central chamber?

(Obviously for gameplay purposes, it just pleased me to think that the initial link must be made planet-side.)

The Marketplace
That Crystal in space is what remains of the home planet of the P3s. That's what I believe anyway, given that they react to the rings the same ways that the Animated do.

THE She-Hulk
Seems to me like the energy is swirling near a large body of water. Could the energy be going into Labtech X's location?

Toasty Ermine
Ok i think that the light signifies a single even happening that is somehow drawing the null chamber planet to us (whether it has a conscience or not) that event could probly be that big explosion (the one that resulted in the crater).

hmmm... i was reading through your research and was wondering how the plot revealed around the eb fits into it all... (i havent read it in a while... i speed-read the first switch and eb door... but i think it's worth looking at...)

i will try to find a transcript of the conversations...

wahmbulance EDIT: wahmbulance

I found the conversation here AND, as I suspected, it does mention the Zurg! The explosion is, as you might suspect, the explosion from this manga, "Return of Gambino." As you can see, the energy radiating from that explosion is a greenish hue. How could this be connected to the purple/blue orbs and null colors we see in zomg?

Because of the conversation and the fact the zurg were in space, I believe the purple area in JK's controversial picture is more of a merging/ rip between dimensions rather than the null being in outer space.. The controversial picture seems to me like two dimension emitting their own aura or "power." Since the gambino event in the manga above, I believe these two dimensions have been interacting. The null, in my opinion, is located in the other dimension since you "travel through space" to get there. The null fragments are crystals from this other dimension that have merged into gaia's dimension and are powerful enough to support a gaian's transportation to and from this dimension. Is there meaning in the locations of the null fragments? I'm not sure...

However, the hive creatures seem to be from a different dimension as well. Could there be three dimensions at work in zomg or is the zurg teleportation pad just bringing in hive creatures from far out in outer space?

I'm slowly reading through all the pages of theories in this thread... I'm sure you may have come up with the same findings... here are some of my notes/ideas as I am reading:
1. if go into the null you can see those blue crystals all around the background... Since there is currently no area on gaia, This supports my theory this is on the other purple dimension (or planet).
2. This also supports #1. The purple light emanating into the crystal in the null is a band that connects to the gaia/blue dimension in the controversial picture (Basically, I have come to the same conclusion as this evidence) The brightly accented area in the controversial picture also looked like the null (even before I saw your (cirnol's)evidence). This is good! Multiple people coming to the same conclusion without help from each other helps support findings!
3. The rip formed when the Gambino event occured... Johnny and Gino's blood came together correct? Johnny is now dead and Gino now has assassin's after him! Labtech X, as Johnny's clone, has the same blood as Johnny. Is Gino being hunted only because he is the heir to G-Corp or does Gino have special significance? To my recollection, the only time I remember Gino being mentioned in Zomg was during the end boss...
5. I saw Mystic Memories reply that maybe the mother fluffs remember coming from the null... I'm investigating... It was a long gaia night killing Goosey but I finally tracked her to her spawning screen (diagnally down and to the right from the null) I will upload the screenshot of what she said (Tired as I was, I was caught of guard and didnt get a pic of her saying it in the moment) She said "hee hee! We're back from the void!" More research is needed for variations of this text. Variations may provide further insight into what the animated *know*
6. Seposita Penculum makes an interesting comment about "rejuvenating" and the distance from the null from the concerned citizen. I already did the quest but I will swing around and question the concerned citizen anyway. Unfortunately, all the man did was force a ring I already have upon me. currently unsupported by visual fact
7. While I was in the Aqueduct questioning the citizen, I stopped by the portal. I remembered the Zurg love triangles. Alas! The portal itself has a triangle embedded in the markings! This is supporting evidence that the Zurg are indeed responsible for the hive
8.Seposita Penculum said that agatha gossiped that the zurg may aready be back... I can't find the text in game (I checked barton Town)so currently this is unsupported by visual fact However, I did not check the Barton Bar after you kill the end boss... sweatdrop
9. Sanctuary Desu has just stated what I also think. She noted that the hive emits a purplish color like the null. The Zurg may already be able to manipulate this null/ghi matter. Is this how they revived 09 after he was terminated?
10. The purpose of the boardwalk is very mysterious. I hope in the lose of devs the purpose was not lost. The skull and crossbones struck me as a marking for something when I first went in the new area. I did not realize til now the skull may not be a gaian skull but a zurg skull. The lower half of the skull is much smaller and does in fact look like a zurg skull... Does "x" mark the spot for the Zurg's return? Raficat makes interesting points of why aliens would come to earth (real estate, slavery, farming, power, profit, fear, friendship, philanthropy) I will add two more... what if they came just for curiosity... or because they found out the explosion created a portal to the null dimension and wished to extract it's power/study it (or whatever they want it for...)
11. Red Kutai found the manga that supports my theory on #10
12. Barasche Deluxe posted many interesting pictures! The similarities of the fountain are making my head spin! Also, the picture of the ufo (I was not around gaia when the zurg came so I did not see a picture of the ufos). Note that both the ufo and the hiveportal have three dots... was the portal designed to land a ufo? I note the triangles on the ruins... IF they are connected to the zurg.. it seems they have visited gaia a loong time ago then left...
13. Barache made a comment about what Caruthers (Concerned Citizen) has said... I reeeally need to make a mule to reread that area >.<

gaia is also considered in mythology to be a goddess... this manga references "she" took away sen and the overseers powers... It is poosibble they are reffering to the goddess Gaia...

ALSO in the same manga Gino is told he is a descendant of a Titan... in mythology the goddess Gaia was mother of the titans...
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Easter Eggs!

~The water in Buccaneer Boardwalk on the World Map represents a picture of a shark pointing down.
Map: X Rough Shark Sketch: X
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Myth Crackers
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Riddle Me This

In honor of Doom's Hunt. I decided to have fun tracking objects down.

Here are the Riddles:

1.Standing in a triangle as a trio,We wonder about a movie called "Rio"
2.Water pours onto a vehicle shape,A bit like a certain food,Maybe a crepe?
3.Smoke heads up towards the sky,With a pipe in my mouth, I cannot lie
4.A small little house below a wish of mine,"More devs plz" is a favorite of mine
5.A giant breeze above a hat-wearing man,The only moving windmill looks like a very large fan icon_wink.gif
6.A number, A number!On fallen bark.That questi**...number is still seen in dark icon_wink.gif
7.On the front I have a crescent,There goes my number 2.To the descent.
8.I spin when the wind gales with weightless moves,A cow pointing west?Must have amazing groove.
9.Behind mushrooms I stay,As a home for fluffs I cannot give my way.
10.I prevent passing with my one-way door,Because of this I do not have more. icon_crying.gif
11.Swimming around in a square path,My friends watch as they take an everlasting bath.
12.My fins form triangles as i speed through,With a watching frog here,I must be new!
13.On top of a ledge with a tunnel so near,Vines tangle the opening preventing a leer.
14.If Im not in this place I can only see feet,But now i can see full statues at a glorifying feat
15.A man in a cape stands with a fist in the air,But a messed up "girl" has no care.
16.Pink roots sprout from the ground below,But only a heart is near a roost of a foe
17.An arrow pierces a heart of infatuation,The two's everlasting love creates a mind of speculation
18.I float being very lethargy, keeping a trinket in hand.Whats it you say?A thing found on land?!
19.A savior,A rescuer,sits watching around.I am the thing he is sitting on,preventing more drowned.

Bonus prize is near!
Isnt it grand?
Better take a close look,at swirling sand.
I am on the shore...I hope I'm not a bore
A swirl on the beach?
No not that far out of reach!
Not many people notice me,
Am I really hard to see?
I can be seen on the map!
To middle-left,my chap!
I guess I cant give away any more rhymes.
Im afraid its now my time.
(To be found...or not hee hee hee)...
...Also I hate grass.

Now Answer Me This:
(Highlight to see the answers)

1. the 3 birds standing together near the music box store in barton town.
2. water pouring into the thing shaped like a boat in zen, 2 screens right of durem blockade.
3. the horse smoking a pipe at the back alley bargains store in barton town, west gate.
4. the small little shrine thingy below the wish tree room in zen gardens. to the left of entrance to barton.
5. barton boutique store in zomg below coliseum in barton. it has a windmill with ian wearing a hat
6. the fallen tree next to the feahtered coatl tongue basket in otami with the number 6 on it.
7. in bills ranch, below rubella, there's an outhouse with a crescent moon near the top.
8. the weather vane with a cow on top pointing west. above the chicken coop, 2 screens left of purvis.
9. the fluff rush room with larry and klaus in it, to right of dmp gate.
10. in the waterworks, the stairs that are supposed to lead out, but only go one-way, as it says.
11. the red and white koi fish swimming in a circle, one screen below null in zen gardens
12. the frog looking at the koi fish on the left bridge in zen.
13. the closed tunnel we cant get to thats on the opposite side of the waterfall as gauntlet
14. the otami cliffs to the room next to rin and lin where you can see the statue thats at the throne room
15. the statue in bottom left corner of barton near the girl that thinks shes a robot.
16. the heart-shaped pink roots between two trees on the skeeter hive screen, southwest of dmp gate
17. the grafiti heart with an arrow through it on a column in tt farming area in old aqueduct.
18. the otter holding a rock southeast of the saw mill entrance in bassken
19. the lifeguard post in gold beach, room left of bonfire

Bonus: The swirls at Bass'ken Lake on the patch of sand 2 screens left from Logan's Shack
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~Fans and Stalker Guest book~

-Tomoko Koja

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Links (Can be heroic):

z!Buddy Guide
Dev Meats
zOMG Wikia

Return of Gambino
We come in...piece?
Death of Alien 9
The Santa Cow Incident (not sure this is relevant, but is fun :'D)
Return of 09

(Let me know if you want me to link you)
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