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I'm really not in to MMO's.. i'm more of a platformer guy/ rolleyes
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                      ᵑᵞᵐᵠᵸ ᶳᵅᵞᶳ

                      It's fun for the comradory you can get.
                      You have to have dedication and patience though.. Since it's been put in Permanent Maintenance Mode it can be very glitch-y and buggy at times.

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A platformer/solo guy? Yes, most of the game can be played solo. There are only a few boss areas (most notably the end boss and the post-game) that *must* be played in a crew. Your platformer skills probably won't even be taxed too hard.

Much of the fun, though, is interacting in crews and making new friends.
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I like single player too, but I did really get into this game for a few years. Just realize that this game will not be seeing any updates in the foreseeable feature. If that is okay with you, then, by all means, play.
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it's a nice game i think everyone should try it 4laugh
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It's definitely worth trying it. You'll be surprised how much fun you will have~ ^^
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I only learned of zOMG! recently (I was away for a long while) and was reluctant to try it at first... but I'm completely addicted now. It's fun and easy to play solo, not to mention endlessly entertaining. I definitely recommend giving it a go.
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Zomg is a good game. The only time you'll get bored is when you have no more CL to climb. But You'll need to go a FAAAR journey to reach there. Give it a try. ^^
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you should definitely try it! I myself, prefer first-person games, but i still like zOMG. also, its easy to play. Try, it. you wont regret it.
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you should definitely try it! I myself, prefer first-person games, but i still like zOMG. also, its easy to play. Try, it. you wont regret it.
It was quite a bit easier before all the mega glitches, but it's still a good game. I regret playing it now thought because I have quests that never have been finished from years ago due to glitches.

P.S. You're tank with no fish is glowing?
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it's a lot of fun, do play it. It gets more fun as you get to higher levels.
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after reading what the first gurl said im not sure i want to play it again
esp. the shallow seas when you do the fast paced version. hell i know we made up our own way in order to get in and out fast like in-n-out the food places and drive -thrus but it lags me out. idont have time for all that s**t. dms is good but shoot the people are ridiculous in that place
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Definitely worth a try smile

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