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Tomorrow, February 29th, marks my first "OFFICIAL" anniversary to the lovely Darth Step-Mommicus!

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This is the lady that got me involved with Gaia in the first place. She used to get on zOMG! with me, but her account was one of the ones that got hit with the MAY/JUNE bug back a while ago. Let me be frank about that. I was using her account to level her up and get her to the Shallow Seas so she could play that area with me, and I was on her account hardcore during those months. So, yeah, lots and lots of broken quests for her account. Anyway, that kind of made her not want to play the game anymore. Perhaps she will get on there later after I have defeated Bloodlust. Anyway, she's the reason I'm on Gaia in the first place and tomorrow is our first official anniversary. We got married on Leap Year because it's the most rare of all the days on the calendar and our love is as rare as any love anybody could possibly find. We were meant to be together and I will never and have never loved anybody until I met her. Even before we were ever together or seeing each other, I had a dream of her smiling in the sunshine. She was so radiant that the sun looked like a shadow in comparison to her brightness. I love her with all of my cold black heart and hope we can one day realize our dream of galactic domination. Anyway, go to her account and pester her profile with wishes of a happy anniversary in the hopes that she will see how wonderful the zOMG! community is and perhaps comes back to playing it on a more regular basis.
Awww, that's wonderful.
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So on it! Does this mean you've been together for four years now? Very sweet post, Darth. As far as showing her how amazing the zOMG community is, that shouldn't be a problem. This community is like no other! Gaia doesn't know how good they got it. Heading to her profile after my tank glow.

On a side note, how was the GR the other night? Attuned yet? Gonna be around to dms at all? Lemme know! heart
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How sweet! heart Hope you have many more to come heart
Anything for true love pirate
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Happy anniversary! heart
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aweeeehhhh happy anniversary!! ^-^
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D'aw emotion_kirakira
Congrats on your anniversary emotion_bigheart
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can i bring the pie?
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What a lovely post Darth!
Congratulations to both of you! blaugh
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You only have to remember your wedding anniversary every 4 years. Sweet. xd
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awe, Sweet emotion_kirakira
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Happy anniversary!
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Yes, my sith apprentice, let the love flow through you emotion_awesome
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Happy Anniversary!

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