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How much time did it take you from cl 10 to cl 12?

A week 0.05 5.0% [ 2 ]
A month 0.075 7.5% [ 3 ]
Two months 0.15 15.0% [ 6 ]
More than two months 0.25 25.0% [ 10 ]
I secretly wear bunny splippers 0.475 47.5% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 40 ]
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...whats dms.. and u lvl up rings? not urself T~T help im a newb

you should not be afraid to ask for advice or look up guides lol. in ZOmg , youre skills are the rings you wear( they drop in game , until you get all of them you can use 8 at a time, swap them around as needed). each of them is upgraded with orbs(you also get them ingame) . youre character ;s level will grow based on the overall level of the rings . you can search for guides in forums on z omg rings, leveling for beginners , and loot . as for dms , thats something to concern youreself with later, you need to be level 10 for it to matter. and im not yet an expert in that lol.
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Mage Ragepunk
Who needs sleep, when you can find Kam within a week? emotion_awesome

I do miss those days, though. Some of the most fun crews I've ever had.
    Ohmygosh, you guys make me really want to build a time machine and knock my past self over the head for taking the hiatus. gonk

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