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ANNOUNCEMENT: With changes in the game, it is now my firm belief that healing is unnecessary for all aspects of gameplay. Unnecessary does not mean that everyone will find a healer useless, or that people should stop playing this role. It means that all areas of the game, and most any style of fighting (speed, mobbing, luring, whatever) can be successfully navigated without /any/ healing at all, let alone a healer, with practice. For this reason, parts of this guide may appear somewhat outdated. I am leaving the guide open and mostly unchanged, because for someone with less practice the methods and advice given are still useful, and the strategy is sound if you wish to use it. I love healing dearly, but I do encourage people to pursue a level of skill at which they can drop their healing. I am always seeking new challenges, and I hope others will too.

Welcome! Life of the Party is run by HotRed_Streak in conjunction with The Union of the Benevolent. Our purpose is threefold:

- to inform the zOMG players about the role of healers and how to work with one
- to support and encourage healers, people considering becoming a healer, and friends of healers
- to help healers and non-healers pair up for more effective game play

We welcome you to stay here and talk with us whether you are a healer or not. Tell us your horror stories, ask us questions, and discuss strategies. It doesn't even all have to be healing related-- we are happy to talk about anything related to zOMG.

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Rules of the Thread
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Healers 101: How to Work with a Healer Effectively
Why YOU Should Consider Becoming a Healer
For Healers: Advice from one Healer to Another
Available Healers: Information on Who Can Help You
Guides and Resources You May Find Useful
Thank You's!
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Stop right here. If you want to know why your ring is a '?', it just happens. Refresh your page to solve the problem.If you should ask this question anyway, you will probably be eaten alive.

[b]CL:[/b] (Or if relevant your suppressed cl)
[b]Build:[/b] (If relevant to question)
[b]Question:[/b] (Give details! LOTS of details. Screenies are helpful.)

This is for requesting a Healer to meet up with you NOW, should any be around the thead. Do not ask and then leave to go shopping/school/church/whatever. If you want to arrange a later time, look at the Healer's list. However, if you don't receive an answer within 15-20 minutes, probably all the Healers online are busy helping someone else (or whatever else they may need to get done), or no Healers are online. I'd move on to something else and check back later.

Requesting a Healer:
[color=#008000][size=18]I Need an Available Healer Please![/size][/color]
[b]CL:[/b] (Or if relevant your suppressed cl)
[b]Crew Size:[/b] (Y/N and size if relevant)
[b]What you need help with:[/b] (Be specific. GB is vague. Dune Slam is specific.)
[b]Do you realize anyone who comes to help you is doing this out of no obligation and doesn't guarantee you success? Do you promise not to be verbally abusive or otherwise rude to the person who is trying to help you? (Failure to follow these simple guidelines means no one will want to help you in the future)[/b]: (Y/N)

Read ALL OF THIS. You need to follow the instructions here to be listed as a healer. ^_^

Wanna be on the Healers list? If you have the necessary healing rings, and are dedicated to raising you CL and improving your healing skills, you qualify! (You do not have to be a CL 10.0 to be listed) PM me this form with "Healer List" as subject:

Note: Please do not apply if you carry more than two attack rings. At this point you are generalizing, and not able to focus as well on healing. (see thread for further discussion of this)

Also IMPORTANT: Please hang around the thread when you can-- you don't have to post all the time or anything, but stopping by every other week at least would be appreciated. Part of the thread's purpose is to raise awareness and create a healer community, which only happens when we keep an open and running dialogue about healing going. ^_^ If you are do not log in, or don't post in the thread for two months, you will be removed from the list-- but you are free to reapply if this happens at any time! ^_^ This is to insure that if people are looking for a healer, they don't end up sending messages to people who are unactive and can't help them.

I'm a Healer!:
[size=18][color=#008000](Your User Name Goes Here)[/color][/size]
[b]Usual Time Online:[/b] (Days of the week, and hours in Eastern Standard Time)
[b]Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do:[/b]
[b]Areas/Quests you won't do:[/b] (optional to include)
[b]How you prefer to be contacted:[/b] (Will you only be doing healing by checking into the thread for help requests? Do you prefer a PM? A comment?)
[b]Your usual build:[/b]
[b]Link to page in thread with your post on it:[/b] (I want proof you actually took time to post in the thread. No hit and run applications please.)
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Follow the TOS
tabtab» You can find the Terms of Service here.

No Begging & No Complaining
tabtab» No begging for gold, items, or help. Use the form, and someone will try to get to you. Sometimes no one can help right away, so please be patient and don't complain. Then no one will want to help you.

Try to Stay On Topic
tabtab» I'm not saying this thread needs to be a serious discussion about everything on the first page. Just please try to talk about things related to zOMG.

No Drama and other Hatefulness about CLs, etc.
tabtab» If you disagree with someone, that's ok. Don't turn it into a personal attack. CL 10s, don't give anyone a reason to believe all CL 10s are elitists, and everyone else, no hating on the CL 10s for being farther than you. Listen to their advice.

No Textspeak or Leetspeak
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Respect the Owner and the Mods.
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Say Thank You After Recieving Help
tabtab» This is a free service. If you say thank you, people will want to crew with you again. If you are rude/mean to your healer, we will not honor future requests.

» You get two warnings, on the third one you're out.
» Mods can also give warnings, so make sure you listen to them.
» If you feel a warning was unfair, do not argue in the thread. Do as the mod asks without arguing, but you may PM me, telling me the posts that pertain to the warning. I will go over it and decide whether the warning was fair.
» Mods will PM me names and a brief explanation of the warnings they give.
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Master Kinare

These people have the power to give warnings when a disagreement is getting out of control. Please listen to them.


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Moglin58 (3 counts of spam)


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Useless Vain (1-spam)
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zOMG X 13 (2-quoting first page; spam)
Lameta13 (1-spam)

Please don't make me put your name here. These people have had three warnings, or been exceptionally rude/mean to a healer whom they requested help from. They are not welcome in the thread. sad


Aileeyas Halloween Mule
Crimson Damson
Daisukenojo Bito 0
Essence of Music
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Nespin Fernagon
OMFG Taylor
One Of Those Deaf-Mutes
Zane Fieri

I would love to have reason to put your name here! These people are regular contributors to this thread, active healers who affiliate with us, or awesome tanks and buffers who are a joy to work with!
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First, understand why you should know and use this information-- this is not just to make your healer's life more comfortable. This will save your butt in many a situation. Defeating the looming armies of animated is not just luck (though a random act of lag may make it entirely luck based on occasion); success boils down to good team work.


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Why it's useful:

It will tell you each person's location. (If the location is not listed, it means they are in your area)
It tells you each person's health.
It tells you each person's stamina.
It shows each person's buffs.
It shows each person's debuffs.
It allows you to select someone quickly in the midst of battle.

How you should use it:

If someone is losing health very rapidly, they may be taking damage from everything. Despite your healer's best efforts, it may be impossible to keep their health up unless:
tabtaba) you slap some of your own healing down on top of what they're already getting
tabtabb) you aggro some of the animated attacking them so they stop taking so much damage.
If someone is down to 0 stamina, that means they can't attack. That means they will be sitting there taking damage from animated they've aggroed and THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! It's your turn to step up so your poor defenseless team-mate can have a break. The quicker things die, the sooner everyone will stop taking damage. Right?
Keep up with the buffs. As soon as someone runs out of a buff you are carrying, use it on them. Preventative measures area always better than Defib. Really.
If someone's not doing anything, it may be for a reason. Check the debuffs before you start griping at them. Sleep and Fear may be locking your crew mate up. Do them a favor and shift aggro to you if you need their skills back.
Finally, watching the Crew Pane will tell you a lot about what's going on in the fight. You can usually see who is doing the main damage by watching how fast stamina bars drop. This, in turn, allows you to predict who is going to start taking damage first, and when you will have to step in and do your share.

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Healers use diagnose with regularity to help out the whole crew. This means they aggro everything attacking everyone else on the crew. The more they heal, the higher the aggro against them gets. From EVERY animated attacking.
Healers are a support build... for everyone else. Healing rings just won't keep up with the mass aggro. Why? Healers can't Wish themselves, for one thing. That means they have to wait for Diagnose, which has a 10 second cooldown and only heals about 120 a pop at rr1, and Bandage, which won't keep up with the mass aggro, even at rr4. Furthermore, healing takes a LOT of stamina, and Bandage and Diagnose (the only self healing rings) take more stamina. They just may not be able to heal themselves.

What you should do about it:

Keep wacking away at the enemy. It may be tempting to stop and take a break when your health is low and you can watch someone else take damage, but trust me, don't. Healers cannot kill whatever is attacking them without taking a lot of damage. In the mean time, they will have difficulty healing the rest of the crew because they are worried about their own butts. Trust us-- the extra stamina = Wish spam to keep you alive. You do your job, we will do ours.
This may be a novel idea, but help your healer out by healing them! Diagnose spam saves them stamina to slap on a Bandage or Wish someone else. It helps your whole crew. A quick Wish gives them a health boost they can't give themselves.


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If you charge across the screen to take out another animated, you may think you are saving time, but you are giving your healer a real headache. Diagnose doesn't reach all the way over there-- which is a problem since Diagnose is not effective, stamina-wise, except in large groups.
To make matters worse, your healer now has to alternate Wish between at least two people, possibly more.
If you die, your healer can't Defib you without leaving people who are still fighting, and walking across the screen dazed can take a really long time. Too much time, usually. You want the rr4 Defib? Better pull a Marshall and stay right smack up on your healer so they don't even have to move.

What you should do about it:

Sometimes knockback and other such crap happens. Okay. Don't intentionally leave your healer.
If you have room in your buffs, bring My Density.
Better yet, put your back up against something so you can't get pushed around. Let the animated help keep your crew together.


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Sounds too obvious? There are reasons.

Your crew may need to gain health and stamina back before moving on to the next area. (Check the Crew Pane) Your crew may need to rebuff before moving on to the next area. (Check the Crew Pane)
Your crew may have a specific strategy they need to work out for the next area. Taping something only works if the rest of the crew doesn't immediately start hacking away at the taped animated, for example. One person may decide to aggro everything so the healer only has to focus on one person.

What you should do about it:
Check your Crew Pane. Make your window bigger and keep it open at all times. Watch it constantly.
Hold a short conversation with your crew about the next area and make sure no one is suddenly going to have to go to the restroom in the middle of something.
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Healing is arguably one of the most social roles of the crew, because it tends to require the most awareness of other crew members. Healers watch the crew panel more closely than other members (usually exclusively, in fact), and quickly develop an understanding of the different playing styles of their crew: some are pretty self-sufficient, because they only take on one or two animated at a time, while other crew members wade into the middle of mobs and go at it with Fire Rain and Deverish. Healers may have to ask someone to change how they are playing a little to make it easier to keep them alive. Healers may have to remind the crew to rebuff as soon as a buff goes out. Healers may have to alert the crew when one person is taking too much damage and the other crew members aren't noticing.

There aren't many full-fledged healers out there. Sad, but true. Anyone can slap on Defib and Diagnose-- they may event be conscientious of the use of these rings-- but few people have the patience, guts, or team-oriented attitude to drop their attacks and pack on the buffs and healing rings. This means you'll be in high demand for crews. You can be more selective about who you join up with--and you've got a right to be. Healers play a very specific role that is dependent on cooperation and team-work. (And if you can't find a full crew, don't worry. It's pretty easy to find one nice person who can load up with sharp, pointy objects and play sweeper for you.)

Finally, did I mention it's profitable? And you'll finish those kill badges quickly? In a crew, you only have to make an animated hate you a little to get the kill count. Trust me, the heal spam, especially Diagnose, will make every animated on the screen hate you, regardless of whether or not they ever touch you.
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(Got advice that's not here? Share it in the thread. If it's good, I'll put it up!)

For those of you starting out, the prospect of healing may be daunting. How will you survive without being able to attack? How will you manage to keep track of all six people at once? What if you fail, and everyone dies?

The first thing to remember, is that in many ways you are starting over-- no one is very good when they first start zOMG. Reading a guide can give you a lot of information on what to expect, but nothing substitutes for raw experience. With practice, basic strategies turn into innate playing methods. Will you daze at first? Yes. Is that a reason to quit trying? Definitely not. The more you practice, the less it will happen. That said:


More often than not, playing as a healer is an art form. Just like many mathematicians cannot draw a good circle, many players are not suited to watching the crew pane over the battle. Don't feel bad if you just can't pull off being a healer; your talents may lay elsewhere. We need someone to fight for us just as much as you need someone to heal for you.

Don't give up at first, but after a while, if it's not working, it may just be that healing is not for you. if so, take heart! We healers always need a strong sweeper/buffer/tank!

When starting out, it's usually better to crew with friends, and let them know you are trying to learn how to be a healer. This will make life a whole lot easier for you. First, your friends will be understanding of the fact that you are learning, and not freak out if you (and possibly they) get dazed fast. Second, they will generally be more willing to cooperate with your slower pace and experimentation than someone who wants to finish a quest and move on. If you have a friend who is a healer, it may help to observe them healing first, and then let them give advice as you practice healing.


First, what are your major healing rings?


Range: Self and Allies
Duration: ---
Stamina Cost: 6-7 Stamina
Cooldown: 5 seconds

RR1 -> 250 Damage Healed
RR2 -> 300 Damage Healed
RR3 -> 400 Damage Healed
RR4 -> 500 Damage Healed


Range: Ally Only
Duration: ---
Stamina Cost: 11 Stamina
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Rage: ???

RR1 -> 2 Rings Unlocked + 300 Damage Healed + 30 Stamina
RR2 -> 3 Rings Unlocked + 400 Damage Healed + 40 Stamina
RR3 -> 4 Rings Unlocked + 650 Damage Healed + 65 Stamina
RR4 -> 5 Rings Unlocked + 1000 Damage Healed + 100 Stamina


Range: Self + AoE
Duration: ---
Stamina Cost: 8-9 Stamina
Cooldown: 8 seconds

RR1 -> 120 Damage Healed
RR2 -> 150 Damage Healed
RR3 -> 200 Damage Healed
RR4 -> 300 Damage Healed


Range: Allies only
Duration: ---
Stamina Cost: 4-5 Stamina
Cooldown: 4 seconds

RR1 -> 170 Damage Healed
RR2 -> 220 Damage Healed + AoE
RR3 -> 270 Damage Healed + AoE
RR4 -> 380 Damage Healed + AoE


Of these, Wish is your best ring, in most respects (except it can't heal you). Remember that it's AoE (Area of Effect) is around the TARGET, rather than yourself like Diagnose. This makes it easier to heal a group of people who are across the screen from you.

One Of Those Deaf-Mutes


It has an AoE now, fellow supporters, so spam those rage bars! If you can get your crew to stay together, it's a BIG alternative to Diagnose with that area healing niche, both Stamina wise, and health wise. Wish is a healer's powerhouse ring; it's what Hack is to those big, strong tank and sweeper types. Don't forget to bring it along for all you're health quenching needs.

In close second (in my opinion)-- is Bandage. This is the ring to keep YOU alive through all the hate you will have to withstand. Bandage requires a little getting used to before you can incorporate it into your strategy. If you have previously used bandage, however, it shouldn't take more than a run or two to get used to. I personally use the following strategy with Bandage:


1. Apply it before you walk onto the next screen where a battle awaits at rr1.
2. Apply it during the fight on yourself as soon as it comes off cool down at rr1.
3. When you run out of stamina and the fight is still going strong-- as soon as you have enough stamina for it, rr4 that bandage on yourself. If you already ran out of stamina and your crew is still fighting off the hoards, chances are the fight is going to be a close one. The rr4 bandage may save you-- which in turn will save your crew.
4. Use it on other people when you have full health and are healing. Bandage and Wish use a lot less stamina. Therefore, less wait time before moving on to the next screen.

As for Diagnose--

OMFG Taylor
Alright, you ready? The ultimate reason why Bandage is better than Diagnose. Maybe.

Usually, in a crew of six, people don't all suddenly die at the same time. One or two people usually have most of the aggro, and take a ton of damage then die.

When this happens, users spam their heals, right?

If six people use diagnose, they can heal dying person 90hp every one second. That's the average for six diagnoses being used repeatedly. If only three of those diagnoses hit the dying player, that's 45hp every one second.

If six people use bandage, they can heal the person 300hp every one second. If three people use it, they can heal the person 150hp each second. Still vastly superior.

Anyways, trust me, I've played this game a TON. I've played it with Diagnose a TON (mostly during my noob days, but also recently, for lulz and reconfirming how much better Bandage is xD). I've played it with Bandage a TON. The only time you should ever bring Diagnose, is if you're already carrying Bandage and Wish.

Diagnose is the worst healing ring in every situation. unless maybe you had a mob of 400 players, all on one screen getting hit by AoE attacks.

Stamina comparison here:

6 Diagnoses: 48 stamina
6 Bandages: 36 stamina

That translates to:

15hp per 1 stamina for Diagnose.
41.66hp per 1 stamina for Bandage.

Sorry but, numbers don't lie. You're just... wrong. ^_^

The only reason worth hauling it along is to gain aggro, extra raw healing if you don't care about your stamina, or if you are healing a group of twenty or more and want an extra AoE heal.

And about Defib: Do not, do not, do not, do NOT use it on anything less than rr4. If you do, the person will immediately die in a fight, and now you have to wait 60 seconds before you can use it. If you are not in a fight, not raging will only force you to wait longer for the other person's rings to unlock.

What to couple with these rings? Many people use the Medic Set, which is Defib, Diagnose, Bandage and Adrenaline. I personally think the Speed boost is unimportant, and that Adrenaline is possibly the worst ring in the game, if not Taunt. (I have a bit of a personal vendetta against Adrenaline, so I'm quite bias)

I have found Divinity is pretty much a requirement if you are going to be burning through so much stamina, and as mentioned below, Ghost is your best buff otherwise. In a crew you are not familiar with, a full raged Meat may be advisable in case you get into trouble. My personal favorite (even over Meat) is Scaredy Cat (no longer glitched ^_^). This ring can save the entire crew if you get into trouble, by giving you some breather space to heal back up or kneel. Besides this, you can use it on the one thing bothering you that your crew mates haven't gotten around to attacking yet. By the time it comes back, your crew usually has finished off the other animated and will kill it for you.

On occasion there are people who are dedicated healers but still want to carry one weapon. Probably one of the best choices for this is Mantis. With a low stamina cost compared to its high Damage, it's a great ring, and may help finish a pesky anchor off.

Common healing builds may look like this:

Defib, Diagnose, Bandage, Wish, Divinity, Ghost, Cat, (other random buff such as Rock)
Defib, Diagnose, Bandage, Wish, Divinity, Meat, Ghost, Cat
Defib, Diagnose, Bandage, Wish, Divinity, Meat, Ghost, Mantis
Defib, Diagnose, Bandage, Wish, Divinity, (other random buff), Ghost, Mantis

In more experienced crews, or smaller crews, sometimes the healer may take on more of a buffer role by leaving Diagnose and Defib.


Some important stuff you NEED to know about aggro:


Kk... so an OT post:

I've been doing some interesting things with hate testing-- which is especially relevant to healers.

Here's how aggro/hate works:

Damage to an animated = 1 hate point against you.
Healing to anyone attacking an animated = .5 hate points against you.

So-- in theory, you should get LESS hate, because you have to heal a person TWICE as much HP as they have done damage to an animated to get it's hate. BUT think of it this way.

Brain Clams have say 1300 HP.

Person 1: does 300 damage to Brain Clam - (has aggro)
Person 2: does 100 damage to Brain Clam
Person 3: does 200 damage to Brain Clam
Person 4: does 150 damage to Brain Clam
Person 5: does 200 damage to Brain Clam

Healer uses Diagnose to Heal everyone, and an rr2 Wish.
- Diagnose heals everyone 120 HP (600 HP total) -- NOW the Healer has the same amount of aggro as Person 1 (600/2)
-- rr2 Wish heals everyone 200 HP (1000 HP total)-- and now the Healer has 500 more aggro points.

So we are looking at:

Person 1: does 300 damage to Brain Clam - (has aggro)
Person 2: does 100 damage to Brain Clam
Person 3: does 200 damage to Brain Clam
Person 4: does 150 damage to Brain Clam
Person 5: does 200 damage to Brain Clam

Healer: 1600 HP healed for 800 aggro

In order lose aggro-- someone ELSE in the crew has to achieve 801 aggro. Not going to happen. So until this clam dies, the healer has aggro.

Now think about this in a mob when people are using AoEs--

If your five attackers all rr4 Fire Rain and hit each animated for 240 damage, and you Diagnose ONCE-- (600 HP healed total for 300 aggro points)-- you will have aggro from EVERY animated in the mob.


As a healer, with so many supporting rings, it's easy to think of yourself in a martyr-like role, sacrificing your stamina (and usually your HP) in order to keep the rest of your crew alive. While this is true in some respects,


Being a healer also involves a little bit of selfishness. You can't heal your crew if you are dazed. Don't be afraid to use your speed buff and run if you are all about to die, and be sure to use your buffs on yourself first. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself first so you can keep taking care of others.

In many instances, you will be forced to make judgment calls about who to heal that can make or break a fight. At first, you may make lots of mistakes with this. As you gain more experience, you will have a better idea of what to do in different situations, and make less mistakes. Just remember everyone's human, and sometime you will fail. Better to treat it as a learning experience and have a good laugh.

Even with preventative measures, you may get in a situation where you have to choose between healing yourself and someone else. How do you make that choice? It's a hard one. If you are about to die and are being attacked by a whole mob, you probably have a lot of rage built up. Consider what's best for your crew. If there is someone you believe will be able to finish everything off, rr4 your Bandage on them, and hope for the best. If you know the Bandage isn't going to save them because their health is too low, consider using it on yourself so you stay alive long enough to Wish them up to max HP. Or perhaps someone who could finish off the mob is already dazed, in which case you should use your rage on a Defib for them.

There are a lot of steps you can take to prevent having to choose who to heal among your crew mates or yourself, though. In particular, remember your buffs. Preventative measure are always better than healing later. Once they are on, they don't use stamina during a fight like healing does, and a timely deflection combined with a raged Bandage or Wish can pull someone out of the danger zone. As healer, you need every single one of the buffs your crew has to offer. Demand them (politely). If you constantly die on your crew, you're not much use to them. Alive, you're invaluable.

Of the buffs (besides Divinity), the most valuable one to you is probably Ghost. This ring gives you about a 40% chance of dodge-- meaning almost half of all attacks can miss you! Combined with other buffs like Pot Lid and Rock Armor, a good deal more than half of your potential damage is gone.

Free Epiphany
GHOST. Keep one with you, always. We get aggro'd a lot. There's really nothing other than RR4 rage that'll keep us up and healing. That's my opinion, at least.

Besides allowing YOU to take less damage
Nespin Fernagon

Buffs will make your job easier. If people are taking less damage, then you have to heal less health. Consider dropping buffs on the rest of your crew, and remember that even an RR1 buff is miles better than no buffs at all.

With the recent update (2/12/10), Healing Halo is actually pretty gwdly as a buff. With the constant regen going on, it's like everyone wearing Bandage-- a Bandage that lasts fifteen minutes!

This also means you should be careful to pay attention to your own health. You are more useful to your crew alive, even if that means another player dazes. You can always defib another player. But if you die, the rest of the crew doesn't have someone to keep them at a safe level of health. Again-- keep the bandage rolling on yourself!

More importantly, watch your stamina. There is nothing more frustrating than watching people die around you because you have no stamina. Conserve it is as much as possible! In particular:

Nespin Fernagon
Don't over diagnose. Diagnose has a high stamina cost for what you get - it's useful if everyone in the crew is taking high amounts of damage, but try to make do with your less expensive rings.

Another thing you can do is move out of a fight that is well under control. Just make sure nothing follows you.

Free Epiphany

Don't be afraid to kneel; back-track into a safe screen/box if you need the stamina. Just keep an eye on the crew! ^^

Will you still daze sometimes? Undoubtedly. It happens to everyone.

Nespin Fernagon

Keep those healing rings on your left hand! In the event that you get dazed, you're going to want your heals back IMMEDIATELY upon being defibbed! My advice are Defib and then either Bandage or Diagnose so you can defib anyone else who's down, and have some ability to heal yourself.

If things are looking bad, and you get a Defib, it's usually a good idea to run for cover. Defib is pretty pointless without rage, and crew mates fighting for their life rarely bother raging your own Defib. Run to the nearest safe spot, start healing, and build up as much rage as possible.

In all likelihood, the rest of your crew may be dazed, so take time to figure out a plan with them. The person you defib should preferably have Defib on their first few fingers, and hopefully some attacks. This way they can quickly rage for defibbing the next person while you keep them alive with heal spam. Remind everyone to stick as close as possible to each other so no one has to move to defib someone else.

And one last thing-- sometimes your success depends on how fast you are in healing someone.

Free Epiphany
Hot-key the entire crew. (I have Q-W-E-R-T linked to all my crew mates.)
User Image

CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online: All days in the afternoons and on weekends save for when I work or have extensive classwork, in which case I'll notify. Weekday mornings are off though. I have class.
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: Instances and specified farming. I can specialize my build to counter the hazards of each.
Areas/Quests you won't do: Not much. Just ask.
How you prefer to be contacted: PM's and comments are preferred. I prefer personal over public.

Essence of Music
CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online:
Sunday-Thursday: 5-11 pm in EST.
Friday & Saturday: 5-unknown x3;
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: SS is my favorite.
Areas/Quests you won't do: I really dislike the otami ruins, but I can stand them if you really need help x:
How you prefer to be contacted: Drop me a PM or leave a comment, whichever is easier for you x3

Usual Time Online: Every week day, uhm, midnight-ish time EST
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: I'm fine with anything
Areas/Quests you won't do: Otami.
How you prefer to be contacted: PMs or Comments.

Gale Cero
CL: 10
Usual Time Online: I live in Malaysia and Im on every night on weekdays, 9pm - 11pm (1am - 3am, GMT), cant be on in the morning cause of work. And yeah, will most probably be on the whole day during weekends.
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: I’ll do anything, but I have to note that I havent been playing zomg for more than a year and just started playing recently, so I might not be very clear on what to do in lower cl quests. Gold beach is where I lived my days after restarting, so yeah, I will have more understanding with the quests there. But I’d absolutely LOVE to help lower cl peeps. heart
Areas/Quests you won't do: Nothing. Although I don’t have any quests I don’t want to do, I do want to note that I ABSOLUTELY do not tolerate crew members who cuss a lot or incooperative crew members who do not listen to instructions. stare
How you prefer to be contacted: I will check the thread for requests before I go on zomg and I’ll be on zomg straight after that, so whispering me would still be the BEST if you see me online and want a quick and sure reply. And about pms and comment, I RARELY switch windows after im on zomg, so only pm or comment if your not in a hurry.

CL: 10.0 :3
Usual Time Online: Almost everyday, I'm not sure about time [Maybe around 9 AM to 3 PM]
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: Any, I don't mind.
Areas/Quests you won't do: None.
How you prefer to be contacted: A PM would be nice. But I'll check the thread too.

CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online: Anytime between 12 p.m. to 4 a.m. EST every day of the week.
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: I like SS and Otami, but I'm pretty much fine with anything, even Greens.
Areas/Quests you won't do: Bosses get tedious, but I'll do them. And Duneslam on hard = NO. If you need a healer you're doing it wrong.
How you prefer to be contacted: Please comment my profile, or post in the thread.

Master Kinare
CL: 10
Usual Time Online: Kinda hard to say because I have a job... I pretty much only work 4-10pm, but there may be other times and not on any particular day. I wake up around 10am, so figure about noon to 3pm, then 11pm to 2am when I get home, only when I work. When I'm not working, I'm on and off all day, about every half hour. EST (-5) time zone.
Areas/ Quests I Prefer: SS - EB or farm - 9.6 CL minimum for maximum rewards.
Areas/ Quests I Won't Do: Anything under SS, unless you can make it worth my time. D:
Preferred Contact Method: PM only.

Usual Time Online: monday-friday 3pm-12am (on average) Saturaday 12pm-12am Sunday 9am-12am (all rounded)
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: any bosses
Areas/Quests you won't do: (optional to include)
How you prefer to be contacted: PM, or comment.

CL: 10
Usual Time Online: Thurs-Fri 1pmEST-9PM EST, 10pm-3amEST, Sat-Sun1pmEST-3amEST
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: Any
Areas/Quests you won't do: Bosses and instances on hard, unless your crew proves to be freakin' EPIC first.
How you prefer to be contacted: Private message.

Phovos the Raptor
CL: 10.0 and quite bored.
Usual Time Online: Almost every day, 15:00 GMT 2 hrs, 13:00 GMT, 9:00 EST. Weekends from 2:00 EST to 5:00 EST depending.
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: SS, EB, Hive, Duneslam, Papasaw, Dead Man's Pass... Anything really...
How you prefer to be contacted: Please PM me or leave a comment.

Skeptic Acolyte
CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online: 6pm-9pm(philippine time) sorry i dont know how to convert this into eastern time..
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: any quests as long as i can help...
Areas/Quests you won't do: maybe those quests that are hard to do..
How you prefer to be contacted: Well, if they Pm'ed me and when i'm online... and when they're online when i read their pm... i can give them my service....

Tasn Zheng
CL: 9.4 currently.
Usual Time Online: Weekdays: 7 PM to 11 PM PST. Weekends: 8 PM to 3 AM PST -- These are general times. I am known to be available earlier in the afternoon on weekends, so it doesn't hurt to try to contact me then.
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: Terror farming and Commander in Old Aquaduct and Papa Sawn are my favourites. I will do most other quests/missions/farming, of course.
Areas/Quests you won't do: Hive. I'll camp outside the portal to defib, but that's about it. Also, Duneslam hard is an absolute NO. If you insist on doing a mission like Stone Coatl and not lower your cl for everyone else, I refuse to help you.
How you prefer to be contacted: I prefer private messaging. I'll check the thread, of course, but you'll most likely catch me faster via PM.

The Guardian Sorceress
CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online: When i'm online, I don't really have a schedual
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: Shallow Seas, End Boss and Hive
Areas/Quests you won't do: Anything Below 9.0 cl
How you prefer to be contacted: PM would be fine as well as a comment on my page ^_^

The White Gale Dragonwolf
CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online: Everyday, Usual hours 6pm to 6am
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: Papa Saw, Stone Coatl, Shallow Sea/End Boss
Areas/Quests you won't do: Below Bas'sken Lake
How you prefer to be contacted: In game, private message

CL: Usually close to 10.0
Usual Time Online: Everyday, 4 to 10
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: All
Areas/Quests you won't do: None
How you prefer to be contacted: Pm, comment, or anything

CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online: Mon-Fri most of the day online. May change when I go back to school
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: Shallow Seas/ Bill's Ranch/ Village Greens
Areas/Quests you won't do: Old aqueduct/ Otami Ruins
How you prefer to be contacted: I prefer PM's or comments ^^

CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online: In Australian time: 5pm to about 10pm, sometimes on around 6am - 8am on weekdays due to school. On the weekends I'm usually on most hours unless I'm going out.
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: I like SS/EB, Papa Saw, the Gnome General, anything not listed below.
Areas/Quests you won't do: Duneslam.
How you prefer to be contacted: You can PM me or Comment me anytime, as soon as I see it I'll let you know when I can help (:
Your usual build: Bandage, Defib, Diagnose, Wish, Scaredy Cat, Divinity, Ghost, (attack)
The attack depends on where I'm going and what I'm doing<3
Notes: If we're doing SS or SS/EB, please make sure your crew has most of the buffs with you. I'll bring what other buffs are needed.

W a c k y S t a r
Usual Time Online: Monday - Thursday 7:30-8:00 then 9:00-10:30PM Saturday 12:00PM to around 9:00PM
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: I don't mind any of them c:
Areas/Quests you won't do: N/A
How you prefer to be contacted: I'd like either a PM or comment.

CL: 10.0
Usual Time Online: I'm usually on everyday, but you'll be able to catch me throughout the day on weekends. Like 10 AM-10 PM on weekends and 3PM-10PM on weekdays.
Areas/Quests you like/prefer to do: I'm up for anything really, I just especially love SS.
How you prefer to be contacted: I prefer a PM when it comes to that, but a comment or a post in this thread will not be missed either.

User Image

There's a sticky, of course (Look there and in other guides), but some of my personal favorites:

The Newbie's Guide to zOMG! If you have been playing zOMG! since the update (you didn't start on the train with Frank-- if you don't know what I'm talking about, trust me, you did not start on the train), I HIGHLY suggest you read this. I can't tell you how many CL 10.0s I've encountered since then who had no idea about some basic game-play, because the tutorial was cut out. This is a highly comprehensive guide. ^_^

Living Amongst the Outlaw Pups: An Etiquette Guide
If you have a question about zOMG manners, Vivaldy answers them down to the nitpicky details. Can I get an Amen?

Bria's Guide
Best, or one of the best intro guides with answers to almost every area question you could have, though not caught up with the update's changes.

Faith's Guide to zOMG Badges
Nice to look over, especially since you can't see every single badge on the My Gaia Quest page.

zOMG Detailed Maps!
Maps are very useful, especially for quests and finding the next null.

z!F's Guide to Rings and Ghi
This is amazing for comparing rings from a statistical view. While it is not entirely complete, it will be able to answer most questions. Furthermore, the owner Valheita is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

I Hate Aggro: A Mini-Guide
A not-so-mini explanation of everything you need to know about hate, aggro, and tanking. Awesome because I helped write it healers get a lot of hate.

Running Around Like an Idiot - A Mini-Guide
A small guide that clearly explaining kiting, at its best, in zOMG! Useful for those times you need to run for your life.
User Image

User Image

Check out The Union of the Benevolent! I am hosting this thread with the support and help of many of the clan members. Hanging out with people who not only appreciate, but also understand, your playing style is a lot of fun. Clan members are happy to help each other out, (Have you ever been on a crew with TWO dedicated healers? Let me tell you, my friend-- it's the most amazing feeling ever!) and are always ready to discuss new strategies and stats, or lend an ear to you horror stories when you just have to get them out. It's also a good way to meet new friends by joining up with someone else who already has a good crew in game, whether they be other healers, tanks, sweepers, or buffers. We could all use a few more good crew mates, right?

The entry fee is ZERO gold, so don't worry about being poor. Follow the steps outlined on the front page, and you can join us!

And hopefully Clan Chat starts working again sooner or later.

Also, check out Nespin's Guide:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

It's such a wonderful thing to be able to point people too. He really deserves a huge thank you for this thread! ^_^

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

An awesome guide by a great friend and zOMGer... Z741. Check it out!

If you would like to affiliate, please PM me your banner, and link to us with this banner:

User Image


Users may feel free to use this banner in their signatures to link to this thread:

User Image


User Image

An ENORMOUS thank you to Zane Fieri for donating the art commission. Zane, you're amazing! whee (He also took the time to comb over this thread and point out all my embarrassing mistakes so I could fix them before other people saw them.)

And of course-- a huge thank you to the artist himself: - Zilithion -. If you like the art he did for us, you can find his shop here: User Image

A big thank you to Valheita as well, for spending so many hours testing and crunching numbers. He has graciously allowed us to use his data.

Finally, thank you to my entire clan for their support, and particularly Nurranoniel for spending so much time trying to organize the screenies and agreeing to mod this thread.

damn thing keeps getting off center.
this will show it.

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damn thing keeps getting off center.
this will show it.

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damn thing keeps getting off center.
this will show it.

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